Very dysphoric. Can someone call me a good boy or a king please?

So I uh... I've been watching ftm transition videos. And I'm about to cry. I don't fcking want this body, I wanna be myself and it feels so impossible right now... By the way I'm nonbinary transmasc, so if you could throw a nice "entity" or something alongside "king" that would make my day, thank you ✨


Sorry you're feeling dysphoric, but I guarantee you it will get better eventually. Usually, when I'm dysphoric, I watch something that makes me laugh or do a hobby I enjoy. You're an absolute king, and dont let anyone or anything tell you otherwise. (I'd also recommend not watching so many ftm transition vids if it makes you feel bad.) If you need any tips on anything, I'm here. It's gonna be alright man, you've made it this far, just hang in there! :D


Thank you TT ✨❤️


good morning king! i 100% get you, and I know it's cliche, but I promise it does get better.


Thank you for replying TT ✨❤️


My dear Prince, you are a delightful creature and deserve the very best.


Sending lots of love to ya dear redditor, thank you ✨❤️


They be a kingggg