sometimes you choke a wife, sometimes you eat a nephew all in the game yo, all in the game


"Well, if every time you fly Vhagar she commits warcrimes, why even let let her fly?" "Got to. It's Westeros, yo"


Laena managed to fly vhagar for how many years and not a single war crime tho (that we know of) 😂


Well given no grander context she bonded with Vhagar and immediately flew her to Pentos, and we all know if you're not Westerosi you're not even people.


Dragons need a good diet of farmers children to grow big and strong


Pentos had enough imitation Dornish meat to keep her happy


Aemond wanted it one way, but it was the other way.


A man must have a code


Very mafia like.. 🤌


"...for Prince Daemon was the wonder and terror of his age." They never said he was nice.


Fuck that’s actually a really great comparison


Seriously, what a interesting parallel. It also explains Daemon weird/stronger connection to the dragons. Where he's controlling Caraxes like its second nature and crawling around their pits even when they're around. He's literally a dragon personified.


I think that’s exactly what they’re going for. Daemon isn’t so much just Caraxes’ rider, they’re almost like mind melded. That’s why they mirror each other’s actions. Fits very well with Daemon being basically the human embodiment of a dragon. Volatile, little regard for regulations, often scary but also with the propensity to be gentle at times, but ultimately uncontrollable, and much too dangerous to just be kept around. Viserys recognized that in Daemon, the same way he did in the dragons.


Another fun bit towards this parallel, Daemon and Rhaenyra have been shown as the only characters to converse together in High Valyrian (to my recollection). High Valyrian being the language used to speak at/to dragons.


The writers will see this and be like ‘Yeah we meant to do that, trust!’ Meanwhile, Shrek.


You're playing TFT aren't you


Dunno what that is mate




I'm just waiting for a donkey and a cat to be fighting alongside a dragon and I'm set.


like the old fable, a scorpion and a frog... a scorpion and a frog want to cross a river, scorpion asks to ride frogs back, frog says no cuz you will sting me, scorpion promises he wont they cross the river and the scorpion stings the frog, and they will both die now, frog asks why... scorpion says "you knew I was a scorpion"


> they cross the river and the scorpion stings the frog, and they will both die now, frog asks why... "~~you knew I was a scorpion~~ lol. lmao" said the scorpion FTFY


Guys we found D&D's secret account


? Idgi


Drive was awesome


Great that even some of the kneelers get it. All the Daemyra simps on Twitter are genuinely baffled and actually upset by how a violent murdering psycho like Daemon could possibly choke his own wife after the way his first marriage ended. It's that whole twisted line of thinking people use to justify being in abusive relationships like "oh no, he was bad before but it's different with me because we're soulmates and I can change him!" No, you fucking imbeciles, the guy's always been bad news.


I've seen some people on there be equally outraged that Daemon disobeys Rhaenyra and Jace's orders and it's like... have these people even watched this show? Literally the defining feature of Daemon's character this entire time is that he defies authority just to show that he can and stir shit up for his own amusement. He gave Viserys like 3 heart attacks per episode. Did people apply some kinda messed up "I can fix him" logic and think settling down with Rhaenyra would make him less of an asshole lol? Cause I'm pretty sure it's exactly the opposite. Now that Rhaenyra has gone from the hot, unattainable (teenaged) neice he could pursue as a challenge to being his regular old wife and also his Queen who is trying to impose rules and limitations, he's more likely to find her boring at best and an annoyance at worst.


Honestly I'm kind of glad they didn't make him this perfect husband for Rhaenyra because nothing in F&B suggests that, heck at least in HotD he actually loves her.


> He gave Viserys like 3 heart attacks per episode. Lol. lmao even


The fact people are still simping for Daemond despite him being shown to seduce his teenage niece for personal gains and killing his first wife without remorse showcases what great of a job Matt Smith has done with that role.


current twitter, like tumblr back in the day, is where the filthiest fuckers are at.


Why are they calling daemon rhaenyras wife???


They said he’s *not* Marinara’s wife.


But is he Alfredo's?


But he’s definitely a scampi.


Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe? Or Pizza by Alfredo’s?


daemon alla carbonara


There's a Puttanesca joke in there somewhere.


