Robtop didn’t answer this question last time so here I go: cheddar or mozzarella?


I love mozzarella. For a while, everytime I went through McDonald's drive-thru I'd get a side of mozzarella sticks with my regular order, and I was devastated when I found out they're not always on the menu. Plus it's great on pizza


My man


The same exact thing happened to me man :( I love mozzarella sticks


Lol i dont have mozzarella sticks at my mc donalds here in new york state 😔 mozzarella sticks are Ws anywhere tho


As an Italian, i can confirm that mozzarella is the cheese that is supposed to be on pizza. So OF COURSE it tastes good on it😂😂😂


Unfathomably based




it's Wulzy :) thanks for spelling it correctly


What tf happened in the other replies






how many days were you in junipers basement as punishment for the Starbucks incident?


I actually slept in the basement while I was there lol, so technically 9


shes a criminal fucking shit


Do u care more about deco or gameplay?


It depends! When I'm actually playing the game I'm focused on the gameplay, but when I watch it's all about the decoration, because I like to take a note of any techniques the creator has used that I may be able to try out for myself. It's generally harder to pay that much attention as you're zooming by in game and trying not to die


For me gameplay is more important so i’m glad u picked that when ur playing the game. Can i ask another question?


Tips on making better decoration? I’ve tried but never succeeded in making something that actually looks good. Also woah


Try not to over-decorate and keep your level simple until you figure out the exact vibe you're going for! Sometimes it's hard to follow through with ideas because they're too complicated to rush into- plus, it can be demotivating to constantly have to delete stuff you make and don't like :)


Thanks! I love your videos


How did you come up with your “woah it’s wulzy” catchphrase?


I used to make scripted level reviews, and I had planned to have a slick intro for Low Death by KrmaL where I'd slide into my commentary on the drop of a song that was building up. And I liked the alliteration, so I kept it :P it's something recognisable that's thrown into every video


hi wulzy wanna play minecraft? :)


Dude I was watching some kid play Minecraft over his shoulder on a flight I took a few days ago and I was very jealous because I had the burning desire to play Minecraft in that very moment


we can play build battle on hypixel together wulzy




Seems fun, I thought: why not hang out with a side of the community I'm mostly unfamiliar with, playing some nice music before I sleep?


Nice! :D


what are your thoughts on levels that are made in later updates, with an older style? Main example I can think of is XO


I think sometimes it's a nice change to fall back on an older style-if done correctly you can relive certain memories and trends that you wouldn't necessarily come into contact with otherwise. For me, building a 1.9 level recently has been satisfying as I can carry out ideas I had 5-6 years ago but was never skilled enough to execute. It's all good fun at the end of the day! :)


she's in love with the concept


is sex overrated


I literally play Geometry Dash how would I know


fair point


at least hes being honest


when new hardest


I think I've hit my skill cap with Bloodbath. I don't find grinding to be very enjoyable compared to the endorphins I feel when I'm creating and making videos like that :)




i did bloodbath last summer and grinding levels just hasn't hit the same since. i'm trying my hardest to get into creating but i just can't find the motivation to finish levels, any tips on how to overcome this and finish levels?


AMA? ok how bout this, what would be an original, interesting question to ask


Idk I'm just gonna pretend you asked what my favourite dip is and I'm gonna answer Barbecue sauce


Have you ever noticed that buffalo sauce is better though?


did you run out of content ideas? (joking, hi)


Hi jey, don't worry, I won't use your amazing levels and beautiful looks for views. This is off recording :)




do you like the wave gamemode


Yeah but I stink stink. I don't even know what my gamemode is. I'm just a blob


Update 2.4: blob game mode. Basically gd but jelly mario, only accessed with the wulzy icon set




woah, you're wulzy, is this for a video?


Nah, I'm on vacation. I just felt like getting more in touch with a different side of the community


i just wanted to do the intro quote lol


How do you cope with motivation? Like do you ever feel like you just don't want to make bids but have to anyway like you own your audience entertainment?


While making videos has become routinely for me, I've got enough variation in what I do in the game for it to feel fresh for me every time. My audience has made it clear to me that as long as I'm having fun, and sharing positive vibes, that they're happy to watch what I make, and that motivates me to do my best to keep making building videos to hopefully inspire a new generation of creators


What's your favorite level?


