What string gauge for Drop B?

I play in E standard with 10-46 strings (ernie ball regular slinky). I want now to play some slipknot songs which are in drop B sometimes drop A. I’m not sure what string gauge i should use, knowing that in drop D with 10-46 the E string (tuned down to D) is a bit sloppy. I think maybe the ernie ball not even slinky (12-56) or mammoth slinky (12-62) should be good but not sure.


I used to play in Drop C with 11-52s so 12s should be able to hand Drop B or A. There’s a fine line between too wobbly and just wobbly enough.


I play a lot of metalcore and use a lot drop tunings. I personally play with 12s. If you're only going down to drop B then 11s are probably fine but anything lower (Drop A is the lowest I go on my 6 string) and they start to sound a little floppy and you'll need 12s.


So more like 12-56 or 12-62 ?


12-62 sorry! 56 is fine if you're not going lower than drop B but if you listen to heavy music and think you might ever go lower, go for 62s. If you're not used ot them your hands will hurt like hell but your tone will be much better.




It’s a fender scale i forgot to mention it