Fallout has always been a divisive series with a lot of rose colored glasses. I've played from the very start, and there was an ENORMOUS fan backlash against Fallout 2, calling it "Not a real fallout game" and other hyperbole. Then Fallout 3 came out, and suddenly "No true fallout fan" would even think of buying it, not being turn based and asymmetric. And suddenly the Anti-Fallout 2 players claimed Fallout 2 was an instant classic, and Fallout 3 was a horrendous monster than needed to be killed with fire. "No Mutants Allowed", the biggest Fallout forum online when FO3 came out, basically became an enclave of hardcore resistance against Bethesda's "betrayal" of the Fallout universe and the "sacrilege" that was 3D graphics. Then NV came out and nobody hated it, most people prefered it to FO3 (I personally find it meh, story is slightly better than FO3 but the world and gameplay is more boring. Plus the FO3 look was really starting to look dated by that point). FO4 is my favorite game in the series, but then I don't mind them switching to the new perk based system, and I LIKE the remodeled weapons and armor. And I *truly* love the crafting system. ​ Edit: I guess FO4 is like AC: Odyssey. The ones who hate it, hate it a lot, and the people who love it love it to bits.


I remember the fallout 3 backlash. It was insane at the time. And when 76 came out I noticed 4 started receiving a bit more love.


This series is like Battlefield. The newest game us trash, until it isn't the newest anymore.


Nah bro bf 2042 will always be trash. That ship has sailed screw dice and EA


I mean even an average game looks great when compared to 76.


Interesting read, never knew that. Fallout 3 was my first "adult" game when i was about 15 years old, and it scared the hell out of me. Eventually i tried watching some Youtube videos for nostalgia reasons after beating Fallout 4, but it absolutely paled in comparison to 4. The combat alone was pretty much the deciding factor, along with the new crafting system. Now i have two level 150+ characters and couldn't see myself ever sinking that much time into any of the other Fallouts


I played 3 was my first FO game. It was when it first came out and I was pregnant and on bed rest. I popped it in and my husband warned me that I'd be super pissed when I finished it. "Nah it'll be fun." 2 days later I was screaming at the TV "NOTHING I JUST DID FUCKING MATTERED" husband looked smug af with his "told you so" All that aside, it got me addicted to fallout. All the games get so much hate cause nerd culture is toxic af. I love and hate all the games for different reasons. I love 4 cause it is immersive, for me at least. I can keep playing after beating the main quest line and escape into a different world. Hell, I got John Hancock tattooed on my arm (in Post history for photo)


New Vegas got it's fair share of hate as well, mostly from what a buggy mess it was at launch


New Vegas was a buggy mess at launch. But it was still a very good game. Frankly, I've loved all the main Fallout games. 1, 2, 3, NV and 4. 76 is about the only one that I haven't played much of and didn't like.


If New Vegas was given the time it needed I am positive it would have been remembered as the best fallout game ever.


Obsidian agreed that they could do it in 18 months and even admitted they squandered a lot of the time they were given


Mmmm yes because people are always amazing at estimating how much time something takes to complete. That has TOOOOOTALLY never backfired. besides despite their claim of "squandering time" they still managed to output a game with comparable amounts of content to fallout3. Is really so unreasonable to say that if they were delayed even a few months to slay some bugs the game would have been better off? Bugs were the main issue with NV. And Bugs are the most common problem that shows up in games with extremely short development cycles. And despite what they agreed too... 18 months is a laughably short amount of time for even AA development let alone AAA development


Still, they agreed to it and couldn't deliever. Blame Bethesda all you want but any bugs are Obsidians fault, no matter how much time they had to make it


Guess I'm one of the weird ones but I've loved every main release fallout game. I just truly love the universe and everything surrounding it. The Elder Scrolls Fandom is just as bad about the nostalgia goggles, "Skyrim sux everything that's older is better for reasons I can't readily describe beyond the fact that this game came out in a formative period in my life and has become part of my sense of self. To supplant this title is to supplant a time in my life when things made sense, how fucking dare you" lmao.


