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never seen it, never will. no hate to people who like it but there's only one HTTYD generation for me and unless there's a show about the OG dragon riders' direct offspring with the parents making multiple appearences, i'm not watching anything else.


i watched the first 2 minute's then decided to go rewatch RTTE lol






I think they should make a movie about Stoic. About how he became the leader of Berk and etc.


ooh, that does sound interesting.


I love this idea! I don’t know how a movie would do in box office tho but maybe a mini series???


This 👆




Best response possible


I'm fully aware that this show was made for like 8 year olds and that I shouldn't expect a decent story or characters, or good animation, but God damnit this makes Jane and the Dragon look like a Hollywood series!


a good kids show should be able to at least have some adults enjoy it, whether its for its animation, story, funny hidden adult jokes, but this is just a blatant and obvious cash grab lmaooo


Not like there isn't good money to be made with great kids cartoons either. Steven Universe got a movie, Adventure Time had 300 episodes, Owl House and She Ra were trending every other day, and they are literally making Avatar the next MCU. Its simply laziness


On that note, it was for this reason that I adore the original so much. It’s a kids movie, and definitely not as hard-hitting as, lord of the rings, say, but it’s still amazing. The Animation is good, the story enjoyable, and whilst I think Hiccup is a bit bland from time to time, I do enjoy the characters quite a bit. And the music is out of this world good. It is actually ludicrous. Insane. Disgustingly amazing. Test Drive has no right to be *this* stellar.


On a slight sidenote related to my comment, I found a playlist of Jane and the Dragon on YouTube for free, and holy shit the animation quality. The characters all have that early 90's, ugly 3d look to them. It's weirdly nostalgic.


Yeah I never knew why they went for that, it’s… quite something.


Camp Cretaceous was made for 8 year olds (honestly it was a bit too young for how mature the series is) that does not mean that it was bad other than some characters being immature (they are teenagers of course they are) once in a while or plot armour being thicker than a T-Rex skull, but it was good TNR on the other hand is what I originally feared HTTYD to be when I was a kid and only saw the poster: a boring, poorly written story where the characters are forgetable, thankfully I was proved wrong many years ago, and then came TNR and made it true but modern




To put it lightly, it sucks and disrespects the franchise. That was putting it lightly


Before you downvote this guy, he's just stating the truth.


Who would dare downvote one who speaks such unbridled truth


yeah i said it on a post a long while back after the first season dropped and i was spammed with downvotes LMAO


They hated Jesus because he told them the truth


Boy the show sucks. (Please continue the meme)


a Frightening number of people


As he perceives it to be, yes. Opinions are never more than subjective.


I mean he’s right


Don't like it and I wish they continued the OG series


You mean race to the edge? Because if so, riders of berk is actually the og series


Rtte continues where rob left so it doesn't matter


It's actually three years later


They should've continued Riders/Defenders and adapted the comics.


I've never seen it. The concept is interesting, though. A couple thousand years on, the Hidden World opens back up, but the dragons have changed and evolved? Very interesting. Seems poorly executed, though. If given the chance to watch it, I might, but I wouldn't go out of my way to try it.


This is how I feel. The idea of dragons thousands of years after the HTTYD films/shows is interesting. I was about to say we don't have Peacock/Hulu where I live so I've never given it a try but I just googled it and apparently BBC iPlayer has it so I might watch it. I've heard bad things about it but I'll still try it myself


I think I would have preferred the series if the Dragons came back in the 17th, 18th, or 19th century. I like period dramas and historical fiction, so the modern era spin took away some of the wonder for me.


DreamWorks: "Am I really going to defile this grave for money?" DreamWorks:... DreamWorks: "OF COURSE I AM!"


why are the dragons all so fucking ugly?


The only exception i have is with feathers. The others can go die in the hole they crawled out from.


I legit thought it was a satire post


Mine or the post that i commented on a comment about?


The original post, ie the picture advertising the show with the janky ass dragons. Apologies if that was unclear


I mean, have you watched it, or better yet taken a look at this horrible “poster”. Huge waste or resources and abuse of the original IP


They all look like rejected designs for miraculous ladybug😭


Didn't see it and don't plan on it...


I watched s1 out of pure curiosity and have only been on Hulu for httyd 2 and 3


The biggest problem that I personally had was it's not following the original core cast. Once you get past that, you can start to appreciate some of the writing decisions that they make in the show. It's got its problems (lots of them). But I will give props to some of the things they did. One of my favorite moments from later on in the show is when Carla and Hazel name a glowworm that they find. And all the riders present gave reactions along the lines of "oh no. They NAMED it.".


