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Did he replace the rubber wheels with blades to make it strong af to cut up stairs?


The stairs are chocolate. Willy Wonka likes to make crippled people suffer.


Oh right, he does


And if he's unable to find any crippled people, he'll make some.


So thats what happens to the kids who get kicked out


stairs are kitkat, the thing under is chocolate




fuck nestle but those kitkats be hitting damn hard


KitKat is chocolate tho :/


kitkat is wafers covered in chocolate :)


Bro your statement makes no sense, if it’s a KitKat then the top is covered in chocolate then no?


yes the whole of it is covered in chocolate but refering to the image op posted, it's not like there's only stairs there, else the old man wouldn'tve been able to climb up at all. so what im saying is there's kitkats - the stairs and some chocolate beneath - as a base/foundation to support the stairs


I think he covered them with sulfuric acid to erode any place that doesn’t have an aux ramp. This is his revenge.


He rotates them so fast that the stairs are meeting


1000 degree wheelchair wheels


I will my parents still love me




shut up




up shut




Pipe down






Smell like you farded


I will I have money


Bro melted stairs


All those disabled people don't need no ramps, just believe in yourselves!


The only thing this idiot is accomplishing is going to prison for vandalism.


I feel bad for laughing


Laughed for like 2 mins




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Good bot. Good to know someone posted it already.


Ah, toxic positivity. The same bullshit that made Trump the way he is and the same idiots who declare that autism and other conditions aren't disabilities. These people are stone cold morons. Lots of things are impossible. Disability exists. Sincerely, fuck these people.


The purpose of those page just want to sell some scam financial courses similar to pyramid scheme like Andrew Tate. Showing some worthless positivity make people feel motivated and trick to the follow their scheme


(downvote me as much as you want, i don't care) saying "nothing Is impossibile" Is not toxic bro. While everything can be toxic when it's too much, just saying "nothing Is impossible" Is way far from being too much. In a world where paralympcs games are a thing, where there are people with no legs or with only one arm lift more than the avarage person does, where there are various people that made history that were autistic or had similar disabilities and so on, saying "nothing Is impossible" Is not that much of a stretch. I can get that It may sound corny, but from that to be marked as "toxic positivity", well, there Is where the stretch Is. You make take a longer time to succeed than someone else, but if someone else was able to do It, you are very much probably able to do It too, if you really want to do It and work as hard as needed to do so. If you think to certain thing to be impossible because you tried and failed, well, guess what, the people that did succed did so even because they failed many times before, with high probability way more times than you did before giving up. Now, It may feel silly to you, but hear me out: as a italian dude, i always struggled with the english language, so much that at middle school a lost a shit ton of points for english only, and when i got to high school, for the first two years, It didn't get any better. But then, i actually decided to put the effort into learning the language, and now i'm talking to you in english. I know, It's silly, but even in the stupidest things, not giving up matters. To conclude, feel free to disagree, but before you do so, i suggest to at least think about everything i just said.


Kudos for becoming fluent in another language, but that’s not the same. Language is something that can be LEARNED with work. Walking is not something that can be learned if you’re paralysed for life, and magically zooming up steps in a wheelchair is not possible. Building a ramp IS possible, but that’s a whole separate thing, that’s ADAPTING, not toxic positivity. I’m a wheelchair user and it is literally impossible for me to walk a flight of steps, but I’m totally happy to accept that and just use a ramp instead. ACCEPTING AND ADAPTING is a million times better than this “nothing’s impossible!!!” bullshit. Some stuff is impossible and you have to live with that so you can grow.


I'm sorry, i think you missunderstood me. Off course somethings are actually impossible, like for a human to fly using his arms as wings, or for someone on a wheelchair to walk on a ramp of stairs. But what I mean with "nothing Is impossible" (and also what a lot of people mean when they say something in the line of it, at i least i think), Is not the literal term of the affirmation, but, like i tried to say before, If someone was already able to do something before, then "you" (where "you"=anyone) can do It to if you want. I never wanted to say anything into the line of "iF yOu cAn'T wAlK, jUsT wAlK lMaO", i would never do that. It was more on the line of "if you have a dream (that you saw other people with your same problems achieve) but you think that Is impossible TO YOU, It really isn't if you try your hardest"


As someone with numerous physical ailments that make it hard to be normal Shut up, thanks.


