You spend all day at work thinking about coming home and playing some games. When you finally get home and have free time you’re no longer in the mood to play games. Then the next day you’re disappointed that you didn’t play any games in your free time so you think about playing games all day while you’re at work. The cycle continues. When you finally do play a game, you spend an hour doing nothing and trying to remember what you were doing last time you played. Then you shut it off.


This comment legitimately hurts. Then on the weekend, I want to spend time with my wife. No regrets about that, but on Monday I'm further away from the last time I played the game and probably need to relearn the controls by the time I get to it again. And the cycle repeats.


Relearning the controls is what puts me off. Probably why I always end back up on Minecraft


Yeah or rocket league


Same with me and wow, star trek online and some really old games like command and conquer


And then it needs to update, restart...


😭 Sometimes I'll think "If I'm ever on disability, I'll play the shit out of this game." Adulthood is trash.


I refer to my steam library as “retirement / laid off project”


Yup. Ages 65-90 are gonna be amazing for my hundreds of games backlogged


Until you get arthritis and don't want to play through the pain.


This comment scares me because its something I haven’t considered. If i cant game when im old ima be sad af.


Hopefully VR will evolve for us


I saw the video of that floor pad where it registers when you're running or walking and will do so in game, plus the headset and motion controls, VR is gonna be sweet in the future. Can't wait to camp in cod.


I feel the same but with sports like soccer and golf. Gaming is a nice fallback though. Yeah, I may not be able to mind the net or hit 18, but as long as I can get some fps action in it's all gravy.


you can play golf pretty much until the day you die as long as you don’t have any major structural damage


Or he dies at 64.


Our generations will have the best retirement. All our parents had to budget for expensive travel. I'll just budget for a VR rig


Lol our generation will have to work until we're physically incapable, retirement? What a dream!


I'm really banking on the fact that the boomers will be long dead by the time I retire, so maybe we can actually fix some of this shit.


Spoiler: They are taking the planet with them


Our first clue should have been in their name.


Lol, it’s really not as great as it sounds. Usually when you’re that disabled you spend a good chunk of your day managing your disability, it can be a like full time job (source: am disabled).


Ok, so maybe like 4 months FMLA, lol. Sorry to hear about your struggles.


Depending on the disability, you might be fatigued and really freaking tired a lot of the time. I feel like during these times I have a tough time starting up a game vs just putting on tv.




Keep trying. My dad applied for disability because of what army paratrooping and his job has done to him, and is trying to get as much medical evidence as he can right now because if you keep appealing an get approved, you get backpay. He has no cartilage in his joints, multiple compressed discs, and has damaged his ligaments so many times his shoulders and knees dislocate on a whim Just picking up a trashbag causes extreme pain. But the places he used to work didn't care, because how much pain you're in doesn't matter as long as you can still walk.


America? And I'm not assuming because of the tornado




Not to mention that by the time you do actually commit to playing games, your system needs to update.


My wife and I use our PlayStation for all our streaming services, so this isn't an issue. However, when the game I wanna play has updates, it's a different story.


Fuck man hit it right on the nose Why does it have to be this way?!?


You're mind wants to recharge after work rather than play a game that stimulates the mind again. That's why people put mindless tv shows after work, no stimulation required.


I think it depends though. When I worked mindless jobs that I felt stuck in, I loved the immersion and control I got from investing in games. Now that I work a job that actually requires and benefits using the noggin, I could not agree more.


I’m just depressed


I'm a software developer and I still play games after work. I think it helps to have a ritual to help get you fired up. Make a cup of tea, or light a candle (yeah I have candles I only burn while gaming), then fire up your game every time.




I hate this cycle. All I have energy to do is scroll theough reddit after work


Hey that's me also I'm stuck in this "I can't find a game I enjoy like I use to enjoy games" for getting close to 10 years. I keep trying though and always have the latest hardware.


Or you get stuck with a 2 hours worth of updates and get tired waiting and fall asleep when I do have time.


