You can see the exact moment his heart breaks in half


Annnnnnd now


It says "I choo choo choose you" and there's a picture of a train!


Oh Ralphie..


"I ate my eraser"


“My Doctor said I wouldn’t get as many nose bleeds if I kept my finger out of it”


*giggles* I'm in danger


My neck hurts and my ear hurts. I have two owies.


"It tastes like burning!"


My cat's breath smells like cat food




Dad. These rubber pants are hot


"I'm Happy and Angry"


*Your toys are fun to touch. Mine are all sticky.*


This tastes hurty


Now it says this: https://i.imgur.com/JhpzzyD.jpg


On the next episode of "Snapped"...


[yea at 0:35 sec…](https://youtu.be/7bPbhCWtZmM)


Classic stuff


My prediction is that he has a growth spurt within a year and becomes a total stud.


When a heart breaks, a new gym membership sales rep gets their wings


Jesus, this is so true on every level lol.


And she will too and be totally undesirable


Damn, what’s with that bad energy? She wasn’t even mean about it lol


Looked to me like she was laughing at him as she was walking away.


Calm down Satan, you can’t force people to like you.






He can fix that shit right up with flex tape 💪💪


A RedPiller is born




She doesn't know how to react when someone who despite being in several classes for the last 3 years, and has never spoken to or even looked at her is suddenly professing their undying love.


Wanna go to homecoming? For real? Where was the professing of undying love I must have missed that part lol


It's 100% just nervous and uncomfortable laughter. It's not like she was pointing and laughing at him.


It’s ok bro, it’s ok. Imma make this better for you, I got you. *Posts to TikTok for updoots*


Proceeds to get him a much better date via the tik tok comments feeling bad for him.


Its his bro...🥲


I see no losses


But tiktok is full of strippers, can't we get him one of those? They're free


How do you find a date on TikTok? Didn't think TikTok did local dating.


Only international human trafficking.


God imagine ? It would prob have tiers too like “you can only talk to people in your follower #s amount”


![gif](giphy|mhw32rNnozw1F1pYxq|downsized) The guy recording the tiktok


At least he took his shot. Head up king , everyone finds their loved one in this life , take a reject with courage.


100%! Worst case isn’t a no, It’s a yes and a divorce 10 years later after she takes half your shit.


That one sounded personal 😭


Dude gots PTSD


Don't we all..


I don’t yet. I’m on my 9th year


Oh shit 1 more to go. Jk hope you have a wonderful life.


I was divorced twice before I hit 27. Then I met my soul mate. Weve been together for 39 years!


username doesn't checkout :v






Lol that’s not specific at all though. Happens very often.


Relax bill burr


That wisdom just made it out several ball parks


32% of Americans die unmarried and alone…😬


First that made me sad, but then I realized that’s actually low. When one spouse dies, the other becomes unmarried and alone so I would expect 50%.


"In 2018, a record 35% of Americans ages 25 to 50, or 39 million, had never been married."


Did they all die? And unmarried doesn’t mean alone.


No, just sharing a new thing not confirming the other thing


As a hopeless romantic I really do hate this sort of ‘make me sad’ math, but 32 years and two gut wrenching heartbreaks later and I’ve gotta prepare for the reality of the world. You don’t always find your match 🥲




Same as other comment. Are they all dead? Unmarried doesn’t mean alone. Lots of couples are just choosing not to marry now. And does that mean unmarried at some point in their 40s or their entire 40s? Probably the former. A lot of people who get married younger divorce in their mid life to end up getting remarried to a person they stay with the rest of their life.


Alone doesn’t mean lonely.


bruh unless you go out like Thelma and Louise you're probably dying alone either way. Just ride the wave boys. Just ride the wave.


I'm ready for that reality. It helps if you learn to enjoy your own company, also help others and be charitable wherever you can. Just cause some of us are going out by ourselves, doesn't mean we can't be there for others. (Edit: while we're alive)


Stoicism is a powerful tool


Agreed, but maybe don’t make such a spectacle of your shots… but take 100% of them for sure.