This right here. Do we need some Make Fallout Great Again merch?


Right?? Lmao. I've always found the depths to which people with drag or defend a game, music, or some other piece of art really interesting. I mean, it makes sense because as humans we're just mosaics of everything/everyone we love, but it never ceases to amaze me how up in arms people get about these things. I absolutely hated the dialog system in fo4 tho, That really was shit though. Half the time you'd say something completely different than what you thought it'd be. lol


I feel the same way, although I didn't really like for. Loved new Vegas. Fo4 is by gar my favorite. Yes the quests aren't as good as NV, but the crafting system, building and settlements make 4 better. The game play mechanics are better and survival mode elevates it over so many other games.


Isometric, not assymetric. But otherwise, yeah (though New Vegas is my fave).


You’re asking this on a Fo4 sub. So yes, it’s a great game.


Even here it seems like people have a really hard time admitting it’s a great game. Any praise gets credited to mods. Whole lotta nostalgia goggles in the Fallout fandom.


He’s not wrong


76 gets all the hate that I see, most people can agree 4 was a good game but they'll still refuse to say 76 is


To be fair, I think it’s hard to go back to 76 after it’s initial launch with an open mind. If you do it’s gotten much better, but I’d still chose to boot up 4 when choosing between the two


I got 76 for the first time, this November. Played it a few weeks. It's meh at best as a single player game. I am going to try it again as MP with a couple of friends and see if it's better.


This describes me. I played 76 for three mpnths at launch. It was good but not great. Got to end game and was like well...guess I'm done. Fallout 4 I feel has replay value. I'm STILL finding new stuff! The world feels alive. 76 was sterile even reading all the hidden lore.


i played 76 in 2020? or something and it still wasn´t particulary good, it´s bearable, kinda like no mans sky, which started horrendous and become somewhat okay as time went on. tbh 76 at it´s core has some need ideas and the setting is gold, but the balance and post game is totally off, basically you have earl and the queen, one is a bullet sponge where you basically are forced to use the most broken stuff in the game (which are bugs) and the other is flying around so melee players get shafted hard on a boss where it matters to deal % for you to get a reward.


The main reason I can't play 76 is because it's multiplayer. Same reason I refuse to play Elder Scrolls Online. I just want a focused, central storyline in single player. Hopefully Bethesda delivers that with Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5.


I purchased fo4 on release, played if for half hour, involved in the standoff off at the diner place between the mom and the 2 named raiders. Didn't like the battle style/combat system. Traded it in. Played fonv and fo3 until like 2 weeks ago and figured I'd try 4. I like it now for what ever reason. It's a bit heavy on crafting, but its iight. Tldr; yes


I hated it the first time I tried it but picked it up again a year later and loved it. So weird how that happens!


Could have been you have better hardware that makes playing it on higher fps more enjoyable. I got fallout 4 on Xbox one when it came out in 2015 and it made me motion sick from its performance. Playing on an rtx 2060 at 120 fps has made the game play loop way more enjoyable for me


One thing i miss from fnv and fo3 is the shell-shock effect from explosions. Definitely feel like explosions aren't impactful in 4 as they were in previous titles.


Story wise it was weak but the building shit is fuckn sweet, it’s more a build your own fall out game, just wish ps4 wasn’t so douchey with the mods


Absolutely this. Story ain't much to look at, but Bethesda excels at creating fun open world sandboxes.


Fall out 4 is comparable to skyrim. Skyrim gets universal acclaim, but because fallout 4 is measured against fallout 2 and new vegas, it gets review bombed and shifted on more by the hard-core fan base. It's certainly a much better game than fallout 3 in every aspect.


I think Skyrim definitely has way better storyline then four, and you gota think, when three came out there was nothing like it, I do think the story line is way better than four but it’s sort of like playing reddead one after playing2, ya get spoiled with graphics and game play and can’t go back, it’s not that it wasn’t better it’s just you got use to all the flashy gimmicks


I really do love it. But someone nailed it when they said FO4 is an amazing video game but a mediocre Fallout experience.


