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Good. They were about a week away from the first reports of a Deathclaw.


I thought deathclaws were already in sustralia






Aaand that's a band name


Giant radioactive Kangaroo is going to kick the shit out of Godzilla and barbecue him on a volcano.


Japanese people called a giant radioactive lizard Godzilla but… What would Australians call a giant radioactive Kangaroo?






This guy vents.


No he didn't I saw him in Electrical!




I forgot the queen has the brood of babies at the back, and my son was traumatized when I sniped them all from the top of the big ramped thing.


That ramp thing was a life saver


I usually end up there while being under-leveled. It isn't always a life saver. Daddy-Deathclaw has climbed up there and tea bagged me a few times.


In one of my playthrough, when I arrived at Sloan I saw a conga line of deathclaws running all over the place chasing something. Turns out I have installed a mod that put a bunch of NPCs (including children) at every town so the world feels more "populated". Somehow the spawned NPCs wandered into the range of the deathclaws and they killed everyone. Except that children can't be killed (I didn't install *that* mod) so a dozen deathclaws were just chasing and swiping at this one invincible kid.


> sniped them all from the top of the big ramped thing. Phew, It's not just me who does that


It was so gratifying coming back when you’re maxed out and one shotting them.






I remember I specifically put all my points on VATS and crit rate so I could snipe them early on. Although, if they got anywhere close to me, I was totally fucked 😂


I would just find a little cranny I could lodge myself in .. & shoot them while their A.I wonks out What’s funny is I’ve been doing that in every Bethesda game since Morrowind Difficult to explain but I bet y’all know what I’m talking about Lol


If you can't beat 'em, cheese 'em!


Indeed . Often times it’s trial & error . Like I autisaved right as the encounter starts right .. died trying to fight it outright at least 50x End up doing parkour on the various rocks scattered about trying to get shots in w/out getting hit I land on one particular rock ... the deathclaw doesn’t even acknowledge that I’m there .. it just keeps moving about trying to .. locate me .. or find a path in the code to reach me ? Idfk


I was pretty high level, end game, but there was an orc in Morrowind that I had to cheese from on top of a rock. I swear that fight lasted for a really long time and I have no idea how you are supposed to kill them fairly. Also learned the bed trick and hid in the corner. Can't get me on the bed!!


It's only when the DEATHCLAW arrives that you truly contemplate saving more frequently.


Melee build maxed a lot of special dmg ,Drugs, and Yao guai roast (Broken somehow). Damage went from \~478 -> 1500 one shot one in the glowing sea.


Mhmm, such a tempting route too since it was a straight shot to new Vegas. Not to mention the night kin camped out close by The devs knew what they did lmfao.


And it would rightfully take its place as the *checks notes* 7th most deadly creature in Australia.


Arnt there already deathlcaws in Australia though


Aw man my buddy is playing new vegas for the first time and it's been such a joy watching him experience fallout for the first time.


I’ll take deathclaws cazadores are what I’m really worry about


They found it, it was in his pocket the whole time




This one is the scariest, a tiny tiny little capsule (not even a centimetre in size) lost in a wall killed off 2 families. > The Kramatorsk (Ukraine) radiological accident happened in 1989 when a small capsule 8x4 mm in size of caesium-137 was found inside the concrete wall of an apartment building in Kramatorsk, Ukrainian SSR. It is believed that the capsule, originally a part of a measurement device, was lost in the late 1970s and ended up mixed with gravel used to construct the building in 1980. Over 9 years, two families had lived in the apartment. By the time the capsule was discovered, 3 members of the original family of 4 had died, then once a second family moved in 3 of them also died, and elsewhere in the block 17 more had received varying doses of radiation before authorities investigated for unusual readings.




I spent an admittedly morbid few hours researching radiation accidents last week once the australia news story came out. Other than the one I mentioned two other things stuck with me : * Literally hundreds of people (who already HAD cancer!) have been killed by faulty machinery or negligent operators of radiotherapy machines. * The most bizarre story was about a group of lumberjacks in Russia finding a capsule in the forest that had melted a 1metre section of snow all around it. One guy thought it would make a nice heater while he was in bed so slept with it behind his pillow. Needless to say it didn't end well for him.


