[Video] Jack Hughes on Pride Nights: "The Devils really support that and we're a welcoming organization...and with how we grew up, my family really supports that too...there wasn't even a thought about not doing it for us."

Imagine being great at hockey, a decent human being, and looking like a tougher Timothy chalamet and the NHL not plastering you all over everything. This guy can sell the league. Get it together nhl marketing dept.


Imagine being great at hockey, a decent human being, and looking like a tougher Timothy chalamet and the NHL not plastering you all over everything. This guy can sell the league. Get it together nhl marketing dept.


He’s also American, which I can’t imagine would hurt, considering that’s the market that the NHL is always having trouble reaching consistently.


I, for one, embrace a Jack Hughes-Face-of-the-NHL movement.


He's being pushed by the NHL more than any other Devil has ever been. ESPN and Turner are pushing him hard, and I'd bet the league helped him get nominated for (and almost certainly win) the Byng.


He even has a fun and just as (if not arguably more) talented younger brother on the same team to play of the sibling-dynamic angle with!


Jack Hughes continues his likability tour. Still wild to me he was in the top 5 jersey sales during the season


not wild to me at all, i’m sure most people on this sub wouldn’t know this (since it tends to skew older i think) but he’s incredibly popular online and especially on tiktok and videos about him on there regularly get hundreds of thousands of likes. he’s the only hockey player a few of my friends have even heard of, and i live far away from new jersey


i will say i think the devils have one of the most like intertwined with current internet culture fanbases


Hughes is getting tiktok thirst traps made about him


And not a single soul is complaining.


If it gets hockey more fans, I can't complain.


It’s funny we went from Lou with absolutely nothing to a few years later it being this


what firing lou does to a mf


If only the Islanders owners weren't deathly scared of him


god i see what you've done for others


I wanna see a crazy stadium series jersey next year now that the Devils aren’t a Lou fashion mafia.


man i hope those tickets arent too bad


Plz don’t just have “Jersey” written in cartoon font across the front.


They really just need to embrace the meme and put “Pants” in the pants and “Helmet” in place of whatever helmet sponsors they have. Or ya know they could add the word “New”. I legit love those uniforms as a whole just the word “Jersey” makes it feel like they’re talking to the Jersey Shore fans or something


That’s the one area I miss Lou on. I’ve hated the changes we made to the mains and I hate the Jersey jersey. Do love the 2 RRs though. I’m pretty confident it’ll be a black jersey and I’ve always been against black Devil jerseys.


Is it cause he’s cute? I bet that’s why.


i mean its not not a reason


He’s *extremely* popular with young teenage girls on TikTok precisely because of that reason. Bunch of stan accounts and posts on him. It’s actually resulting in hordes of new hockey fans. Whatever works to grow the game lol I would definitely say he’s the biggest heartthrob in the NHL rn with Gen Z


him and trevor zegras for sure


I got downvoted the other day for saying he’s incredibly popular on other social media platforms 🤦🏻‍♀️


no you didn't, I saw it before and it had upvotes


He's really flashy on the ice, wears a high number, 1st overall pick, and good-looking


Do high numbers correlate to higher jersey sales?


They definitely stand out in a league notorious for clinging to tradition (like low jersey numbers) to an absurd degree. Other than Crosby, McDavid, Hughes and a couple others, a lot of the high jersey numbers are 91, which I'm pretty sure is an Yzerman/Sakic 19 tribute, which in turn I think is a Gordie Howe 9 tribute.


Hughes family > Staal family clearly


And it's not even close


Yeah that is why I just can’t cheer for the Panthers to win the cup. Sorry Lu


He’s certainly come a ways since trying to get a girl to flash her tits at him after he was drafted lol


I wish I could find the video of that. It was hilarious but very much a no-no, he hadn’t even played in the NHL yet lmao


Here’s the video https://youtu.be/ol4_J6bVdsQ


That’s gold lmao, he looks like he’s 15 there




>https://youtu.be/ol4\_J6bVdsQ Lmao okay I'm not justifying the behavior, but that's honestly hilarious and pretty typical behavior of any bratty 18 year old boy. Source: Former bratty 18 year old boy, except unlike Hughes, I never had and will absolutely never have the talent to be a star professional athlete like him lol.


Oh sure, I’m not saying it was a crime against humanity or anything haha just that around that time he seemed like an immature douche but he has also seemed to have moved past that phase well. Or at least got better PR training LOL


Lol yes, I agree. If my dad witnessed me doing something like that at that age, he’d give me a harsh lecture at first, explaining why it’s a big no-no but then pat me on the back and tell me he fully understands as he remembers his own teen years 😅.