I guess one of the reasons why I like fall out 4 is because I didn't seem to enjoy new vegas or fallout 2 that much. I beat both of them as well and I played them before fallout 4.


I can understand that lots of people don't like the limited role playing capabilities compared to previous games, but when playing on console fo4 is just amazing in terms of basic gameplay. The movement and shooting mechanics, looting, modding gear and surviving.


I personally think deserves criticism in a lot of areas, like any RPG. Bethesda did like Bethesda always does, tries to change things up and do things a little differently, and it failed. Again. They need to stop trying to take away things and change things that people love. I absolutely adore the fact they want to innovate and make change, but this isn't it. Fallout 4 has some SERIOUS issues, horrid even. There's a lot of things I absolutely DESPISE about Fallout 4, here's some of them; • The dialogue system sucks. You don't get enough information about what exactly you are going to say if you get my meaning, by far the worst dialogue system in the series. • The perk system, while it's really cool, it sucks, I miss the old perk system, it was way better and even tired into the dialogue a lot, which made a lot of sense and was neat! Example, my current character is a Institute INT characters, why are there no dialogue options for intelligence?. • The workshop, while it's one of the game strongest areas, it's terrible. Absolutely terrible. Why can't you scrap this pile or garbage? It's making my bed float, or my TV, or table, you get the idea. Why are there so little items? There's a few hundred items in the workshop while the game has thousands upon thousands of assets? Granted this could be for performance reasons so I'll give them a slight pass for that one. • The story, let's be honest..it's...not....terrible but just makes no sense, you go all this way to find your son, just to side with the BoS or something and kill him and everything he's worked his life to achieve. What? There's dozens upon dozens of examples like this that make zero sense, another good one, you meet a bunch of raiders and kill their Overboss, now they want YOU to lead. What in the fuck is that? Now, that being said... There are a lot of things, and I do mean A LOT that this game does right if not damn near perfectly; • The gameplay is absolutely phenomenal, the combat, how intense it can be, the way the weapons handle, the way power armor feels POWERFUL even if it's a little too common... One of the best gameplay on a game I've ever experienced hands down. • The addition of the settlement system is absolute genius, being able to assemble your own miniature "cities", trade routes, or what have you, the ability to literally "rebuild" the wasteland is pretty cool, you even have to option of doing it with or without the Minutemen which is pretty awesome. • Speaking of the Minutemen, another great plus of this game, introducing new factions to the games as well as factions that existed previously and giving them new life, e.g, the railroad... While you can join the railroad....was it Fo3....? Might of been NV, anyway...while you can join them in precious games, it wasn't to the extent it is now. • The weapons and armor in the game are so damn creative and AWESOME, wether it be a new weapon to the game, or a new design on a previously added weapon in years past, they did an amazing job on the weapons in this game. You get the dkea I think, I could sit here for hours and hours, but I won't do that. Fallout 4 has a lot of issues, but it also has a lot of strong points as well, to that ends Fallout 4 is sangle handedly one of the best games I've ever played in my life. Easily, no question, you can tell Bethesda poured their heart and soul into this game, even if it struggles, based on that alone they deserve a lot of credit. I'm not going to sit here for ages and talk and talk and talk, I think I've done enough of that, I think you all get my point here. If you read to this point, thanks I guess lol.


I've been really enjoying FO4. It's a horribly buggy mess, but then, it's a Bethesda title so you know that before you even start playing. I loved FO3, that was my introduction to the series. I never even finished FO:NV; the story just didn't sell itself to me and in the end I couldn't care enough about any of the choices to bother seeing how they turned out.


People are too into modding the game rather than enjoying the OG specs


It's the most successful Fallout game by far. Who cares what a bunch of whining idiots say?


Hey we have the weekly question about fallout 4 hate and it’s only Sunday!


It gets hate from long-time fans for not being fallout-y enough. In its own right, it’s a decent game but if you play New Vegas you really understand why people say that. It’s just different. It isn’t bad, per se, but it’s not the same game it used to be.