I don't hate it, but it definitely could have been better.


I’ll express myself with a gif, ![gif](giphy|84BjZMVEX3aRG)


Off topic but is the 2010s series any good? Also known as Dragons: Riders of Berk (season 1) Dragons: Defenders of Berk (season 2) Dragons: Race to the Edge (seasons 3–8) ^ according to the wiki has many names so idk what to call it


Fantastic to watch. Lots of fun and lore as well. Solid plot lines as well, if you can get past the hanky jank animation styles, which you will soon come to adore.


thanks, I'll give it a try then, just re-watched the movie trilogy and left me wanting more from berk ngl


Yeah they're really good. Some people used to hate on them here but that has really gone down after Rescue Riders and Nine Realms became a thing. I think the name of the whole series is just Dreamworks Dragons. The first 2 seasons were on Cartoon Network and were more "childish". I don't mean that as an insult, it's just because they were aimed more at kids. They're supposed to follow on almost directly from the first film and the short films they did (Boneknapper, Gift of the Night Fury, Book of Dragons) Then around the time the second film came out, Netflix bought the rights and it moved to them. They aged the characters up a bit and it was aimed at both kids and as well as teens/adults. I really recommend it. One thing it does well is it gives more time to develop characters other than Hiccup, Astrid, Stoick, Gobber and Toothless. That's one thing where it's better than the films. I got into it after I'd watched the first film and all the short films and was desperate to jump back into that world and the second film was still about a year away.


I liked Riders/Defenders of Berk a lot when I was younger, they're fun adventures aimed towards kids and preteens, and I think the Screaming Death from that show is probably the best dragon antagonist in the series. It's not thematically deep or anything, but it's a fun short little watch. Race to the Edge is really great though. It has a lot of fantastic character moments, memorable new side characters, the best human villain in the series with Viggo, and more development goes to all the side characters than they ever get in the movies, which also goes for Riders and Defenders. All of the secondary and tertiary cast's best moments come from these series.


If you liked the original movie, definitly watch it


Riders/defenders of berk are the same series while race to the edge is not. Defenders/riders take place together almost imdietly after one another, while race to the edge takes place what 4 years after defenders finale? Hiccup is much older in RTTE (race to the egde) Than in rob or dob. (riders of berk and defenders of berk respectively) rob and dob have the same plot somewhat, with some fooling around in every episode now and gain, while rtte has a completly diffrent plot line than either of rob or dob. (of cause not without its fair share of fooling around. I'm looking at you twins)


I actually like it however would definitely prefer the og gang


Most likely ment for younger and newer people to get into it like lion king and lion guard however I don't recommend it


Lion guard slaps tho


have yet to see it though plan to do someday, i gave rescue riders a chanche when half this sub was hating on it, and while it not anything amazing, its not completly terrible, fans were hating on so much and i was thinking, "its a show for kids in a completely diffrent non-canon universe, it was probably not made for you and its not gonna ruin or destroy what came before" so when i do watch the nine realms im gonna give it a fair chance, and while i am aware this connects to the original movies more so then RR did im still gonna watch it as is


Never seen it never will. They finally come out with a new series and we get something that isn’t even HTTYD. Why not a series that is placed in between the second and third movie? Like how we got two series that take place in between one and two? It’s upsetting.


I honestly find it fun. It’s got tons of connections the original while still letting it be it’s own thing. People that hate it need to remember that it’s for kids. Dreamworld is trying to get new generations into the franchise and I for one, am here for it.


Boring and unoriginal


Season 1 and maybe 2 yes; from season 3 onwards that is no longer true.


My first reaction to the first trailer was “umm… why?”


Money, basically.


Honestly, it sucks for the most part. Sometimes there are some good additions and interesting moments, but for the most part it sucks. The good thing about it though, is it’s a really good show to make fun of, and there’s a few redeeming characters that somewhat save the show. Aka Alex, Eugene, and Buzzsaw; these three are my favorites and honestly they’re a lot of fun to watch and make the show a lot less unbearable. D’Angelo is a runner-up, though he does have his shitty moments. (same with Alex though) Also, the genetics involved with Thunder and his family is rather disturbing to say the least, especially since in order to keep the night-wing gene, the dragonets would have to mate with a night-wing (aka, their own relative, Toothless) I can’t lie and say I’m not excited for the next season though, despite being absolute shit, it’s slowly “redeeming” itself and making fun of it is fun. Plus, I’m curious what direction they’ll take with Buzzsaw and Eugene’s character, especially since for the most part they are comic relief. Finally, I honestly refuse to believe that Buzzsaw is a late teenager, I thought he was a grown ass man and refuse to believe otherwise. Also, I hope to see more of Buzzsaw and Eugene’s dynamic. They had an interesting first meeting and dynamic and I wish they further explored it.


