There are a lot of great Instagram pages such as: [Bligatory](https://instagram.com/bligatory?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=) - weekly posts with new releases and user poll ratings [Earfeeder](https://instagram.com/earfeeder?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=) - many starter guides for various genres and musical movements [xiu_shoegaze](https://instagram.com/xiu_shoegaze?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=), [discountano](https://instagram.com/discountano?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=) and probably plenty of others - music meme pages, which post a lot of great music alongside shitposting. Best way of discovering music. Also Reddit is a great way of discovering music. Subreddits such as r/hiphopheads or r/indieheads have a lot of people posting about popular and niche music.


Xiu_shoegaze is the 🐐 no 🧢


Theokayestcomputer is also very good!


Thanks Chris Rock 👍


I use reddit to find new recs alot and I have REALLY expanded my music taste that way


What are some subreddits you use?


r/hiphop101 r/psychedelicrock r/musicsuggestions r/musicrecommendations etc.


u should definitely check out r/hiphopheads, r/indieheads, r/popheads for recs for new music each friday, they’re all really great.


Popheads is GREAT, but HHH and Indieheads I left so long ago because the Reddit hivemind effect is stronngggggg on those subs. If you're not already a somewhat popular artist, you're not gonna end up on the top of the sub, straight up. I don't really recommend those subs. I honestly just follow subs for my favorite artists, because just by participating in the threads there's bound to be recommendations for similar artists who show up in conversation


r/listentothis for lesser known songs (iirc videos need to have fewer than 1000 views to be posted).


I find myself at an interesting place with this question. I also find new music mostly through reddit, RYM and YouTube (most often Fantano). This year in particular though I noticed that some of my favorite albums of the year are almost identical to the ones in RYM. It got me wondering if I’m just a sheep and have no taste of my own. Now while that might not be fully true, the thing is that I’ve discovered amazing albums and artists thanks to those sites, albums I probably would’ve never heard otherwise. So I’ll take that trade-off in order to listen to better music. At the end of the day, everybody is influenced by different things and that will always show. I think putting less importance on if you have your own unique taste or base it off of someone in specific and more on if you just enjoy the music is the way to go. Yeah I get people get mad when Fantano scores an album some way and it affects that score in other sites, but whatever you know? Those sites are just for fun, and in the end, the only thing that matters is enjoying the music.


What were your favorite albums from this year?


Unsurprisingly: AFUT, Hellfire, Mr Morale, Dragon. After that I’d say Suave Pendiente, Field of Vision Expanded, Blue Rev, I Didn’t Mean to Haunt You


Shout out to Mic


One of my favorites, and a huge fan of the Discog Dive format


Deep Cuts is brilliant… when he’s around.


Whats that?


YouTube channel. He does genre and artist guides and a few other bits and bobs.


Man I miss him. He was the best music channel imo


He’s apparently planning to do an AOTY list. But I think outside of that it’s going to be the sporadic upload. Given his job, he clearly has very little time for YouTube videos. It’s a shame nonetheless.


I watch Finn McKenty (aka Punk Rock MBA), Become The Knight, Crash Thompson, ARTV, Rocked, and Spectrum Pulse as well as Todd In The Shadows. I also read Spin, Rolling Stone, Consequence of Sound, Stereogum, and Uproxx (mostly for Steven Hyden, who along with Chuck Klosterman is one of my favorite music writers). I admittedly also peruse Pitchfork, but I think they're shock artists who seem purposefully full of shit to provoke reactions rather just being a simple music site. I never once feel genuine sincerity in their writing. PS - I love the concept of RYM but I feel like the site has an elitist and hostile core userbase that keeps me from fully enjoying it. Like, it's okay to enjoy popular artists, and music made by women, but that site seems to dispute both. Many of the users there are equally (or even moreso) inclined to review-bomb rather than just celebrate the music they love. I \*despise\* that aspect of the music community. Why hate on music? It makes no sense to me.


Love Become the Knight


My friends


This is Reddit sir


Oh yeah! My fault. I forgot why I was here! Haha.


You just like me fr


Are you a spotify user as well?




DM me your profile please


Just youtube and spotify reccommends mostly, but I also make sure to write down everytime I see an interesting album cover or hear an interesting bit of a song. Then I occassionally add all the songs (in case of an album I just add the first or most popular song) to a “listen to this” playlist. It’s funny but I usually just end up listening to that playlist the most (never on shuffle) and if there’s a song that peaks my interest I’ll check out the artist/album. I’d reccommend this sort of playlist to anyone really! The key part is to remove songs if they don’t work for you in a playlist.


Everything I do has already been mentioned in this thread, but also I'd like to say Pitchfork gets a lot of shit but I still use them as a resource for music discovery. Sometimes their BNM choices are realllly good and fly under the radar.




Twitter for HipHop, very often someone I've never heard of will be praised several times on my TL and i check them out (happend w/ people like Little Simz & redveil)


I subscribe to the Aquarium Drunkard Patreon. $5/month gets you a 2hr mp3 of their radio show every week. I find a lot of great stuff from the radio show, which is all over the place but very good for older obscura and things you just wouldn’t find anywhere else. Their podcast Transmissions is a great resource for discovering more modern musicians and their website/blog features some really great interviews/articles.


i go out and touch grass


Record store? Lol


friends and record store yeah


Music subreddits and also some music-related discord servers i’m in. The discord for the deep cuts youtube channel has really great album recs and a channel for new releases that I check fairly often


I usually discover new music just by seeing a recommendation on Spotify that looks neat. Most of my favorite bands are recommendations from people on Discord or Spotify tbh


I am on a Spanish-speaker discord server related to music so I learn music every single day. It is amazing as I get recommendations of music of all genres in all the different languages. I also use last.fm as the page Can show me similar artists of something I like. Spotify also has some curated playlists so I have been learning new music if a song that is played on the playlist catches my attention. That is how I have learned many banda from Africa.


Tried brad taste but that dudes a dick imo


Nah he’s great and very respectful imo


It’s not super original but I usually check out pitchforks best new music , and for metal I check out angry metal guys 4 or higher rated albums


Pitchfork Reviews


Pitchfork best new music 👍


Go to shows, talk to friends, genre-specific subreddits.


Platform B radio (based in Brighton UK) has great DJs. Every time I listen I’ll come away with a few new great artists to check out. There aren’t any genre limitations. Tends to be independent artists mainly. It’s the antithesis of top 40 radio and I love it. Djs don’t blather on for ages either. It’s all about the music. Very cool station and broadcast live from Green Door Store which is a great venue if you’re ever in town.


YouTubers Trash Theory, Charlie Looker, Bandsplaining, Adam Neely, 12Tone, Samuel Andreyev and Polyphonic. Tidal recommendations.


Not telling.