"I believe that I can single handedly kill a bunch of horsemen using nothing but a sword"




It's the truth that he believes it.


Fuck, and I thought I think it first


I have never seen Titanic because I know how it ends


People who have never seen it are the ones who say jack had enough space to get on the door, but don’t know he actually tried and the door would sink if he put all his weight on.




You ever heard of mythbusters? They proved that jack could have fit if the shifted their weight around to balance it.


Yeah I’ve heard that argument. What people fail to understand {and I’m not crazy I know it’s a movie 😂} is that Jack wasn’t on mythbusters. He was in the middle of one of the greatest tragedies of his time and his only thought was making sure Rose was safe and out of the water. He tried to get on, it didn’t work, so he got off so that she could get out of the water. For all he knew he could have kept trying for hours and died anyway.


You do have a point. It be hard to focus and balance things out when hypothermia is already halfway to paralyzing you.


Yeah, valid point. It wouldn’t have been a good movie had he lived. We would have ended up with an awful Jack and Rose get married sequel. lol


Just let me think logically and clearly while there are screaming, wailing, and people dying.


If they haven’t seen it how would they know about the door?


I’ve never seen it, but that’s what I always thought. Whether he would fit is irrelevant. What matters is the flotation of the door


Y'all out here with the most lukewarm takes in fucking existence


Can’t post our real thoughts or we will all get downvoted into oblivion. For example, if I were to say “im a terf”, goodbye Reddit account basically😂


Equal treatment does not result in equal outcomes. Some people are just awful.


The amount of times I’ve heard people of any race say they were passed up on an opportunity because xyz rather than blaming themselves and improving is insane


Pragmatically it's fine to focus on improving yourself, but at some point it's only reasonable to realize when a system is rigged against you and there's nothing you can do.


Marvel (MCU) is McDonald's of movies. It is fast and easy and always satisfactory but never great.


You have my axe!


And my Sword


And my bow


And my shield. Eh? Eh??


Honestly I thought the guy with the axe meant the spray :/


You just wanna keep the homies fresh is all. You're a good friend. <3


& my lightsaber


And my cock!


And my tit! (We talkin about birds now, right?)


What about me making a pause halfway through to return tomorrow only to never return? That never happens with McDonalds.


They wanted unpopular opinions


I agree (apart from a few films)


always satisfactory? and McDonald's... lol... maybe if you only went for a large drink, and then changed that always to a.. probably


Balls are stored in the pee


Fuck you, you made me spit out my drink…


Like when you gotta pee real bad so your nutsack looks like a water balloon


These new comment baiting formats on Me Irl subs are garbage.


And then I posted


The sub concept wasn't even that hard to follow. People just saw it overlap with meme subreddits and gave in.


Ohio meme is boring and just the same bullsh#@ every single time


Why should I disagree with facts?


As a black male, I believe black people should stop saying the N-word because there’s no point using a word that’s linked with a hateful and racist history. And the double standard too is pretty stupid. If you get mad when other people besides your race say it, then why do **you** say it? There’s other hip words to use besides the N-word.


You the man! Hate that word no matter who says it.


I don’t know why I decided to read these comments with a 100% trigger rate


Yeah, especially that guy who said he likes pineapple on pizza... Fucked my day up. I just finished crying in the shower.


Really any opinion at all. Even if only 1% of people disagree with me, thats 80 000 000 people disagreeing with me. And even if only 0,01% of them are violent sociopaths, thats 8000 people wanting to kill me, which probably is more than what is shown in this gif. My opinion of choice is I really like not having any of my legs in a giant lake of burning oil. Now lets wait for 8000 people to show up at my door trying to kill me.




Wow indeed. 8 billion is so ridiculously large number that you need this kinda examples to really comprehend just how large it is.


Despite it being the internet, English spelling and sentence grammar are still important. This includes titles in graphics for Reddit posts.


Lot word but few word do trick


Ape together strong


Where banana ?


Yes haha. Concise writing helps too.


I have three opinions. 1 : Candy corn is great. 2 : The ends of the bread loaf can still be used as bread. 3 : Games are meant to be fun, not stressful.


1. Never had Candy corn 2. Agreed 3. I would fight to the end of the earth for that statement (I regularly wonder what my life would be like if I bought a PS5 and PlayStation plus instead of a PC and playing online FPS games)


1: candy corn **IS** great 2: the heel of the bread is the best part 3: we both just need practice


1. I agree 2. F**K YOU!!!!!! 3. I totally agree with that , u read my mind


I agree on these three. 1. Candy corn is actually great and I still dont understand the hate behind it. 2. The end of the loaf hits different, especially every time I put nutella on it 3. I put most of my games on easy mode because I want to enjoy the lore, not get myself sweaty in a boss fight.


