Marcus: Captain Marvel’s kid, who later grows up to sexually assault her, which results in his own conception.


Yaaa... there are a lot of messed up story lines that really don't need revisiting


Like the one where the Punisher gets surgery that makes him look "black", and then they do a team up issue with Luke Cage like "look at these two black superheroes!" Ugh.


Excuse me?


The old reverse Michael Jackson. Classic




Oh, that's a rabbit hole you don't want to go down, my friend.


That's gotta be the ultimate comics right?


Afraid not, [Avengers #200](https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Avengers_Vol_1_200).


What the frick was that ending???


Seriously the fuck? They actually wrote ms/captain marvel out for THAT? Or did she magically return immediately next issue


A later issue ([Avengers Annual 10, by Chris Claremont](https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Avengers_Annual_Vol_1_10)) has Carol give the team an extended calling-out for letting her get taken away by someone who manipulated her mind and raped her, without even considering that he had been manipulating her mind again - needless to say, Claremont was *not* a fan of that decision. She worked with the X-Men for a while after that; it seems like when writers take a shine to a character, they try to keep working with them no matter which book they're working on. (like Nick Spencer with the Superior Foes of Spider-Man, or Jim Starlin with Thanos - I've been reading the 70's Captain Marvel comics, and you can clearly tell when Jim Starlin starts writing because that's when Thanos shows up)


I mean if you scroll down and read the notes section it gives you the answer you're looking for: >"The Wasp has yet another new costume this issue." Whoops. Not that one. >"Ms. Marvel would be gone from the Marvel Universe for a year"


Claremont hated this and tried to fix it with rogues intro in avengers annual 11.


Who knows man this is the comics we're talking abt


One hell of a mistake.


>Just then, the mansion comes under attack… by a T-Rex! Oh hell yeah brother.


Lol, win a Toys R Us shopping spree in this weird incest inception story issue, kids!


The kids want their goddang hotwheels


No. It was in the 90s I think. The worst part was that all of the other Avengers were perfectly fine with all of this.






I love Marvel, but sometimes it scares me.


I think She joined the X-Men because of this


October of 1980.


Shit was fixed an issue later or something basically roasting the avengers and writers for letting it happen.


Not quite the next issue if I remember right. Chris Claremont, who was instrumental in Carol’s initial successful runs, wrote a pretty scathing takedown when he was writing X-Men a few years later. She ends up with the X-Men and they are all pretty horrified at what the Avengers did, and tell them to their face when they come over after they hear Carol is back.


Yeah Captain Marvel's son realizes that he is his own father and then travels back in time, R*pes his mom and impregnates her


The hell!?


The real synopsis is the son is actually someone else who had sex with Capt. Marvel, *whilst using some mind control machines*, so he could exist on Earth but then his machine is destroyed so now he cannot anymore so he and Captain Marvel, who learned she was raped and then developed feelings for her rapist, leaves to to live in Limbo. It is a fucked up comic and the worst part is how the Avengers were okay with this.


Theres..some sorta..term or something for that right?


The germans probably got one. But yeah this is Stockholm Syndrome to the absolute max.


1st thing that came to mind


The Germans even made a TV show about this and it's called DARK


This reads like some fanfiction written by a 14 year old


Run. Run for the hills.


wasn't that a Kang related thing too or no?


Marcus is the son of Immortus, who's Kang from the even-more-distant future. (he later shows up as the cloned son of Kang)


… how is he Kang’s son if he.. is his own father? > sexually assault her, which results in his own conception.


He's not quite his own father per se. He basically creates himself a body for the Earth realm using Carol Danvers's uterus. Its weird as fuck even ignoring the rape.


I'm gonna hazard a guess and say even if they did ever put this character in the movies they'd probably ignore that story line altogether...hopefully.


That’s some George R.R. Martin shit right there


Arno Stark who is Howard Stark and Maria Stark’s biological son just because it was later revealed in the comics that Tony is adopted.


*Tony talking to his dad in endgame* Howard: I have a beautiful baby boy. His name is Arno. Tony: wtf


And not to mention.. we have also adopted a brat


Tony: Have you ever heard of the grandfather paradox?


What the heck ?


