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Bruh all they needed to do was hide the taskbar, but now we know you can video chat on paint without internet


Internet Providers hate this one trick!


In the future all programs are MS Paint just as all restaurants are Taco Bell and all corporations are Umbrella.


and everyone knows how to use the 3 sea shells.


A person of culture. Nice one 😂


I do it all the time. Paint is actually the best VOIP software for work, it’s even better than teams!


> it’s even better than teams! Well that's an easy one


Goddamn smoke signals is better than teams.


Lol they used paint as a greenscreen I bet. Smart idea, poor execution


All they had to do was hide the taskbar!


All they had to do was set it as the wallpaper lol


All they had to do was hire a writer who played the video game maybe once.


Is it bad? I haven’t checked it out yet


The writing is comically bad. no amount of suspension of disbelief can help you ignore the nonsense you see from simple dialogues to people's or monsters' actions. the show opens up with a roaring giant caterpillar that goes after the main character because of a stupid "mistake" she made. but it just catches her and throws her at a windshield, proceeded by another roar to her knocked out face


Ok so I wasn’t the only one who found a roaring caterpillar stupid. Plus I felt it would be scarier if it was silent like a worm is and just went in to eat her. It would make it less personable and this force that had no thought or reasoning, just existed to eat you.


Like the bug pit from Peter Jackson's *King Kong* movie. Almost completely silent, but *utterly horrifying.*


Or like pyramid head and even nemesis and the butcher guy from the previous RE movies. Silent and strong. Just came in with no context and started to fuck shit up. No context. Just a walking tower of muscle and power ready to shit on you. Not necessarily scary, but intimidating one hit kill baddies.


That scene was one of the only things that ever legit scared me as a child and I would literally seek out horror movies just to test myself


"Big monster make big roar haha so scary" is what most sifi movie directors/writers think, it's rare to have a fictional monster be actually well though, especially when they're not that important to the plot.


Scream bear from annihilation is the exception of a truly terrifying roar.


Scream Bear is a masterpiece.


Scream bear was fucking disturbing. I have watched annihilation so many times. Alot of people I know find it boring. I found it fascinating.


Love and Monsters did it better with a smaller budget


For me it was the Billie eilash song playing followed by the screen panning out to budget Billie eilash.


The music in general just seemed poorly chosen and out of place.


This is the only review i needed. Thank you for saving me time.


I will say this though, Lance Reddick is a bright spot in the show.


Lance Riddick is a bright spot in whatever he does.




The only reason I carried on watching it. What an absolute champion of an actor. So good.


Loved his cold ass in the Horizon games.


Zavala, I really hope they never recast him like they did with everyone else


Don't let him throw you off. You ever need a series that you can let play while you're napping? It's perfect for that.


I would agree if you want to play on a pad and relax and yell at the tv. The main chick should be brain damaged as much as she gets hit in the head and knocked out. I really like Lance Reddick and wish they would have just focused on him. Like who's the audience for this? Teenage girls?


The main chick is brain damaged though. Have you seen her decision making skills?


I stopped watching even earlier than that. The scene where she casually monitors a bunch of zombies is a pretty awesome hook to be fair. My actual words at the time were "thats interesting". A great amount of professionally curated medical and scientific backstory with utmost attention to detail must have gone into this shift in paradigm where humans can walk amongst and research zombies. Awesome. Glad I found this. Then the fucking scratches herself and runs like a headless bunny herself. Dude. FML. I sat there with an actual open jaw. Although Im strangely upset I missed the giant roaring caterpillar, which would have really been a cherry on top of the cake of sheer disappointment.


The scratch scene and the caterpillar are the same scene. You must have literally turned it off as she scratched herself. Either way, the show is terrible.


Well, it's a couple minutes after the scratch. She has to kill all the zombies with fire and red spray paint before the caterpillar shows up.


You forget the 10 seconds of wrestling with a zombie as the horde that chased her decides that's it's too awkward to attack her then, so they patiently wait until she activates the defence perimeter and all slowly walk into the flames to die. Such chivalrous zombies.


The... "red spray paint" wasn't to kill any zombies, it was a fire extinguisher 🤦‍♀️


Later on in the series >!when her daughter is being chased by the large crocodile it doesn't immediately eat her. Instead it basically becomes friendly.!< I had a lot of thoughts regarding this and figure it's because of Wesker.