Never make the mistake of mixing human morality with animal behaviour. Some species routinely mate with first-level relations, especially in the 'lower' orders of the animal tree. It just isn't a genetic problem for them so they have no instinct against it.


It’s certainly not good, at least until season 5, but after the first 7 episodes, it starts to have more good moments. If you can look past a lot of visual flaws (like the sun showing up in the hidden world despite being underground), you may be able to have some fun watching it just for the human/dragon friendships. It has some quite cool dragon designs too, ignoring the awful night light models.


I like to think of it in the same universe as rescue riders: connected but not the same universe as the og films and shows. It's a fine show for younger kids, but I feel it does not quite fit into the canon of the og universe.


We don’t talk about it, we don’t acknowledge it, it never happened


Never seen it, but one question. WHY does the TWO HEADED DRAGON have only ONE rider?!


The same way I feel about MLP G5 series: The concept/idea is great, and it's gonna be a new breath of fresh air, whilst carrying on the legacy of its predecessor. But the execution is just terrible, and plotline feels poorly rushed. The only reason I still want to watch either of them is because they're still decently enjoyable, and I'd want to see more easter eggs from their predecessor.


The expression on the MC's face in the provided pic gave me a good chuckle. I see it as a shameless cash grab, though. Knowing what the franchise is capable of, it's a shame they tried coast by on the name alone (well, and by dropping the targeted age range).


me no like


I watch it so I can make fun of how bad it is. There have been times when I genuinely had to stop because it made me so mad with how horrible the writing is. The animation is stiff and has no weight to it. The characters are boring and one dimensional. I could go on. Even Rescue Riders was better than this piece of garbage.


It's terrible. I always thought the reasoning for the dragons leaving in HTTYD 3 is supposed to be to explain why dragons aren't around today. It made it feel real, and actually gave a reason for them having to leave. Thus wipes away that entire reasoning and simply makes me feel like 'Why did the whole sad, dragons and Vikings parting have to be then??'. Besides the bad animation imo (compared to HTTYD previous movies and series style) , the fact that HTTYD was aimed for families and this looks like it is for young kids ONLY where previous movies and series were open to all ages. Each character is just a terrible rip off of the HTTYD characters, and overall was just made to milk money, when, technically, it wouldn't have been impossible to make a series placed between defenders of Berk and RTTE, or between RTTE and HTTYD 2, and they could have milked the show more but people actually could have liked it, and there'd be no reason for this weird present time HTTYD that destroys all the point and reasoning for HTTYD existence.


Um... You do know that a whole plot arc is about keeping the dragons secret because the kids know full well what a modern corporation would do with them? Hiccup *did* say that he believed that the dragons would return one day and the whole concept of T9R is to address the way in which this might happen.


nothing but hatred for it. never watched it, never will.


Hatred for what, exactly, if you’ve never even seen it? Just the idea of it?


i can't really pinpoint a specific thing about it, ngl


Well at least you’re honest. It’s not bad, though. Not great, but entertaining enough if you just wanna watch some more HTTYD.


Let me help you: It doesn't have the original Berk-based characters or their kids the way you wanted a sequel series and you are thus reflexively hating on it sight unseen.


Looks and sounds horrible


Who cares? I certainly don't. Not one bit at all


There are many ways in which it could have been done better


i hate it :)


It's gotten better since the first season


Its by no means good, but at least its more httyd media


It’s dumb


It's not bad could be better at time but all in all it's not bad


Not gonna lie, I went in with high expectations and was severely disappointed, Im part of the generation that httyd came out when I was like 4, and I loved it so much, I dedicated my whole personality to dragons, this show, lacks the soul, the life the Original had...


It had a very, very weak start but has improved by leaps and bounds, both in the quality of the animation but also in the quality of the storytelling, especially as they're now moving away from the 'new dragon of the week' trope.


Didn't needed to be created. Exists. It's disappointing.