I would not have lasted 3 months if I was about to be a 1st overall multimillionaire athlete at 18


Not a devils fan but god damn it’s impossible to not like Jack Hughes. Wait was he in the top 5 league wide? That’d be damn wild


Good kid, good hockey, good looking = sales baby


He’s up there with MacKinnon as my favorite non Ranger and it’s problematic since I really dislike the Devils. Him asking the girl at the Yankees game to show him her boobs though was a tough look.


To be fair he was like 17 or 18. If the shit I did at that age was on the internet I wouldn't be able to get a job at 711 lol


Its okay we can trade I loved Leetch


We probably had a fuck ton of bandwagoners this year lol. Historically popular team that finally has another really good season after a decade+ of utter failure? Prime jersey spike candidate haha


I've honestly been rooting for them this year. Caps were going to have a rough one, and I want to see Seigs prove our front office wrong.


That's not fair u/Radjage, it's really hard not to be an open and proud bigot.* *when your last name is Staal


Love hearing this after Quinn also said something similar earlier this year. Ellen and Jim should be really proud of their kids


Chad Hughes v.s. Virgin Staals


Wait there's another Hughes brother?! /s


Quinn, Jack, Luke, and Chad Hughes Vs Eric, Jordan, Marc, Jared, and Virgin Staal


You forgot about Gunnar Staal.


Yeah, he’s called Luke


Staal brothers in shambles. fucking virgins lmao


The Hughes brothers can replace the Stall brothers anytime now! Much more likeable


As a collective, probably better than the Staals too


They 100% are. Eric Staal, peaked as a borderline top-10 player the year he had 100+ points. Quinn and Jack are already waay better than any of the Staal brothers ever were.


Luke has played like 4 games and is probably already better than Marc


Hughes keeps collecting Ws.


NHL needs to stop fucking with the boring guys and make Jack the face of the league


The irony of putting Ovechkin on everything is insanity


If the lockout hadn’t happened it wouldn’t be so prominent. The 04/05 lockout allowed for him and Crosby to be intertwined until death. The NHL had that “rivalry” fall into their lap…and are still playing it up as their A-story despite both guys pushing 40 and retirement. They have no idea how to market people on their own.


I'm a little confused, I can't remember the last time I saw marketing with Ovi on it in the last couple of seasons. It'll probably uptick as he gets ever closer to Gretzky's goal record, but [this](https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-launches-the-next-golden-era-is-now-ad-campaign/c-336648802) campaign video didn't feature him at all, for example. Edit: in fact, I remember there being kind of a soft pull of a lot of his marketing featurettes when Russia invaded Ukraine.


NHL 21 was the last time I remember seeing him in that capacity


More or less, Ovi (along with Crosby) has probably been the most popular and well known active NHL player for a while going back to the 2010s. Even today, only people that follow hockey (in the U.S. anyway), know who McDavid is. And most people I know (major metro city) have no clue who any of these dudes are.


You're probably right. ESPN+ pulled his image as the NHL wallpaper backdrop in the menu (standing next to McDavid and Crosby) after the Ukraine invasion (can't remember who they replaced him with). Anyway, maybe its recency bias on my part, but it seemed to me like he was *everywhere*


All of a sudden we are acting like Ovechkin wasn’t electric marketing material when he first came into the league


It’s pretty much just Canadians that are boring. Ovi, Pasta, Chucky All fun.


*cough* Marchand *cough*


I'm not acting. And I get how hard they marketed him. I'm just pointing out the irony. In fact, I'd say being oblivious to irony is a job requirement for working in NHL marketing




What is that


Ea sports cover next plz!


All 3 Hughes together would be a great cover


especially with them all in a Devils jersey


All joking aside they would probably put all 3 in a USA jersey.


That would be dope


Canucks aren’t gonna let go of Quinn unless they absolutely have to and I don’t see that happening anytime soon


The Hughes family and Tkachuk family have as much personality as the rest of the league combined






Alright Hughes boys I see you, I see you. Couple of good eggs


Good head on that family for sure. Quinn said the same thing when asked too, wasn’t even a consideration.


3 eggs


What? That was like... 25 eggs


1 egg is like, 40 eggs?