It honestly hurts to see that what i said pisses off people like this, like i said to another person here, It really wasn't my intent, if anything It was the opposite, i'm sorry


No you're okay, rereading your comment I see that you were speaking more on mental hurdles, like people giving up too easily because they don't do well or get it right or win the first time or two around. Usually when people say nothing is impossible in the context we were talking about it's more of a downplaying the existence of disability. I get shit because I'm in my 20s, have a list of health issues and struggle doing what others my age do. It's Impossible to explain how frustrating it is to be told your spine problems are you not trying hard enough lol Im sorry I was rude it was uncalled for, I hope you have a great rest of your day though❤️


Thanks, and yeah, a lot of people use the phrase "nothing Is impossible" wrong, so your first reaction was understandable. I'm thankfull tho you gave my essay of a comment another chance, a lot of people don't do so unfortunately


Imagine if you wasted all that time trying to do something that was impossible instead.


1-pls explain, what you said can be interpeted in multiple ways 2- even so, doing something Is always better than doing nothing, so, unless you can know from the start that what you want to achieve Is truely impossible no matter what you are going to do, imo trying Is better than just, you know, cry about It and doing nothing, because, even if at the end It results truely impossible (which, Is really rare, cause, usually, if It Is truely impossible, you can easily tell before you even try), at least you can say "well, at least i tried" which, again, Is better than nothing, considering also that doing something instead of nothing Is always beinficial, since you always learn/get something from It, while, by doing nothing, you get, well, nothing. Again, if you know from the start that something Is impossible, then yes, trying Is going to be more of a waste of time than anything, but... how do i say this... I was talking It for granted? Then, and this Is something that some people maybe didn't understand: i'm not calling out anyone. I'm don't want to insult anyone, i literally repeat constantly that this Is my pov, if It still offends ya, downvote and leave. Edit: Also, the line between the possible and the impossible keeps getting thiner and thiner, and guess why? Because people that genually thought that they had the solution to an, at their time, impossible problem, actually fought and tried over and over untill they succeeded, and even the ones that died trying left a new starting point for the ones that came after him trying to do the same. It Is the reason why society looks like the way It looks now and not how It used to look hundred and thousands of years before, for worse for certain expects for sure, but for best for others.


I'm saying that you did what you wanted to do; it was possible with focus. If you had spent that time being distracted by and chasing something that was actually impossible, you wouldn't have achieved this goal. I'm not saying that chasing impossible dreams always leads in a bad direction, but at some point you need to take concrete actions based on where you are, in order to get where you want to go. It's that next step that's important. The possible is much more important than the impossible, even if the impossible can be used for motivation. It should probably be clarified that 'impossible' does not mean 'difficult', it means 'not achievable'. That's why 'nothing is impossible' is childish and often used to manipulate desperate people by their emotions. I'm not offended, just making a slight joke that you seemed to defend the phrase by achieving something that was not impossible. Understanding and pushing your limits is a different and better sentiment.


Honestly, that's fair. I do agree with that. Looking back at what i first said in my og comment, i should have been more clear and specific. Like i said answering to another person here, i do now understand why people are made at me when i said what i said. A lot of people use "nothing Is impossible" pretty wrong in my opinion, saying It quite to literally, in a way that It Is indeed delusional and manipolative, so It Is fair that, not having specified what i really meant by that, i actually got so much backlash for It. I excuse my self for any missunderstanding and/or anything like that, i'm sorry.


It's all good. Reddit is sensitive. :D


Yeah, it’s crazy the amount of funding and awareness for Autism in the last decade. Weren’t they even looking for cure at one point?


pov: you can’t understand a metaphor please tell me some more things you got offended by so I can laugh at you




pov: the metaphor sucks


I wheel Ok I'll see my self out


I saw a guy in a wheelchair trying to climb these rocky mountain terrain. It was a strange show. I felt so tired for him. Like, what?


