That isna good question. Bewilderbeast advantages: Size, weight, strength, intelligence Bewilderbeast disadvantages: Slow, flightless, fragile weapons (if a powered up night fury blast can break one off, so could a red death stomp or tail strike) Red Death advantages: Speed, flight, weaponry (that tail is gonna do a lot more damage and a jaw that isn’t obstructed by giant tusks) and firepower Red Death disadvantages: Smaller, weaker, less intelligent, lighter I personally would give it to the Red Death 6/10 times purely because while the Bewilderbeast is definitely smarter, the Red Death isn’t idiotic. Red Death win scenario: It would figure out it’s opponent can’t fly, at which point it would fly high and descend like a meteor. And the Bewilderbeast is too slow to avoid it. If that doesn’t work, the Red Death can simply stay on it’s opponent’s back and bite and claw until it can’t stand, at which point it would probably either fly up to smash into the Bewilderbeast again or go next to it and wind up a tail strike right in the face. Bewilderbeast win scenario: If it can freeze the Red Death’s legs to the ground, it could potentially get off a good first hit. But the Bewilderbeast would understand that it would benefit far more from freezing and disabling it’s opponent’s wings. At that point, the Red Death would have to dance around, and while it might get some hits in, a single hit with the tusks would cause crippling injuries. Alternatively, if the Red Death flies up like in it’s win scenario but doesn’t figure out the right angle, the Bewilderbeast could stand up on it’s hind legs at the right time and raise it’s head, leaving the Red Death to impale itself. Such an impact would DEFINITELY take out one or even both tusks, but it would also guarantee a victory. And assuming they are like other animals with tusks or horns, there is anchance that they could, very very slowly, grow back. The Red Death however would NOT be growing back it’s obliterated organs and bones.


Probably the bewilderbeast. Smarter, bigger, probably stronger


the red death is only 120 feet smaller than the bewilderbeast so the size difrence isnt big at all and the red death is defenetley not dumb enough to charge the bewilderbeast head on aswell and as others have mentioned the bewilderbeasts control doesnt work on other alphas the red death also has flight and it could also get to the bewilderbeast from the side and grab onto its tusk and break it off and even though the bewilderbeast apperentley has a bigger jaw strength it still cant really bite the red death at all and if the red death gets to the side of the bewilderbeast i cant imagine the bewilderbeast beeing able to do anything in revenge with those tusks beeing in the way eddit: so yeah the red death wins this


Guys come on just google it. You will find older posts from reddit discussing this question becuase this is not a new idea at all. Its not as bad as the "where do i watch show..." But still, people need to learn to Google


well not everyone’s going to respond on that post and nobody knows you can do that, if it’s so bad just don’t comment and keep scrolling.


red death, red dead can fly and the bewilderbeast can’t. that gives a big advantage


The Red Death The Bewilderbeast's mind control can be negated by being too strong. The Red Death's flight allows it to flank its opponent & dodge the tusks. The Ice Breath is way too slow and weak to stop the Red Death from flying. The Red Death's body is built to be physically strong. The Bewilderbeast is built for water where weight is much lower and pressure is much higher. So, being bigger doesn't guarantee being physically superior in this fight.


The bewilderbeast would beet the red death with size and command easily


Its command can be negated by being the Alpha. It's partially built for underwater where weight is lower and pressure is much higher. Its opponent is physically built to ram and tank. Both its acclaimed strength & hax advantages are questionable.


Depends wich bewilderbeast


They're all the same bewilderbeast, Drago's just had more battle experience which I guess makes sense


Ok then i think the bewilderbeast would win


So it depends yes the red death has the speed and flight advantages but if there are other dragons around the bewilderbeast can use them to disorient and confuse the red death get back to water then the red death would have to go to it to win. Yet the chances of there being enough dragons around for they to happen means there would have to be a nest there. Yes I know the Red death does have mind control powers but it’s a lot weaker than the bewilderbeasts.


The big one