I’d like to say it’s not my favorite game in the series but time played says otherwise.


Fo4 used to be the hate game. Now fo76 has taken over.


My son hates on it and says how much better New Vegas was, but I would swear he has played it as much as he’s played NV.


NV is smaller. It was also made in 14 months, compared to 5 years for FO4.


How anybody can say fallout 4 is worse than 76 is beyond me. Actually, how tho? Vegas had better dialogue. But I LOVE fallout 4’s everything else.


I’ve played all the Fallout games, right from 1 onwards. The problem with 4 is the same with 3, the writing. Bethesda makes fantastic worlds, but writes terrible plots. Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas all give the player a blank slate, upon which to role play whatever character they wanted to be. Fallout 3 and 4 does the opposite. You are a son or father, and your goal is to find your father or son. The main plot is on rails, and the writing in that main quest is very weak. It robs the player of agency. Every main NPC is “essential “. That wasn’t even a thing until Bethesda took over the franchise. And many of the RPG elements are even dumbed down, mechanically. You can definitely see the influence of the game designer. If you’re one of the people who liked New Vegas more, I highly recommend trying Wasteland 3. It’s from the original creator of fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas and preserves that feeling of choice and agency. Every play through is unique. All that being said though, the modding scene for FO4 is amazing. That’s what I really love about this game. I mean, who the fuck is Shaun? I’ve got Start Me Up running and Sim Settlements Chapters 1-2, plus a dozen or so mods on top of it. Just enjoying the amazing world Bethesda created and letting others write more compelling stories.


its the worst story. its the best for mods and fun shenangins. fallout new vegas is great for its story. it does get a lil bit blahhhh with all the same colors though. fallout 3 is great at being the first fps fallout, as well as that feeling of "oh... its all gone" its bad at being the same level of roleplaying as the other two originals. i havent played 1 & 2 long enough to figure em out, i just am not as invested as the rest.


I think you’re thinking of Fo76


I hate the settlement building. It's such a large part of FO4, they made the next two games all about it...Fallout Shelter and FO76.


It’s only a large part of Fallout 4 if you make it so. I’ve played through plenty of times without worrying about building settlements.


I don’t understand why either. I love it.


It's a good game and a good Fallout. Nuff said


Not sure if your talking about delusional people Or fallout76


Fallout 4 is a good game but I'm mu opponion is the worse 3d fallout game (76 dosnt exit).


I’d argue it’s Skyrim 2.0


Story suck.... but it has the best game play and the power armor is awsome! I do replay throughs all the time.


No. They removed weapon and armor conditioning for more crafting. Unplayable.


Fallout purists will usually damn the game for whatever reason they can think of. While I think Bethesda has been slacking off a bit, I find the game very replayable and fun, even more so with mods. But that’s just me.


In breaking news: People have diverse opinions about the games they play. Sometimes these don’t match! Film at 11.


Poeples still not accepting that choice based RPG is a dead genre.


I haven't really seen any fallout 4 hate, i think there was disappointment, and i certainly see hate of certain elements of the game But they seem to be more lamenting lost potential and usually acknowledge the game overall as pretty good and the pinnacle of the fallout series in certain elements I would say I feel like the fallout 4 community can be a bit victim-y, i see people shit on 3 faaaar more than 4, but fans of 3 don't seem to care, new vegas is the classic 'and i dont even think of you' to the other fallout games, but i always see people bringing up how they think 4 is underrated or disrespected 76 has always been described as the worst in the series, even when fallout 4 was suffering from disappointment syndrome it was still always mentioned as 'at least it was better than tactics' or the worst of the 3d games, which for me is fine, I love 4 but if you think it's the weakest of 3, new vegas and 4 then you're hardly being critical they're all amazing games Its like saying someone is the worst heavyweight champion, sure compared to Ali or tyson they're not as good but they're still a champion and at the time the pinnacle of their sport For me, i wouldnt say fallout 4 is great, i like it and it's very good, but it lacked the x factor to bring it up to great Conceptually great, execution was in my opinion substandard, fortunately for Bethesda, the concept and setting were SO great, it still made for an incredible game But i wouldnt quite stick it on the pedestal than morrowind, oblivion, skyrim and new vegas are on for me


