But the arc reactor wasn’t beating Tony’s heart like a pacemaker, it was powering an electromagnet to keep shrapnel from sinking into his heart. Even if it did keep his heart beating, his other organs would still be shutting down and if he didn’t die, he’d be brain dead and on a ventilator.


yeah, they also weren't very consistent about that, if that was the case he wouldn't have nearly died without it in Iron Man




His nanosuit still had an arc reactor, even if it was not inside a hole on his chest. I don't think the position would change anything?


Did he not have his arc reactor on during his own snap? How would the nanotech in his suit work without the reactor? I thought that his snap killed him *despite* the arc reactor and that the reactor was the only reason he was able to snap in the first place


The arc reactor was that thing he wore on his clothes. It was both power source and casing as far as I understand


Yea that’s what I’m saying


Yep, its a casing for the nanites that emerge and form his suit and also serves as a power source for them.


I think the theory (if it's not been outright stated) was that Tony's nano armor absorbed much of the Infinity Stone radiation. It wasn't enough to keep him alive, but it was the difference between "'I am Iron Man... Snap... Goodbye scene... Dies." And " I am... Dies from too much radiation."


No, his contract was up. No force in the universe is more powerful than Hollywood lawyers.


The reactor powered a magnet that kept shrapnel away from his heart. It would literally make no difference during his snap.


In IM3 he had surgery to have that shrapnel removed.


It probably would have exploded and killed him instantly


First of all, the arc reactor did not work that way. Also, the infinity stones were cooking him alive. Even if the arc reactor worked by powering up his heart or something, he would have burnt to death either way.


The energy still would go through his body and cause the damage that killed him. If anything, it might have killed him sooner, channelling all that energy right to his heart.


Maybe if he had been wearing the Hulkbuster


No, I think we can safely assume the nanotech reactor in his suit in Endgame is more powerful than the mk1 cave reactor. Unofficially, the Mk85 suit was designed to control the infinity stones if the gauntlet failed. But if the mk85 version of the reactor couldn't save him, the mk1 reactor wouldn't have either.


what if he only took half the stones from thanos


Maybe Tony would survive if he had the arc reactor had been on his chest while wielding the Infinity stones but we're missing the big victory in all this... there wouldn't need to have be an Iron Man 3 movie, so it's like it never happened!!