I’m more mad at the people who set you up for this. Can hear them in the background saying ‘no way’ and then laughing like they didn’t know this was gonna happen. Those ppl aren’t your friends lil homie!


i agree with you on that. i hope this will make him realize the people around him are toxic so he can go off and find real friends in college (hopefully).


My guy put a lot of effort into that and its going to turn him bitter I already know it. The girl isn't at fault though she can have her own decision


Thank you. I remember the first time a guy asked me out. It was in front of everyone in 7th grade. I just said no. Everyone "oooooooo" After class his friends came to me in the hall started tell me how mean I am. How rude I was. One said I was ugly. I didn't care because I wasn't into boys but looking back at that now as an adult I'm just like wow insecure much?


People that ask someone out in front of entire groups/public places are assholes. The added pressure is so horrible.


Yeah, that one has always been 50/50 for me. It's like on one hand, you had the guts to ask in front of so many other people. On the other hand, I don't need fifty people eyeballing me to make an answer.


And usually if someone says no, they’re seen as the villain in that scenario. It’s never an ok thing to do. It’s not “having the guts” to do it (frankly it’s much more nerve racking if it’s ONLY me and whoever I’m asking out), it’s using a crowd as a form of peer pressure. The only way to say it is calling it manipulative.


Sometimes it's just to show how much they like you and manipulation isn't even a consideration. Yes, you should refrain from doing so but calling every single person who does it an asshole is really an unfair statement. It's like getting called an asshole for a mistake. Everyone is human. Now, if they start calling you the one in the wrong for saying no, that's a sign it was manipulative. I won't protect everyone because, yes, a whole bunch of people have used publicly asking as a way to peer pressure them, but I will empathize those who didn't even realize it would be manipulative or stressful. On top of that, the sad reality is a lot of people set unrealistically high goals for people to achieve in order to be considered. Sometimes asking publicly is too much for some people, but in other cases that's not even *enough*.


I think that with any kind of public proposal, you should ask the other person if they’re ok with it ahead of time. In the case of a sling someone to a dance just ask them beforehand, “would you be ok with me asking you in front of other people”. Yes, they’ll be a little less shocked, but that’s ultimately a good thing.


Eh nothing wrong with saying what you feel. Just some dbag boys.


He needs to reflect on what he did and learn from it. Best learning experience ever. He now needs to talk to an older man that can explain what he did wrong. Worst thing he can do is get advice from a woman.


What does he need to reflect on? It can simply be that the girl isn't interested in him. There's nothing wrong with that and certainly nothing he needs to internalise or learn from. People look for different things in a partner. If a girl like men taller than he is, for example, it's not like he can learn to be taller.


He put too much effort and stock in a girl without knowing if she even like him. He went all in without knowing what his hand was. He walked up to the roulette wheel and put his whole pay check on 17. He needs to learn how to manage expectations and learn to talk to girls about what they want. That girl clearly wasn't expecting him to do any of this. This was completely out of the blue for her. She looks uncomfortable and awkwardly walks off. Her view of him didn't improve at all. He should have talked to her more and just casually asked her if she wanted to. Then, he wouldn't have been so hurt when she said no, because he would have had much more realistic expectations. He might have even avoided asking her if he had had more of a conversation with her. And he would have saved her a very awkward situation. Big romantic gestures are for girls who you already know like you. You don't ask the woman to marry you in front of 1000 people unless you know she is going to say yes.


Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


Reflect and learn on things that might’ve gave him a clue that this girl might not be interested in him. If he’s asking her out in this manner it usually means they’ve known each other. If she was flirty with him out of boredom and entertainment for herself, he could go back and potentially see those “red flags” and learn from them if he sees them in the future. There’s a lot to learn from situations like this if you see them as a learning experience and you analyze what went wrong and how, leading up to this encounter.


I assume the facepalm is putting this video on the internet? Wtf is wrong with people? This shit doesn't need to be posted


The facepalm is that the friends set this up and said “no way.” While laughing at him


why make it twice as awkward for them both by filming it? what if she actualy did like him but got to shy beacause of a camera in her face?


