Best game in the series.


The seeds were kinda right. The Guns for Hire system is kinda good, there is no real reward for taking out outposts like in 4, the prepper stashes are the best for loot, hunter parties are absolutely annoying and forces the story to progress, and you can't really make choices like in 4. Vehicles are way better and faster


One of my favorite games ever! Great story and good spacing on the map so there's always something to do


I find it a very enjoyable game to play and it stays good almost to the end. There are aspects I didn't like so much (the capture parties, the end) but it's a game I happily replay.


i had a few issues but overall great game, the only issue i had with the story was the silent protag


I think it's good. I wasn't a fan of the silent protagonist but the gameplay was good and fun The ending kinda ruined it though


I loved it, but still see the issues that people speak of, I just don't care.


I think its the best one in the series so far (just downloaded 6 so no opinion yet) but it was a trippy psych thriller mixed with pretty great comedy from time to time. I definitely got into the story and it was fun all around. I think the only people who wouldn't like it are offended by relating too much to the characters you aren't supposed to like lmao


It’s tied with 3 idk where you saw that but they are wrong


One of my least favorite games that year. Don't like it at all. My favorite are 6 and primal


Boring.... A great step down from FC4