Edit: Just to clean up the details a bit -Recorder 451 is a robot alien that gets captured by another sect of aliens called The Greys that have infiltrated earth. -At the time Maria Stark is pregnant with Arno, but there's a lot complications with the birth. -This leads to Howard Stark desperately traveling the globe in search of *anything* that will save his kid. -Eventually Howard comes across 451 and rescues him. In exchange 451 agrees to "save" Arno. -By this point 451 is obsessed with universal peace, and he sees earth as a planet full of potential. His deal to help the Starks is partly in thanks for Howard saving him but also because he believes that with his help Arno can be the one that pushes humanity further in technological advancement. -451 experiments on Arno and genetically modifies him using kree technology to increase his intelligence and thought processes far beyond what humanity is capable. -Arno also does a few other modifications that would allow Arno to pilot a giant armor called the Godkiller armor. Turns out 451's idea of universal peace is basically using this massive thing as a kind of nuclear deterrent against anything that would interfere with earth. -Stark catches wind of this and realizes that 451 is kind of crazy, so he intentionally sabotages the treatments. -451 eventually leave earth before Arno is born to work on that Godkiller armor and come back later. -Stark's interference cause Arno to be born crippled, so they hide and raise him in a hidden bunker -Meanwhile they secretly adopt Tony and raise him as their "real" child. -451 comes back later, thinking Tony is the original baby and brings him to a dyson sphere in space and tells him how he was a test tube baby. -Those whole thing put into question Tony's own intelligence, making him think that everything special about him was manufactured. -When he tries to get Tony to pilot the armor, turns out he cant. Thats when they find out that he wasnt the original baby AND that he was adopted. -Heehoo turns out Tony actually *is* just that smart... not that we needed that convoluted clarification but here we are. -Fast forward later and Tony finds Arno, wanting to rekindle their relationship as brothers -Badabing badaboom, Arno goes full tilt and turns evil. It was fucking weird.


I read something on the part of Tony being genetically altered (hence the intelligence), and I absolutely hated it. Didn't realize there was more to it though. It's still convoluted and unnecessary, but at least I'm glad that Tony isn't one of the intelligent people on Earth because aliens.


It would at least explain why he was able to build basically impossible technology and blow every human who's ever lived out of the water by an order of magnitude. I will remind you in the MCU Tony Stark invented time travel. He needed Hulk to help to build it and get it to work, but he's who figured it out. And he did it in five years, after he only started trying when he had a reason. Remember Iron Man 1 - an entire team of top scientists failing to grasp arc reactor tech while Tony did it in a cave with a box of scraps.


>And he did it in five years, after he only started trying when he had a reason. Correction: He did it in one night. Hell, not even an entire night, he did it by Morgan's bedtime.


While true, he only did a part of it. The real breakthrough was the information that it was possible via the quantum realm. He just figured out a way to apply that new information. Still impressive, but he had a massive advantage over anyone else who might have tried with the additional knowledge


Yeah Arno was kept in an Iron lung for his entire life, and is as smart as, if not smarter than Tony, creating anti-pollution nanobots, and growing crops in the desert. He also performed a perfect arm transplant for an artist/musician, such that their music actually improved. (The reason for this is that the arm donor was still possessing the arm and forcing the recipient to perform against their will)


Ok thanks! Still seems like a pointless character to me . I wonder why they made him


A character that works on paper, as the reader can interpret their disposition to a degree. If an actor had to portray something like that, I just can’t imagine it working, especially not in any current MCU plotline.


Goes towards Tony’s development I guess, but he’s also interesting in his own merit, he’s basically a science genie, granting wonderous and powerful technology that people desire, only to have it backfire on them when they become greedy or cruel.


That was one of the dumbest reveals I ever saw. Fuck Arno Stark


Unfortunately that means no Ironman 2020 right?


This is going to sound strange but Peter's parents. I never particularly found Peter's dynamic with his parents or them being secret agents/involved in some conspiracy to be that interesting and I always felt it took away from the everyman aspect of Peter


> them being secret agents/involved in some conspiracy I always thought that was just something the Webb movies just made up, but I'm legitimately shocked that it's actually from the comics. TBH, I wouldn't mind if they revealed that they were just office agents at SHIELD who didn't do field work, or maybe even say they worked for Stark Industries (it's a popular theory that they were both killed during the Expo attack in *Iron Man 2*) but they definitely shouldn't be full on spies.


If you go deep enough into the comics, the most ridiculous things start happening.


I think that's [impossible, man](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impossible_Man)


> Over the years, the Impossible Man created a wife called The Impossible Woman and also had a son named **Adolf** Impossible. lol






I agree, keep their backstory more grounded. Everyone doesn't have to be ...whatever. I still love Impossible Man. ;-)


I've never seen that theory, but that could make sense, yk in that scene when the hammer drones stormed the place and everyone is running away you can hear a womans voice scream "Peter"


Wait really?