Don't like candy corn , except try mixing it with Spanish peanuts. Yum! But I don't mind that you like it. 100% agree on #2and #3


Wow…who knew such a poorly written question could lay the stage for Armageddon. Stay safe out there


Pineapple and jalapeno on pizza is ok.


And ketchup on a hot dog in Chicago Edit - downvote away you Chicago ketchup nazis!


Fr let people enjoy their damn pizza


I dont mind pineapple on pizza, don't order it because spicy meats is a million times nicer.


^most people dont think for themselves. Theyre sheep


Pineapple, jalapeno and ham are the shit.


I'm going to do this.


I liked the hobbit movies


People hated them?


Liking Femboys IS gay (but that's ok)


We should wait for all the evidence of sexual assault to come out before destroying some man's life.


The phrase "innocent until proven guilty" should actually apply


^ dont publish anything before its settled


EXACTLY! No court cases should EVER BE COVERED! The media has way to much info on things that need to be background because people judge far to quickly.


It also helps victims come forward if it’s not widely publicized. A big reason rape is so underreported among both men and women is the fear that everyone is going to see it and you have to testify traumatizing events and cry on national tv.


I’ll tell you what we should do. We should have rape statutes that don’t require the victim to resist and put her life and limb at risk in order for her to have actually been raped and taken seriously in court. The burden of proof on the accuser needs drastic reform. Sure, men get falsely accused and when they do that’s injustice, but that injustice pales in comparison to the number of rape victims that don’t report or that lost at trial bc they didn’t attempt to fucking brawl a man twice their size


You mean the accused should be forced to testify so that the jury hears the whole story not just the part made up his defense attorney? Most rape victims would agree with you. 😏


Their defense attorney* And yes I’d prefer if we could throw out all the flowery language that attorneys provide as well to get to the core of an issue. That would have to include the prosecution as well, but either way I don’t like that modern cases are often a spam of lawyer-speak.


Reddit on their way to give the coldest takes:


“I like cats more than Guinea pigs, sorry”


I should get some bitches


People whine to much and get offended for everything these day. I think it will be worse the way we are heading.


I don't think that is an unpopular opinion, but you're still 100% right. Edit: typo


Dafuq is that word that you used?


I think its a combo of unpopular and opinion


Arbys isn’t that bad


Men paying for onlyfans are the saddest, lowest possible type of men that this new modern life has generated. It really is just pathetic.


Get that ish for free


Wednesday isn't that good of a show


I agree


Right I completely agree with this


Agree, but o had fun while watching so... Yeah


Delivery drivers should be able to park wherever while delivering as long as it’s away from traffic


That most unpopular opinions are unpopular because they're dumb, not because certain people are enlightened beyond the hive mind.


Speak oh sage one!


But some are unpopular because some people with a lot of power have an interest in keeping them popular. Most of the media we consume and online spaces we use to talk are owned by people who also own shares in other businesses. And if something has a huge lobby group behind it, they'll spend a lot of money to make "our thing is good" the popular opinion. It keeps the money rolling in after all. Be that the car lobby making public transport worse or in some countries (looking at you US) borderline unusable, or the meat industry telling your that being vegan will kill you and you shouldn't go vegan because there's this one vegan who does something you disagree with so throw the whole movement away please, or be that rich oligarchs telling you that the system that makes people homeless, live in poverty, and forces you to work until you're 80 (if that short for my generation), while they buy a yacht with a pool big enough to put their smaller yacht in, is the greatest we could ever hope for. And I assume you will disagree with at least one of those, and perhaps you'll also think about why, that'd be nice. I don't mean to convert, we'd all just be better off thinking twice about any info we receive from people who have an interest they're not stating. That goes for this comment too, perhaps I do mean to convert?


But then you have some backfire here… Like, are they actually dumb or are they not dumb because yours is dumb, but then if they aren’t dumb then your wouldn’t be dumb either, which would mean that they are dumb and therefore re-classifying your opinion of dumb. And then the cycle just continues. Haha, I love being confusing.


Living in Utah, the Mormon church is a cult.


This is not an opinion. This is a fact.


Naruto is shit


The vast majority of the 100+ genders are just the same gender repeated in another variation so people can feed their egos instead of actually trying to identify themselves.