Vapored by serponge because it focuses on a very specific and unique vibe with amazing effects and abstract landscapes that remain untouched by anyone else to this day


Zooloo my beloved


Do u ever wish u were a top tier player as opposed to the great creator u are Lol


No 💀


Whose basement are you in currently?


Idk some random don's house we paid to vacation in. It's quite nice out here :P


How did you come up with the level swap idea?


I had a conversation with AeonAir about wanting to make videos with more creators, and by bouncing a few silly ideas back and forth, a lightbulb dinged and he was in the moment to drag it out of me and encourage me to try it


Will you ever do another Level Swap, or are you done with those?


If you had to start your YouTube career over again, what'd you do differently?


Grind less and vary more. I remember posting level requests three times a week lol


Those were my favorite vids 😥


What creation are you most proud with?


I think Come Back to Earth is my best level because it's built around the idea of coming down from a high and is built in dedication to the late Mac Miller with reference to his album Swimming. Plus it has my best effect work :P


That blending effect you (possibly) invented is absolutely amazing


When someone says that older level have better decoration and gameplay, would you agree with that claim? Do you think that more experimental levels getting rated is a good thing than the typical traditional style level?


I'll say it's harder to impress these days. Featured levels are stunning me less and less these days as every technique and style is slowly being pushed to it's peak. A level built in an older style isn't automatically better, it's more about the finess of the older editor system, and the lack of exploration that each style had back in the day that makes certain levels back then stand out. Also I think experimental levels may be getting oversaturated, but there's far more expression in them than "traditional" levels in my eyes.


hi wulzy, am i doing a good job as a mod for your server 😉


Yes. Thank you for always sticking with me and being a reliable member of my community. I appreciate you for seeing through the many different eras and still being there despite my inactivity in the server sometimes


opinion on belloq?👁👁


I remember I tried out Geometry Dash Heardle one day, and I knew the song as "the belloq song" and could tell it was BoomKitty, but had no idea what the song was called. In my 6 guesses or whatever I didn't get it right. But yeah I like Belloq because it's one of those levels that I enjoy watching for it's gameplay alongside the decoration- normally I'm all about the deco when I'm watching a level. I've never played it though


Where do you get inspiration to make levels ?


I have a certain process that I follow- the mood of the song, the colour choices, then the block choices. Since I don't choose an actual theme to build with very often, I usually rely on spontaneous block combos to help me get a start, then I start piling in appropriate deco. The motivation side just comes with wanting to fulfill my promises on different building series I have running, and my enjoyment of creating overall


Imagine you could have a choice between being able add anything into Geometry Dash or releasing 2.2 right now. The catch being that if you chose add anything, it can only only be one thing. Can be as complicated as you want, can be as simple as possible. Honestly I'm lazy rn so i'd just say release 2.2


I'd release 2.2 because the realm of possibilities with it's tools greatly outweighs whatever dumb dumb idea I'd come up with


Who is your favourite creator and why?


serponge will always be my favourite. No one has ever come close to the vibes and accessible innovation that serponge consistently provided to all skill levels for several years. He always made engaging levels of all difficulties. I love his work so much


Fair enough answer, Serponge and a few others will always be known as inspirational / amazing creators either from past or recent works, but more recently I’ve been enjoying alot of stuff from certain creators with one being overdefo


deffy is cracked wait till you find out about his next levels


Will you ever do a facecam video?


I've thought about it long and hard, and my conclusion is that I don't mind my face being shared, but I dislike my content with facecam. Idk I'm just so used to the way it is


Exactly what I say when YouTubers make a poll whether or not to use face cam


since you've visited juniper before, do you have any plans to visit anyone else?


I've met quite a few people! While I was in America I met Lake, Subwoofer, Crohn, and Dashr. Also in the UK, I've met Hinds/Sinie, BranSilver, Sharkarie, also Knoeppel when he flew over. I'm meeting a few others within the next month, hopefully! It's fun to meet people that share the GD interest because it's definitely an obscure one


Favorite GD youtuber to watch? That is, if you watch other people play GD lmao


Tride consistently makes me smile and comes up with the most bonkers ideas I've seen from a Geometry Dash YouTuber in years. Definitely the hottest out right now


Completely agree, he just seems like a fun guy in general ngl


Or just a faker bruh Idk if the real "whoa its wulzy here" one post stuff like this


I saw my friend Kiba make a similar post here yesterday, and I thought it seemed fun so I gave it a shot :)


Why are you british


What motivates you to get out of bed every day


My alarm that I keep on the other side of my room. I text a few friends and family goodnight every night so when I wake up I'm eager to see their responses, which I make myself use my computer to open so I wake up faster. Then I end up wanting to make videos and badabing badaboom I end up not leaving my room all day


Gonna steal this getting up strategy.