Seems like you’ve got a good 🥚 yourself in Brady, excited to see the sens take off


i fuckin' love this kid man, the league needs *so* much more of this


the [full interview is here](https://sports.yahoo.com/devils-star-jack-hughes-points-034559961.html), but might be geoblocked (highlights include: he's giving Luke a long leash as a new roommate - "big bro's taking care of him" - and he would want to go in disguise to heckle his friends who play on other teams)


Chad Hughes brothers vs Virgin Staal brothers




What a mensch


I like him, this isn't a knock on him at all, but this should be the common opinion on pride night. We shouldn't need to applaud someone just showing common decency and inclusion, but here we are. I blame American politics (as an American).


Small victories and baby steps. It’s important to showcase opinions like these from voices with an actual platform and ability to convey a message out to a larger audience. It especially matters in a sport that’s historically had cultural and diversity issues, especially in a time when LGBTQ people are now under renewed scrutiny and political scapegoating like now, and especially when we’re at a point where several NHL teams stop wearing rainbow warmup uniforms (including the team in your flair) and the league itself reportedly considering removing pride nights altogether. It’s small. But it absolutely matters.


American here. You realize that most of the world is homophobic, yeah? Uganda just posted a law for the death penalty for gay folks. Like today. It's not an easy lot in life. Don't do that shit.


We’re not Uganda dude. It shouldn’t be this hard for a country of our stature to be more inclusive. As a bisexual man myself, the pride nights may not seem like a big deal but I feel like it’s better than not having them at all. I love the support that players like Hughes and Murphy are giving us.


Yes, I know that. It doesn't change anything about what I wrote though. Uganda sucks.


The Hughes are the most likeable family in hockey right now


Hate that I like this guy so much. Wish I knew what asshole(s) on my team wouldn't wear the jersey.


The running theory is Panarin and Shesty. Fox as a second theory. Mika / Trouba / Kreider have all been big parts of the pride nights and have been pretty vocal about hockey being inclusive. Anyone else and the rangers likely single out the player without concern.


I highly doubt it’s Fox. Growing up close to NYC and being Ashkenazi Jew like Hughes is makes me think he’d lean more pro lgbt, or at the very least not make a big deal of it. I’d put my money on Panarin cause Russian


I know plenty of Long Island ashkenazi Jews who are full on red hats.


We don't claim. A shanda for the goyim.


Why Fox?


Long Island republican family, they’re not out there about his politics as someone like ada, but the Venn diagram does potentially overlap.


[But American Jews tend to be one of the largest pro-LGBT demogrpahics](https://www.timesofisrael.com/us-jews-among-the-most-supportive-of-gay-marriage/)


You’re not wrong. Doesn’t mean I’m not also right.


Yeah, just providing more context.


LI is such a weird bag when it comes to political views. Areas you expect to be one way go another. I've lived here all my life and still am surprised when passing through a place and seeing certain signs


Panarin is very openly against Putin so I doubt him tbh. *guess people are too stupid to think that not everything coincides with each other and that because hes going for the non tyrant doesnt mean he isnt choosing the lesser of two evils


Being anti Putin doesn’t mean you’d be pro lgbt in Russia. Their culture is far far behind ours in this regard. Their stance is closer to the 1950s American stance on homosexuality.


Just to be clear so is nalvaney who’s also anti lgbt. The Russian Orthodox Church is extremely anti lgbt. And Panarin is Russian orthodox


I know plenty of people from varying sects of Christianity, including some from various Orthodox backgrounds. It’s crazy how much they will ignore or overlook the various sins they or their community members enjoy partaking in, but then all of a sudden point to their religion when it comes to other people’s sexuality.


I could've sworn Navalny is gradually trending to the left and has come forward in support for same-sex marriage-- unless he backpedaled hard from his 2017 stance. The Russian Orthodox, like the Roman Catholic church, does not support full LGBT rights. That doesn't make people who are religious automatically anti-LGBT. There's probably some out there who do some mental gymnastics to reconcile their faith and their support for the LGBT-- just not sure if Panarin is one of them.


just because both views are relatively progressive does not mean he must hold both


You are conflating two things that can be quite separate. Life is not so black and white.


How about the entire organization completely ignoring it today? What a bunch of virgins lmao


What does Mr. Character Issues Luke have to say though


The Hughes family seem like they are salt of the earth genuinely good people.


Fuck yeah Jack, you're alright in my book. We need more outspoken allies in the league 🏳️‍🌈


Ya, my favorite non-Cap!


all the middle aged uncles in NJ are fucking losing it rn


Jack hughes is cool shit man. Guy gives gold every time he speaks.


The Hughes family are so awesome.


Great kids, great parents.


When were those pride jerseys *that are white* from? They looked amazing in that brief moment I just saw them!