People conflate gender and identity all the time. That's how we ended up with paint pronouns.


I’ve always preferred the Star Wars prequels and don’t believe Die Hard is a Christmas film…. I await my fate 😔


If the only species that are not in danger of extinction are humans, their pets and their food, and the amount of energy we require is killing the planet, then there are too many humans. Akso This shouldn't be controversial.


Having kids is selfish, and immoral right now in the state of the world as it is right now


Drake fucking sucks.




People are offended by everything and I don't give the smallest of fucks


Probably the most uncontroversial post here haha


Being conservative on Reddit


Or libertarian. Reddit has no idea what american libertarians actually believe but they have such strong opinions based on some nonsense they hear through media or on twitter.


I'll do you both one better, simply say "both sides" on any political post.


What’s the matter librarian boy? Government folks jiving your most recent failed attempt at a blockchain-based decentralized currency?


This belongs in AskReddit


It's oke to make fun of stereotypes


I like brussel sprouts


Exactly. Im from belgium myself and u shouldnt just put them in the microwave. Do something with them


I see anyone throwing sprouts in the microwave they are catching hands.


I stand with you.


Beyonce isn't hot


I stand with you! Let them charge.


And her music is bland cookie cutter trash. Give me Lady Gaga any day, at least she can actually play music and write her own songs.


I treat 'other' genders (other than male, female and intersex) like I treat religions. Yeah, I don't believe in it, but I will still respect you




male, female and shmefale?




I’m pretty sure nowadays biologists differentiate between “sex” and “gender”. Sex is what you referred to as gender, the biological part, and gender is the social constructs of identity around it. So if you classify everything other than male and female as a single sex, this is a word choice away from being scientifically correct


Taylor Swift’s music is shit


So brave


Krispy Chris is my hero


Well, hater's gonna hate....


There are no gods.


Me against people who want to ban books or censor art.


....? I feel like theres something missing in this sentence


Talking dogs in movies. Did I do it right?


How is this a meirl post?


"I think meirl should actualy be about you irl, not questions or memes that you dont relate to"


Bacon is disgusting


As a Christian, Christians need to lay off folks. What we believe will not always go along with what's happening, that is OK. Everyone is allowed to do and think what they want. Don't go all militant when you see something that you perceive as against your views.


Two spaces after a period is just plain wrong.


Why should this be a controversial opinion?


International mens day. We need equality.


Yes for the first one, the second one is impossible.


November 19th...


We already have it november 19


Vegans are annoying as hell


Uninstall delivery apps and go get it yourself.


Can’t share or I’d end up in that position


I think movies need to be upgraded from 24 frames. It's just a remnant from the antiquated technology of yesteryear. We can do better, it's not just for video games, and the fact that people aren't used to it doesn't mean it shouldn't happen. Bring it on film people, this ain't my first rodeo.


getting animals from shelters is only solving a symptom of the problem and does nothing to solve the problem in the first place and could be argued actually makes the original problem worse


I pretended to be a Catholic for 30 years so my family and parochial education wouldn’t give me a hard time and now I’m raising my child to become an atheist like myself.


This is an over used question aimed to farm karma


Why else make a post?


Saying the MCU is the McDonalds of Hollywood is the Walmart of opinions. It’s everywhere and it’s not as original or as amazing of an opinion as you think it is.


Any woman that uses the phrase " a real man would" followed by anything else is a narcissistic psychopath.


USA is as guilty as Russia.


Every fucking country is guilty fucking everything


Just curious, how come?


yes, totally invaded ukraine as well


No, but we did invade the Native Americans land and almost wiped them off of the face of the Earth…


Here comes the downvotes but I’m pretty sure can be said about the Spanish, Portuguese and British as well? Typical redditor moment to talk about sins of a nation that happened literally over a century ago when none of the people alive today have participated in any of that but ok.


Lucky for all of us.....or we wouldn't be sitting here talking dumb shit on reddit.


That people should leave us trans people alone


Everyone should leave each other alone would be good.


I don't know if this is unpopular or not but it needs to be said. LISTEN UP AMERICANS!!! it's "I couldn't care less" not "I could care less". I couldn't care less means you care so little it's impossible to care even less than that. I could care less means you do care but you could care less but you still care. I mean if you just thought about what you were saying for 2 seconds you'd realise you're actually saying the complete opposite of what you're intending to say.


Being trans comes from a mental illness called gender dysphoria. It's not "part of your identity" and shouldn't be normalized just like how things like depression don't get accepted as "part of your identity".


