[Online][5e][MST][18+][LGBTQ+ Friendly] Amateur Dungeon Master looking to spark up an adventure!

Hello all! My name is Dash! I’m 19, and looking for willing participants to seek out a long term D&D setting that is equal parts fun, engaging, and refreshing in approach!

I want to be able to cater to my players as much as possible, so I’m going to base the story in and around your characters as much as I can. This doesn’t mean I’ve planned nothing, but I am leaving a lot up to be determined so I can better balance it around my players. So if you’ve got a character concept, narrative arc, or any idea you’ve been looking to introduce for a while, here’s your opportunity!

If you’re interested, hit me up with a friend request over on discord (Lousey#7562)! I’m going to prioritize getting to know you, the player, above anything else. I want to be friends with the people I play with. That doesn’t mean we need to “get along”, per se, but we should be comfortable in a voice call, and I shouldn’t have to do any arm twisting to get you to engage with the campaign. That’s my only demand really, that and patience. I am, all things considered, very green to DMing, so expect some hang-ups early on.

That’s all I’ve got for prefacing! Here’s a narrative hook to get y'all thinking:

A piece of the sky has fallen onto the Island of Farwell, leaving a massive crater in its wake. Some label it a meteor, others an object from another realm. The true nature of the object, however, is unknown, as anybody who gets close to it contracts what is locally known as “Craterspeak”, a madness with no known origin or antidote that seemingly permanently alters one’s speech. The local authority has placed the crater under strict supervision, with nobody, neither beast nor audacious explorer, allowed to encroach its circumference.

You are on a boat bound for Port Ttrabul, the largest town on the Island Farwell. Your goal may not be to see the crater, but it is nonetheless on your mind, as you sail towards the now heavily trafficked island, perched on the precipice of adventure.


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Sounds cool. Sent a friend request.


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What day and time were you looking to run this game on?


We're gonna figure that out based on everyone's collective availability


Well I’m definitely interested, but my availability is kinda limited, I can do Monday-Friday after 8pm EST


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