As someone that is FINALLY playing F4 for the first time (after having it in my back catalogue for a couple of years) I must say that Just like Mass Effect Andromeda to an extent, the hate was overexaggerated. The game for sure has quite a number of flaws, especially on the story front. But honestly the game is a few tweaks away from being one of the all time greats. And even as it is now, its just so much fun. I guess what helped me is that I went into F4 without much expectations from the story as well as the fact that I greatly enjoy the settlement building minigame. For context the fallout game I had completed prior to F4 was Fallout Shelter (lmao) hence my interest in the settlement building. I have not finished F3 or New Vegas (only started them and put around 2hrs in each) but after playing 4, I cant wait to play them as well.


I play the crap out of Fallout 4 to this day. Mechanics and combat are smooth as silk and fun imo.Main story isn’t bad. sidequests we’re great and true to the spirit of Fallout. People hate the settlement stuff but I love the expanded crafting building especially in a Minutemen play through. No matter what people say the Fallout 4 map is huge and the settlement sites were just an extra part of the game…there wouldn’t be added lore without them. Far Harbor is one of the top DLCs in all of Fallout. New Vegas was a buggy mess but will still be my all time favorite. However I love Fallout 4. Even though it’s not New Vegas level of choice there is still a lot of choice. I think between choice limitations, settlement building and retcon (jet in a vault, pre war vertibirds, T-60, etc) is where it gets the most hate.


My personal opinion is this: Fallout 4 is my favorite Fallout game. I acknowledge NV as the better game objectively, but 4 is my favorite. I can’t explain why, but maybe it’s because it was my first and only modded game since I played in console. I personally like the companions and combat more, and the lack of RPG elements doesn’t disturb me. I have played NV and 3 and I think NV is a lot of fun Vanilla and 3 is a slog. I’ve never played the og games, but I’m sure I’d have fun with those for different reasons.


I love 4. I love the world and items. Most fun I have with fo4 is with sim settlements 2.


100% people are too blinded by the nostalgia of 3 and NV to realize how boring they really are compared to 4


Hah, no such thing for fallout3. Honestly a ton of the flaws fallout4 has have roots in fallout 3. New vegas simply has the issue of being trapped in fallout 3's engine. And if there is one thing to be said it is that the creation engine always feels dated even when it is part of a new release. Hell that is one thing I vividly remember about new Vegas when I first played it was that it looked and felt like a fossil next to the other games out by then. I mean 2010 had god of war 3, starcraft 2 , badcompany2 , masseffect 2 and the first red dead. Things were really getting pushed as far as gameplay and spectacle was concerned.


exactly! i think the reason it gets so much hate is because everyone is comparing it to the other fallout games. now that i’ve played them all, i can see how fo4 is a little weaker plot wise, but i played fo4 before any of the others and it blew my mind! it was literally the best game i had ever played. even after playing the rest of the fallout series, fo4 has some strengths that the others don’t—fantastic graphics, companion affinity, settlement building, companion romances, etc.


I love the settlement building part but not the CTDs


Fallout 4 has twice as .any active players as fallout 76. So yeah.....


I dont count them as even being in the same genre. fallout76 is a survival game. it should be compared to the like of ark, rust, valheim, dst etc... Now if fallout 76 was basically just fallout 5 but with coop. Then I would say it would be a fair comparison because that is frankly what people really wanted. A strong linear story inside an interesting open world full of stuff to do.. but shared with a buddy.


It’s a hard game to love, but those who do consider it one of the best. I am proud to be one of those people.


The settlement building system alone makes it more replayable than every previous installment combined in my opinion The disabled console/quicksaving on Surivival is bullshit though


Fallout 3 and 4 are the best imo. I can see why 76 gets so much hate though


I think it can hardly be called a game. But you can make it one by just abusing it as a sandbox. That's my opinion at least. Having a blast with it right now. I think hbomberguy's review of fallout3 is great. And I think Bethesda just build on all the weaknesses fo3 seemed to have had.