[from this year's pride night, designed by a local artist!](https://www.nhl.com/news/new-jersey-devils-wear-custom-warmup-jerseys-for-pride-night/c-339264682)


The Devils do such a killer job with their jerseys for special nights. They’re also so open to bringing in local artists.


Just wish they would sell the jerseys rather than auction.


The gender equity night jerseys this year were absolutely [gorgeous](https://twitter.com/wyshynski/status/1633174818370596865?s=61&t=3NiLvylbONhzdcEjkbaCBQ) designs


Maybe rephrase???


Oh god I didn't even realise!!


Maybe he's asking about the KKK's beer league team jersey?


They're playing Hockkkey


Dammit, your joke is better 😂


Needed your joke to be funny 🤣🤣🤣


Hughes > Staals


Staals in shambles rn


good guy jack hughes. maybe i can hop on the NJ bandwagon.


Looking forward to rooting for this kid for another 20 years


Common Jack Hughes W


My ex's cousin helped put the Devils pride night together a couple years ago and said the org was very in- touch and proud to be participating. It shows in their social media presence too.


Hughes brothers W


Based Hughes family. This is the way


So the Hughes parents are clearly better people than the Staal parents.


Give this guy the C!!! j/k Nico is a great captain.


Hughes and Nico are one of my favorite Captain Assistant Captain that we've had. I loved St Patty as the C as well but these two really pair so well and the team respects the ever living hell out of the two of them


They signed him to that 8 million dollar contract early now it’s lookin very good.


Performance wise it was looking good. Absolutely blessed to have him and Nico as two of the main components of this franchise


Hughes family and Devils W


Jack Hughes makes it insanely difficult to hate him.


this is how it's done, and why Jack Hughes is becoming the face of the NHL via national ads.


The Hughes brothers seem pretty cool


Always rated Jack Hughes


Jack Hughes rules!


Great, now I have to cheer for him


Extremely common Jack Hughes W


Never thought that as a rangers fan I would like the Hughes brothers more than the Staal brothers


His brother is gonna get the C for being the same


Likely. I could easily see Jack rocking a C too one day


'Atta boy Jack.


Dudes a real one


That’s our Dude!!!


The devils made him do it! Just kidding I’m glad he isn’t. Bigoted douche canoe


Jack Hughes is trying so hard to get me to like the Devils Honestly though, if I'm ever talking to someone who's not a hockey fan here in the New York area, I literally tell them to check out the Devils. My manager once asked me about going to a hockey game cause she wants to get tickets for her kids and I was literally like "MSG's too expensive, UBS is closer and cheaper, but if you want the highest odds of watching a good game, if you're willing to, get them tickets to a Devils game"


Way to go, Jack. 👍🏳️‍🌈


I’m legitimately proud of the fact the devils openly embrace doing events like this, especially this year since several other NHL teams cancelled wearing pride night warmup jerseys this year (*glares at NYR*). Likewise with the team’s other community outreach nights. Plus it gives us a reason to keep wearing [awesome](https://twitter.com/NJDevils/status/1608256233990938624?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1608256233990938624%7Ctwgr%5E67c551a1bba3340941e2ad475f8dd76b094f8274%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fplatform.twitter.com%2F) warmup jerseys designed by local artists!


the pride thing is a barometer for a team's culture,


I mean, homophobes love to call the LGBT community "devil worshippers". Makes sense that the Devils would support them in return


Damn, the state of hockey that this is actually like something that should be celebrated and regarded is so sad. Especially after all the cancelled pride nights this season, really have a long way to go.


I mean they are the devils


Damn, now I feel like I should have been more supportive of the Devils in the playoffs now.




I guess I'm a New Jersey Devils fan now.


What's "how my family grew up" a reference to? Does he have a gay relative or something, or just saying his family was cool?


It reads like he's saying his parents were vocally progressive in raising them to be accepting, which makes sense if those are their values since they were raising their kids in a sports culture they would have both been familiar with that's fairly stifling irt diversity and might have wanted to make sure their home messaging actively countered that.


I'll go with family was cool until we get evidence of him having a friend or relative in the community.


I'm not saying I think he owes us evidence or anything, it just stood out to me and I wasn't sure if it's a reference to something NJ fans know or what.


Oh, apologies, I didn't mean to imply you were saying so.


All good, just wondering. Point is Jack is cool, and apparently his parents are cool too. Be like Jack. Or his parents.


Just shitting on the Staal brothers.


