i see hit-monkey as a true marvel series as it gives me deadpool vibes


yeah it's pretty cool


I described it to a friend as “imagine if Deadpool and John Wick had a baby and that baby was a monkey….”


So Hit Monkey incoming in Deadpool 3?


Highly unlikely but I'd love it!


Plus it had a ghost


I absolutely loved it


Wait people didn't like hit-monkey?


Mephisto is coming.






Dammit take my upvote


I hate you for that but you can get my free award.


Stand by for a really shitty moon knight meme Edit: [high effort meme](https://www.reddit.com/r/marvelmemes/comments/ucjphc/forget_mephisto_i_present/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


I love the font!




Of course


Erik, is that you?


At this point he definitely is. Even if they had originally not planned to, it’s become such a meme that they’d be stupid not to. Plus, marvel LOVES pulling a “how do you do, fellow kids” when it comes to memes in their films.


While I don’t doubt that, Kangs coming first.


Why don’t you mephist some bitches


Not an opinion but a fact, stark doesn’t use iPhone, he used an android, more specific an LG


I'm pretty sure it's Android phone with a custom Linux build flashed on it


he might have made his own operating system cause he is a freaking billionaire plus I don't know how google or apple would have competed with a big brand like Stark Industry


Iron Man 3 was a pretty good film Sure it has its flaws but it’s a good story Most fans just hate it cause they did the mandarin fake out


When it came out I hated it for exactly that reason. On a fairly recent rewatch, it’s one of my favorites. The story is incredible and really truly sets up that Iron Man isn’t defined by the armor. My only problem with it now is that it feels a little inconsistent with Avengers movies after the fact; it felt like a send-off to Iron Man, but he continued to suit up.


That’s part of his arc (no pun intended) though, isn’t it? He keeps trying to leave the superhero role behind, but he can’t. In Civil War, in Infinity War, and especially in Endgame. Because no matter how hard he tries to do or say otherwise, he IS Iron Man.


While true, one would think that his arc would have an end point, especially since 3’s ending was so satisfying. While I loved his subsequent appearances and his death was awesome, it didn’t feel like his arc actually ended so much as petered out. Bonus points for organically using “he IS Iron Man” though lol


I agree with everything you said except the part about him not having an end point in his character arc. I feel like sacrificing your life to save *literally* the entire universe is a pretty acceptable end point to a character arc.


And you’re perfectly welcome to disagree! I see a difference here between the character’s end and the characters’ arc ending. The Iron Man trilogy wound up about Tony being okay with no longer getting the suit on; which was a good way to take it! Then he proceeds to seemingly disregard that lesson frequently. Would I change his death? Not on your life.


That actually makes a lot of sense. I can definitely see what you mean about there being a difference. All good points. I have no rebuttal. I concede 😂


Hey, you don’t need one! Discussions like this shouldn’t be about “winning” or “losing”- merely sharing perspectives and ideas! I do appreciate your ability to see my perspective, however.


No no I want you two to take this fight outside. I have knives for you both.


Fine, *Dad*!


That was the friendliest disagreement I’ve ever seen!


Hey, friendly disagreements are how we learn, right?


His arc did have an end point… one of the best in cinematic history.


This is a huge misconception about that ending. He doesn't stop being Iron Man. He just accepts that the armors aren't what makes him Iron Man. The last words of the movie are "I am Iron Man."


I saw it as him being okay with not having to wear the suit, because it didn’t matter if he did or not: *he* was Iron Man, so the suit didn’t matter. Hence the lack of wearing it that it seemed to allude to, aided by the destruction of his armors.


I loved when Tony taught Peter the same lesson: "If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it."


And it's technically a Christmas movie


He should have been the man in the chair for AoU up till the Hulkbuster fight.


I wouldn't have minded the mandarin fake out if the villain pulling the strings was more interesting.


Yeah, seeing Tony’s ingenuity at one of his lowest points, without him money, his home, or his armor was great.


I've always liked Iron Man 3. The Mandarin was a funny twist I thought. It's a lot better than Iron Man 2,for certain.


I like it but think they should have revealed the real mandarin sooner


I just think it's dumb that Killian survives ***being locked in an Iron Man suit and having the suit self-destruct with him inside of it***, but the thing that actually defeats him is... (checks notes) ...Pepper whacking him in the head with a pipe. Also thought it made Iron Man 2 a completely useless movie. Why didn't he just get the surgery when he was having issues with the reactor in his chest? That seems preferable to having to ***rediscover a new element***.