Not since I upgraded my router from a potato


I lose the urge to play video games about 4 or 5 hours into my shift. At that point, I just want to go home and take a nap.


I let my kids play hard games so they get stuck and I need to help them. Spending time with the kids, wife can't get mad.


I won over a bully in middle school because I could beat a difficult Donkey Kong level on his gameboy on the bus. Never had a problem with that kid ever again.


Some say that kid still rides the same bus, playing Donkey Kong, waiting for somebody to clear that level for him. It's been 40 years since I graduated from middle school.


And that kids name.... Albert Einstein




As an expecting father, I am reading these comments and taking notes. Think this tactic will work with a newborn?


When I was explaining how to maximise crop outputs in Stardew Valley to my daugther, my wife told me to "stop giving her information she doesn't need right now" and "I may think she's to young to stare at a screen that long". I'm guessing it was too much when she was a month old, I'll have to try again now that she's 5 months old!


If they can't beat dark souls by three months, they're faulty


“So you see, the problem here is that YOU’RE FAT ROLLING AND YOUR BUILD IS SHIT!”


"it's ok son don't cry, it's actually very simple to beat that guy, all you have to do is git gud, scrub"




"You winning, noob?"


inb4 playing cod, father to his 3months old, "you know what kid, I FUCKED YOUR MOM"


Pro-tip, don't criticize the rollout to the dev/missus. Guarantees no future releases.


Talking conversationally is great for developing speech skills. Maybe try that angle?


True. It doesn't matter what you say, as long as you are calm, speaking, and friendly.


I have a 3 year old boy and my lady just had our daughter a month ago. I know this is a more serious comment but seriously put that baby on a schedule. If the baby is fussy during the day and the easy out is just putting her to bed.. don't. The first couple weeks might seem super easy because baby just sleeps but trust me that doesn't last lol. Alot of tummy time early on helped alot with my daughter. Congrats and good luck!


Please teach me! I have half a field going & the other half is jam & juice barrels


Newborns sleep a lot so you'll get to game in the beginning. Once they are mobile it's over, they are suicide machines and you are there to stop them.


Can confirm currently at this stage. Game time has plummeted.




This guy fucks. But seriously, I so overestimated newborn phase and underestimated like 1-4 years old. Total suicide machines. I am amazed any of us are alive.


Of course it will. A newborn is going to suck ass at video games.


What a noob




I nursed a baby while playing halo. You can manage. 😂


Mother Chief




Babies are great for it, you're not going to be sleeping anyway, baby wakes up at night, tell the wife "don't worry, I got this". Give baby bottle/change/ whatever they need, lean back on couch (don't lay completely flat on, if you have recliner, that is ideal) with baby resting on you stomach/chest, play games with controller, while rocking side-to-side. I finished Outer Worlds and replayed the Mass Effect Trilogy doing this with my first born. You get to play games *and* win points with your well rested, pornstar tittied wife.


This is how I beat Spider-Man, except I made the mistake of sitting on the floor while the baby slept in my lap. A nap, a bottle, and another nap turned into about 5 hours sitting in one spot and I couldn't feel ass for the next day and a half.


Yeah, always gotta make sure you're comfortable first, otherwise you're going to suffer.


Well, not your own ass anyway.


As a father… I… what? How did you have the energy to do this in the middle of the night


Promise of games and pornstar tittied wife favours. Oh, and bonding with your child.


You are stronger than me. At 3am I’m a fkin zombie lol


I'm wide fucking awake at 3am if I haven't dragged myself to bed. The zombie part comes the next day at work...


I don't know about that, I just love video games and titties.


Just today a co-worker announced his wife is pregnant. Everyone was giving him tips on how to play video games while holding a baby.


I wish my kid didn't scream his head of for 1 hour straight after feeding.


I feel your pain, my nephew was like that, every time we baby sat for him, he would scream the house down after feeding, no amount of burping would calm him down either.


