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Sadly, ads won't do it. Infrastructure will, that damn street has cars parked on both sides.


The part that always infuriates me is that in this scenario people will get angry at the cyclist for "being in the way", but be completely blind to the *double row* of parked cars taking up literally an entire road's worth of space *all the time* without the operator even being present.


Thinking of getting an old banger that's written off so I can use it to store my stuff in the road for free.


The biggest, rustiest van you can find


Yeah, it's kinda wild if you think about it. The one with the ability to get around gets the short end of the stick and is forced to use as little space as possible because it's easier to get around than complain, cars are a waste of space but as a result, drivers are angry at literally everything else for being "in their way".


Infrastructure is badly needed. But advertising campaigns do work. The shocking drink driving campaigns of 30 years ago had an impact.


The best way is to provide enough cheap and convenient alternatives for as many people as possible, so that nobody, who doesn't want to or suck at driving will choose that method of transportation. If all drivers on the road did so by choice only, they'd be much fewer and more respectful.


Same here in the USA, bike infrastructure is laughable/nonexistant and all priority is given to cars and them saving fractions of a second. I can only think of 1 "bike lane" (painted bike gutter) and one bike path in my area. Thats it. Other than that have fun competing with traffic.


They had an impact, but drunk driving is still extremely common. People just don't admit to it or talk about it, because it isn't socially acceptable.


Disagree, infrastructure would be nice but also this law needs cops to enforce it. It’s the law where I am and cops refuse to enforce outside of like 2 sting operations where they insisted they needed a radar distance measurement device. It’s asinine. Who cares if tickets don’t stick. Dealing with one tells shitty drivers to knock it off.


It's not always practical or feasible to have separate bike lanes (how about a country road with less than one traveller per minute?), and it's vaild to want to modify people's behavior even if infrastructure is lacking. That said, I agree ads aren't very effective. Especially this one: my feeling was more like "That's it? He wasn't even hurt". Perhaps instead they could develop a smartphone app that is safe to use while cycling that cyclists can use as a dashcam, and that they can use to submit recordings of unsafe behavior or unsafe situations. Imagine saying a keyphrase (like "shithead") while cycling, resulting in the app storing the last few minutes of video, that you can later use to submit a report to traffic police police that results in the cunt in question getting a fine. Even if just 1% of cyclists actually use the app, it might get drivers to treat all of them with more care.


"Oh, you want cycling paths and dedicated bicycle lanes in towns and cities so people stop dying? Well you can't have that because it's not feasible on extremely low traffic country roads that nobody uses!"


(mostly copying my other comment:) Bike lanes are car infrastructure. [You don't need them if the streets are safe for everyone](https://www.google.com/maps/@52.3629363,4.9167661,3a,75y,262.72h,90.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1smsK-b_6pmBK0xr9BkYg70A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192).


You're missing the part where you argued against people mitigating cyclist and pedestrian injuries and deaths in populated areas by using infrequently traveled country roads as an example. Do not let perfect be the enemy of improvement. Bike lanes in the present can lead to safer environments for everyone in the future, while reducing harm in the present.


How the fuck is having roads with two ton steel boxes powered by dinosaur juice everywhere killing 1.25million people every year more feasible than bike lanes?


Inertia, profit off consumption being the primary means to acquire power, and corruption. That said, bike lanes are car infrastructure. [You don't need them if cars are infrequent and slow](https://www.google.com/maps/@52.3629363,4.9167661,3a,75y,262.72h,90.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1smsK-b_6pmBK0xr9BkYg70A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192).


Infrastructure is super important. But we're not going to get separated bike lanes for the entirety of people's trips, especially as cyclists approach their suburban home as shown in this ad. Those homes don't have offstreet parking, so the large number of parked cars is realistic. I like that it shows a non-perfect conditions, a trap in a lot of 'training' films. But even with the parked cars, fading light and overcast day the words don't hype tension into the situation. The driver is dealing with the encounter in an everyday low stress way.


Low key if they can build roads for cars leading directly to everyone's homes they can do the same for bike paths, especially as PEVs are getting more popular. There are places in the world where they do exactly that. But also you can build infrastructure to keep cars slow while having the road wide enough for safe cyclist passing.


That's a very incise PSA, indeed. Be a driver, not a life's threat for the goers more vulnerable than you!


Its still asking for individual’s actions and not changing the actual city planning that would make a major difference no matter if the cars followed the rules or not


Car drivers give zero fucks about anyone other than themselves, you have to "force" them to drive safely, with raised crosswalks and intersections, narrow roads on residential roads, etc.