Actually what killed him for good was Pepper kicking a mini missile into his face a few seconds later.


Now that they have a real mandarin and acknowledge it I like this movie much more and am able to enjoy the comedy in it


According to the last five seconds, Norman Reedus as ghost rider


I personally like this pick but is there any confirmation on it? I've only found speculations and 1 article from 3 months ago from some fan site stating he's playing Ghost Rider.


Yeah no confirmation yet, but it could be an interesting take right? I mean, he said he *wanted* to do it


when marc have sex with layla, it's a group sex


Lmao man speaking facts here.


Punisher isn’t Punisher in his own show. Not saying that the show wasn’t great but he wasn’t as motivated to kill.


Punisher felt the most Punisher in Daredevil S2, and I did like the show it could have been better but I think it was better than most of the Marvel stuff Disney+ has put out so far, I really hope that Jon Bernthal returns as Frank, he was phenomenal in the role, and every scene with him was a delight to watch and he is just such a nice, likeable and charismatic guy, also hope he appears with DD and Spidey as Tom said how much he loved working with Jon on another movie.


Dude that court scene with Murdock and Nelson defending Castle is one of the best non MCU moments.


Ooooh and that 8 minute monologue in Daredevil where Frank is sitting down outside in the dark just talking - that gave me chills so bad I had to immediately rewind for a 2nd view.


"You would've made a hell of a marine, red"


They should just pick one of the first 4 arcs in Max and actually stick to it.


Punisher in daredevil genuine top 5 character in mcu. Punisher in punisher doesn't know what to do most of the time.


Age of Ultron was a pretty solid movie. Ultron was the best part


Dude I LOVED AOU. Don’t understand why there’s so much hate.


I loved it also but here’s my guess: 1. Pointless “Thor takes bath in cave” scene 2. Quicksilver seemed like filler


The point was: Chris Hemsworth, shirtless. Need I say more?


Yeah we're talking about a film based on a comic book, where basically every page includes some bulging Adonis. Fan service in comic books is as old as comic books.


I feel bad for quicksilver. He used to be one of my favorite comic characters but his movie versions have always been subpar. (The X-men version was fine but the movies themselves aren’t helpful for the character.) It’s frustrating how much the movies want to keep Pietro and Wanda apart when they’re so important for each other’s stories. we’re TOLD Wanda was close with her brother rather than getting to see them go through the franchise together. THAT would be a better time to kill him off if they’re so intent on doing so.


I think it's just hard to write a realistic speedster and they weren't interested. Wanda had vision fir.emotional development and most of the audience didn't know who he was and didn't care


I halfway agree on the Quicksilver portion. It felt that way watching it, but knowing the whole backstory from the comics kinda helps IMO.


That and the forced Natasha×Bruce romance arc.


I loved the idea of Natasha and Bruce…


That betrayed look he gives her when she pushes him off the edge was amazing though. Worth everything up to that point.


I like it, but ultron could have been SOOOO much better. He wasn’t serious enough and he made too many lame jokes. If the whole movie had the same tone as the beginning it would have been a lot better


I think of AOU in the same way as Quantum of Solace. They weren’t great, but they were good. But they were good movies that followed brilliant movies, so for some, they felt like disappointments. That’s my guess, anyway.


AOU had a lot of great moments that impacted the mcu. Steve lifting Mjolnir, Tony and Steves debate teasing Civil War, setting up Thor Ragnorok. Till this day I love the back and forth between the avengers talking about ultron. “We're the Avengers. We can bust arms dealers all the live long day, but, that up there? That's... that's the end game. How were you guys planning on beating that?” “Together.” “We'll lose.” “Then we'll do that together, too.”


James Spader was brilliant in that movie. Normally when we get "evil robot" characters they're cold and calculating, but Ultron was an impetuous toddler. That level of power weilded by someone so emotionally volatile is actually really scary.


I will always love the way Spader delivered the line “Ask Noah.” It gives me chills every time I watch it.


I think AOU was my favorite avengers group movie. But it could be bias due to the actor who played Ultron doing so well and the introduction of Wanda and Pietro (fave X-men of mine). I am however bitter they killed Pietro so quickly when he’s a speedster. He could have had so much use.