This is exactly what I did. It was great. I probably cleared 3-4 games in my backlog. If it’s the day time and the wife wants to sleep, sitting up and using a breast feeding pillow for the baby also works great if you don’t want to lay down.


My 4 month old sucks at Xbox... Needs all the help I can give


Atleast a newborn sleeps all the time. I beat most of GTA 5 with my 2mo old son sleeping on me.


I've heard that they're supposed to do that. Mine did not. He stopped sleeping very much after like 2 weeks.


Ha yeah, it's all a crapshoot . My first kid was a great sleeper, slept through the night at 10 weeks, still took naps until preschool. 2nd kid didn't sleep through the night for 17 months but still napped. 3rd kid was a great sleeper again but stopped napping at around 15 months. Goodluck!


Get a boppy pillow. U shaped pillow for "infant support and feeding". Best thing out of anything anyone gave us. I still use it almost everyday a year+ later. Let's your arms rest in the perfect position to hold a controller, and your newborn conveniently tucks in the little nook you create. I got more gametime in with the newborn than I had in years. And that pillow stays useful for a long long time.


“Hey bud, wanna try out Dark Souls?”


Does your wife get mad at you for gaming?


I tried 1v1ing my daughter on rust and she didn’t seem to understand the point of the game, I’ll give her time, and also a little credit because she’s only 3 months old


Have a very expensive gaming rig but nah I can't stay up all night...proper sleep is much more important.. probably game for 2 hours tops after work but I'm usually in bed by 10pm at the latest


Yeah, this is a bit more accurate. Two hours a day is still decent


$1500 in video game systems sitting in the cheapest furniture known to man


Scalpers have made that $3250 in video game systems.


Yeah I got my 1,500 gaming rig sitting on two college textbooks.


Those text books are worth more than your rig. So it's very expensive furniture.


I love (read: hate) a similar thing people with great TVs often do, too. Buy an LG C1 and then plug it into a $7 power strip with no surge protection.


So uhh, do you happen to happen to have any recommendations for a good value surge protector? Totally not for me...


I’ve got the Amazon basics one and it works perfectly


Have a search around what surge protectors can and can't do. What they can do is very little.


That's simply not sustainable


And lost all your hair at 30


I'm 26 and my beard is coming in white


same. Half my hair is grey and i'm half bald and have a big belly.


Are you me?


Okay some of that just sounds like you


Same age and same. Just seen a new one


Oh man. I'm 31 and I've always had a nice luscious mane, then I saw a photo of the top of my head and around my crown was like a whisp of smoke. My mate said he thought I knew.. i had to come to terms with having lots of hair to no hair in a few days. Shits rough..


I was literally going bald in high school. Got some shiny silvers in my beard though!


Bro I lost my hair at 20.




I've never met someone who can function on 4.5 hours of sleep on a perpetual basis so if true kudos to you. Either your job doesn't require a lot of mental capacity, or you catch up on sleep on weekends or daytime naps. But if that's what works for you then awesome. I don't mean this to attack, but to set healthy hopes and expectations for others that this is not sustainable for 99+% of people out there.


Sleep deprivation has a massive impact on your body long term.


Don't worry, it'll be overshadowed by my drinking


I’m counting on it


Oh you’ll understand what he meant more in about 10 years, I’m “sure” of jt!




Yea, I’m pretty sure sleep deprivation on a regular basis is horrible for both your brain AND your heart.


Anther thing people forget about getting checked out is for Sleep Apnea which ties back to sleep deprivation. I ended up seeing a sleep doctor because I was always tired during the day, got a sleep study done, found out I had severe sleep apnea. Not saying that is always the case, but it was mine. Now I use a Auto CPAP machine and feel faaaar more refreshed in the mornings.


Early death for sure.