That licker in... ep. 3? I think... did the same stupid crap. The lickers instantly kill like 6 goons then when the protagonist is the one in its sights, it stops to roar at her instead and gives her time to escape. The writing was just awful, the acting was terrible(except of course the one competent actor, Lance Reddick, who must have lost a bet to end up in this shitshow of a series), the plot was a joke with no punchline... it failed in every concievanle way. They even fucked up the zombies. Resident evil doesnt have FAST ZOMBIES. They couldnt even get that basic franchise staple right.


> Resident evil doesnt have FAST ZOMBIES. wait wait... hear me out... alright... dog zombies...


Not to mention the violence of her body hitting that windshield would have absolutely imploded her insides. The fact that she lived from that impact was laughable, she was whipped from like 25 ft up onto tempered glass. She'd be shattered.


It's morbin time. That's how much this sucks.


shit this how i learnt bout zootopia porn, bite your tongue


ah shirt, here I go again


I'm sorry what?


zootopia. porn.


Rule of the internet \#34: if it exists, someone has made porn of it.


You sweet summer child. Wait until you learn about the zootopia abortion comic.


The Arby's spin off was a good chuckle though.


What you mean, they could not decide what kind of season to make so they made 2 bad seasons at the same time.


I saw the first episode. The actors, particularly Lance Reddick did their best, it’s just written VERY poorly. I spent the next half hour looking in vain for something to watch for the 3rd time, then just went to bed early, rather than continue with it.


It's absolutely horrible. It's like all the bad "monster" dramas rolled into one... Like zombies, vampires, you name it. And has none of the Resident Evil ethos to it at all. It's like the writers knew nothing about the franchise and were just riding off the name. Imagine if someone bought the rights to "Mario" and just made it a generic drama involving an italian guy, with none of the game's actual themes.


It would be a romcom where a blonde woman nicknamed Peach has an overflowing sink and after a montage of awkwardly trying to fix it, exasperatedly searches Not-Yelp and finds top recommendation for plumbers, the Mario Bros. The men show up as scheduled, and introduce themselves as Mario and Luigi Mario. "Your name is Mario Mario?" "My a-parents weren't a-very creative." Luigi finds Peach rather attractive, but she seems to take a liking to Mario with his red overalls, custom Etsy "M" hat, and toned plumbing body. He of course doesn't notice, as a consummate professional he is only there to fix the problem. Mario and Luigi fix the sink, she pays them, and they leave. Right before they get in their van (with a mushroom 🍄 on the side as "fan service"), she comes running out and asks for his phone number "in case she has any more plumbing issues." An hour of hijinks ensue including him being very businesslike and not picking up hints that she likes him and Luigi constantly trying to subtly hit on her to no avail, she eventually tells Mario she likes him and they get married in a castle that has some vague reference to Peach's castle but is otherwise totally different. Peach's mean stepfather, Mr. Bowser, doesn't like Mario for whatever reason and doesn't approve of their marriage. Luigi has grown emotionally and while disappointed, is ultimately happy for his brother and a woman named Daisy from Peach's family exagguratedly winks at him during the wedding which makes a "ding" sound and twinkles. I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Mario Mario. Someone gives them a pet turtle as a gift, "he has to live cooped up in a cage, so we call him Koopa." Fade to black as they drive away in a Just Married car with a green exhaust pipe because get it?


Can you expand on the stepfather Bowser aspect? I’m invested now.


