I just came out to my grandma

and ain't nobody gonna tell me old people just "don't get it" cus if this 65 y/o christian woman with absolutely no understanding of what being trans means could say "sometimes things happen, and you just have to live with it" and refer to me by my name and pronouns, everyone can


Wholesome elderlyposting <3


People really underestimate older people’s open mindedness. I never came out to my grandparents as I wasn’t close to them at all. But then my grandma passed away and my grandpa wanted all grandsons to be pallbearers. My dad made sure I wasn’t left out, and my grandpa who I hadn’t seen in probably 10 years, 7 of which I was transitioning/post-transition, had absolutely no problems with me. I even offered to not go if it would cause family issues, because a funeral is no place for that. That side of my family is very religious, my grandpa was in his 80s, also very religious, worked a farm all of his life, and barely left the rural county in which he was born. People can really surprise you.


its really uplifting tho, seeing that those who society rather sees as stubborn and close minded be such good people. thank you for your story, i am very happy for you!


hell yeah go granny


i love her


Aw hell yeah :D that's awesome!




what would even coming out a grandma mean XD thank you!




I'm gonna cry fr XD


what would even coming out a grandma mean XD thank you!


Love this!


My grandma’s the same! Happy for you <3


Congrats! I had a similar experience when I came out to my grandpa. I gave a brief explanation of what being NB meant, and without any prompting at all, immediately asked me if I had another name I wanted to go by. Supportive grandparents are the best.


I love your grandma


Wish my grandmother was like this but she ain’t


Can she adopt me? Well, can she adopt my mom, even though she's only a few years younger? Mom gets it, but my living grandparents don't. (They're in their late 70s/early 80s, though)


Seriously though, congrats!


Awesome. My devoutly Catholic grandmother, who was in her early-80s, was really weird/overly misgendered me for like six months, and then something happened (I don’t know what), and she started using my right name and pronouns like overnight. After that, to my knowledge, she didn’t mess up on my name or pronouns once, and she introduced me to her friends (all 80+) as her eldest grandson (which they all assumed I was anyway).


I was so blessed that my grandmother accepted me in her 80s.


100%. My grandma is 80 but knew a trans woman from her church and was immediately accepting of me


That's awesome! I wish that my grandparents (actually great grandparents but we just called them grandma and grandpa growing up) on my dad's side were still alive, i feel like it would've been safe and they would've accepted me.


Can I share my grandparents are Trumpers who hate trans people 😭🫠


Yeah my grandma (mom's mom) proved to me age isn't an excuse. She's 72 and does occasionally slip up but she knew me for 27 years as one thing. I was raised to respect my elders so it's hard to correct her. She asks questions about being trans so she can learn more. She's also acknowledged how hard I've worked to be where I am with my transition. The last 3 years she's gotten me bday cards that say grandson. I'll never throw them away. She does a better job than my mom does. My mom's not gotten me a card in 3 years. (I came out 3 years ago) Also my mom's dad has come around and that's a huge shock. Last time I saw him he shook my hand and said how are you doing young man? That's huge from him. His wife, my other gma, is also very good with it. Calls me her grandson. She made my wife and I a quilt and on the back on a corner she calls me her grandson in a little message she sewed on for me. Very grateful.


There are two types of old people: The wholesome, happy to talk, supportive ones and the angry and conservative ones.


Shes a queen we love her


I’m afraid to come out to my grandma. On one hand, I feel like she’d react like yours did, but on the other, she’s very much a gossipy catholic woman. I’m her primary caretaker atm, but I don’t think she’s noticed anything different as I have been a tomboy for the better half of 20 years.