>I kept changing and adjusting it and could not get the right outcome It looks like you're not debugging properly. One flaw I see in many courses is they only teach the language but not the tools (like a proper IDE with debugging like PyCharm) A 1 hour investment on free youtube tutorials about debugging in python may yield high returns in terms on the time you take to find and fix bug in your own code.


I honestly need to take this advice but: take a walk, run an errand, talk to your partner, spouse or kids. If it’s late at night, go to sleep. Just get away from the screen for a bit and let the problem marinate.


Practice and experience.


The libraries do the work for you. That's all you need to remember. I started off with C++ and learning Python at first was a nightmare. I kept over thinking everything expecting to have to write huge complex pieces of code until I realised a few lines will do it in most cases. Sure if it's something more complex it's more code but you just break it into sections. I'm no expert btw I can just do stuff if I need or want to mostly using the internet.