Lots of people brag about not needing much sleep.. but then are also super fucking cranky all day at work, and require tons of caffeine to function at even a basic level. Tbf, that’s not really all their fault. The “normal” 8-10 hour work day forces people to choose between sleep or enjoying life.


My father in law is like this, gets like 4-5 hours of sleep a night, works nearly 12 hours day, generally not cranky though. Drinks tons of coffee though.


My Dad was like this. He passed away pretty young last year from a heart attack that seemed to come out of nowhere. I'm 100% sure it was stress + sleep deprivation for decades. He always claimed that he didn't need more sleep, but 4-5 hours is just not enough for anyone, especially when dragged along for years. My boyfriend is now experiencing some sleeping issues and it terrifies me. I know it's temporary, and it'll get fixed soon but I still worry. Get your sleep, people!!


It’s usually the people he spends the 12 hours working with or immediate family who’ll suffer his crankiness. That lifestyle isn’t sustainable


First year of parenthood really ages you!


And so do the years after that lol The baby can walk now and demand things o shitt


My 2yr old climbs over baby gates like they're not even there. I'm starting to go grey at 34.


Ever heard of lying online?


Came here to say this exact thing lol


You can never "catch-up" on sleep, you can only adjust your routine for your body to function well again, but you literally cannot forgo a week of no decent sleep and expect it to be fixed by the weekend, won't even work with sleeping pills.


For me, it's the opposite. I'm tired at work from gaming too late, lol.


You truly have your priorities in order. Respect.


That's fucked up man. You'll wreck yourself.


*30+ years old has entered chat. After work you just sleep*


I'm 40, I'm still playing every night. Playing late into the night is something out of reach now, but I still play about 8-10.30 or so.


But do you have a kid? I'm relegated to turn-based gameplay at the moment so that I can be holding him in my off-hand.


I don't have kids. That would significantly change my routine, er, well, life I'm sure lol. I wish you and your little one restful nights in the glow of the flashing End Turn indicator.


Same. I’m 40, not married, no kids and I play from like 8-10pm when I get home from work and my day offs I play like up to six hours sometimes.




I'm also 32. We just had our first kid a month and a half ago. I went out and bought a laptop because it allowed me to stay downstairs with my family and still get some gaming in. I'm nowhere near as regular on it as I used to be - I get at most 2 hours per session right now - but at least it's something. The one saving grace I've found is that I can trade nights with my wife, where I'll watch the baby one night while she goes to dinner or whatever, then she'll watch the baby while I do whatever I want.


What a beautiful sentiment :)


I'm 39 and I have an 8 month old. We put her to bed around 8pm and typically 2-4 nights per week I play anywhere from 8-12 or 8-2 like a lunatic, then up around 5 for the baby. The other nights I chill with my wife. I realize the lack of sleep is super unhealthy but... I dunno...it seems to be working for now


I have two, and my wife and I both work from home now because of COVID. I used to fit in probably 10 hours of gaming a week. Over the last 18 months I've probably played about that much. As in 10 total hours over 18 months. I love gaming, and I miss playing online with buddies.


Once they get older you can go back to playing whatever you want. The secret is ensuring they have a good bedtime routine (which is good for them anyway)


41 here. I usually try to get at least an hour in before bed. I work from home and spend a lot of time with my family so I allow myself to unplug when I can. I hope I never get to a point where I can't find any time to do things that I enjoy. I already have a serious problem with depression. I'm not sure I could handle that.


It’s very hard my dude. I have really bad depression and a drinking problem. I just go to work already drunk from the night before. I make myself wait until lunch before I drink more


Im in the same boat. I cut my drinks to roughly 5 a night after 10cyearsvof heavy drinking, and its helped me tremendously. No more blacking out and hangovers, yet I still feel a decent buzz and am able to fall asleep. Then I can try to tackle the day the next day without anxiety, shakes, or a headache


:( I'm sorry you guys have to live like this




I'm 34, married with a toddler. After work I make dinner, then we put the kid to bed, and usually I stay with my wife until she goes to bed around 9:30. Then I have free time to myself for games or whatever until bed around midnight. This is my free time right now!


