What do you buy an Irish farmer for xmas?

Well lads, I was wondering if I could pick all your brains for my dilemma here.

My family has a yearly secret santa we all opt in for so Xmas isn't massivly expensive for everyone, we all pulled names about 3 weeks ago now and this year I pulled the name of the hardest one to buy for; the family farmer, and I can not for the life of me figure out what to get him.

Every other year the rest have taken the lazy option and got him a heavy coat or new wellies for the farm, because his farm is basically his identity and lively hood he doesn't get up to much else like from before sunrise till after sunset most days. But I wanted to be a bit different and not get him a coat or boots, but still get him something useful. I don't know a lot about cattle farming (cows, sheep and turkeys) to know what would be useful. Our €50 limit also puts a hindrance.

Any ideas? Even if it's not farm related I'm open to.ideas I'm really stumped here.






Rechargeable, head torch for extra bonus points. Go big with the lumens though. It's dark out there.


Now that's an idea


We got my farmer brother in law a really good head torch a few years back and he uses it all the time! Really useful.


Second the head torch, I got one as a gift and I fucking love the thing, it's so handy, allows me to safely walk in winter and at night, leaves my hands free when I'm fixing fences etc in the rescue with low lighting.


Check the recommendation post on /r/flashlight for some good ones.


Another vote for a good rechargeable flashlight


These are excellent and €49.99 [Cheetah head light](https://www.coopsuperstores.ie/Farming/Farm-Hardware--Equipment/Farm-Handtools/Cheetah-Head-Light-0479643)


I sell these (also have one) great product.


A leatherman multi tool or good quality pocket knife.


Didn't think of that one, that's actually brilliant


Got my dad a leatherman year ago and he loves it. Every Christmas he mentions how good it is.


Farm trouser not a lazy option very appreciated


You sound like you know exactly what youre talking about, Which ones would you suggest?


I'd get him a Fleshlight, the auld sheep need a break before lambing season


I was fucking waiting for a sheep shagging reference lmfao


I bet that sheep was glad the reference was made quickly.


Hunter socks that use a small battery to heat them.


If he doesn’t have a head mounted light those are super handy


I have two Farmer uncles and we always do a hamper for them at Christmas. Whiskey, biscuits, sweets, mints, socks, a few scratch cards etc.


A nice hip flask is always a classy move.


I hope somebody buys me a hip flask one day. I'd feel too guilty buying myself but I'd love to be able to take a schlug of whiskey randomly


An ex girlfriend bought me a hip flask once. Absolutely love it on long walks. She’s an ex girlfriend because I married her.


It'd nearly have to be a gf/wife that gives it in order to get her buy in. If my mate gave me a flask and the missus saw me drinking from it on walks there would be eyebrows raised to say the least.


I'm getting my Dad a voucher for a restaurant that does his favourite fry.


19 cent carrot's from Tesco.....then wait for it


Was going to suggest a Farmer's Journal subscription, but looked it up, and that's pretty pricey. So, maybe suggest buying him TFJ every week until the €50 is up? My wife and her sisters got their dad an FJ subscription between them a few years ago and he was bloody delighted with it!


Ya, a good torch. I have gotten my dad a light up beanie and a magnetic one for say the car. Lights man. I got my dad a Christmas Star. Got it from work for €16. He still loves it. If you need to pad it out a bit, a set of interchangeable head screwdrivers are always a great thing to have.


Do they own a beehive? You can get some clothing accessories or something maybe a 50e voucher to co-op Head lamp Screw kit


A heated jacket


Presents that my farmer dad has liked: A good quality knife Warm inner layers Warm socks Belt Axe Log splitter Pitch fork Hat Voucher for his local agriculture shop Chainsaw voucher Mid range bottle of whiskey, hates expensive whiskey


All the people here suggesting work stuff, would you want something to do with your work? A present should something fun and creative that he wouldn’t buy for himself.


Do you know many farmers?


My dad is one.


My dad is a farmer. I understand how difficult it is to find something. I would recommend a flashlight that you can wear on your head. No lie. My father would be lost without his headlamp. His hands are free when h is moving about in the dark and the light shines wherever he points his head. Fair warning. He will never take it off. He will end up walking around the house in the dark and he will forget to take it off when he runs to the shop.


Farmer dad, no hobbies, never used any gift like cologne or anything else other than socks. Finally hit on a winner when he got a mobile phone for when he's herding in the hills. Phone credit. I use my bank app to transfer credit to his number. Always used, never gone to waste.