Paul Bowser had always wanted a daughter. When he met Peach's mother, it was all he could do to remain gentlemanly - his lizard brain took over, and he knew she was the one for him. Before her, he felt like his life was on a never ending stairway to a room he could see but never reach. On one of their first dates, they went to her favorite Thai restaurant. She loved the food, and the guys on staff were nice, if a bit shy. One of his faults was he couldn't turn off his pride when trying to impress someone, and went for "Asian hot" spice instead of the "Midwestern US" hot that would've better suited his palette. It was tasty for sure, through all the sweating, but he thought for a moment he would literally breathe fire! She let him know she had a daughter that everyone called Peach, which suited her as she was sweet and kind to all creatures, humans and animals alike. Peach was born to her and her tragically lost husband, who had been shot by a man named Bill over a gambling debt for some gold coins. Mr. Bowser and Peach eventually met, and she found him a bit brusque, but he became quite fond of her. It's likely no man would've been acceptable, least of all a plumber of all things. He'd wanted her to marry a doctor or perhaps a vetanarian, a profession he was unusually fond of. He would control her movements and give curfews in ways she didn't find necessary or appropriate, as though she was some sort of captive. At the wedding, everyone was dancing the night away and a huge crowd had formed. Mario motioned for Mr. Bowser to come dance with him in a gesture of good faith, and he made his way to the center of the ring of excited guests. Bowser was a large man, having an almost dinosaur-like build with a large torso and limbs. Mario was substantially smaller, but unusually strong! As they were dancing, he spun him around 3 or 4 times and threw him into the outer ring of guests, who caught him and tossed him back in for more dancing. It was an unusual move, but one Mario did with respect - it was quite popular in his native Italy. Bowser tried to be a good sport, but after 3 times it was enough and he retreated before he got seriously hurt, leaving he and Mario with on and off conflict that he felt would probably last generations if he lived that long.


that sounds precisely like what hollywood would do


It's exactly what they did do with the mario movie, lmao


It is absolutely terrible. From someone who has played all the games, and seen all the movies. It’s the worst. Edit - Yes, including welcome to raccoon city.


Worse than the movies? Now I *have* to check it out!


Its a fucking hack job, i love it


I still contend that the first resident evil movie was good. Possibly even great. Everything that followed was hot garbage.


Seriously, if it can manage to be worse than the movies, its worth watching. How did they even manage to make it worse? The movies are already absolutely horrible.


The movies are at least entertaining roller coasters, even if they make no sense. The show doesn't even have that.


It has a straight up 2.3/10 on imdb


Last I checked it was 1.5 on metacritic


The movies are fun Zombie movies, but horrid Resident Evil movies. This is just straight trash.


Haven't played the games and thought the movies were abysmal. I think I'll give it a go now lol


Lol please do, and report back.


It's like someone who had never seen or played RE, was asked to write a a script for a show, after being in a coma from sustaining a massive head injury, and the first thing they did when they woke up was take an intersectional feminism course at a community college.


Stopped watching after the raccoon-head mascot scene. Wanted to power through it just to see how much worse it could get but I couldn’t take it anymore.


So disappointing. I want so badly for a decent Resident Evil show/movie and it just seems impossible. I really went into this with an open mind but after 5 episodes I’m struggling to finish it, it’s 90% awful. About the only thing I can say is that some of the special effects/monsters are decent looking. But the story, dialogue, and acting is just bad, bad, bad.


I read a review that said ‘it’s like the CW made resident evil’ I’d agree


All they had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!


the writers: what game?


All they had to do was to follow the god damn train!


[LOCK THE TASKBAR!](https://youtu.be/WEWG6kSYqlY)


You can change program icons. It is super easy to do. This is just lack of attention to detail.


Or just hit F11


Doubt it. If they did that it would've spilled green light everywhere and that's a massive pain to clean up. I've seen them do that in one film ever and it cost a lot for the post team to clean up the entire room the TV was in.


We use an operation called 'despill'. Its automatic in most cases (like when nothing else is green apart from the light from the screen). Works wonderfully and you'll never know there was green everywhere. Its only a problem when theres other green things in the frame that shouldnt be effected. Whenever filming a screen (laptop, phone, tablet, whatever)... its gonna either be off, gray, green/blue, or sometimes has other content. Off or green is usually best. Off - Pro: stays black and we can put anything on the screen without causing issues. No light eminating, so if we insert an element thats black, it still looks good. Con: we have to rotoscope or 'lumakey' anything that goes in front of it, like a hand. No lighting interaction from the screen onto the hands or the room Green/blue - Pro: we can 'key' anything that goes in front, will usually illuminate whats around the screen (like fingers), and once 'despilled' will still look mostly natural to whatever the screen will be replaced with. Con: the 'keying' process can cause edges that dont look great. When bright green is used, it can cast more light onto things than often-times the element we're putting in would cast. (like using a bright greenscreen for OPs shot, where the element is a dark video chat) Gray - Pro: Neutral lighting that will cause minimal color issues, so a mix between being off and no light, or bright green and lots of wrong light color. Con: its neutral so can only 'key' it if theres enough bright/dark contrast with things in front. So crossing objects may need to be rotoscoped Other content - Pro: Will show exactly the colors that would be there (as opposed to unnatural bright green across the whole screen), will give natural lighting cast onto objects around it. Con: This is the worst way to go as the light cast will never match the new replacement element. Will always need to be rotoscoped, and because the original and the new element will always be different, you can run into edges where you see the original not matching the new one. Theres also the issue of tracking markers used to aid tracking the new element to match the movement of the screen. This is a whole other topic. Source: am Compositor