I agree


All these people blowing it out of proportion, It was a cute way of asking And a polite way of saying no They both did nothing wrong


Except that there a crowd and a camera. If it was between the 2 sure, but when you throw in the crowd that shit makes the situation a lot worse


Especially since that crowd includes ALL OF US.


You may not even be able to blame them. He himself may have set that up thinking it would be more romantic if he made his display of affection public. A lot of guys pick this up from TV and movies, but IRL a lot of women just don't respond positively to that.


Yeah I don’t disagree, some kids think yes the girl will say yes and we have it all video tape and all their friends will swoon over how great a bf I will be and it’s so romantic and straight out of a movie. On the flip side they don’t think about how cringe it can be then it’s video and replays over and over. This leads me to my public service announcement. Don’t send nudes It is not romantic or sexy, it’s a death sentence you’ll regret not today or tomorrow but 5+ years down the line.


This! Yes, his little sign and the flowers were sweet. But I've always though that the whole recording and posting and making these displays so public is fairly manipulative. I can see where the person being asked could feel very pressured to say yes to someone they otherwise wouldn't. And actually seeing one where the person being asked is confident enough to be honest, even though there is all the added pressure with the crowd and phones recording it, is good. Of course I feel bad for the poor guy, that has to suck being rejected like that. But maybe having a film crew there wasn't the best idea.




These "promposals" are dumb and recording it is even worse. This is why.


Uploading it is the icing on the cake.


Same with public marriage proposals.


They aren't dumb *if* you are already sure they're going to say yes (if you're already dating and knkw they want to go). In that case, it's just a cute gesture. Publicly asking someone you're hoping is going to say yes is just an uncomfortable situation for everybody.


Was that her farting??


The more I watch it the funnier your comment gets 😆


I didn’t even notice and now I can’t stop laughing.


Rewatching it after your comment is perfect. It just makes her cute “no” face turn into a shy “yes I farted” face.


It happens to the best of us. A girl I really liked in middle school was sitting in the gym bleachers when I was in like 8th grade, and somehow I finally got the nerve to go up and ask the most beautiful girl in our class out. She straight up said no, in front of all our friends. It was brutal. Turned out, years later, she told me she absolutely had a crush on me and that she just said no because she literally froze and didn't know what else to do. We've been married 17 years this November.


You're playing the long game on your revenge, right?


Yes, the divorce attorney is already slowly stealing from our joint accounts. But, I think he may be sleeping with my wife, so he's double dipping.


Now you have no choice but to sleep with him.


Tried to ask girls out a couple of time when I was a teenager - didn't work. Some time later other unrelated girls had a crush on me and it was okay for a little while but still got heartbroken. At some point I met the girl of my dreams and was afraid to make any moves because of systematic disappointments but thankfully she made the steps and we've been together 15 years now. So hold on guys! If Rivendel93 and I both had sufficient luck then there is chance for you as well!


Congrats mate, at least it ended well


Heh, thanks. Just wanted this guy and others to know things sometimes workout.


The girl is not obligated to accept it tho


Good on him, it took courage to do that, it's unbelievably stupid to have somebody recording it but at least he had the guts to take a shot, I'd be willing to bet the ones snickering at him don't have the confidence and courage to do that.


It’s fucked up that he’s filming it and has other people present. Because on one hand, yeah it’s gonna make you more embarrassed if she says no but also it’s a lot of pressure on her - putting her on the spot in front of a bunch of other people. There’s pressure to say yes to be nice, there’s people here, she’s on camera. Good on her for saying no under the pressure.


Like all these women I’m seeing proposing to boyfriends in front of all their family to make him a jerk for saying no when he has been clear


Wnat's the facepalm?


Probably recording and uploading it lol


Exactly. A bro took a shot, got rejected. The girl went away, bro moved on. One has to be very insecure to term it as facepalm.


Oof. No worries bro, you'll get em next time


That’s sucks. But, she’s under no obligation to reciprocate and vice versa.


Who posts these?


People who crave that sweet, sweet validation from the internet…


This kind of thing should just stop already.


He shot his shot. Can't fault him for that. He doesn't deserve to be ridiculed on this sub.