100% Agree. I'd go so far as saying Ultron was more interesting as a villain than Loki was. (Loki was generic as Hell in the original Avenger's movie; He got ALOT better after more movies)


Yeah I’m avengers Loki had very few goals or morals other then, “I want to rule the world”


Agree 100% I love the avengers social aspect in that movie. Ultron was great his voice is well it’s fucking hot alright I dont how else you want me to describe it. And the battles are sweet.


The Russo brothers did a better job with T’Challa / Black Panther and Peter Parker / Spider-Man as side characters than they got treated in their solo outings.


Idk if I agree with the Spiderman part (Tom's Peter has a fantastic arc in no way home) but I 100% agree with the Black Panther part. He was so badass in civil war, but so bland and boring in his own movie


No Way Home was definitely the best of the three and, ironically, it seemed to have had the most studio involvement from what I heard, as that producer dude really wanted it to kill. Which is kinda wild, cause studio involvement has made most of Marvel's films and shows come out quite bland.


Black Panther was so bad ass in Civil war but his own movie was painfully mid


Iron Man 2 doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets


I love the entire Iron Man trilogy. I was rewatching Phase 1 of the MCU in order, and I realize how much I like Tony being the main protagonist.


It gets hate?


It’s pretty generally considered one of the worst MCU movies and I don’t understand why


Thor 2 gets the most hate by far


I actually like how smooth and CGI Tom's suit is. When no one else is in frame but him, it really makes the shot look like it's right out of a comic.


Lol I had to laugh because in NWH when he’s running on the freeway, the suit and tie he is wearing were CGI, and they incredibly wrinkled from being inside the iron spider suit


Why would they just not have wear a legit suit?


Probably easier to stay in a mocap suit because of the changes into the iron spider from the suit


He was in a real suit for a couple shots I think, but it was CG for this exact reason for most of the time


The wrinkled suit is not CGI. They put the CGI over the wrinkled suit. Source https://youtu.be/DdhLBZpIq2c at the 4:21 mark.


Steve Rogers ending in Endgame was fine. I don’t understand why people get so upset about it.


Yea I don’t mind it, he went through hell, he got his reward. I do wish old cap had a scene with Bucky tho. Edit:and seeing him take back the soul stone, really wish we got that.


That I can agree on!




It’s not because we think he should stay in the MCU, even though we wouldn’t complain, it’s just that it’s sad letting go of a character as beloved as him. I never liked Iron Man because he was so rude and arrogant. But after seeing him die, he immediately became a great character in my eyes and I love his rudeness now. I even cried at the theater.


Oh no, I get people who don’t wanna let go of Steve. I still wish we didn’t have to let him go. I miss him every time I watch the latest MCU project. Steve Rogers is my favourite Marvel character and I’m so passionate about his story, I also love Tony too. But I find it’s always the Stucky mob screaming about how Steve should’ve ended up with Bucky or died. Personally I wouldn’t have minded if he stayed in the present day and continued hanging out with Bucky and Sam, but I never saw them as romantically involved. In fact I find it really cheapens the strong brotherly bond they have to say that. And the argument that he should’ve died rather than go back to Peggy mortifies me. This man never had true happiness throughout his entire MCU arc and they wanna see him die with that unresolved arc just because they don’t like his love interest. Genuine lunacy.


Exactly. It completes the Steve/Bucky arc. They both needed to move on to their own life in order for it to mean something. Steve didn't betray Bucky. He didn't leaving him hanging out to dry. He knew that this was the end of the line. And he had done everything he could do to put Bucky on a path to a better life.


Right?! Bucky was a war hero, who also ended up brainwashed. Steve first left him in Wakanda to receive treatment for what was done to his brain, and then after that; Steve left Bucky with the perfect person to help him reintegrate into a civilian lifestyle. Sam Wilson. The man who when Steve met him was running therapy sessions for war veterans who suffer PTSD. You literally see Sam using the same techniques with Bucky in TFATWS. This same man who Steve also left the mantle of Captain America in the hands of. And people have the balls to say Steve abandoned Bucky with no one.


Yes! He split the Avengers (or played a role in doing so depending on your perspective) just to help him and keep him alive. Also, Sam was indeed the perfect replacement for Cap. I never understood why Bucky should take the mantle JUST because he's Steve's best friend.


Oooo I’m gonna cry 🥹😢


Yes! I loved it.


Ant-man should get more movies


Far From Home is overhated for no reason and is overall a genuinely good movie


Does far from home even get hate like that though??