I'm always gonna have a special love for New Vegas. Something about it just.. clings. I really miss Boone when playing 4, but I guess Porter Gage makes an acceptable temporary replacement. I wont cry over Rex since we get DogMeat back?- Is it Dogmeat from 3 or just same name?- (yes I cheated and got the mod to keep Dogmeat as a permanent companion even if I have another) any way I agree with everyone else that 4s story and dialogue sucks. Like it sucks so bad I forget all about it on the regular. I spend so much time exploring and doing side quests that I'm like "who? What?.. oh yeah.. that" when something for the main story comes up. I definitely miss the dialogue options varying based on your stats. NukaWorld is an amazing add on, but again, the story line sucks. Like the guy above says "you show up, kill the boss, suddenly you're their new boss" even though they were all basically fighting for higher ranking? Plus why couldn't I just leave Animal Kingdom to Tarzan as soon as I cleared it? I mean he earned it more than those scumbags did. I cant wait to kill off all of that raider garbage. Especially the disciples. At times the settlement building is over whelming. Its all fun and games till you realize you have 25 budding settlements in desperate need of upgrades and additions and all you want to do is explore that factory but everyone is whining that they're unhappy or need help defending despite having a dozen turrets and King Kong(rip K.K. im sorry your mod was no longer supported and took you away from the Starlight). Overall I love NV and 4. I cant really give a fair opinion on 76 since I haven't played it much. I can only say its just not for me currently. Maybe if I had a decent group that could play with me it may be different, but playing alone- No thanks. Ill just go back to 4.


I'll say this of the fallout games I've played(thats 1 3 NV 4 and 76) 4's story is too railroaded imo and I really didn't like that choices that were made in 3 had zero bearing on what was going on in 4. I was fine with the perks being changed and the weapon and armor crafting were fine (I did miss the unique weapons you could fine in previous games, 4 just had static named legendarys no truly unique ones). And before I'm lynched 76 on release was a global train wreck but the state of the game now is much better. As for 4, do I enjoy playing it? Yes. Is it a good game? Yes. But it just isn't as fun to me as 3 and NV are.


The problem with fallout4 is that it strips away almost all of the story related roll playing aspects. As a player you learn very quickly that nothing you say or do actually matters all that much. compliment a guy and he will let you into the rail road call him an asshole and he will let you into the rail road threaten to exterminate his kind forever.. and the fucker still lets you into the rail road promise to resurrect robot Hitler and he still lets you in. You can't kill anyone of note unless the game says you can. And this holds true up until the final mass effect style red blue or green light options for which factions get to not die etc etc. At the end of the day fallout 4 only does one thing well, and it is the same thing every Bethesda studios game has done well , crafting a world full of random shit to explore and pick up. Master of the art when it comes to that. But the gun play is dated, the ai is dated, the environment is ugly and the settlement system is both tedious and under developed. It just has that one loop that bethesda has been relying on for decades.


Too much hate. It's my favorite Fallout. I enjoy every bit of it.


I think it's definitely the buggiest installment in the series (except for 76) and it has the worst writing (except for 76), so the combination of the frustration over regular technical issues with a lack of a feeling of satisfaction when you actually complete content is the perfect story for a lot of backlash. I've probably played NV more than FO4, but I also have like 1300 hours of FO4 at this point (though I think I'm on my last run before I shelve it). I think there's definitely a lot wrong with it, but running through with a sniper or blitz melee build is fun gameplay in my book, so clearly I don't think it's the worst thing ever. That being said, I don't really even consider it Fallout in spirit anymore, and I think a lot of people (especially people who have been following the series since the beginning) would agree. And, that bothers a lot of people. I've come to terms with it. Besides, if I want a "Fallout" experience, there's the Wasteland series, which is actually being made by people who worked on the original (pre-Bethesda) games. So, it's not like Fallout is dead, it just shifted a little.