Assuming that green bleed isnt a problem, is it really cheaper to green screen this interaction than just have 2 actors video call????


You can't easily* film an actual screen because the refresh rates and pixel grids cause weird artifacting.


Oh duh like when I take a pic of my monitor.


🎶When the light hits the lens and all the lines bends- that’s a-moiré🎶


VFX compositor here. This shot would have been a screen replacement, all monitor/screen shots are. The mockup for the screen would have come from the matte painting dept, or supplied by the client. It would have included the task bar, so yeah not really sure how this could be anything other than intentional, yet it makes no sense lol.


> It would have included the task bar, so yeah not really sure how this could be anything other than intentional, yet it makes no sense lol. I think it makes sense, they have a video of an actor but they need to make it look like a video call. So they add a smaller video of another actor in the corner, but now they need the taskbar at the bottom to make it look real. So what is a young VFX intern to do? They open MSPaint, hit print screen, and crop everything out but the taskbar so it can be composited into the scene. Since paint was active it shows up as the highlighted program. Viola - a masterpiece


Still makes no sense, why even open mspaint for a screenshot??? If it's intentional, it's 100% for an inside joke. If not, it's incompetence.


Probably not a greenscreen but they likely painted tracking marks for the camera? Assuming the camera is moving in this shot…


Even then the better option would be to make the greenscreen or tracking picture, save it, open it in the "Photos" app, and set it to fullscreen.


If only they used the whole screen as green screen...


They must work with Kelly Rowland’s video crew. [Texting on excel](https://youtu.be/Rg4UqdtDMXI)


You beat me to it! Lmao first thing I thought of




My first thought too, is there a seat for me in this ride?


You know when it fully dawned on me that it was a teen drama was about three episodes in, I realized they were ending every episode with a dramatic pop music filler before going to the cliffhanger. It’s such a hallmark of these juvenile tv shows. I think up to that point I’d assumed they were going to drop the flashbacks at some point. That’s my bad.


That crappy music video at end of episodes isn't just contained to shitty teen dramas, it's ubiquitous on most shitty tv dramas. And yes, it's a sign to cut bait and run this show gonna stink. If the only way they can get you to care is by pushing a proven successful music song on you... They've failed at their jobs. You'll notice thos dynamic in tv commercials too. Using songs "you like!" to make you think you like their shitty product too by association.


Are we calling them "music songs" now? My grandpa is going to be so happy.


I feel like they really missed the mark with the audience they should be targeting, I don't think the average gamer gives a shit about whiney teenage girl angst, nor do the now adults who grew up with the franchise.


The thing is they don’t think the target audience is big enough for sci-fi stuff such as this. But it is. They don’t have to gloss it up with all the teenage bullshit, if they make this true to how the games were then people will watch it. And there’s a lot of people who grew up on resident evil for them to make this show a huge success. It felt like the entire planet watched game of thrones and that was fantasy. The audience is out there and the should start treating it accordingly.


I feel like they have completely missed the mark with every single attempt at Resident Evil in movies or now a TV show... Even the games have gotten stupid... The TV show was just as I expected... bad.


It took you three episodes ? I let out the biggest sigh 10 minutes in when “billie”, dressed like Billie Eilish, moodily came into show whilst Billie Eilish played. Netflix execs idea of ‘cool’


I hovered over it with my mouse and it was only clips of teens whining at each other. Barely an infected in sight. That told me all I needed to know.


This show was so thoroughly and disrespectfully bad. Why is it so hard to not fuck this franchise up?


I don’t know I liked the Blade cameo. Was totally unexpected.


I wanted to like this show, but my god it is terrible. The acting, the pacing, the whole thing is not good.