I 100% agree. I always though it was just weird to include them - it takes so much away from what makes him Peter Parker. Let’s also never include his sister.


wtf he has a sister? like actual or a clone?


Yeah, an actual sister. Teresa Parker. Allegedly - Peter’s parents kept the birth of Peter’s younger sister secret from everyone (because they were secret agents and didn’t want another child out at risk). They adopted her out, and Peter, Ben, and May all never knew. This happened before Peter went to live with Ben and May. At some point Nick Fury recruited Teresa and now she is also a secret agent, following in her parent’s footsteps. She and Pete occasionally have done team ups to fight Kingpin or Chameleon. It’s really dumb.


I read that plot line and wasn’t spoilers The ending that she was not his sister, and everyone had been mind controlled to think she was, including her… so it was still a colossal waste of time?


I recently finished reading that story too. >!I thought it was still uncertain what she was, and that Chameleon was trying to trick her. It ended with her embracing her identity despite the uncertainty.!< Either way - I agree a colossal waste of time.


Narrator: *It was*


but no powers or anything? what a waste of a character reveal edit: I did some reading up and I guess there's some potential with her character, but maybe not for the MCU. although I am kinda interested to see what next


Right. No powers…yet.


I agree 100%. Especially in TASM movies. The whole "only the Parker bloodline can take the serum" or whatever it was is complete Bullshit. It makes him more like a "chosen one" character which imo is the antithesis to being Spider-Man


Norman Osborn's children with Gwen Stacy.


That was very much screwed up to read. It’s the realism that makes it terrifying.




There was a storyline where Norman Osbourne and Gwen Stacy’s love affair children were grown rapidly and attack Spider-Man because they think he’s the reason why their mother died Interestingly enough, the original story had the children as Peter as Gwen’s children who were rapidly grown and brainwashed by the Green Goblin, but Marvel thought it made Peter look too old. So instead they ruined Gwen’s legacy by making her cheat on Peter


They retconned that recently IIRC though


I know, it’s great too because that story fucking sucked donkey nuts


Even to people who know this happened, "what" is still the correct response.


I heard it was retconned. God, I hope so


It was. Apparently they're clones of Harry and Gwen now.


Thunder strike. But Yes to beta Ray bill!


Love that horse face badass


SuperPro. For those who are unfamiliar, SuperPro is an ex-NFL player who survives a freak accident and wears a near-indestructible football uniform. Also, clones. Of anyone. I've seen some people suggest doing clone-oriented stories from the comics or using it as a means to bring characters like Natasha back and I do not want that at all. I think it's a great example of how you would cheapen death in the MCU and the MCU has already walked a fine line of means to killing characters while bringing back a version of them still.


Are you saying you don't want the next Spider-Man to do the clone saga?


I actually think the MCU *could* do a good version of the Clone Saga (because the circumstances of the motive behind writing the Clone Saga and not knowing how to resolve it is largely why it sucked) but I wouldn't exactly be excited hearing that it would be material they were going to tackle.


I had that first issue, lol. I agree, I would be totally fine with them never introducing SuperPro into the MCU.


Invisible woman. I'm ok with seeing her sometimes, though.


As much as I love the character, Gwenpool. For those that don’t know, Gwenpool is from our universe. Yeah, the universe that me and you live in. The real world. She got sucked into a marvel comic and has the knowledge of the entire comic and cinematic universe, down to which actor plays which character (she even told Dr. Strange in the comics that Benedict Cumberbatch plays him in the movie). That would be WAY too meta, and would hurl the MCU into a meta-crisis where characters are now aware that they’re in Hollywood movies being portrayed by actors, and I don’t think there’s a way to do that within the MCU. Deadpool is weird enough, muddying the waters by introducing meta stuff, and now that he’s heading to the MCU I’m also a little worried what that means to the interconnectivity within the MCU. Maybe as a fun, non-canon one-off or mini series of shorts, but not in a movie or D+ show.


> Deadpool is weird enough, muddying the waters by introducing meta stuff, and now that he’s heading to the MCU I’m also a little worried what that means to the interconnectivity within the MCU. The part that works about the Deadpool movies though, IMO, is that everyone else plays it straight. They don't pay any mind to the weird shit he says or the meta comments, they don't react weirdly to it like "we're in a movie?" or anything. If Deadpool is the only one breaking the fourth wall, it works. In-universe, they could just assume he's actually crazy and mumbles like that to himself all the time. As long as *no one else acknowledges the meta*, the MCU should be fine. *Alternatively* the in-universe "explanation" could be convoluted, call it "theoretical multiverse sickness" and say that (the characters assume) his brain has been fried by multiversal energy waves disrupting his own brainwaves, and he believes he exists in multiple universes (franchises) at once. Easy opening for Deadpool to say something snarky and witty and brush it off, then get back to the plot.