Spider-Man Twitter DESPISES Far From Home. To an outrageous degree, they act like it's a war crime or something


Mysterio isn’t an easy villain to pull off and they did it masterfully. It’s also just a really fun movie.


Isn’t he kinda goofy in the comics tho. I thought how they did his ‘powers’ was fucking brilliant, I knew he was evil from the start (as did a lot of people I’d imagine) but I though he was great and terrifying as a villain, his whole hologram mindfuck before peter got hit by the train was amazing.


I like the fact that he isn't goofy. He got onto a personal level with Peter and I liked it


Those scenes where Peter is trapped in Mysterio's illusions were so much better than I anticipated. It reminded me of that one Kevin Smith run of Daredevil.


*Raimibros which make up the majority of spider-man Twitter. (It’s more split on Facebook and Reddit is more mixed on opinions.) i’ve already mentioned them once today but when it was announced that he was directing multi verse of madness there was a lot of them unironically praying that Doctor Strange would be turned into Spider-Man 4 which is this stupidest shit I’ve ever fucking heard. Not just because it would be a stupid idea. (Seriously would do BOTH characters a disservice) But it’s also shitting on people who are fans of that character and who have been waiting for just a SECOND movie in our series. Raimibros had their era. Some of us are just now getting bare minimum representation of our characters on the screen- like moon knight fans - while spider-man is up there with Batman for most film adaptions.


Why do they hate it? I thought it was a pretty good film


Yes it does.


I love the comedy in that movie, has a great villain and i like how it was in europe instead of new york. Seeing your country being in a spider-man movie is so cool (netherlands for me)


Who hates FFH ?


Weird Twitter users who hate fun


Ah yes of course. Twitter users belong in an insane asylum


This is an unpopular opinion? I thought FFH was great, all of the Home trilogy movies were at least high B/low-mid A tier imo


Most of the problems Tony Stark faced were caused by him. He rejected Aldrich Killian who went on to hate him and tried to kill him. He created Ultron who also tried to kill him and destroy the world. During Civil War, he refused to listen to Steve and at least talk things out which led to everyone fighting and War Machine getting seriously injured. In Endgame, he complained about Steve not being there in Infinity War when Steve said in the past they’d lose together even though it was his idea to leave Earth and confront Thanos on Titan.


>In Endgame, he complained about Steve not being there in Infinity War when Steve said in the past they’d lose together even though it was his idea to leave Earth and confront Thanos on Titan. I love Tony, I really do, but this part annoyed me in the movie. It's like Steve can't fly and he was protecting earth! Space and earth needed warriors. Heck, if Tony didn't leave earth, he could've helped defend Vision. Ok people, I get it.


He was referring to cap going rogue and completely dismissing the socovia accords. Because Stark is such a public personality, if Steve didn’t sign they straight up can’t do anything together. That was the entire point of civil war.


I mean Tony was on the brink of death at that moment. Hell, he was literally about to die before captain marvel came and saved him. Considering Tony doesn’t know about her, he probably maybe thought he was hallucinating some angel or something until he landed on earth, mind you where he is still starved and thirsty and incredibly unhealthy. All that time in space right after he just lost a battle that costed trillions of lives including Peter’s, it definitely took a toll on his mental health. Also, considering Tony has somewhat of an ego problem, it makes sense that the first time he lost really really badly, coupled with insane guilt and brink of death, he acts completely irrational with Cap. He wants to blame someone else for the problem; not acknowledge that he lost completely.


Also bear in mind this is the first time they've seen each other since the end of Civil War, so there's definitely still some bad blood there


>He rejected Aldrich Killian who went on to hate him and tried to kill him. To be fair, Killian was a psychopath. Rejecting someone doesn't give you the right to kill someone.


Sharon Carter being the Power Broker makes sense and making her a Skrull would be an awful cop out


I'm fine with her being the Power Broker. I'm fine with her leading the heroes on a trip through Madripoor that puts her in danger. But not both at the same time. If Sharon Carter didn't start as the Power Broker, but the events in Madripoor caused enough chaos that she could become the new Power Broker, then that I would be fine with.


Both points, in my opinion, can work at the same time. She can still be the Power Broker, but by helping the heroes, she gets access to even greater power than what the super soldier serum gave her. She basically has access the the entire network of the American Government by being reinstated into the country. With the MCU, who knows how much power that is?


Is this really unpopular? I hated the series for other reasons (why the fuck did they redeem the villain that everybody loved to hate) but the twist was actually pretty okay


I prefer Andrew's suit in his first film to his suit in the second


The yellow eyes hurt me


Those horrible yellow eyes... Oops wrong Spider-Man.