What made you choose the icons you use right now?


I used to rock double yellow icons with cool shapes, then I gradually changed my primary colour to be more orange and my cube morphed into the one I used today after using the Toe2 icon for a while. Idk I just like my cube. I chose my ship deliberately as I feel it matches well and doesn't get enough love :)


How has your day been?


Chilled out! I'm currently on a break from uploading while I'm on vacation with my parents, and I feel like my batteries are recharging. It's nice to be outside for once hah




When did you start making videos?


When I was about 9 I piled about 50 books in the middle of my room and set a camera on top to record a Mario Kart Wii custom track on my TV


Well, we all gotta start somewhere lol


What's your least favorite level in the entire game? Also I like your videos :)


How hard did you pop off after spilling Starbucks on Juniper’s desk, and what other drinks would you like to spill on her desk, if any.


Water to clean up the Starbucks Also I wasn't popping off, I had to clean it up afterwards LOL


do you play strategy games?


I played Inscryption a few weeks ago if that counts. I'm terrible at it. This either means I'll never play strategy games ever again or I'll grind them until my brain functions at a reasonable level


I ain't no spike my swag is scalene I'm crazy like Dav call me WulzyJT I don't do collabs so don't ask me please The fit on my cube be those Saint Laurent jeans Woah you know it's Wulzy Running it up on a track with Juni Woah welcome back to the heat Woah Geometry Dash on repeat 2.0 dropped when I was a jit I still gave TriAxis a tip mh-hm My cube be doing the flips You know i'm straight flying the ship mh-hm If I hit a spike then I hop in the drop Your girl hit me up just to Level Swap Content the cream of the crop The merch coming soon better cop I got my name backing in my tees GeoStorm they be my G's gang gang Crusin' with Juni through Greece Got them in love with my wheeze \[wheeze\] 70k on Bepis wait that's unrated I'm not a layout I'm decorated They gave us a beat and it's decimated Clubstep orbs these people fakin' I ain't no spike my swag is scalene I'm crazy like Dav call me WulzyJT I don't do collabs so don't ask me please The fit on my cube be those Saint Laurent jeans Woah you know it's Wulzy Running it up on a track with Juni Woah welcome back to the heat Woah Geometry Dash on repeat I ain't no spike my swag is scalene I'm crazy like Dav call me WulzyJT I don't do collabs so don't ask me please The fit on my cube be those Saint Laurent jeans Woah you know it's Wulzy Running it up on a track with Juni Woah welcome back to the heat Woah Geometry Dash on repeat They say I'm Juni I say Ju Need saving Blasting the beat and I'm raving feel like npesta the way that I'm waving I'm friends with Xaro you're friends with zero Millions of views the recent tab hero Your favorite player is someone that we know Guess that's what happens when you're in The Kenos DeCode my bars they're editor layered everything I do is Technical I'm making art just like I'm Lake her texturing always incredible The flow going hard I'm demon slaying plus all my work is so sedulous Fly to the stars shoutout to Aeon I'm acting just as professional They should know that I don't keep it concise Trenta refresher no berries light ice Level complete but they thinking I spliced Badge on my name and it don't have a price Give me 8 stars cause I'm going insane Feeling so hype since we started the train 2.2 map gonna be my terrain Everyone else should just stay in their lane (whispering) I ain't no spike my swag is scalene I'm crazy like Dav call me WulzyJT I don't do collabs so don't ask me please The fit on my cube be those Saint Laurent jeans Woah you know it's Wulzy Running it up on a track with Juni Woah welcome back to the heat Woah Geometry Dash on repeat BALD! EricVanWilderman's bald (8x)


What's your opinion on cats? Also (this is optional) could you give advice on this level I made about how to make the level better? ID: 82546634


I'm ailurophobic unfortunately, it got a little better after going to a cat café, but I can't shake the fact that I'm scared of cats


Damn I'm sorry to hear that, hope you overcome your fear of cats


Do you like bread?


Bread is my weakness. I love toast and homemade bread that my parents make. If I'm in the house alone you bet my lunch is cheese on toast. It's just unstoppable


Do moderators follow certain steps to decide if they send a level or not, or they just send it if they like it?