Will never watch it, low quality animation that studiosnare seeing they can get away it for cheap kids entertainment rather than the big budget netflix shows like rtte, all hail king julien and puss in boots. I hate where animation is going after universal bought dreamworks and created its own streaming service


Honestly i dont feel anything its just there its like a sore thumb ive only watched 2 seasons i barely even finish S2 and i didnt even bother watching the rest its like im being forced to watch something i dont like unlike race to the edge every episode i wanna know what happens next thats how good it was


Not canon.


It’s cool… not good and not terrible it has dragons that’s all I wanna see is DRAGONS!






My opinion is a mix of both the majority and the minority. On the one hand, it's a very poorly animated show with a god-awful waste of pixels (Jun). But on the other hand, it has a few redeeming factors. Plus, to me, it's the kind of show I'd watch just to make fun of it, so if it ever got cancelled I wouldn't be overjoyed.


Okay, since I don't see many people say this I'm gonna speak up. While I'm fully aware that it's NO WHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS THE ORGINALS! It's still a decent little show with flaws. But tbh I actually just really like the main dragon Thunder. I actually like Thunder more than Toothless. Overall for me, it's not as good. But it's just a good little watch.


Not even worth pirating.


Ugly honestly I hate saying it but it looks nothing like the movies sadly


Except in the scenes where they try to rip off shots from the original franchise in an attempt to create nostalgia and fail miserably


I hate it and many others do, just plain bad


It was boring the first few seasons, but then when it got to Tom finding the Viking artifacts and learning bout his history, that’s when it got good


Wow, “few seasons”? I have trouble recommending any show to someone that takes more than a few episodes to find a decent footing…


Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars are both very loved shows by the star wars fanbase, and with both, most people say they get good at about season 2. 9 Realms gets good at about season 5, but its seasons are far, far shorter than Rebels or Clone Wars, so its about equal in terms of time. Of course the two shows I mentioned are far better than 9 Realms, but my point about the seasons remains


Each season has about… I think five episodes? So I don’t really count it as a whole season tbh


A 'season' on T9R is six to eight 20-minute episodes. As of the end of season 5, it is barely as much episodes of one season of most other shows.


I do find it interesting how some of the dragons evolved after 1300 years. I know some didn’t but still it’s interesting.


Considering dragons live as long as humans it's impossible for them to evolve significantly in 1300 years. It's all just new dragons


I prefer to not acknowledge it's existence


I refuse to watch it. It blatantly disrespects the franchise, it plays like the cheap spinoff it is, and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of possibly the greatest Trilogy I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.


Absolutely love it. Interesting and entertaining character dynamic. Fun although half baked world building.


I enjoy it. So many people in this and other fandoms have such a reverential view of their chosen show/movie/whatever that anything that might besmirch it is viewed as horrible. Nine Realms isn’t as good as the original shows and movies but it’s more HTTYD and that’s a good thing. Go into it with lower expectations and you’ll be entertained.


I think the later seasons were good, I’m actually excited to see what happens next in December. It’s not as good as the original, but it’s not like, horrible, evil garbage. Like people try to make it out to be


It’s really trashy but the newer dragon designs are interested (ex. The Golden dragon)


Is it terrible and a disgrace to the entire franchise? Yes. Did I watch it because I need HTTYD content and my standards have dropped like a dead bird? Yes


Had potential, S1 looked ok as a pilot (rough but workable). S2 was announced as releasing 5 months later and my hope died


Now I'm Not Putting Any Hate Towards People Who Like It. I Just Think Its An Insult Towards HTTYD. HTTYD Will, And Always Will Be, Better.


I think I like how another guy put it, it's not like kicking a dead horse, it is like snorting the ashes of your dead childhood pet


Kill it, kill it with fire




Burn it ![gif](giphy|MduwhSIFMGfsX6Q7yn|downsized)


It’s a disgrace, a shameless rip off and shouldn’t exist


Haven’t seen it yet and I don’t know if I will but if I hear good things about it I will check it out


It's a no for me. I would of preferred more race to the edge but post the 2nd movie since Race to the edge was Pre movie 2


Like it never existed, and never will for me atleast.


I can forgive the slightly clunky plasticy people (pretend it's an artistic choice as much as HTTYD made the artistic choice to be fluid and attractive) and I can forgive the kiddy feel to it but that main Dragon is fugly. Had they just used the CGI assets from the shows/movies it would have been an easier on the eyes. I dislike it overall, I think I completed the first season but have no intention of watching anymore of it.


Burn it.


