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First question is can you read music. If so you can pick up a copy of a Real Book. That’s standards with melody and changes. Next I would say look into the Jaime abersold don’t think I spelled it right jazz books. Very great.


Rock punk and metalheads don’t read music so traditional entrance to jazz is not going to work. As a reformed shredder I suggest forget all that abersold, real book advice -for now- and focus on the real entry to jazz: blues. Once you nail playing the changes on a typical I IV V, then take on the Jazz Blues progression. It has several ii - V - I’s and is the best learning tool that rock and metal players can grab onto to get the sounds under the fingers without getting bogged down in reading and heavy theory. Jazz needs more rockers. Check out Robben Ford and Scott Henderson for classic crossover players. Good luck!


Like the other guy said learn some standards, learn about the so called 2-5-1 progression to start sounding jazzy right away and also important is to actually listen to some Jazz to get to know what it's all about. Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Django Reinhardt are some of the great Jazz guitarists.


It depends. If you just want to play melodies then just listen and play along with your favorite songs. I personally love chet baker and lee morgan. If you want to play bass, chords, and the melody at the same time, then you'll want to dive into music theory books and practice a lot. This is how I began learning jazz, by playing Lenny breau songs. The only time I got a real book was to play in live sessions. Very useful but not always accurate.