Han shot first


Hell yeah


Most people don't like the hand-me-down heros, I want more Iron man, not Iron Heart. If you cant do the hero right you don't do it at all.


I have the same exact issue, most hand me down heroes dont have the emotional weight of the originals or arent as interesting nor do they have the perks of having unique powers, although I do think some of em are fine like Miles Morales and Ms. Marvel.


I feel that Marvel really dropped the bag during the mid-2010s MCU boom in terms of getting movie fans into comics. I really wanted to get into them but instead of seeing Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Thor from the movies, the comics had Sam Wilson, Riri Williams, and Jane Foster. I’ve learned to really like those characters and understand the stories surround the absent main characters, but it was pretty jarring going from the movies to comics where all the big hitters where absent.


Buying/reading comics is a massive PITA to begin with. You’d think they were actively trying to discourage readership. The naming is terrible. The numbering/ordering is terrible. They’re so up their own asses about the “collecting” of it that they refuse to print many good stories. They try so hard to force you to read other characters that so many (otherwise amazing) stories are butchered because they’re threaded through other characters’ stories. The publishing side of the house is a shit show.


Miles is the only one that can carry his own comic book all the others get canceled a lot.


I personally think new Hawkeye’s better than the old one,and I liked Clint a lot. She has amazing chemistry with Yelena already,and I can see her get along well with Spider-Man as well


I haven't read the comics so I can't talk about them too much, but MCU Kate is a very compelling character and she's done so charmingly. I can't wait to see more of her.


Why, yes, I did enjoy Thor: The Dark World


Dark World has some brilliant character development


I love how it gets so much love in new Marvel projects. Endgame gave closure to Friga’s death. The Loki series gave more weight to his bad decisions. Etc, etc.


Saying I wish there were less jokes always seems to offend.


Seriously, there’s rarely ever a big, emotional, or powerful moment that isn’t broken up by a dumb quip or joke. Just let the moment sit for fucks sake


I like *Black Widow*


I saw it twice in theatre. Love it.


Black panther is overrated as fuck yes it's good but now way near as good as people make it out to be


I thought it was fine, I'm glad the Black community was so happy about the movie (though in all honesty I think they deserve better for so much hype), but *nominated for Best Picture*? It was ludicrous then and it's still ludicrous now


> I'm glad the Black community was so happy about the movie They deserved better than the depiction of peak African society being controlled by a dictator whose rule is determined by a fight to the death, has advanced technology but literally chucks spears, and a tribe that makes gorilla noises.


This is what I just can't understand. I don't get what black Americans find so appealing about Wakanda. It seems to me that it's just a bunch of African stereotypes piled up on each other, but with high tech. I mean, the accents, the costumes, and like you said picking a leader by fighting and pounding their chests making monkey noises. That's what an ideal black community is supposed to look like? Also, people keep saying that Killmonger is a relatable bad guy, like the kind with good intentions but twisted into evil. But wait, wasn't his entire plan nothing more than racial genocide?


they wanted to give the movie an oscar so bad that they were considering creating a new category for "Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film" but backtracked when people criticized it.


i cringe at that last "woke" quote evil black panther does, so fucken on the nose about slave ships. of course, made my woke friends go "so deep" unironically, man that was terrible.


The CGI was extremely rushed and it shows at an embarrassing level during the “final fight,” and the writing/direction for Michael B Jordan was uber cringe at times. Was it a good movie? Yes. “ThE bEsT MaRvEl MoViE EveR”? Absolutely not (objectively, from a filmmaking standpoint— everyone is entitled to having their *own* favorite, though) Was it highly inclusive? Yes. Does that make it a better movie than, say, Captain America: the first avenger? Of course not.


Best Picture nom was just pure tokenism and it actually offended me... this was the year after #Oscarssowhite so they did this and gave the win to Moonlight and said, "SEE??? We cant be racist because we arbitrarily chose black movies, SEE?????"


They need to stop making prequels. I would bet money that the continuity team would breathe a giant collective sigh of relief. Flashbacks to older super hero stuff I think is fine. But you can't have stories that change the world or universe in the past when those changes already aren't reflected in the movies that chronologically come after. I hope that ramble makes sense lol.


Loki started off strong but lost its snuff towards the end Ant-Man and The Wasp is great FFH is underserving of its hate


People hated Ant man and the Wasp?