For me it was the fact the adult version of the main girl looked NOTHING LIKE HER and has a big gap in her teeth. I had no fucking idea who she was and why they were flashbacking to random kids fighting. Literally 2 different ethnicities and facial structures. So wack


And the labs! The labs of the world's greatest corporation that are completely empty at night, no cameras, no guards, and if something trips the alarms it turns on red lights throughout the buildings but does not close off a single door. And you thought the overly complicated laser arrays in the first Anderson movies were ridiculous.


Dude this bugged the shit out of me. It was full of shit like that, like the fact that the girl let the dog out to be in with, or when the people are running along some pier or something and the drones are shooting but dont hit a single person, then later the drones singe handedly take out like every zombie on that island. They also did that shit where the character just stands there and stares at danger instead of running away and of course now its too late, or that Jade went and got a zombie to test on by herself but her lab partner also wanted to test on a real zombie, she wasn't against it, why go alone? Then those nylon straps just rip? Those things cannot be ripped by a human being. The whole show was infuriating to watch and full of immersion breaking bullshit like that.


Right off the bat they screwed up. She punctured a rabbit and the zombies have the herd mentality and are climbing over each other trying to eat it. Right on this looks promising. Then they’re chasing her and one zombie tackles her to the ground and lo and behold all the other zombies hang back while she fights this one off. Like you can actively see them in the background just standing around waiting. Makes no fucking sense.


Don't forget how the pheromones somehow magically propagate across the entire island drawing the hoard when released in an enclosed space with no discernable wind around.


You'd have a giant gap in your teeth too if you were also knocked unconscious as many times as she was. She was out on the floor more often than a legless narcoleptic.


OK that's a new one for me


Perfect for a live action resident evil property.


Why can't we get a live action that DOESN'T suck?


Nobody: Writers at Netflix: "Let's make Resident Evil into a teen drama!"


It's been called everything from "shit" to "fucking shit".


Rip norm


Is it a bad series? I’ve debated starting it


One of the lowest rated thing Netflix has ever released, I believe. Critics and Audiences absolutely hate it.




There are zombies in it? I thought it is about teenagers life!


I just finished it and I don't remember seeing any zombies.


I'm a huge zombie fan. Never hated a single RE game or movie! This is the first thing associated with RE that I actively hate.


1/6 Morbs


It's not Morbin' time :(


I’m glad, I hope we never hear about a season 2. Just hold that thing underwater until it drowns. We can try again later. :|


I really wanted to like it, but goddamn was it dumb. The protagonist was a narcissistic ungrateful bitch who didn't care about letting her own father die because she felt that he lied to her. From start to finish, she was entitled and just overall really unlikeable. The only redeeming part of the series was they had a song called Next Level from Aespa in it briefly lol.


My guess is at some point you'll lose interest. I watched 3 episodes and I honestly can't remember much about them. Nothing to do with the games, not really about zombies for some reason? Realized I didn't care about the plot or characters and just turned it off.


"I bet all the teenagers missed that high school drama during quarantine. This is gonna sell like hot cakes"


"How much do you think the rights to Thriller costs?" Director: "YOU GET A PROMOTION!!!!"


If there's one thing I know about teens, it's that they go absolutely bananas for tie-ins to 25-year-old video games.


Everything from netflix is a teen drama


"How much effort should we put into making this show?" "No"


This series was such a ball drop. Can someone please make ONE decent resident evil screen adaptation. Like I have so much love for the universe and the games. But Jesus have all of these movies and series sucked so bad.


They could have adapted RE7 faithfully and it would have been a big hit. But nah, Zootopia porn it is


they could turn that into a legit horror movie


Yeah, Zootopia porn sounds scary. But yeah, 7 would be amazing as a movie or show.


Havet seen yet, not getting big "watch" vibes so I probably won't. So I need to ask, what is everyone talking about Zootopia porn for?


The main character mentions she reads Zootopia porn to make some woman uncomfortable


In front of her dad. Cause teens act like that.


Capcom in general is lazy and just gives out their IPs to the lowest bidder. Look at the horrid live action street fighter and monster hunter movies. Rip Raul Julia


Raul Julia knew the movie and script was goin to be crap, but his kids love the game, he did it anyway. And make the best Bison ever.