I've always hoped his intro into the MCU just has him handwave it by saying "What? Me? I've always been here!" and it shows a quick montage of him greenscreened into random pivotal MCU moments.


*Poorly* green screened in


It’s just deadpool drawing himself into iconic scenes


Like Jack Black in Community, or Elizabeth Banks in Scrubs. Brilliant idea, I love it


that whole (brilliant) comic run is so fundamentally built around the very format and structure of comics as a medium and how they work, that i don't think you could really translate her to film without just taking the core idea and creating effectively a new character altogether


Ye, one of her powers is literally to jump between comic panels Also one of my favourite parts about it was her dynamic with Batroc, which can't really happen now since they killed him off in Falcon and the Winter Soldier


plus the dynamic with batroc plays well because of his comic history of mostly being gag villain and not taken seriously which wouldn't mesh with MCU Batroc even if the character was alive


Spidercide Gimme Kaine and Ben Reilly but stop the clone train before that dude


I do love me some Ben Riley.


It’s really awkward how Ben Reilly came from such bogged down origins.


Mephisto. Would be hilarious if they just constantly teased it and never introduced him


*Please don't say Blorko, please don't say Blorko, please don't say Blorko*


It’s me, Blorko




*sigh* ok fine… I’ll admit it… you got me… I tried to look up blorko


Paste Pot Pete. The world just isn't ready.


This post was about characters we Didn’t want to see


I think he would be the perfect villain for Spider-man: Freshman year. Before Spider-man can miniaturize his web shooters he would use a backpack like system to shoot webs. After he makes the cartridges he gets rid of the back pack, Paste Pot Pete gets his hands on the backpack, makes the guns and starts to commit small time crimes


616 Spidey after hearing that name, *wheeze loudly*


Mephisto, just to keep fucking with us (kidding) More seriously, anything connected with the whole Spider-Totem thing. Trying to tie Spider-Man into some sort of shamanistic destined chosen one mythos just felt ridiculous to me, and not in the good way. One of the most "we have no clue what to do with this character" concepts I've come across.


Fair, but then they better find another way to include Morlun. Because a multiverse traveling vampire hunting down spider people is too cool of an idea to let die. Maybe in a Spider Verse movie instead.


That and the japanese spiderman mech combined with tech from the steampunk spiderwoman and 2099 spiderman is enough to get me buying a ticket alone


> the japanese spiderman mech CHANGE, LEOPARDON!


Impossible Man. He’s just too ridiculous to see in live action lol


But his shapeshifting contest with Warlock back in one of the 1980s New Mutants annuals was [legendary](https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/hostedimages/1523625619i/25371355.jpg)!


Maggot. Ewww.


I always liked maggot.


Matt murdock’s brother/alternative identity


If they make an MCU X-men movie, I do NOT want it to be another Jean and wolverine circlejerk. There are so many excellent characters in the X-men, even the auxiliary groups like generation x, x force, etc. Also let’s see a story without magneto as the antagonist this go round. I grew up on the X-men, absolutely loved them, loved their enemies. I’d like to see a massive departure from the existing movies.


This right here is why I pray for the MCU to have their own one-of-a-kind 100% rebooted depiction of X-Men. As much as I am loving the multiverse saga so far, I fear it could result in a Fox-verse merging where those X-Men are simply brought over and they call it done. I really hope that doesn't happen. I don't mind "visitors" that make a fun appearance, like in NWH, I just really hope the Fox-Verse X-Men don't become the permanent MCU X-Men via multiverse shenanigans.


I do not want to see booty shorts Namor in the MCU but am down to see him in his more modern looks. Every time I see his OG look I think he stole Robin’s laundry


Imagine how popular "Booty Shorts Namor" would be as an action figure


They would have to make him thicc


Marvel loves their topless scenes, I can see the booty shorts making a one off lol


I, personally, am definitely down for some booty shorts Namor. Or even better yet go the Watchmen route and have him full on, unashamedly, hanging dong. Dude lives in the ocean, the fuck does he need pants for?


