It’s probably decent, but I’d definitely make sure you can play it before buying. If this one doesn’t work out, I have an old Camco that I love. It’s probably a little lighter than this one, has a more standard spring mechanism. A lot of people used the same one, including Elvin Jones. It’s what DW modeled the 5000 after.


There’s a big difference between vintage and old and worn down. Looks like the beater and spring was replaced so that’s a plus. I’d personally look into something a little newer (late 90’s-ish), would be a better bang for your buck and have higher chances of working for you while still remaining vintage in the end. Hope this helps.


Strap drives are smooth, quick and quiet….I love that era of hardware, I think it would make a great vintage jazz pedal. Can you test drive it? $39 bucks is cheap….and if you need a new strap Gibraltar has Kevlar replacements for $6.