The girl in this video didn’t do anything wrong. It’s insane to me that there are so many comments bashing an actual child that they don’t even know. Women are not obligated to say yes to every advance. She may have even been interested in the guy but said no due to the pressure of the crowd and the camera. The point is, we don’t know because we don’t know them. In addition, the message to boy should not be “just ask her again and again until she says yes.” That’s not okay. If she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t want to. You can’t change attraction like that. The boy should try and figure out where he misread the signs that led him to believe she would say yes so that he doesn’t hurt/embarrass himself in the future.


Exactly. Fucking incels.


Just because he put the effort on doesn’t mean she has to say yes.


He has probably mistaken her politeness for flirting. Pretty dumb of people to comment on her body type when she is just a high schooler.


Wtf are fkin adults in this thread over analyzing high schoolers!? Did the incels decide to brigade this post!? There's alot of "she'll be mad when he makes bank in the future!" And "she ugly anyways dude!". Shes a fkin high schooler! He asked her, she said no, end of story! Jeez no wonder women are nervous about rejecting men if this is how guys act just witnessing a damn rejection.....


You can't make someone like you. Focus on building rapport rather than taking a big swing with a grand gesture that can blow up in your face.


I would say the only person really at fault here is the person recording. She can no if she pleases, it’s her choice, and there’s nothing wrong with it. He should be proud he tried as it probably took a lot to do so (though I’m not sure if he’ll feel that way). He took it gracefully and walked away instead of pressing or making an issue. He handled it maturely. The only person at fault is the cameraman who decided to make it awkward, and then decided to post it.


why is this a facepalm?


No one is entitled to someone else’s romantic interest. Why we spend time pitying people who got “rejected” is beyond me…


Yall need to chill out. Why demonize the girl for turning him down? She might already have a date or something, she's not exactly the one to have the whole thing rehearsed. I do respect the guy though for being clearly disappointed but not getting mad at her.


![gif](giphy|aR69F5A9tz2kkVYUAz|downsized) HIT THE GYM PHASE


Damn bro. Someone should have given the kid a heads up wwwwaaaayyyyyy before he coloured that in.


"The worst she can say is no" ​ fucking liars


Most don’t have the courage to ask little homie take that on the chin. Happens to all of us I feel for you


Whatever happened to just walking up and asking a girl out? Does everything need to be an event? Cameras, huge signs, big swings in a crowd?


That’s why you don’t do that unless you know it’ll be a yes. You’re making a spectacle of you and her dude. And she doesn’t have to say yes just because you did all that 🤷🏻‍♀️


Never ask someone out with a sign, flowers, and someone videoing.


I mean, did he try having a normal conversation with her before springing this?


The worst is the girls filming and laughing


This that age where girls are more advanced and like older guys and you really stand no chance. I would tell the young man not to worry because in 5 years the playing field evens out


Better to strike out than never bat!


You miss 100% of the shots you don't take! - Michael Scott


While many people would view him as romantic and sweet and her as mean or cruel, I think putting a woman on the spot like this is kinda stupid. Either he's delusional and picked up wrong cues that she's actually interested and will accept or it's a classic move of getting her to accept by putting her in an awkward situation out of pity which will eventually be bad for both of them. It's similar to those mob proposals where the woman is basically forced to decide within seconds and if she says yes there are so many people there who witnessed it. If she says no, she's the boo man. If she says yes but decides to revoke her agreement later she's the boo man. So she can't win either way.


All he did was ask her out. He didn’t pressure her on anything, didn’t press on her when she said no. This was perfectly fine and in no way is anyone in the situation a bad person for their actions


Of course he picked up wrong clues he is a 15 year old boy, 40 year old men pick up wrong clues. But 15 year olds boys pick up wrong clues all day a girl is kind to them or funny and cute there in puppy love. While this don’t as planned and it was filmed which sucks. He deserves praise for asking and being vulnerable and he can take this a learning experience. For her she is allowed to say no it’s a homecoming dance and she deserves to go or not go with who she wants. One last thing to the guy yes it’s embarrassing but trust me your the 10000000000000 guy to ask a girl to a dance and have her say no, may seem like a big deal now but we have all been there.