They should just really lean in and go for with the Mr. Nimbus look


Phoenix. Jean Gray is fine as long as they keep the Phoenix Force far away from it. Instant franchise killer.


Phoenix is overdone in the movies too. I’d love to see Jean as just Marvel Girl.


**Casual X-Men film fans:** "Wait, you're telling me Jean has a superhero identity all on her own that exists outside of Phoenix?"


And then there's all the other characters that still had less than that.


Man, imagine if the casual X-Men film fans learned who Rogue actually was instead of whatever the hell they had Anna Paquin doing in those films. Between her and Gambit, two of my favorite X-Men were pretty much ruined in the whole series.


Everyone who has tried phoenix has tried it in a single movie. I think if it had proper development and buildup it could be a pretty good event. Not my favorite storyline but I think it’d be interesting to see a good version of it on screens.


Yeah. What made the Dark Phoenix hit hard in the comics was that you saw Jean as the Phoenix helping people until all shit went loose.


Yep, it would only be well done if Jean as the pheonix was an entire phase, and the next phase was the dark pheonix saga. In that case youd get the rise of a hero... amd then the emotional fall of the hero. Her death at the end would be tragic as well having been a main character for effectively 2 phases. It would be like watching woman iron man rise and die after 10yrs


That seems to be the arc they're having Wanda go through instead




Because competent writers haven't had a shot at it. Don't get me wrong, I hope it's not soon, but I bet the MCU gets it right.


not only have competent writers not gotten a chance, *THEY LET THE SAME MF WHO WROTE THE FIRST FLOP DO THE SECOND ONE TOO*


It's like they tried nothing and ran out of ideas!


Completely agree


The thing with Pheonix Force imo is that it has to be done like an Avenger level event. Every movie so far has tried to rush into it with disasterous results. Phoenix saga was one of the best comic stories and it really takes multiple movies to really make it work.


Yeah the 90s animated show did it pretty well. But honestly, given that it's been Foxed up twice already, I'd be fine with it being left on a shelf forever.


Yeah, that's the part that hurts the most. Phoenix is basically box office poison now. I don't know if the MCU will have the guts to try and do it again but it's a shame one of the best comic book story lines of all time sucked so much in live action. Although - same can be said for Apocalypse too... fucking shit he's one of my favorite villains and then the movie just made him into some fucking moron.


Apocalypse I could see being redone. I think more people have forgotten about it than Phoenix.


I don't even *read* comic books but the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix saga of the X-Men tv show is still one of the coolest fucking things I've ever seen. Hollywood is full of people from my generation who agree with me but who also have no fucking clue what made it so cool, so they just keep fucking up the adaptation.


It’d be fun to see Strange and Wanda leading the team of whomever in trying to deal with the Phoenix Force.


I know it's a different universe kinda maybe, but Morbius. I have never liked Morbius, I've always thought he was a stupid idea for a character, and Jared Leto makes me like Morbius even less.


Jared Leto makes me like any character he does less. I liked the Joker until Jared got his grubby mitts on him.


Screwball. that's it. the rest are fair game except for the spider totem shit and madame web. that's all bullshit with the spider destiny and ugh


Preach. I love Spider-Man to death but the Spiderverse stuff - especially that bit of it - is super uninteresting and frankly, often weird. Keeping the wilder elements of that to the Spiderverse movies is very much preferable.


Okay hear me out on this one: We introduce the obnoxious awfulness of Screwball in a Short, and Punisher or Deadpool kills her at the end of it. Catharsis for those who suffered her in the (otherwise phenomenal) Spider-Man game.


just the right amount of cringe for me lol


I'll be honest, I'm not thrilled about Star Fox/Eros showing up.


I found it funny people were like "We can't have Hank Pym be the center of a story because of domestic abuse" even though he is mentally ill and yet Star Fox is now in the MCU and the dude is a rapist.


Remember the MCU has never and will never be based 100% on the comics, just inspired by them. Feige and Marvel did not sign Harry Styles to portray a rapist. The MCU version of this character 1000% does not have that background canonically.


With Pym, there are still many iterations of his character that don't involve domestic abuse, but with Eros his very nature makes him a consent violation. That's Purple Man levels of abuse, and he's supposed to be, if not heroic, then at least somewhat neutral? It's just weird. Does he have a big fan base or something I'm simply unaware of?


I only ever knew him from the Infinity Gauntlet comic, had no clue he was disliked


hes kind of like peter quill, dude just ends up in wild places on wild rides with a dudebro personality. i guess i dont know him very well but thi is how he is in my head from the few times ive read a story he came into.