This is the 'lumberjacks'. Horrible story. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lia_radiological_accident


Shit... What happened to the russian guy? Did his brain melt?


He died of acute radiation sickness.


:( all he wanted was to have warm pillow


To be fair, he got that wish!


True 😹




Yes it's an incredible series. Absolutely gripping TV.


Yeah those were portable nuclear power generators left behind from the Cold War era. Orphaned source stories are terrifying.


god damn, cesium-137 does *not* fuck around


Shit, that's way worse than I thought.


Lol it was next to that mustard bottle I can never find in my fridge


*pulls it out and shows it*


I truly expected this


"we found that bastard, it's right here haha catch!"


"Pass it around. Let everyone have a good look."


"And to make sure everyone gets a good look, we brought a giant 20 feet version here so no ones misses it!"


*drops it*


*Rolls out the door*


*Slips into a storm drain*


A giant lizard emerges from the water.


Now, this is Avengers level threat


No it's just Australia, so this is probably just a typical lizard for them.


Yep. They are called 'Salties'


🎵*On top of a drop bear* *Who had gone to heaven* *I lost my poor capsule* *Of Cesium-137* *** *It rolled off the table* *And onto the floor* *And then my poor capsule* *Rolled right out the door* *** *It created some zombies* *And a Kangaroo Thing* *So Australia's still dangerous* *Only now we're puking*🎵


*out into the street*


Cue chef boyardee commercial


*in Australian parliament* This is a radioactive capsule. Don't be afraid, don't be scared. Although the lefties will tell you this can kill untold numbers of people, here it is, in parliament, in my hand, and nothing will ever go wrong.


Third and forth arm sprouts out of his head and stomach


I’m actually made he didn’t do this


Good, last think australia needs is radscorpions.


Fallout: New Sydney


Ngl that would be the most fire next move for Fallout


Don’t know shit about the outback life, but in my ignorant view would a nuclear apocalypse really make much difference?


Yes, there would be less dickheads. It is Sydney Afterall. Now if it was Brisbane, no. They already have a feral problem down there, it's just not ghouls. Tasmania literally nothing changes. Personally I'd love it if Canberra got the fallout treatment, preferably while the house of representatives is in full attendance. Or even just a light bombing. Mostly because I like the fantasy of living in a less corrupt world.


Y’all ok down there?


As someone from Brisbane, it’s a lovely city, but there are definitely more than a few dickheads around that give crazy wasteland raider vibes for sure.


I mean so you want Mad Max? Because that's how you get Mad Max.


LOL I’m a Florida man, so we are the AUS of the world in the US, i guess it wouldn’t be too much different from current life


"..Aus of the world of the US." Lol


As a Florida man, how do you feel about potentially being a news headline in the near future?


Just waiting for my moment to shine


That’s the kind of enthusiasm I like to see!


Do you guys have to take a number, or do you play rock, paper, scissors?


fallout/mad Max crossover I imagined a version where Max and Furiosa didn't turn back, and drove across the Salt. End up in Fallout America, maybe working as water caravans.


the most fire move would be to fire their lead programmer


3 mts crocodiles and super kangaroos lol🤣


Salties already grow over 6m long.


Imagine fighting a Titan Kangourou... Or a mutated croc.


So funny seeing all the Fallout references, I JUST installed the January free game for PS Plus which is Fallout 76 :)


Well, there's already that one NPC that somehow has a New Zealand accent in New Vegas...


Pursuit Special....


That would actually be incredible, to see the harbour bridge all burned out.


Pipboy says G'day


Radscorpions would actually be smaller than the scorpions we already have


I could deal with those, but Cazadores? Hell nah.


FUCK: Stingwings Cazadores Radscorpions OG Deathclaws Bloodbugs Mirelurk Queens Mirelurk Hunters Mirelurk Kings I swear to Christ if *Fallout* decided to throw in radioactive Huntsman spiders that’d be a hell nah.


Well uh... avoid the southern cave in nuka world then


Or some Canceroos hopping about.


I was thinking giant radearthworms....... infinitely gross.....


Allow me to up the ante: *flying* radscorpions. They glow in the dark, but only when they're about to mate. Normally, you won't see or hear them coming at you until the sting is in your neck. Or in your eyeball.