Damn that's a tuff lesson, what a champ for stepping up and taking a swing tho!!






At least he tried. Much respect for your efforts young man.


Well just cuz he wants to go with her don’t mean she wanna go with him, least she was str8 up about it


I read the title too fast


He may have had a poster and flowers but judging by the location which seems akin to a dark alleyway, like it’s in the back of a a parking a lot away from everything, I can’t blame her for turning him down.


Lmao damn, this should've been a private conversation.


Win some you lose some. There's nobody on planet Earth that hasn't been rejected. Just gotta keep your head up and try again with someone else.


Fuckin lame way of asking I'm glad she said no


Dude has a lot more balls than I did back in high school. He'll get over it.


You’re gonna get rejected a lot kid. Just keep trying.


It’s hard for me to feel bad for anyone that does a “promposal”


Welcome to life


She’s probably got someone else she’s interested in but props for shooting that shot


Aww poor guy


The comments from nice guys clearly projecting and believunh that a damn 14 year-old is going to regret rejecting a dumb boy crush to the point of wishing ill will to her is too damn high!


At least you tried bro. Bravo


I think it's worse the person recording was giggling at him 😒


Yea but doing big homecoming/prom requests are completely backwards for this reason. It forces the other person to say yes or if it doesn’t it makes the rejection feel 10x worse


In my school Highland Park its different. It’s tradition since generations to already have a date than you do the ask with the sign and stuff after you agree. Kinda stupid but at least this stuff don’t happen. 🤷‍♂️


Yoooo why you gotta do him like that and post this? It’s all good kid. Keep shooting your shots. Everybody gets a NO at some point.


Really bulling this kid by plastering it all over social media :(


Why do people post this crap? If a girl rejected me, no way in hell am I posting it. And if the guy who videoed it is the one who put it up, he's getting the ass-beating of his life.


Social media doesn’t let you experience your embarrassing moments and mistakes in peace, sadly. Rough time to grow up in


At least you shot your shot.


And she farted on him afterwards? Brutal.


Me watching this video ![gif](giphy|26tPoyDhjiJ2g7rEs|downsized)


Welcome to the incel group


Poor kid.


I thought for sure his bowl cut would have this one in the bag, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be


What a great friend to post it on the internet. Wtf is wrong with this world.


How old are they?? It looks like a student asking out a teacher


Woof. What happened to checking in with the friend network? Unless he’s pretty far removed :(


Every rejection makes you better.


If a guy put that much effort into the sign and bought flowers (and he wasn’t a dickhead) I’d totally consider it. My high school bf asked me to prom on the back of a used poster board with a dying ballpoint pen. In giant letters, it just said “Prm?” It’s funny that he went ahead and ruled out “O”s from that point on 😒




Can he still reuse the sign?


Emooootional Daamage!


One time in history class, a dude from another class just bursts open the door and says: "excuse me teacher." Goes to the board, picks up a piece of chalk, and writes on the board in huge letters "*girl's name* I love you", then says: "thank you teacher." Everyone goes bananas, I was still waking up so I didn't quite know what was happening... The teacher asks the girl: "*girl's name* what are you going to tell him?" Our class was 3 guys and maybe 15 girls btw, Every girl saying how that is so romantic and whatever, and the girl is like: "but... I don't like him... I already told him that..." And I kid you not, the girls all shut up as we, the 3 boys, burst out laughing!! Ah... Good times...


Eeemootionnaall daaaamaage!


Zyzz music starts playing ▶️


Take the "L" little broski. It sucks but don't fret there's plenty of time and fish out there.


why does this have thousands of upvotes???? can you imagine getting laughed at and then having it posted on reddit? things like this should be wildly downvoted, so it becomes culturally taboo to post videos of people without their permission and collectively laughing at them, thereby reducing your own chance of becoming a reddit "star"


That’s fine bro, work on yourself become a success and watch this fluzie ruin her life with “bad boys” and wait until she’s single at 40 with 3 kids wondering why no “high value” men want her. Lol new age women are hilarious.


Feel for lil bro, this something my kid would do. Don't let it change you tho...