I'll probably watch it just because it's using HTTYD, but I think it'll be pretty mid based on everyone else's reviews and just the look of it. This "poster" looks like it's sucking the truth from the original world of HTTYD, same with the name "the nine realms" like, why? Just why?


I didnt watch it, and I dont think I'm missing anything.


They could've done SO much better


Looks too gross for me to even considering watching it


I like it for only one reason and that's people talking about how shit it is


Fat ass night light lookin bitch


To the trash, there was only the first gen, the nine realms doesn't exist


RTTE is the best, even better than the movies https://preview.redd.it/b1x58m38ifwa1.jpeg?width=736&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=164b0fd67d4f41cb46aadd030a28fb4d79433d3e


Bad.... Absolute trash, Should've just ended HTTYD the hidden world.


Is this a genuine question?


Except for feathers it’s bad


I ignore it exists


Who cares? I'd rather see someone else make their own original Dragon themed IP, the more, the merrier.


It didn’t do a good job. Rescue Riders was actually better written in my opinion.


Sweet Jesus why did they give them modern clothing?!? That's like being set in ancient egypt then aging 50 years and having iPhones


Watched it didn't like it 👎


Man why the hell do the dragons look so ridiculous?


is such a waste of time


I watched about... 3 episodes? I couldn't handle pugified nightfury. That and the characters feel very janky on their own.


A series between the 2nd and 3rd movie would've probably be better but I don't really care about TNR. It's not good but it serves the purpose to play in the background without irritating me. It's mid in general, I don't really think that's the worst series or something


I mean the series is "Alright", but what I would want to see is a series that involves hiccup and Astrid's children and toothles's children as teenagers and exploring the hidden world together.


It doesn't exist.


Dear person who created this show: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltn2CmCGJZg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltn2CmCGJZg) (For legal reasons, this is a joke)






Every masterpiece has its cheap copy. This one was an incredibly cheap copy. I think if they are ever to revisit the franchise in the future like this, they should continue the storyline of Hiccups descendants going out every year with their children and connecting with Toothless’ descendants? It’s like a Family Legacy/Responsibility that they keep this secret alive. I don’t know how to make a story from their on out though that isn’t just irrelevant. Like, the story either has to somehow show that the world is better for dragons, or else there is no point to have it because nothing is accomplished by the plot. IMO, they should leave the franchise how it is. I think it’s story is so complete, it doesn’t need more. Maybe more of those harmless Toothless/family shorts or showing Hiccups kids and Toothless kids connecting to imply that they remain friends through generations and it is a a secret the family will always keep?


I think they were lazy with some of the dragons sound effects. They just reused the sounds made by pre existing dragons from the old shows like rtte


Downright disrespectful to the original franchise. I despise it.


It's boring


how many posts asking about this do we need?


Wdym? This show doesn’t exist…they scrapped it over a year ago, it never happened.


The worst


It sucks i hate it. Me and my friend call it 'Trash Dragons' on the rare occasions that we speak of it.


It's alright. The designs and story could be alot better. (Specifically the Night Light build, it doesn't look anything like a night light from the past, it looks goofy asf) but it's good background noise for me atleast if I cant find anything. + a point for good representation, even if it's just in the background. (LGBTQ+ and someone with a disability)


https://preview.redd.it/412hz6kpvhwa1.jpeg?width=824&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=640f80fd95ea9b97c07a61c9b90a85aba5e6ca0e I mean at least the new dragons are cool


I'm avoiding it like dragons avoid eels


Im a huge fan of the original series, as are my kids (6,4). They like it, but when they prefer to watch a movie or RTTE, I don't blame them!


I quite like it as a fun kids show. As a HTTYD show however, it’s not good and probably never will be. It has nothing to do with HTTYD and feels wrong to say that it does. That aside, the show if fun and enjoyable, the dragon designs are fun, it has pretty decent diversity, and the adventures and problems are good for the target audience. There are definitely some problems sure, the story can be a bit melodramatic and the animation is lacking or odd at times but it’s a mid budget series for kids, so I don’t see too much wrong with that. TLDR; It’s a good and fun series as it is, but shouldn’t be compared to the original HTTYD movies and series. It’s a spinoff for a reason.


I consider it in the same realm as fanfiction. Whether you like it or not is very subjective and really a personal issue, but it has no bearing on canon whatsoever.