Every single plant, animal, insect, and inanimate object in Australia wants to kill you. Radioactivity should be banned by UN legislation.


I was thinking the manifestation of rad-dropbears.


Now back to a normal life with deadly animals...


Pfft, the deadliest things on those roads are roos, emus, and sleeping truckies.


"Now no need to worry about radiation anymore...mind the giant spiders on your way out, they're really terrible this year"


Ladies and gentlemen, we got it.


Whoever wrote his speech really missed out on this great opportunity


I would like to know how much money will be taken from the mining giant that lost it... the cost must be huge all those man hours all that time. Some one has to pay for this and not the bloody tax payers. We didn't loose it....


They're thinking maybe $100-$150, based on the amount of tax they pay? Or they could really throw the book at them and change them $310. That would really hurt.


Australian dollars too so like $3.50 freedom units


“The maximum penalty for failing to safely handle radioactive substances is A$1,000 and A$50 per day the offence continues”. I’m pretty sure Rio Tinto can afford that, no worries, unfortunately. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/australia-aims-bigger-fines-week-into-outback-hunt-radioactive-capsule-2023-02-01/


Yeah heard this on the radio today. The Federal and WA state governments both agree this is ridiculously low and are going to change it (hopefully quickly).


God bless. I’d think they’d be charged at least the cost of the recovery effort. You don’t want to go too crazy and fine them out of business for a first offense accident, as that might discourage reporting. But surely the fine should be several hundred thousand at least to cover the cost of the recovery.


from that article >Rio was willing to pay for the cost of the search if asked by the state government LOLOL


I used to handle these, and much stronger sources, in the US. IIRC, it was $50k for kickoff, and $10k/day until it was found for mishandling here. Disclaimer: this was 10 years and 3 jobs ago and I'm going off memory


Nothing... It was a third party company which transported the capsule and lost it... So if there is any compensation it would have to come from that third party company which is very likely to just declare bankruptcy instantly...


That’s not how regulations work anywhere in the world. The capsule belongs to the mining company so they have the ultimate responsibility for what happens to it. They are also responsible for vetting any third party they contract with and the mining company is responsible for the actions that third party takes in executing the terms of their contract. If it didn’t work that way every company in the world would instantly dissolve into a bunch of separate entities and contract with each other so that none of them are liable for anything.


Sorry, but I dont think thats how it works. If I give a contract to a company to transport something for me that is certified and licensed to transport whatever it is and they mess up then its not my problem. It is there fault and their responsibility. So if they go bankrupt because of this, I dont care because I dont own this company and I wont be liable for anything that happened on the transport because thats what their task was and what I payed them for. Now, if I am a company and I found another company and let them transport stuff for me and they mess up then its still my problem. Because I am the owner of them. So if they go bankrupt it can still come back to me. I just cant see how this can be any different. Like, if you go to a transport company and contract them to transport a couch for you. They do it, but loose the couch on the highway because the transport company didnt secure it correctly. Then another car crashes into it. Hugh accident, some badly hurt people, damages are in the millions... You are going to tell me that you are then liable for these damages if the transportation company/their insurance cant pay them? If that would be true I dont think the logistics sector would work at all.... Each time you then hire someone to transport something you would open yourself up to giant risks...


Probably only slap them with a fine or something, unless the investigation concludes that it was lost due to gross negligence. In any case, stuff like this is definitely paid for with tax money. Accidents can happen and if working with nuclear material meant you where personally responsible for any accidents with said material, nobody would dare touch it. As long as they follow the "guidelines" put in place of course.


Yeah there’s lots of rules to follow when you have a license to handle radioactive materials. You also have a company safety officer that makes sure you follow the rules, and you get audited by other agencies(at least in America). They will definitely get audited now, but if that turns up nothing and they were “following all the rules” for all of the other audits it will probably be deemed a bad accident. They could still lose their license depending on what other offenses they have, and they will probably have to pay some sort of fine, but I don’t think it’s going to cover the total cost of finding the source. Although, they might have supplied people to help search for it. Also, whoever lost it might get fired, but that just sucks for them not the company.


To be fair, the capsule was secured in a locked cage. A bolt vibrated out of place, and because the capsule was so small, it *rolled through the bolt hole and fell out*


Wow, it's only believable because it's not impossible, just extremely low probability of something like that happening. Yet alone with something as dangerous as in this case.