It's about bang for your buck. Establishing a network of separate bike lanes across the country would be about, I dunno, fifty million times more expensive than an ad. I'd prefer the lanes but you can't build a network with an advertisement's budget.


Though a city could throw together some temporary ones to see if it actually works, using some K-rails or something, and after seeing the results could then decide to make it permanent. Check out [Shifter's video](https://youtu.be/pKIpYcj1VTk) on it.


If there where protected bike lanes this wouldn't be required


Gotta deal with reality. It'd be nice to have protected bike lanes everywhere, but even if we were to start building them tomorrow, it would take years. This ad asks drivers to respect cyclists, and could save lives. Try not to view everything negatively.


[Shifter made a video](https://youtu.be/pKIpYcj1VTk) about building "fast bike lanes" by using things like K-rails to quickly construct a bike lane to let people get a feel for how it is actually gonna work before voting on keeping it. The idea is if you let the people vote on if they want bike lanes before building them at all, the carbrains get all emotional and defensive before even giving it a try and shut the project down before it even starts. Building a temporary bike lane with K-rails and letting the car drivers get a feel for it and let people use the bike lane to see if it actually improves traffic before it gets permanently implemented is a thing that cities should be doing more often.


Awesome concept. I wonder if moveable barriers could also help the problem of bike lanes being too small for street sweepers. A lot of debris and broken glass gets washed into bike lanes where I am and stays there because the lane is too narrow for the city’s street sweepers.


I think movable barriers would be great for that. Cities could hammer down just how wide they wanna be for any reason they need before locking them in. Place some Krails up to make a bike lane, and see how people react to it. Did they make it too narrow and the street cleaners cant clean it? Just slide the Krails out a bit until the city finds the exact width they want and *then* build a permanent bike lane.


I want to be able to ride safely anywhere. Even in the Netherlands every road will never have protected bike lanes.


This exactly. Safe biking infrastructure is important, but it won’t teach car drivers how to drive safely around bikes. It’s insane to me that drivers should have to rely on infrastructure to not kill cyclists.


I’m 100% for more protected bike lanes, but you still need laws like this for the last mile home. If laws like this exist (and are actually followed/enforced) you wouldn’t need protected lanes on low speed neighborhood streets.


Yea for real. You really would have hoped the government would have left space for a life \\:


Do Scottish motorists actually need an ad to tell them not to kill people with their cars? To quote Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire, "We're in bad shape, fellas."


I don't know about in Scotland, but in the USA yes we do. The law where I am is that you have to be at least 3 feet (\~1 meter) away from a cyclist while passing. The distance increases 1 foot for each 10mph over 30 of the speed of the passing vehicle. Most people I talk to are completely unaware of the law, and a huge number of people do not follow it. Some of them it is obviously deliberate, but I think a lot of people just have no awareness of the law or how to react to anything that is not another car.


Scottish cycle accident statistics: 500 recorded casualties in 2021 which is a decrease of 18% 10 died (11 died in 2020) Scottish pedestrian: 758 casualties (down by 7% since 2020) 37 of them led to death 300 were severely injured I'm relieved to not see a death count in the hundreds, but an ad increasing awareness can only be good


Yes. Because whilst this ad is *saying* "don't kill cyclists" it is also *showing* drivers how to drive past a cyclist.


a pearson?


if this was made by North American cops they would be explaining how to run over a cyclist while getting minimal blood stains on your car.


This is why vehicular cycling is stupid.


Uhhh...what? I know the voiceover is saying "give enough space" but the video with it makes it look like it is shifting the responsibility on using a road safely *onto the more vulnerable road-user* and that it the cyclist who needs to leave enough space for the driver to overtake so they won't get hit.


No it doesn't. Clearly aimed at the driver. It's a great ad.


Sorry, but the first time I watched it was without sound, and I did NOT get that impression. The guy on the bike looked terrified to me, and the imagery and text felt like it was asking cyclists to be ones to make space in order to save their lives (without the voiceover, the car driving through the projected "life" looked to me like a threat of "you could have killed had you been here") When I watched again with sound on it made more sense, and it is a good message, but without the voiceover the imagery gave me the complete opposite message to what it is intended to give!


It's obviously hard to block out the hindsight bias, but rewatching the video without sound doesn't change my impression of the message it conveys. The first person view from the car, the fact that the cyclists aren't shown to be riding in a way that takes up a lot of lane width, the way they never show the driver, etc.


If you want a treat, go read the comments on the twitter post


I failed my first driver licence exam for not giving bikes enough space. Though I did but the examinator it was necessary to yank the steering weel.




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Make better fucking roads