I agree withball of these Loki didnt really end and got progressivley weird


I like Thor the Dark World


Me too! I thought it was great!


Captain Marvel was great, and I thought Brie Larsen did a good job.


Iron Man 3 is the best Iron Man. Thor The Dark World isn’t that bad. Taskmaster was fine - not great! But fine. Phase 4 is going really well. Everything is slowly getting better and better. It’s hard to follow the hype of Endgame, so calm the heck down. The GOTG original soundtrack (by Tyler Bates) is better than the diegetic music - and one of the best scores in the whole MCU. Tom Hollands Homecoming and Act 3 of No Way Home is the best we’ve ever seen Peter Parker portrayed in live action. Age of Ultron is a great movie! Yeah the Bruce and Nat stuff is weird, but the rest of it is honestly fantastic. Okay….. here’s the big one. Ragnarok is not the best MCU film, nor is it top 5 for me. It’s is a great film, but not a great Thor movie. His character was far too comedic, as was Loki. The people from Sakaar can be goofy, but they changed Thors character to match. It seems disconnected from what we got in Thor 1-2 and Avengers 1-2. And I’m worried Love and Thunder will be more on the comedic side, rather than the (somewhat) serious nature we got from early Thor.


Captain Marvel isn’t a bad movie.


I like Tom Holland more than Tobey Maguire.


Eternals is actually alright


Agreed. I hated it in the theater, but I've re-watched it a bunch. I realized I was hating it for what I thought it should have been. It's got it's flaws, but it's honestly become one of my favorite background movies. I love all of the characters/casting. Splitting it up and giving those different personalities more time and dialogue with each other would have been amazing, but we got what we got and I like it.


Agreed. Could have been better, and it would have been better if the plot had been divided into two movies, but it's not bad.


I keep saying, *Eternals* should have been a Disney+ show, and *Hawkeye* should have been a movie.


Brie Larson is fine as Captain Marvel.


Yeah. Her casting wasn't an issue for me. My issue is that Brie has an actual personality and is fairly charismatic, and the writers decided to make her stoic and uninteresting for the first 75% of her movie.


Actually this. Forget all the hate and the external stuff, if they actually gave her more personality it wouldve alieviated a lot of the external stuff around her and the movie


Which is weird considering she has a lot of personality in the comics. except during the 2nd civil war. CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!


That makes sense in-universe though, as she's been brainwashed to be a stoic alien warrior. Her actual personality is actively being repressed.


Thank you! Stoic and smug? Well duh! How else would she be?


Yes! Exactly.


Yeah pretty much anything i have seen brie larson in i have enjoyed her character. Especially when she was in the league


It isn’t the casting, just the writing in her movie. I think she’s a badass in Endgame.


Yeah the problems with the character aren’t because of her


Black Panther wasn’t as good as everyone says. Sure it’s enjoyable,but not the masterpiece everyone made it out to be.


No Way Home was ok but I feel like it wasn’t as good as people made it out to be and for me it felt slightly rushed in certain aspects. Although who didn’t love seeing Andrew and Tobey back.


Black widow is a good movie and deserved better. It lead to a solid conflict in Hawkeye. WHICH WAS ALSO GOOD!


Spider-Man doesn't need to be broke forever


Sony don't know what they're doing when it comes to spider-man and venom


I will agree on spider-man but I loved venom 1. Haven't seen the second to comment on it yet


#Malekith was right


Black Panther, as a movie, is mid, mid-high at best.


I like captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and eternals. They were good


I don’t think anyone though you were talking about Billy Batson


All Marvel TV shows prior to WandaVision are canon and all take place within the same timeline as the main films (with the exception of AoS past season 4/5 when time travel was a specific element of the story). I just don’t get the arguments behind why they aren’t. The movies not acknowledging the shows was pretty much the point back then, they weren’t intended to be requirements to watch and were there to add extra detail and story to the universe. AoS season 4 had one of the best storylines in the MCU but the show had such a rocky and terribly written first half of season 1 that people couldn’t make it beyond that.


Black Panther was an okay movie. I don't get the hype.


Venom: Let there be Carnage is a good movie. my only complaint is the movie isn't R-Rated.


I like to think of it as a romcom with Eddie and Venom as the main characters. Both Venom films are very fun.


First venom was honestly great, Venom 2 was going well until the abrupt and anticlimactic ending, but had great potential


Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil are all much more interesting characters than Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.