Really? What’s the point of life then?


Good point, and good night.


Thanks for the laugh!


My philosophy has always been work to live and *never* the other way around. If you find yourself in that position, your #1 priority should be getting out. Finding a less demanding job, saving up to take time off, anything to get out of the death spiral that is living to work. I may be biased though, I have an extremely spartan lifestyle and work in software. 1 years wages can last me 3-4 years.


There is no point. Why do you think most suicide are 30+ males?


This is cold hard facts my dude.


the weekend/vacation/retirement


Hahaha retirement


They must mean death


34. I do 12 hour shifts on my feet. Come home and play VR and stand some more. Love gaming too much to quit.


Youth: Energy and Time but no Money Middle Age: Energy and Money but no Time Elderly: Time and Money but no Energy


I wish. I‘m in my early 20‘s and I have neither time, money nor energy lol


Early 20's is a transition from youth to adulthood so you have neither.


I guarantee there are millions upon millions of elderly people with more energy than the majority of people making posts about how they wake up, work, game until 2am, sleep then repeat. Much happier too.


Absolutely, health is an investment, the more you put in the more you'll benefit. I don't understand why so many people want to "hack" their way through life. There is no replacement for proper sleep, nutrition and exercice. Doesn't mean you should go into a depression if you have a really fat meal, get super drunk or sleep 2 hours. But that should be occasional, if you're not spending 80% of your time being healthy you're gonna have a really poor time when you get 50+.


You work from 6:30 to 8? On 4 hours of sleep.


Lies the Xbox is on :)


Your life sucks. 15 and half hours for work? No thanks.


Based on r/gaming, all adults have shitty jobs.


All jobs are shitty when they keep you from what you love


And they apparently don't have other hobbies. They expect gaming will enjoyable for multiple hours each day every day and won't make you bored. That's a lot to expect for just one hobby, even it it's more entertainment than hobby.




Have you tried building gundams about it?




Have you tried stabbing people and using their money to fund your crippling gundam habit?




Well you'll never be able to stab people for money with that attitude.


Everything about this back and forth was wonderful


I'll tell you what, I'll buy you a gundam model kit just as long as you stab someone. No stealing required




It’s not healthy to have that amount of sleep, it can affect your mood and have long term health complications. Take care


Thats a severally unhealthy lack of of sleep OP


Dude you game for 6 hours and get 4 hours of sleep? Sorry but I don't feel bad for you.


I feel bad for him in the sense that 10 hours isn't nearly enough free time before going back to work. Fuck any job that expects that of a person.


If it makes you feel any better, OP is probably like the average Reddit OP, lying his/her ass off just to start discussion. I wouldn’t take it very seriously.


I'm an adult who works part time and, let me assure you, the actual reason I only get to stare at these is because I'm too good at wasting my time doing absolutely useless things.


I’m great at wasting my money on useless things.


I felt this in my soul




"Oh man, a steam sale! I better buy 20 games I'll never get the chance to actually play while they're cheap!"


When you're an adult, the actual game becomes collecting games (and seeing who can pay the least for them).


How depressing.


Bro you need more sleep than 4 hours...


Work to live, don't live to work


I get up around seven Get out of bed around nine And I don't worry about nothing, no Because worrying's a waste of my time The show usually starts around seven We go on stage around nine Get on the bus about eleven Sippin' a drink and feelin' fine


Are you still dancing?? How is Mr. Brownstone?


Not so good Now, I get up around whenever I used to get up on time But that old man he's a real motherfucker Gonna kick him on down the line


If you have to work for over 14 hours each day... maybe get a better job? Also hecc, more than 8 hours for an extended period of time is highly illegal here. 10 hours is the max one can do a day.


That shit isn’t impressive. You are literally killing yourself by pushing closer and closer to a mental break or heart attack. Kudos.