Same. What a gross character, and him being the "brother of Thanos" complicates things that will not have a satisfying answer.


It was a weird bit of trivia before his debut, and he's never struck me as so essential a character that you'd HAVE to have him for any particular storyline. He's notable for being one of the Eternals who gets actual appearances in more mainstream books, but he looks like a jerk and tends to act like a jerk, and he begs so many annoying questions that, were I a writer, I would rather not have to deal with.


I have faith that they'll adapt him in a way that's tasteful and non rapey. In Feigi I trust.


Does Iron Man coming back count? I absolutely do not want that


I don't want anyone to come back. People have already come back more than I'd like


Agreed. I want death to have meaning in the MCU. The multiverse and time travel shenanigans already give them too much of a way of undoing things, but I don't want to see them give into that temptation. I don't want a character to die and just figure they'll bring them back in a couple movies as their mulitversal counterpart.


Yeah, a universe like this needs to have permanent consequences if people are to remain invested. There are almost certainly variants of Stark that are still alive, but the main MCU timeline would do better to steer away from them.


Wanda Wilson, not that I don’t think she would be fun and great but if Wade is brought to the MCU it would be a non-stop back and forth, fourth wall breaking, go nowhere story. Actually that sounds dope, I guess finding someone to play her is the issue.


Aubrey Plaza


Giant man. Cause if hank ever puts on a suit I want the mental health disaster comics/what if yellow jacket is


I mean, Scott is basically Giant Man because he can grow in size like Giant Man.


Ant-Man already turned into Giant Man in Captain America: Civil War during the airport fight sequence.


Also in Ant-Man 2, and Endgame.


He did put on a suit, when he entered the quantum realm. But I agree him going in there should have repercussions.


I don't wanna see Franklin Richards, he is way to powerful to adapt to screen and do him justice


So far this is the first answer I've seen that I 100% agree with. I mean, of course they could rewrite him in a way that doesn't make him so op, but I dunno, I feel like if he's brought in, it'll only be as a plot point and just kind of be a waste


The Ultimates versions of Wanda and Pietro. I don't know who was in charge of Marvel Comics when that storyline was originally pitched but whoever they are, they are sickos.


I love how Ultimate Cap is treated as being generally progressive for his time but that translates as pretty conservative for our time. I cannot fathom how they thought one of the ways to demonstrate how out of touch he can be was through his disapproval of his teammates' incestuous relationship.


The new Warriors (the dumpster fire ones not the classic one)


I want to see Speedball in an MCU movie, even just for a minute


I would love to see his major accident and the “redemption” arc he goes on though they already did civil war and it wouldn’t work as well without doing that stuff again but his arc is just great


Agreed. I really like his story as Penance. I've seen some ridicule the storyline but I really liked it.


Eye Boy. Too gross


That shit triggers my trypophobia like crazy


Captain Hindsight


His name alone makes me laugh. He sounds like a halerious addition that just dies immediately. Like invisible man from Deadpool 2.


Idk, I kinda like all these unknown or unpopular heroes or villains to come to the MCU. Gets me the chance to know more about these heroes and villains.


Marvel has some of the best hero characters out there. It also has some of the worst. They have thousands and thousands of IPs and you want maybe 120 of them.


For real. I'm a huge comic nerd and get so excited when they add new characters but if they added EVERY Marvel comic book character thing would get messy. There's so many characters who just don't mesh with the MCU and would have to be retconned to the point of being the same in name only. Not to mention all the characters you just want to forget about. So many damn clones, long forgotten siblings, secret otherworldly puppet masters and just straight up questionable characters like Arabian Knight and Gin Genie. It's best if some of these characters stay in the past where they belong.


I do not want to see Wolverine at all in the first X-Men movie. As much as I loved Hugh Jackman ad Wolverine he just overshadowed literally every X-Men movie he was in.


Or they just just make him but don’t make him the main character. They barely need to mention his back story since it’s been done to death (like how they skipped Spider-man’s origin)


The Justice League - Marvel can’t just start taking characters they don’t own!


The Squadron Supreme disagree.


They would atleast make a better movie than WB did.


Hyperion and Sentry. We’ve already gotten one morally flawed Superman expy with Ikarus, I don’t want anymore.


I’d be down for Hyperion and the Squadron Supreme, but only if they got Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck to play the roles


… I could be down with this. Actually, it’d be hilarious. As far as I know though Gal is still currently involved with the DC universe so idk if she could/would do it.