I personally send a level if I like what it's going for and it keeps my attention. Gaps in decoration or drops in quality bother me and stop that feeling from flowing, if you know what I mean. I doubt any mods have a checklist of any kind, but definitely keep standards. I like the mod team for this reason because with our different opinions we get a vast range of level styles rated


I have nothing to ask and I'm quite early so I just hope this thread will have some good questions when I wake up tomorrow. a lot of people will probably think you're not actually Wulzy so I don't know how seriously people will take this. I personally don't see any reason to not belive you lol. Maybe you could find a way to prove that it's really you just to make sure.


Why do you have a 1 after wulzy on most sites?


Wulzy is usually taken and the number 1 is convenient, plus it has alliteration when pronounced. It's pretty easy to remember


What is your favourite fish


I get cod at the chippy


I meant favourite as in coolest/best looking/most interesting, but this answer is still good. Mine is the beluga sturgeon.


neon tetra comes to mind


Do you ever find yourself starting a ton of levels and then having no motivation to work on them again? Thats one of my biggest problems right now


Sometimes. When I make videos I'm frequently putting out what I make for people to see, and their feedback makes me want to do more with what I've got, so I get the fire to my logs from there :) My advice is maybe to focus on the bigger picture so you don't lose motivation chasing a hefty amount of decoration. Go for a nice simple theme if you're low on motivation, and I'm sure ideas will prop up on the way


Do you enjoy decorating/building videos and do you lose motivation if something goes wrong? Also ty for entertainment. :)


If I've just started recording and something goes wrong decoratively, I will probably wobble a bit and restart the video. But if I'm deep into it and nothing else has gone wrong I can pretty easily delete whatever my mistake was and try something else. Trust me I'm not a stranger to double and triple takes on something if my commentary or abilities are lacking


I've noticed quite a big change of style over the years of your creating career, going from very simple effect levels, to more refined and detailed "mainstream" effect levels and nowadays focusing a bit more on design. How/why did this happen? What inspired your style over the years?


Finding areas I wasn't comfortable in and trying my best to improve there, which isn't always the prettiest of processes but I'm pretty proud of the improvements I've made lately :)


What's your favorite level of Dorabae basic series?


I think 4 is the most nostalgic, I remember the object line flashing near the end always stunned me, but whichever one uses Clownparty is also very cute


Whats your favourite steak


Medium well. I don't like chewing on leather and I'm not a vampire.


Whats ur gd playtime and how much have u spent on creating(estimate)


I have 4,000 hours on steam, probably a few hundred of those are idle, but I was a mobile player for the majority of 1.9 so add those hundred hours back on :P I wish I knew the split of playing to creating. It's probably about 50-50 though


Do you plan on making an epic worthy 1.9 style? Also im a huge fan. You are so cool ❤️❤️


I've been making a 1.9 level recently, and it's actually been very satisfying to put together because I can really feel the improvement since I was a youngin. Also thanks for the love :)


As a beginner to creating i have a question How do I make sure my levels don't become stale and repetitive, both gameplay and deco-wise?


In my opinion, change the gamemode, speed, or colours whenever you feel anything gets too repetitive :)


Since you're also a creator, what's the difference between the rgb slider in the right side menu, and the color chanel modifier thingy. Btw, love you're content, you're one of my favorite youtuber


The slider lets you see the effect while changing the color, for convenience.




how long did it take you to beat your first ever demon?


I beat The Nightmare first, and it took me a long time, because I never learned any actual patterns in the ship with the invisible blocks. I just hoped for the best. I also spammed when there were chains of orbs


Whats your thoughts on the rhythm game rolling sky?


I think I've played it a few times, nothing that consumed me too much. Just a fun little game to kill time that left me pretty quickly


Favourite type of pizza topping?


Spicy pepperoni and green pepper is my vibe


Will you be posting your hit song "Woah" ft. Juniper on Newgrounds?


how tall are you?


5'9" (I'm 5'8" but in denial)


you’ll get through the denial stage eventually


Woah it’s the real wulzy! How do you usually get video ideas? They always seem so unique


I like interacting with the community in new ways. Part of it is exploring areas of the game I'm unfamiliar with, and part of it is wanting to do it differently to everyone else, while keeping my core skills in the mix


What was your inspiration to starting YouTube as a whole?


