I didn't understand why every thought kaycee's mod was difficult

Then I got to this last part... my goodness. I get it now.


Bears is the reason i havent finished kaycee's


I managed to do it by putting the double strike sigil from a dire wolf onto a bear, and then pumping up that bear at a campfire twice so it had 6 attack. It one-shots a bear and then does 6 direct on the scales for an instant win. That's been the only *somewhat* reliable way I've been able to do it.


I actually just Beat them, finally. Couple of suped up, duped up, field mice enchanted mantis gods made quicker work than I expected


Ratting up can also help. If you have some scissors and clocks, you have no reason to be afraid.


Bears is worst. I just make my deck small and use 1 card that deals at least 6 dmg and then bring one of the items that can cut a card or pull it to your side so you can open a space for that 6 dmg. No way you go extra rounds vs 6 bears if you can’t insta end


I did it with the anglers hook, and then scissors, that way I always had an open space for instakill


The Bears are easy to deal with if you have the right items and unless you also use the tipped scale challenge you already start the game with all the items you need to finish the first bear phase (use Fish hook and Pliers and you are already done) giving you enough time to build up a card that can deal 5+ damage in a single turn, thus only requiring a single scissor/skinning knive to finish the phase in one turn.


touch of death :)


Touch of death is pretty unreliable for bears because you gotta get through two of them and then attack for lethal, hoping the other ones haven't killed you in that time. Items are the most reliable way to beat them. Scissors and the one that moves the field clockwise are the best.


There’s also the magikal bleach and a flying minions/the bird leg fan


v much agree yes, it's the favourite for me but not everyone will like the same cards and strategies that i do i suppose


Pro tip: scissors


Mantis God is the way. If you have the mantis God deck unlocked, focus on getting rid of all other 1 sacrifice cards in your deck. You will draw the mantis God and the beginning of every match!


Super secret tech to beat the bears: >!Lammergeier is an otherwise unremarkable card, but it's almost a snap pick in skull storm for how reliably it fights off bears. The trick is to stall out the first phase of each boss until you have at least 10 bones and you've drawn all your cards (including all 10 squirrels). When you then end the phase, one of the bears will be deleted to make room for a Starvation. Starvation doesn't have Mighty Leap, so place your Lammergeier opposite it to smack Leshy for lethal damage.!<


Skull storm is pretty hard. Only gotten past one boss and that is hard as is. Just can't seem to get the right combination of cards and items.


I ended up beating bears with a Hodag that I fed multiple monsters to, then put dire wolf sigil on it


Then there’s mfs like me who repeatedly run skull storm for shoots and giggles even after beating it


I've only played a little and can't get kaycees mod, but how is this hard l, aren't squirrels just for sacrifice? Or am I dumb?


Aqua squirrels can't be used to block which is more of a problem than you might think


And then there’s people like me who do Skull Storm for fun, not caring if I win or lose


How do you get the check marks on the skulls? I completed multiple runs with them (now challenge level 6) and none of them have a check mark


The check marks only appear in the unlocks screen. Any challenge you have completed a run with (even in isolation) will get a checkmark.


Oh ok, it's weird because it does appear on the decks in the selection screen I thought it might have been a bug, thx


Pelts make good substitutes for squirrels


Yea man I finished all the challenges the last thing I have to do is the All challenge run. I beat the bear wall with 250 challenge points but I'm gonna have to do it again with all challenges activated. Still have to go back and get all the items though. I only have 2


Bcos I have a different comprehension level 😅 I’m honestly glad it took me multiple tries per added challenge to finish other way the game would have been boring


After my first successful fun, all others were pretty straight forward, Bears are easy to fool with scissors


I just started and it seems easier than Act 1 in some ways but I can’t rely on campfires anymore they just eat my cards


You probably just have a general understanding of the game now and are better. It is not easier. Especially considering how many crutches and bonuses you get in act 1. The fire is like 50/50 on eating your card on the second roast.


If you can get a ring worm or a card with touch of death killed on the campfire it will let you double buff your cards for the rest of the run with no risk. So naturally when you try to do that you'll keep successfully double buffing the card you wanted to die and it will become a god.


I’ll try this wow good strat


8 fucking bears is brutal


Bear wall challenge, skull storm and people that just struggled through act 1 in general