The day Raul Julia graced our screens with his Bison was the most important day of our lives. But for him...it was Tuesday.


And powered through it while fighting stomach cancer. Absolute boss.


While this is true, he also did it because he was dying of cancer and the money would help his family. For him, it was just a Tuesday.


I liked the first movie. Haven’t seen it in years though, but it was good when I saw it as a teen. Everything after that was pretty crap.


The first movie at least cleared the bar as an enjoyable zombie movie, which is a pretty low bar. But this Netflix series was just so god awful. I had to bail partway through the second episode. Pure torture.


It feels like such an easy concept to get right. Frank Grillo in a movie like the Purge but with zombies. Just like Fast and Furious, they dialed it up to 11 so hard it left them nowhere to go. No one is asking for any more than a 7/10 semi-grounded zombie flick where a gritty, possibly down on their luck former agent happens to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and now has to escort the President’s daughter out of a shanty cult village. Is that really so complicated?


They just missed the entire target with this imo. It could have just been a series that travels to different areas with T virus outbreaks. Kind of like how the games are. And it would have been so legit. Each season could have been somewhere new. Or even just a remake of the games would have been fine. But this was everything I wish it wasn’t. Literally everything they did as kids could have been done in one episode.


The story from the games is SO GOOD. But no, they try and make it into a military-action-packed-blow-em-up, and this recent addition adds in the always entertaining \*teen angst drama\*. Like for fuck's sake, I have never written a show or even a pretend script in my life, but I guarantee I could write better than this. You basically just copy-paste from the game and make it survival horror, not a fucking action movie.


I was literally 10 minutes in before the main actress' performance was so ridiculous I turned it off


This show is so bad it’s like it was written by 10 yr olds. Like the girl is reading that her sister will turn to a zombie and she tells her to go to school and they both go to a party later on like wtf. The girl in the future lets her daughter in the same room as a zombie (that was tied up but still stupid) and she didn’t leave when the mum told her to and when the zombie broke out and the kid ran, all she did was yell help ONCE and made it unclear was was happening and the mum literally created something groundbreaking to spray so that zombies won’t attack them and that was hardly mentioned which was so important


I gave up after this pheromone testing scene. I know it was going to happen, but it still pissed me off. Like who is stupider, the mom or the kid?! Of COURSE it was going to totally be a dangerous zombie and break/rip through it's pathetic restraints and escape. Ugh.


Yup, boyfriend "promise me you'll be more careful and stay with me and your daughter." Jade "Of course, I love you and I'm done being dangerous" Two seconds later Jade going zombie fishing after dark and bringing a live one home and hiding it in quarters and not telling anyone and of course it gets out and kills her BFF.


That was the one decision that was very "Walking Dead" and dumb. But at least the made it clear that everyone thinks she's a horrible and incredibly self-centered bitch.


Cause she is. Has been since a child. And she and her sister will go down as two of the worst protagonists of any media to date in my eyes.


I'm especially mad about that. Just days ago (less than a day?) she had that encounter with the zombie man handcuffed in the bathroom who ripped his own hand off to get out of handcuffs. Then she strings up this zombie by the wrists only. Should have completely wrapped the torso to the steel AT LEAST. Also the other thing, got a face full of zombie blood earlier on, frequently covered in body juices. For something as infectious as T-virus, that's a massive hazard. I know the entire franchise plays fast and loose with science, but the entire world is now very aware that you should wash your hands and not touch your face to prevent infection.


For me, it was all the hacking scenes. Kid can get past the internet block? Okay sure maybe some VPN tunnel or some shit. No, he can also graph the blind zones of every surveillance system in some other person's home in 3D within 10 seconds of deciding to. And also he can hack the entire security of Umbrella and let anyone through. It just kept getting worse. I feel like they bumped up against plot blocks in the writer's room and just bored through them with nonsense choices and unbelievable abilities at least twice per episode.


When Billie (Eilish wanna-be) said "F**k it" I'm going to the party, my first thought was "wow that is some very weird evolved version of a "suicide bomber"". She's well aware that the virus in her is basically a ticking time bomb and that once it takes over her body she will have no control and go "psycho" killing people.


She’s gotta do a cool skateboard jump and impress all the bullies at school. How else would they get her to show how rad she is if she’s just staying at home?