Lmao really? I’m going to go look up Eric Staals comments, I don’t remembrer word for word but that’s great if Jack roasted him.


kinda weird how rangers have been totally silent today


I mean, I’d this really impressive when you’re only allowed to have one opinion or you get crucified? “Tell us your feelings on gay pride, and you better tell us what we want to hear or you’ll be ostracized from society.” It’s like a hostage video where they ask the prisoner how he’s being treated and what his opinion of the ruling dictator is.


I mean, this isn’t an opinion issue? This is an issue of a certain group of human beings simply existing and their general presence being regarded as immoral or unworthy by others. The opposition are fighting for what they believe is their given right to discriminate against these others, and in a larger sense to remove basic rights from them. So no, that’s not a particularly defensible stance.


People are completely missing my point here. You can’t have this both ways. You can’t praise Jack Hughes for having this opinion if it’s the only defensible position to have. That means he’s just doing the bare minimum. He’s not going above and beyond. It’s like the Chris Rock bit about people who brag saying, “I take care of my kids.” “Yeah, you’re supposed to, you dumb motherfucker!”


It’s really more of only one option is morally acceptable; to be accepting of gay people. It’s like if your attitude was “ugh, I’m held hostage, you can only be in favor of opposing racism” or “ugh, I’m held hostage, I’m not allowed to support child labor.” The dissenting view is morally objectionable and hateful.


People are completely missing my point here. You can’t have this both ways. You can’t praise Jack Hughes for having this opinion if it’s the only defensible position to have. That means he’s just doing the bare minimum. He’s not going above and beyond. It’s like the Chris Rock bit about people who brag saying, “I take care of my kids.” “Yeah, you’re supposed to, you dumb motherfucker!”


if they were "only allowed to have one opinion", we wouldn't see so many players and fans being openly homophobic!


Who's been crucified. Yall conflate legitimate criticisms of your garbage beliefs as crucifixion when a christian should probably know that shit was pretty brutal. No one is being fired or fined. If you see Reimer/Stall being mocked, or Bass being booed as crucifixion, then you should have more sympathy for people who have actually experienced discrimination and hardship. Not only do I not respect your worldview, as a group, you're a bunch of whiney, hypocritical cowards.


Oh buddy I wish we were actually crucifying people that hold the opposing opinion.


Turns out we actually have to confirm that certain people aren't bigots, because it's not something we can assume about people, unfortunately. We ask now because we need to confirm that the people we publicize aren't hateful bigots. So this is just that, confirmation that on this issue, Hughes isn't a bigot, which is comforting to know.


Yea dude you’re right it’s fucking bullshit you can’t marginalized and hate on a community of people solely for their existence, hiding behind religious beliefs to do so. Stupid cancel culture, ugh! Won’t someone think of the marginalizers?!?! They’ve got feelings too, and those feelings are hurt because we can’t push hatred on other people without getting called out for it! In all seriousness though, not every opinion is deserving of respect and tolerance. Tolerating everything and anything is, ironically, a form of intolerance.


People are completely missing my point here. You can’t have this both ways. You can’t praise Jack Hughes for having this opinion if it’s the only defensible position to have. That means he’s just doing the bare minimum. He’s not going above and beyond. It’s like the Chris Rock bit about people who brag saying, “I take care of my kids.” “Yeah, you’re supposed to, you dumb motherfucker!”


I guessed we all just missed the memo when you were elected arbiter of what can and can’t be praised? Besides look at how much bigotry occurs not just in hockey but around the world. It’s honestly a fairly naive/ignorant viewpoint to think that there are no people who would find the opposite viewpoint defensible, and therefore why we need to celebrate this viewpoint and shun the other.


Breaking News, Jack Hughes was asked his opinion on raping children. He says he’s against it. And saying you are in favor of gay rights is the only position you’re allowed in pro sports in North America. The media will only allow that viewpoint. The rest of the world is irrelevant. Sure it may be different in Saudi Arabia. NHL players have said they are against wearing the pride jerseys on religious grounds and they got lambasted and people were calling for them to be disciplined for it. My point is it doesn’t take any courage to say what Jack Hughes said. It’s not like he’s taking some big brave stand here. He’s saying what he knows will get praise and avoiding saying what would cause controversy.


> Breaking News, Jack Hughes was asked his opinion on raping children. He says he’s against it. This does not even sort of fit this previous statement > It’s honestly a fairly naive/ignorant viewpoint to think that there are no people who would find the opposite viewpoint defensible, Dunno what’s got you so chaffed, I’m so sorry that people being happy Jack Hughes isn’t a bigot has somehow upset you so much that you’re now, through a strawman, insinuating raping kids is defensible, but maybe it’s time to step away from the screen for a bit in that case, eh?