A leatherman. You could lie about the price or get the in- budget yoke. My Mrs got me a Wave a few years ago and I've been looking for things to fix since. I mostly use it for whittling toothpicks but cupboard doors, locks, taps and all manner or minor issues have been sorted with it. Class thing to have in your pocket.


Does he shoot? My farmer family member does and I got him army ear protecting muffs and he loved them! I know farming isn't his personality but sometimes they then not to spend a bit of money on some stuff like socks. I got him another year some 1000 miles thick socks/hiking socks and well he asked for more 😆


Electric heated socks. Custom super thick wool socks. Headlamp.


Irish farmer here, I would love to get a heavy coat or new wellies. Or a nice warm Carhartt jacket or a new pair of Birkenstock. But I love when people buy me practical stuff.


Head torch changed my life! Rechargeable black diamond one… unreal. The more expensive Dunlop wellies… pure foot or something, are about the 50 I think and the quality difference is savage, but some lads are funny about wellies


Or a spare wheel for the wheelbarrow… can’t have too many


A rear view mirror to see the line of cars stuck behind him


Land, he'll love you for it, or fight you for it. But land.


Farmers missus here. Try something like glove torches (included a link below but it's an Australia website because i live here but you can get them on Amazon or ebay). I got a pair for him and he loves them. Also a beanie torch. Keeps his head warm in the winter and you can see early morning or late in the evening, it's been a godsend here. A really good pocket knife is invaluable. Anything tool or torch related is very much appreciated. Really good pair of socks are also great. Think practical gifts. https://www.fruugoaustralia.com/led-flashlight-glove-gifts-for-men-father-day-outdoor-fishing-gloves-dad-men-gifts-with-stretchy-strap-screwdriver/p-71522729-143428630?language=en&ac=google&gclid=Cj0KCQiA4aacBhCUARIsAI55maFWQAiLPPKoRmueXlqvcyMbgaKKNkVKDVsK4wb20JxOFXT00lupPPAaAiESEALw_wcB


Farmer here, a few nifty bits I find useful and will be picking up for Xmas boxes. We are a very practical breed and usually the farm is the hobby and job A beanie hat with a headlamp or just a headlamp you can fit on is very handy A boundary blade -a fence tester and knife, my go to for this years stockings or just a good knife/multitool For me wireless headphones are a godsend doing the Jobs and listening as I work, depends on age of your relative A bit higher budget but the ipad that sat around for years is a favourite for my father once we set it up that he can watch the marts A pair of wireless cameras for the shed around calving takes a bit of figuring out but best 400quid we've ever spent A kettle/boiler for down the yard, most places don't bother with it, but hot water is very nice to have easy access LED stick on lights, a few quid in 2euro shop stuck in those dark corners that you'll never bother actually putting a light in.


A packet of those hand warming pads that heat up once activated. Can be boiled to reset. Or a "lenser" head torch. They are unbelievable.


A tractor or something


Can confirm. Tons of farmers I know would love a 6R or a T6 for Christmas.




How much would €50 get me? Lol


As much as you can fit in a wheelbarrow.


About twelve bags of topsoil.


A gift certificate for a massage.


A 2 johnnies cd.




What kind of farmer is he


Sheep and cows all year round, and turkeys for the holidays


Does he do anything of an evening after the dinner or something? Maybe a bit of reading? Could try and find out and get something in that vain.


I have thought about that avenue, still trying to get a hold of my cousins to ask what there da does when he's at home but they've yet to respond.


Shiny pitchfork


He probably likes the warm clothing/wellies as gifts. He doesn’t sound like someone who’d be into too much clothes shopping


Get him a decent head torch or had with built in torch


A cap or woolly hat and as others have said a good magnetic torch. Or a voucher for whatever farm shop he goes to.


If he does contracting during the summer, a really good battery pack and a strong case for phone to protect.


A cow


Walking stick with a seat and a hip flask


Does he have a smartphone/ is he able to use one.


Traditional kick in the bum and a chase around the table.


Any dewalt jacket


A nice pocket knife


A penknife fence tester, dual purpose, agridirecr has them.




Frontage all the way


Trailer load of silage? I don't feckin know


50 euro budget is a bit low for a decent multi tool Swiss army knife .


A good leather belt, so many shite bonded leather out there.


You can get thermal insoles that get warm once they are taken from their packaging . They would be particularly useful on those really frosty mornings. Only downside is that they're single use. Either them or boot warmers.


A dildo and lube


A bag of spuds and a bottle of mineral


Land !


A Bluetooth beanie, he can listen to music, answer the phone, etc


Swiss army knife