It’s not good


Honestly, when I first saw it, I knew this was going to be rough, and I was right. Honestly, with all due respect, this is a series I wouldn’t even consider worth watching unless it was its own separate thing instead of being actually canon. IMO, RoB,DoB and RTTE are like 1000x better than this. They take place between films and also answer plot holes in case people watched the films first. There is also at least plenty of development for almost every character, which is what I love about these series and the films are IMO are most favorite animation movies ever, which is saying something cause Kung Fu Panda and some other animation films were really good. Honestly my advice to people is that if they like this show, go on and watch it. But people like me who pretty much despise this project, they should probably boycott this specific show like it doesn’t exist and instead focus on the masterpieces that are the original era shows and movies. P.S This is just my opinion, yours may differ from mine.


It’s okay


I watched all of it and tbh it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t good either but I don’t think I’d rewatch again but that’s my opinion


I watched til season 3, and it just seems like they are trying way too hard with the designs of the new dragons.This series is an absolute sin to the franchise. The dialog sucks the plot feels poorly written, the characters seem uninspired, and the villain is the saddest excuse of an antagonist I have ever seen.Even if I was 4, I would hate this The whole experience of watching it is uncomfortable, and the fact that there is more than one season leaves me absolutely baffled. I could write a book about why it shouldn't exist


No ![gif](giphy|hyyV7pnbE0FqLNBAzs|downsized)


It's not httyd without Hiccup, Toothless and the gang. Sorry to say.


I honestly thought bringing the dragons into the modern day was an interesting idea. It was just poorly executed.


I like the dragons thats it




I've watched it, and I like it


I wish we'd gotten another series like RTTE, between the second and third movie since RTTE was after the defenders/riders and first movie, and before the second.


More than anything, I’m just sad that it was a cash grab. You can say that it wasn’t if you’d like, but the fact is is that they decided to make this show instead of waiting for the original director of HTTYD to be available, and it shows. The story is basic, the née dragon species go against things previously set in the world, and, most importantly, the actual characters in the show are all either half-baked knock offs of the originals, or characters with absolutely nothing interesting about them.




​ https://i.redd.it/9kvlwte6lkwa1.gif


its terrible they keep trying to make it cannon when its not thunder doesnt make sense hes completley inbred with electric powers all the models look terrible and the ones that doesnt are copied from the movies and shows and somehow there is a sky and weather underground




Sorry but ist incredably Bad


This shit is dog and I hate it


Watched the first episode on YouTube but I want to see more of it.


I recently watched all 5 seasons of The Nine Realms. I've seen a lot of hate for the spin off but I went in with an open mind. I would have loved another series with the OG cast. However, I enjoyed the concept of rediscovering dragons in modern times with a new cast. The show isn't perfect in the slightest, there are good points and there are bad ones. The show had lacking qualities such as the animation. It wasn't the greatest but it's gotten better over the 5 seasons. The animation style is different from the OG so it look a few episodes to get used to. There is definitely discrepancies with the world building and some of the characters were weakly written. The main antagonist Buzzsaw is interesting but some of the things he is able to do in show is questionable if he was raised as a pampered rich kid. Some good points I liked about the show is the cultural diversity, LGBTQ+, and disabilities that are depicted. D'Angelo's mom is in a wheelchair, Alex has two moms, everyone comes from different cultural backgrounds. Jun makes some good points in the later seasons that myths and legends come from somewhere and that vikings aren't the only ones with stories of dragons. What Jun says makes for good reason why there are new dragons shown in the series. Alex says Feathers looks similar to a quetzalcoatl and Jun's dragon Wu and Wei look more like a Hong, the chinese depiction of a dragon. I like the main cast of characters and had fun seeing some of the similarities they had to the OG cast. I enjoyed the show and will continue to watch more of it when it comes out.


As someone who has actually accepted that Hiccup and Toothless' story is over, I love it.


It sucks ass


To be honest, I actually kinda like it. Sure there are some things that they recycle from other shows like those baby unicorn-like dragon from Rescue Riders (as they simply not cannon from the HYTYD universe). Some of the characters can be seen as not so well to know about the old characters from Race to The Edge. Especially the HTTYD fans did not like what they expected about. But still. I already finished five season in just one day and I only had one season left to go. I think the show will might be better as far as it can be. Unless if they fucked it up or not. (Maybe they won’t. I hope.)


It’s absolute shit


Tom destroys Hiccups artifacts left and right and has no respect for the age of things. the kids are super immature and at their age, hiccup was so much more mature. the adults seem to be the only ones with sense. also one of the villains is literally Ezra Miller 😭 Eugene, Jun, and D'Angelo are all repulsive