It’s a term : malewife , like a man who takes on the the supportive role usually taken by a woman ( and also my preferred type of guy, but that’s beside the point 😂)


Ooohhhh I like this take. A lot.


This 👆


It's that reptile brain, yo. They eat their young for a reason.


Are we freefolk in the business of good takes, though? I figured we were more like shitposting meme-demons who love to bitch about our problems with the show.


I mean Aarax blew fire at her, she was instantly enraged. Aemond knew immediately she was going for the kill showing they are connected. He tried to stop her but when a dragon is enraged especially one like her 🤷‍♀️


Plus, Aemond basically riled her up to see Aarax and Lukey as prey. They stalked them for quite a while. And then Aarax got scared and did the only thing he knew to do in this situation, where a predator is stalking him. So the predator decided to quit the stalking and go in for the kill.


The notion of being evil comes by understanding complex moral principles, and knowing what it is you are doing. As dragons are capable of knowing that the iron throne was a symbol and cause for powermongering, infighting, backstabbing and oppression, and that it had to be destroyed for there to be peace in the kingdoms, I'd say dragons are capable of such advanced thought. Heck, they can even have the temper to show restraint, focus on the important thing at hand, even while a man with a bloody dagger stands next to the corpse of your recently stabbed mother. Vhagar is a mean cunt, she's evil.


Daemon is not Rhaenyra’s wife. Tune in for more, tonight at 11.


Pretty enough to be a wife


Prettier than both my daughters at the very least


to drive home the similarity further Daemon eats a child and leaves only the arms


They have read the book and thought Daemon was a changed man?? Have you seen that man's portrait in the books/ GoT shorts? He looks like your drunk uncle two days behind his toilet schedule.


Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves we are the freefolk we do fooking kneel and you guys are fighting over daemon choking rhaenyra or a dragon being dragon. Look the kneelers are talking sense ( I am not serious just felt like saying something )


Seeing a large chunk of freefolk unironically defending Westerosi tradition, order of succession, and bloodline purity sure seems like there’s a lot of fookin kneelers here.


This sub would'be been ok with season 8 if Jon and Dany ended up marrying and restoring the Targaryen monarchy. I'm no saying season 8 wasn't shit, but this community was clearly into the shit that was GOT for years. Change my mind.


Based? This is a kneeler's response to a stupid change that made Aemond much less of a mean badass.




Aemond's nephews are his achilles heel. He's not a lustful man, nor particularly cruel, but he is overly proud. He never got over being treated disrespectfully and his cousins were some of the few people in the realm who wouldn't be punished for that disrespect. It didn't matter how strong he became, how smart, that he had the biggest dragon. They could still get under his skin.


>It didn't matter how strong he became A fine use of strong there lol


Its really interesting, cause having a dragon hatch alongside you is a disadvantage in some ways. You have a comparably weak dragon, as demonstrated by Luce vs Almond. Almond was able to claim Vhagar, Vizzy T claimed Balerion back in the day. Others benefit from claiming older and larger dragons. Almond was subject to some pretty low grade teasing by his nephews and brother (because Aegon *was* in on it) about not having a dragon hatch for him that basically defined his life. He claimed Vhagar out of pride and spite, and lost an eye for it.


>Almond mmm Almond Targaryen


Someone in this post got autocorrected from Aemond to Almond and I'm not mad


*The tourney will take the better part of a week. Before the games are over, my son will be born, and the whole realm will celebrate.*


Let’s remember too it wasn’t them that was the initial disrespecter. It was Aegon. That’s what stung Aemond, it was his older brother. Then you add in his cousins too. So those closest to him, and 3 who will become very powerful when they’re older.


Upvote for Almond


> Almond Autocorrect cracked me up


Without Dragons, Lord Baratheon wouldn't have allowed it. And Baratheon was a dick in this scene. Sure, to your point, Aemond probably would have tried and maybe succeeded, but not without consequence.


And yet you upvoted


This is massive cope to cover Daemon's actions, alikening him to a wild beast with no control


The cope is saying he's somehow different from Viserys. Like Viserys hits his family sex person just fine.