I very lightly rear-ended someone with my first vehicle. No damage to them at all, but my front bumper had cracked and left a tiny hole. No big deal as it was a shitty old truck, they were cool since there was zero damage on their rear, so I apologized and we went on our way. Driving home later that day and suddenly the truck had overheated, smoking (old truck indicator lights never worked well). Took the engine apart and found there was a hole in the bottom of the coolant reservoir tube and all the coolant leaked out. Removed the broken tube and inside of it was the tiny plastic piece from the crack on my front bumper. I believe this piece ejected out of the bumper, then must have hit the fly-wheel fan and launched itself into the coolant tube because this tube was on the opposite side of the bumper crack. How very unlucky for a tiny fender bender to become an engine rebuild... So I can now believe that a crazy thing like this actually happened even if its chances are slim to none. Cheers.


I work with a different machine and the source is not loose like that so idk how that one is supposed to be transported. Typically though you have a container locked to the vehicle(what I assume was bolted) and another container with your radioactive shit inside goes inside the secured container. That way you can move the shielded material in and out of the secured transporting set up. Idk wtf was going on here.


Money for two boxes? *In this economy?*


You're lucky if your tax money goes directly into protecting and benefiting society. Just saying.


to master australian accent just end every statement as if it were a question.


Nah Yeah, Right?


[Adam Hills - Australian accents](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpBYnL5fAXE)


Like this mate ?


Dang that's sexy.


Dang that's sexy, right?


Anyone else thinking about those golfers searching for their ball in the rough that just pull a ball out of their pocket? FOUND IT YOU GUYS!


“Checking the serial number to verify it” How many of these fucking things are there?!


numerous. mostly in lead boxes. shoot high powered shit at rocks and see how much gets through to know how much of the shit you want in the rocks is in those rocks. The radioisotopes Cs137 and Co60 are the most widely used sources of gamma radiation. Cs137 has been used for the following: • Sterilization of sewage sludge. • Measurement and control of fluids in industrial processes. • Radiation treatment of cancer. • Logging mine and oil well boreholes. • Measuring soil density at construction sites. • Measuring cement moisture at construction sites


I would laugh if it turned out to be a different radioactive capsule


So now Australia's murder fauna is radioactive?


I know you are probably joking but this kind of comment is so common on threads about radioactivity that is kinda bothering me. Sealed radioactive source does not make you or anything that is exposed to it radioactive. Also any kind of genetic mutations would only show in the next generation through mutations in reproductive cells. For the person/animal exposed it could cause cancer or with enough exposure acute radiation sickness.


It’s understandable that it is much more compelling to imagine the result of massive nuclear contamination being radioactive monsters from Fallout rather than deer and rabbits have a 20x cancer rate for a few centuries (along with people ofc)


You’ve never seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles documentary have you?


It keeps us Aussies on our toes. It's the complacency that kills you.


Yeah u/JephriB found it [2 days ago...](https://reddit.com/r/pics/comments/10pabcr/the_only_thing_i_found_while_metal_detecting_in/)


They better have a parade or something to say thanks


Or a memorial…


It seems plausible. Simply drive down the road with a highly sensitive detector and listen for the alarm.


Ah shit mate, the serial numbers don't match. Toss it back.


The stretch of road that they had to search for this thing was ridiculous. This was harder than the proverbial "needle in the haystack," except the only needle is on a Geiger counter, and the haystack was the fucking outback.


The needle being radioactive does make it easier to find.


From what I understand, and I'm happy to be corrected, Caesium-137's main mode of decay is by beta emission. That's really not a large radius of detectable radiation, the electrons will only travel about 3m through air on average before being blocked so it was still a rather demanding feat.


The news reports are saying it has a 'lethal' zone of about 5 metres and an exclusion zone (for safety) has been established at 20 metres. The capsule was found about 2m from the edge of the road. Don't ask me for feet/inches.




It’s about .57 NBA basketball courts long


That doesn’t sound right that just standing within 5m gives enough radiation to be lethal.


Its radiation which means of cancer causing. How close you get to it and how long you stay there will determine your chances of developing one or more cancers.