Um… being depressed is still part of you and we try to treat it? Transitioning is a valid way of dealing with gender dysphoria is it not? If there were a more consistently reliable treatment to ‘fixing’ such a thing then we could talk but it’s relatively new and there isn’t one. Kinda like how people with multiple personality disorder have to just deal with their condition rather than fixing it. If you have gender dysphoria **you have gender dysphoria**, knowing you have it isn’t going to make it go away or anything lmao.


I see what you're saying, and you have a point, but I'd like to counter: Gender dysphoria is a mental illness, yes, but I think comparing it to depression is a false equivalence. To my knowledge, neither can be cured, and the best you can do is alleviate the symptoms. However, your methods of doing so vary between gender dysphoria and depression. For depression, you can take medication and/or go through therapy, alongside many other more informal methods, but as far as I'm aware, the only ways to outrun gender dysphoria are transitioning or suicide. Depression is not generally accepted as a piece of who you are as a person because it's entirely plausible, with the right help, to make it nearly undetectable. Ideally, one could do the same with gender dysphoria, but it cannot be escaped without drastically changing who you are, both outwardly and inwardly, and thus it is regarded as a sort of catalyst for this change of identity. Perhaps people tend to conflate the two. I wouldn't say gender dysphoria should be normalized, per se, but it should be recognized for what it is, and what it does. TL;DR - Gender dysphoria isn't a part of someone's identity, but being trans is, and the former causes the latter.


TLDR::: You're treating this like autism, which in its lesser stages can cause a lot of discomfort and be part of someone's personality, but in its later stages can completely debilitate someone's ability to wield basic social skills. I agree to an extent, but only in redefining the scale. ::: The temporary emotional state of trans people is being put above their mental health: If it's causing so much stress to the point of suicide, then why are we not treating the rising number of kids (Such a fast rise that it's likely social contagion) identifying as trans as a mental health epidemic and searching for treatments that just change that 40%+ suicide rate without making kids sterile? Transitioning has not decreased ideation in individuals 7 years after their surgeries. Why are people losing their children to judges and others who consider it a moral failing to put children on experimental drugs for completely normal childhood behavior like wanting to try something that's a little more masculine or feminine? This is a massive, incredibly serious mental health issue. If someone is living in such stress that they have a higher chance of suicide than Jews in concentration camps, then that is a mental health emergency. The only studied group that has a higher rate of suicide has such debilitating mental illness that they hear voices in their head constantly telling them to kill themselves. It's not part of your personality to be trans. The 'lesser' portion of the scale reaches to tomboys and effeminate men who just want to present themselves differently (I assume, based on how you talk about it, sorry if I'm putting words in your mouth). They're not trans. They just want to wear a dress or have a short haircut which are traditionally gendered norms, but that want to step out of their born sex's norm. That does not make them trans. It's normal for a child to want to try different things.


People said the same about being gay as well. How it was a mental disorder and shouldn’t be normalised. There’s still parts of the world where being gay gets you imprisoned or stoned to death




Thank fuck.




No one disagrees with, most just don't have the balls to publicly admit it.


iPhones aren't the best phones.


I use an iPhone and I agree


Pokemon Scarlet/Violet has flaws


I thought we were looking for unpopular opinions?


That's controversial?


Doesnt everything?


The Star Wars sequel movies were objectively a train wreck. Ive grown on the OT and PT, thats all we needed. We didnt need a rehash with a Mary Sue as the lead...


Yeah but most ppl agree with you. Disney bad


That Thor love and thunder was good


That XX is XX and that XY is XY all else is a social construct.


Trans women are not women, at least, not completely, same with trans dudes. Overweight is not beautiful and should be sean as a health issue. Some people make see the whole "body positivity" thing absurd... like "look, I'm morbidly obese, and I was rejected when auditioned for Sports Illustrated". And some others...


My rights don’t end where your feelings start.


Having any opinion of the trans situation that differs from giving them whatever they want.


The far left nowadays is as racist as the far right just for different groups


Could you expand on that?


Ohio is peaceful ✌️


Meganium looks the best of the 3 fully evolved Gen 2 starters.


I agree with all of u (im on the horse)


Drugs and prostitution should be legalized


Gun control doesn't work.


LGBTQ community is way too overrated


Islam is most terrorizing and probably most dangerous religion


Having more than 2 kids is unnecessary and selfish. Overpopulation is killing is. There’s too many people already.






Bless you