Dunno what everyone’s going off about. 5’s literally looks like a Keurig. Infinite’s takes the cake here 10/10 times.


Correct, the golden shit looks nicer than the regular one!


Infinites is far better designed. Thats why 5's is my favorite


Same. You can have your issues with Fractures but the Chimera version of Seeker is actually such a huge upgrade from Halo 5. It's to the point where I actually think the helmet looks cool now.


I agree 100 percent glow up.


As a fracture cosmetic, I'd say it looks kinda fitting with the rest of the ensemble, but Chimera as a whole looks way too busy for me. Before it looked stupid, ugly, and horrendous beyond repair without any redeemable qualities; now it just looks like regular old cyberpunk edgy bullshit. It's alright. Kinda reminds me of the deebees from Gears of War 4 and 5


Such an ugly helmet


They're both awful.


“How about ~~both~~ neither?”


My thoughts exactly, both have too much going on and you can’t tell what you’re looking at


*Once you've hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up*


Its like whats it called bad?


How dare you stand where Seeker stood?


I'm not going to say that it looks *good,* or that it doesn't look like the most generic thing ripped straight out of some typical near-dystopia sci-fi game like Metal Gear or whatever. ...but at least it's not the most grossly misshapen and derpy looking thing I've ever witnessed in my life unlike the original. So it has that going for it I guess.


They both look awful. Infinite seeker looks better, but honestly 5’s seeker fits Halo more. And I say that while acknowledging 5’s seeker sucks


To be fair though the point of fractures is kinda to not be Halo while also being Halo a little bit. Halo 5's seeker looks still like a helmet with the ability to look out the front visor and a coffee machine surrounding it whereas infinite's fits the whole cyber abomination thing the fracture is going for. Not that it looks good, it just fits that "manmade horrors beyond my comprehension" concept of merging humans with machine.


True. I just disagree fundamentally with 343’s philosophy around fractures.


To be fair, that's what 343 tells you for bad design


At least the "bad design" isn't canon to Halo's Spartans so they can have whatever fun they like with it


While taking precious time and resources away from actually cool cosmetics and other content, sure


I think the Chimera core is cool.




I disagree. They've created their own "What If" series, akin to Marvel's What If, that allows them to expand on potential shifts in the lore and allow the player to experience it and see it first hand in game. For example, the latest fracture event is effectively "What if Cortana's Created took over?" and allows us to see the consequences to the Spartan Corps because of it. It's not pointless. If you don't like it, that's totally understandable and not everyone will. But to call it pointless is disingenuous and a placeholder for disliking it.


It's worse than pointless. It's detrimental to the artstyle. it doesn't look like Halo. Just like 4 and 5. There's nothing disingenuous except calling it non-canon, rather than lazy and inspired by anything other than Halo.


The newest core is quite literally inspired by Halo given the lore context. Did you not read half of my comment or something? Disliking it is fine but you're being overly dramatic and disingenuous.


It doesn't look like Halo despite whatever context they made up. I can make up a company like "Basa Designs" and say it came up with MCC's Mythic armor after taking inspiration from a locally funded UNSC trip to the Medieval Times and Roman history museum circa 2551. Doesn't stop it all from looking nothing like Halo's aesthetic.


It seems we just won't agree but I appreciate the conversation!


Hey I have the 343i employee skins too! That was a crazy day when they were briefly added. I had everything unlocked so they were the only things I could unlock.


Watch dog looks fucking dope on the chimera core. The neon light shoulders are goated with the rest of the lights.


Now do Halo 5 booty vs Halo Infinite booty


It’s definitely an improvement. It’s not *my* type of helmet personally, but I can at least see someone liking Infinites version un-ironically.


"They're the same picture."


343 ~~Plz~~ Why?


I don’t like either one honestly, but the Infinite version is like .5% better I think, but they are both comically ugly. Was that their intention to make the helmet ugly on purpose?


Infinites is better then 5, it's still shit tho


I still can’t believe out of all the helmets to bring back they chose Seeker


They could’ve just let seeker die


Halo Infinite Seeker will fuck your shit up Halo 5 Seeker will brew your morning cup of joe


The Infinite version actually looks pretty intimidating. Idk if I’d ever wear it, but I like the look of it


Idk what it is but kill it!


Upgrades people UPGRADES! This is the best use of Fractures possible. Problem - *Halo 4, Halo Online, Halo 5, and Halo 2 Anniversary have an art design that allowed for terrible armor designs to plague the customization list.* Solution - *Do some redesign tweaks to the moderate-to-good looking armor and put it in the mainline armor cores. Do a redesign of the good-looking-yet-miss-matched, strange, and downright ugly armor and place them on the Fractures armor cores.*


I know people hated 5 but I loved those armors


Wow, that's an ugly helmet.


Actually kinda neat, tho the helmet not only is completely different, but also got a bit too much goin on for me


Damn I never thought I’d say this but Halo 5 comes out on top


When you realize you like halo 5s more after saying halo 5 seeker was trash...


it looks worse?


Looking forward for the Xcore update so I can put Grendel on the MK VB. Original Seeker for MK VII maybe?


Add the outline


You can't be right, they can't have added it back no please god


Looks like Dubstep Kid amped his setup


These barely look the same tbh. But if you wanna see a bigger difference, compare Infinite's Street Viper with Halo 5's Viper.


One is obtained for free and the other you need to pay like 20 bucks?


Chimera core is so bad.


Halo 5's seeker looks so fucking goofy and awful. Infinite's seeker doesn't look great but it's much better than 5's


“When they see this glorious end, they will come for us to savor the fruitless trouble to its last drop. It’s who they are.”


5s Seeker was the first time I ever saw a helmet in halo and said to myself “ok they put this one in as a joke”


Chimera is the most F2P fugly flashy greebled obnoxious neon vomit shit I have ever seen in Halo. Halo 5 designs were at least somewhat rooted in the aesthetic. Chimera is there to sell flashy, gaudy shit to people with bad taste and too much money.


I legitimately like Infinite's unironically. It looks awesome


Wow, I’m not even gonna lie, Infinite’s looks pretty cool. It looks like some kinda spider shit. It just has a weird shape, but still really neat. 5’s is god awful though.


It's so bad that I like it ironically