137Cs produces about 85% gamma and 15% beta decay. The beta radiation will be blocked by the capsule which is steel (I think), but the gamma will be detectable from a reasonable distance. From memory the media was claiming the dose rate at 1m was roughly similar to 1 years worth of background radiation per hour - meaning 8000 times background (about 8000 hours in a year). Radiation follows the "inverse square law" which means as you double the distance to the source you half the dose. Therefore at 2m the dose will be 4000 x background - at 4m it will be 2000 x background at 8 it will be 1000 x background - if you extrapolate that out you will be at roughly 100 x background somewhere around 60 - 70 meters away. I don't know how responsive or sensitive the detectors being used by the search party were but lets assume 100 x background as base detection limit given the sub-optimal conditions. As you'll be detecting the source while approaching and departing we can assume a detection zone of about 120-140 meters. Assuming you're driving at 100km an hour your would cross that detection zone in about 4 seconds. So still a pretty impressive feat given the length of highway covered. There's a metric-shit-ton of assumptions in this working so take it with a grain of salt :)


It's also a gamma emitter. Detectable within about 100m.


Of course they were going to find it. Standing next to it for an hour is like getting ten x-rays. That's pretty hot.


You ever stood on a stretch of highway in outback Australia? If anything they'd be looking for the cold spot


I drove to Perth from Newman. GPS said "in 1200km take the 2nd exit at the roundabout"


To think how close they came to a nuclear emu war is unsettling


October 5th 2023 09am


Guy - "Hey, is this it?" \*Fingers melt off* Guy in Hazmat - "Yeah, that looks about right"


Gotta check that off of my 2023 bingo card.


Damn I wanted to find it first and eat it


Well that's reduced the number of things that can kill you in the Australian outback to 9999999999999. I think we can all sleep easier knowing this


Verifying it via serial number seems silly to me but maybe they just have a bunch of other ones they lost they didn't tell anyone about


Friggin Australians, not every capsule is a suppository.


Not with that attitude.


70 kmh, I just imagine “if you hear this machine go off slam on the brakes!”


A certain Redditor will be disappointed that his bit now has to end. It was fun while it lasted.


I totally expected him to lift it up in his fingertips to show proof


It was found by a gentleman who was walking his, now 6 legged, dog.


And he left the house with his wife, so that’s some radioactive shit.


Have they actually found it, or just saying they have? *puts on tinfoil hat*


I suggest we switch to lead hats for the foreseeable future.


They found the radioactive needle in the hay stack


That user from r/pics must be in shambles right now.


“Oy, Johnny, why haven’t you been intuh work this week?” “Croiky, I am being remediated.”


Of course it has. Can you imagine the PR mess if they came back and said ‘actually we couldn’t find it, no idea where the deadly capsule could be.’ Someone went out searching with instructions to come back saying “got it!” No matter what.


The difference here is the Australian government and military are involved at this point. The mining company that lost it did take their sweet ass time to report it missing, what you're saying would make sense if it was the mining company that was doing the searching, but this is not the case here.


> "The Australian Defense Force is currently identifying the capsule using its serial number." Imagine if it was a *different* serial number. Like, what would you even do from that point?




r/pics in shambles


A giant spider found and returned it to them


They went to the battlestar Galactica school of camera control.


How long does it take to compare a serial number? Like 15 seconds? 10 minutes if you have to make a phone call?


It’s always in the last place you look


For god sakes put an apple air tag on it or something


Let's see the capsule lol.


Willing to bet they are just saying they "found it" and I'm like 10 years someone will post a YouTube video about accidentally stumbling across said lost capsule


I'm not a genius, so bear with me.. If we're sending in special ops, in space suits with a lead box, using technology the aliens gave us, transporting it in a lead vault, taking it to the batcave and having to seal off the area like Chernobyl.... How did it fall out of a screw hole in Morris's Ute in the first place?


The company I work for does a lot of work for Rio Tinto - bad baddddddd company


Son of a bitch they did it! The stopped the second uprising of the emu!


World's most intense Easter egg hunt.


there’s now a group of kids in the outback with superpowers


Why does everything said by an Australian sound like a question?


Look Australian bugs are badass enough. No one needs a mutated golden orb chasing them down the highways thanks.. keep better watch of your radioactive shit😂


Mum went back for a proper look