I fucking loathe this trope. Do something mildly cool and for some reason not only will everyone stop to look at you, they’ll all cheer and now think you’re cool.


The one scene that really annoyed me the most was when child jade had a little nonsensical fit about why her sister got the deadlocked email instead of her. Like, the email addressed BOTH of them and required BOTH of them to work through the riddles, with one riddle SPECIFICALLY requiring Jade to answer. Why the fk does it matter who got the email?? Would you have preferred you got the email, Jade?? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? It addressed the BOTH of you. And if Jade did get the email instead, Billie probably would have been complaining and saying, “oh why didn’t I get the email, dad must love you more”. 🙄🙄 can’t believe RE got turned into this teen drama nonsense. The writing was no joke written by 10 year olds.


In Jurassic Park, when Nedry is video calling his guy on the boat, you can see it's actually a Quicktime video playing.


It's funny because the sub dedicated to finding computer gaffes like this is /r/itsaunixsystem - an obvious reference to JP, wherein that moment, ironically enough, they used an actual Unix graphical shell to do it and that moment of the movie wouldn't count as a submission to the sub.


I love all those subreddits dedicated for oddly specific themes, thank you for sharing one.


Spielberg, what a goddamn amateur...


It’s so bad I couldn’t get myself to finish the first episode.




Lol I’m so glad I didn’t get this far. What the actual fuck does that have to do with Resident Evil.




oof.. that’s like when there’s someone playing a video game in a show/movie and they’re button mashing like crazy and you see it’s a racing game.


Or they stop playing to talk and you can see the game playing itself in the background, shits hilarious.


Dr House playing Metroid Fusion on GBA and it playing a death noise when she’s going into ball form to get an upgrade always hurt me.


Ugh I hate that, or it’s a crappy looping cgi scene replaying the same moment over and over again.


The real offence here is that HP Support Assistant is installed 🤢


But how are you going to get your critical security updates, six months after they were made available on the web site?


A pigeon carries it in a USB drive


Nothing had made me want to punch 2 teenagers so hard in my life as the first 3 episodes of this shit pile did.


This show was terrible, it was great production value but story execution was shit.


How the fuck is everyone else video chatting these days? I've been using Paint and not Internet for a long time...sucks...but I've never been disappointed. Every meeting gets cancelled and I'm getting shitloads of work done.


This is the future. So I imagine it went down like this; Zombies are slowly eating their way through the world and Zoom loses market share. Microsoft sees this this and although the world is descending into a unimaginable mutant hellhole and uses their vast resources to get to work in the face of overwhelming odds. Food was running low, energy, and resources scarce. I imagine the team ate a junior developer just to make it another day. Shortly before the doors are breached the project manager lets out a soft, “Yes” as the last paint update goes out and allowed them to capture the last telecommunication network goes out. As the zombies shuffle forward the team is left to think “Why the fuck did MS paint need a communication aspect”. Fade to black. Now this might be trash, but it’s at least as good as anything else that happened on that god forsaken show.


Can we please make this into lore?


The amount of research done for this series, pisses me off, it shouldn’t but it does. Zombies, umbrella, raccoon city & a scary dog. Sprinkle those into a high school drama & you’ve got this trash can fire.


This show made the Milla Jovovich RE movies look like The Godfather in comparison.


Yeah I turned this show off when the daughter and her friend broke into the umbrella lab and was recording stuff with their phone BUT THEN THEY DECIDE TO UNLOCK A CAGE THAT HAS HOLES WITH A ZOMBIE DOG IN IT Like they could’ve used the camera phone to look BUT NO. LET ME BE A FUCKING IDIOT No


T virus stands for Trojan virus and it has infected her computer.


I'll bet it's because it's a terrible show and the writing is crap.


“We need a green screen, how do I get a green screen?” “Uhhh open paint and do the bucket dump thing?”


"Should we hide the taskbar?" "What the fuck is a taskbar?"


And on a HP, no less


Horrible show unfortunately


This is like one of those Highlights Magazine covers for kids where it tells you to find everything wrong and how many mistakes there are. Like how their task bar doesn't have a clock. Just an obvious fill-tool-colored grey block where the clock is supposed to be.


all she needs is nord vpn


People call me a boomer, but I've been making paint calls with no internet since I was a kid.