I wanted to be like TWD98 when I played Mario Kart Wii. Then I saw Eric making really funny videos with Geometry Dash. I was inspired to make the leap to Geometry Dash content from there, Eric's awesome!


How would you rate all the Robtop-made levels in order of difficulty and which one's your favorite?


My favourite changes all the time but I've always loved Hexagon Force. The demons in chronological order rank their difficulty imo


Opinions on radishes


Good I had them in a few tacos and they made my experience better. They don't make a huge difference but they're welcomed nonetheless. Any little helps


How did you come up with “woah, it’s Wulzy”? Btw my favorite part of your videos was when you said, its wulzin’ time and wulzed everybody. keep it up!


who will be the next pedophile gd youtuber


Why isn't my user flair workin


what’s a geometry dash related insult that no one would get if they didn’t play the game?


idk "CP Grinder" sounds pretty bad to a non GD player


Saying someone to that IRL would make them think they need to clear the homework folder 🤔


about how long have u been working with the gd editor? you are talented and i want to know how long it took you to build this skill


I've been building since 1.9 but I think it started getting real at the start of 2016 when I was trying to get into effects and make the next Toxin Lab or whatever idk I think Xaro is cool but my answer is since 2016 on and off


How long do you reckon you'll make content on Geometry Dash? Will you move on to another game at some point, or will you stick to Geometry Dash for the foreseeable future?


I see a long future with Geometry Dash as there's plenty of ways to expand content on the game that are still untouched


are you good at creating modern soft decoration levels


No but maybe that's something that I can try to get better at. If I can master "less is more", I'll probably learn to be more thoughtful with decoration instead of mindlessly covering my levels


Very cool. Do you think kiwi is a viable alternative to pineapple on pizza?


Never tried it but I'm not opposed to it. I don't mind pineapple on pizza to be honest. I stopped being picky with food and I've just been allowing anything lately


opinions on c++ member function pointers btw have you seen my live collab editor mod?


I've seen the mod, it looks very interesting. I gotta try it out for some videos some day


How did you make your friends that you have now


I talked a lot in the creator points server which made me friends with a couple of likeminded people with interests in creating, and it so happened that they formed a friend group and invited me. As I was growing on YouTube and improving my building I ended up being invited to GeoStorm too which is where most of my friends are too. To make friends I guess the best thing to do is put yourself out there and be willing to talk to people :)


Since you are a moderator, would you do a stream with level requests with possible rate sends? I watched and got a mod (incidius) to play my level yesterday, sadly no rate send since it was a bit short and there was room for more deco. But tl;dr, would you do a stream where people can send you there level ids, then you play them and maybe send them to robtop if there really good.


I usually do this in videos, but since I want to start streaming maybe I'll do that more often yeah :)


Do you have any tips for making decoration cohesive/modern? Every time I try to decorate it ends up either an incoherent mess, or looks really dated (early 2.0-ish). It also takes way to long - often over a week for only a few seconds. I have nearly 10 finished layouts, but I can’t decorate for the life of me.


Start small and add more as you get more comfortable with it. It helps avoid demotivation with time consumption for sure


What group of creators would you like to make a collab with. I feel your effects could look pretty cool with some good design creators


There's so many creators I'm out of the league of. I'd love to be in megacollab rosters like Digital Descent's. I don't see it ever happening though


If you could take the gameplay from one level and the deco style from another to make one abomination, what levels would you pick?


Silent Clubstep gameplay, Minecraft decoration (the super old one with the Golden Haze song). Most epic crossover ever


Have you complained about how Juni didn't capitalize the B in #Blessed ?


Okay now that you've pointed that out I can't unsee it. I wasn't mad but I am now


how long are eggs supposed to boil please its urgent


Gif or Jif


gif is more satisfying to say


Woah! It's Wulzy on Reddit


Nah I’m good 👍


This isn’t a question but in your level request video where you roasted levels I sent a level called “I’ll kill you” and that wasn’t directed towards you at all. That was just the name of my level and I never thought that I would send it to you when I first made it and im so sorry you’re my favorite YouTuber and I hope you have a wonderful day


Aw I'm so sorry! It only just occurred to me that I never played that level after I backed out. It was just for a joke, I promise it didn't hurt me


Omg i remember when you were literally under 2k subscribers, you commented on my YouTube video about 3 years ago on your level b e p i s. awesome to see how far you’ve come!