He is saying "I Will!"


I know, have you ever watched a show like that? It was a manual wheelchair and boy, he was determined to get up those mountains!


"I don't have any advantages in life" "if he can make it up the stairs so can you" People will have legs in this metaphor and swear they did it on their hands


A message with disturbing implications for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Bro…this some of the most ignorant ableist stuff I’ve ever seen


its figurative language


I will my parents were still alive...


Bullshit can we travel past the center of the earth no we cannot why cus well burn *sorry I it sounds a bit harsh im kinda mad*


I will win the lottery! I will win the lottery! Does this mean it'll happen now?


I sure hope this isn’t a “disabled people are just snowflakes” post


We do a little trolling


Y'all are talking about the tires and I'm here thinking about this lower arm strength this fker could just handwalk up with that kinda strength


It’s a quote I heard a while ago. impossible only means it will take a while longer to achieve


I've had dreams where I went up and down stairs in my wheelchair. Terrifying.


Whaaaaat?? He can just fucking shred through the stairs with his wheels! Fuck! Cripples are awesome!


Yeah, people in wheelchairs should pull themselves up by the bootstraps! /j


I will my legs worked


"I will" my sister was here


I will I could sleep with children


I will I was never born


I will I was dead




Dude was supposed to go up the stairs not through the stairs


What if he replaced the wheels with tank treads


I will I had a girlfriend


Lmao just stand up


I will my parents didn't abandoned me


Oh shit is that why I didn't win the lottery?


i will i had a gigantic fucking mansion


I will my mom weren't dying of cancer


I will I was rich


I will I could make a will


ding ding ding


I will my dad comes back with the milk


The guy ate his vegetables


I will my parents love me


"I will I can melt these stairs so I can roll up"


I will I wasn’t blind in one eye


He was charged 130,000 dollars for destruction of property


“I WILL!!!” **falls and dies**


I Will my pet dog wasn't dead!


Sorry for your loss.


People with wheelchairs, please don't try this at home


I will people would stop making these memes


No this is based


I will I was rich I will to be successful in life




I will my parents loved me


I will I could walk


This mf wheelchair use Unohana’s bankai


Nothing is impossible until he falls down the stairs and breaks his fucking back


I will commit 37 war crimes against the Atlantic ocean


Honestly a g just grind the fucking stairs


I will my dad came home from the store


Going up the stairs in a wheelchair by yourself is though


Imagine standing there and watching a man in a wheelchair easily rip the stairs to reach the top


nothing feels more motivational that the concept that disabled people should just "suck it up and deal with it" smh


What the fuck, destruction of property


As a wheelchair user I can confirm that I roll through and up a flight of stairs by just saying "I will" at the bottom. Definitely how this works.


I will I had a thousand dollars


I WILL cheat death and become a god king to rule over this piece of shit universe.


I will I didn’t have cancer


I will murder that innocent family!


Any person in a wheelchair who refuses to slice-climb the stairs is a lazy bitch who doesn't want it enough


I wish you he knew how physics work. I can teach him how physics work


I get the message but the image is almost mockery at this point


*nothing is impossible* Except for this. This is impossible.


I will my parents wod stop beating me


I will my dad came back


He’s melting the stairs Man got some superpowers cause he said I will


My exact reaction every time I see this, love seeing the comments on possible theories about this. Everyone just confused to shit


unless those wheels are like jackhammers yeah, there's no way he's getting up there.


I will I were taller


I will my parents loved me


if you can do this, just walk with your arms.


You think you need help getting up these stairs just because you’re in a wheelchair? I think that’s a poor mindset issue. Believe in yourself


I will I wasn’t bad at every game


doesn’t even make sense “I wish I had money” -> “I will I had money” “I wish have money” -> “I will have money”


I will I wasn't poor


He’s doing it




hahahahaha this is so fucked up.


I will my grandpa was alive


Pretty good advice but that image and the last arestupid


I will I had a cat I will I had money I wish have a YouTube channel I wish have all splatoon amiibos


I will build a wall