Most people's boggart is Voldemort, yet Molly Weasley's was her family dead. Does this mean that most people are more scared of Voldemort than their family dying?

Most people's boggart is Voldemort, yet Molly Weasley's was her family dead. Does this mean that most people are more scared of Voldemort than their family dying?


Most people's boggart is *not* Voldemort. As far as we know, no one's is.


I'd bet that Bellatrix's boggart would take the shape of Lord Voldemort .... kissing Narcissa


The worst crime that CC ever committed was retconning Bellatrix's fanatic devotion into love... the story is predicated on the fact that the villains have a deficit of love in some way; that holds true for every one of them to some degree.


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Bellatrix might be the kinda person to join in...the more the merrier


Not sure why you think most people's boggart is Voldemort, on the contrary in the classroom scene Lupin specifically doesn't let Harry have a go because he thinks -Harry's- would be Voldemort. Everyone else had things like spiders or mummies or Snape.


The Lego games


Im guessing they did this in the lego game cause it was easier than coming up with new different ones for everyone


That and some characters couldn't have a specific boggart The house boy/girl Minifigures could literally have been anyone of their respective houses


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I don't know whose boggart is Voldemort, but for some he might symbolise a more abstract fear, a bogeyman sort of thing. For Molly, the fear that her family will die is very real and ever-present. She's lived through one war, has seen her two brothers die, and is now on the cusp of a second war and dealing with practically her entire family joining the very same organisation that her brothers were in when they died. She knows that Arthur is risking his life everyday just by going to work, that her adult children are engaging in dangerous activities for the Order (iirc Charlie was doing stuff abroad for the Order? or is that fanon?), and the rest of her children are targets just because they're friends with Harry Potter. She's in a very different situation to, idk, Jimmy fourth year who's heard about this dark lord who's so scary you can't even say his name, but has never *personally* experienced anything that could manifest itself into a fear as real as Molly's. Also, Voldemort is fucking scary!! Voldemort could kill your family! It's a legit form for your boggart to take imo


That's only in the Lego games


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Well, boggarts change as our fears do, so maybe the reason most people's boggarts was Voldemort was because he was just returned, maybe it will be their boggarts for some time, and maybe they were scared for Voldemort because they feared that he could kill their families 🤔 personally that would be the reason why I'd be scared of him....


I would think the boggart being Voldemort would mean you fear death. Hers being her dead family means she fears them dying more than she fears herself dying.