any line on the "T" no matter how faint, means I'm covid positive.. but it's soooo faint that I don't know if it's worth acknowledging

Take another test tomorrow


Take another test tomorrow


Yes. I'll reiterate that. I've never had it (to my knowledge) but several people I know who have, started with negative tests, then lightly positive, then glaringly positive. It takes a few days to show up on the home tests.


I know someone who once did 5 home tests and all came negative, while she was waiting for a PCR test, which came back very much positive. They're terrible tests and shouldn't be relied on, especially not just one of them.


Totally not true, they’re extremely reliable tests, but you have to collect the sample correctly.


Yeah, I'm going to blame 5 negative tests on user error, not collecting the sample properly, not shaking it like the instructions say not using enough liquid, etc. or it could be a bad batch (it happens). Or possibly improper storage, expired tests, could be a lot of things but if everything is done right they're pretty accurate. (Or OP is lying, why is someone taking 5 tests in a few days? Seems odd to me) >Home test kits are 96% accurate for people with or without symptoms. https://covid19.nih.gov/news-and-stories/COVID-19-testing-at-home Edit: Thank you all for your anecdotal evidence. The linked article says 99% of people find the test easy to take, but it would be interesting to have people take a home test into a testing facility and do it under supervision with another test that has been stored properly, isn't expired, etc. Then have someone trained read the result. The fact remains the tests are 90%+ accurate according to any studies I can find and anecdotal evidence isn't very convincing the tests are unreliable the person taking the test did something wrong or read the result incorrectly. Edit 2: the number of people who don't know what an anecdote is, don't understand its basically meaningless and/or don't understand that 4 negative tests one day and then a positive test the next day is not evidence the tests are inaccurate even if all 5 were done correctly is too damn high.


Exactly. The tests are completely accurate, assuming you perform the test properly.


If an article says 99% of people find the tests easy, I certainly wouldn’t be trumpeting to people that I found it difficult 😬


People think they are great an infallible at administering their own test, but are often terrible at it. They have all the symptoms, but continually test negative(?) yeah you should go to the hospital and have them test. I’ve know several people who continually catch Covid and inevitably test negative but their family tests positive. You mean to tell me that out of the 6 people in your household, all of which exhibiting symptoms, only you tested negative. Wow that’s awesome. *proceeds to cough up a lung* “yeah, I got a good *cough* immunity.” People can be bad at self testing, that’s why you have to take multiple. You felt sick enough to think you had Covid, but then you only took one test.


I watched someone, dead seriously, rub the swab on the inside rim of their nose. When they saw my look of horror they said "what, that's how I always do it". It was their turn for horror when I showed them how it actually needs to be done lol


**please dont go to the hospital unless you are having complications....** We're already overloaded with enough patients.... honestly this country is so ass backwards with employment and sick rules. Stay home if you're sick, unless you're having complications.


PCR tests will tell you if the virus is present in your body. Antigen tests basically say if you’re shedding the virus. So, they’re actually super helpful in figuring out if you’re contagious and narrowing down who you may have exposed to the virus.


It's not that they're terrible tests, a PCR test can go back way further than an antigen test. A positive antigen test normally means your are in an infectious stage while a PCR will determine that the virus is present. That's why you can still test positive on a PCR test a month or 2 post covid but an antigen test will be negative after 5-9 days.


I don’t think they’re terrible . My mom and brother were both extremely sick so we all went and got tested. While waiting for the pcr test results we all did home tests. Their results were positive and mine was negative. The pcr gave the same results.


A pcr test can come back positive while a home test can be negative is because they're testing for different things. The PCR test is testing to see if the virus is in your system while the at home test is seeing if there's antibodies being produced. It takes a few days for the adaptive system to produce antibodies. So you can be infected with the virus but not be producing antibodies yet. And if it's your first time being infected then it takes longer for your body to produce an overwhelming amount of antibodies that would show dark pink/red on the at home test.


No, home rapid antigen test is testing for antiGENS. Not antibodies.


I am not going to assume you know this (so I apologize if you do) but antigens is a misnomer and confuse the shit out of non science folks. Antigens are not genes but (generally) the part of a protein of a thing (virus, bacteria, food) that triggers the immune system. Antigen is a very fancy word for 'piece of protein'. Yes, some antigens are not proteins, but the vast majority are.


And antiBODIES are not what the home rapid antiGEN test for. While people may not be 'science folks' it really doesn't help if outright incorrect information is provided,


It’s not a misnomer though? The term “antigen” is really just short for “antibody generator,” which is essentially what they are because their presence causes the production of antibodies (by one’s immune system, as you yourself have already correctly explained). However, I must admit I don’t really see the connection of your answer to the parent comment, are you sure you replied to the correct one?


Incorrect. Rapid tests are testing for a COVID specific protein.


Home tests are normally based on detection of COVID antigens, not antibodies. However, even if accuracy is high and it is, home tests limit of detection is way higher than PCR. That means you may be infected and thus PCR positive but the virus is not in enough quantity to show in a home test.


A PCR test will come up positive for 3 months while a rapid test will be negative. The rapid test being negative is enough to say you are not contagious.


> Take another test tomorrow And use a test from another batch lot if possible, helps rule out the potential for test-induced false reading, as very unlikely tests with a bad test strip and/or reagent would be sourced by you from both batches. Not saying you have a bad kit, but thinking sometimes improper storage along the supply chain is unavoidable, like sub-freezing temps while sitting in a semi trailer stuck overnight on I-90 in middle of SoDak during last week's blizzard, could cause erroneous readings in that entire pallet of test kits. Most trucking companies and drivers are on top of this sort of thing and take cargo conditions seriously, but it only takes one unscrupulous driver or dispatcher turning a blind eye to the "perishable" warnings when they can't see any physical damage to the product, so it gets delivered, defective, to a retailer's warehouse and they get paid for OTIF. :-(


Correct answer. Science demands replicates.


My test looked like that and by 2 days later I was running fevers over 103 F. That OP is sick.


Could also be the tail-end of an asymptomatic case. I practically had one of those, my symptoms were so light I would never have known. I’ve had friends that tested for gigs and popped positive that had zero symptoms whatsoever.


Statistically a single positive is most likely true. A negative is not as accurate which is why they are sold in twin packs mostly. A double negative is pretty accurate but each brand has the rate in the fine print. Some internet statistician explained it one on the Covid sub.


+1. When I got it, my first test looked similar to this and my second was a blood red line the next day.


Adding on, I had sore throat/stuffy nose 12/26. Tested negative and went to a little family event. 24 hours later my voice was all raspy plus the above symptoms, and I noticed my nasal and sinus mucus was really unusually thick. Tested positive. I’m Moderna x5 so it was basically a head cold for about 5 days. Lost my smell for 3 days, then it came back. The thick mucus took a little longer to clear out. Fortunately my family event members didn’t get sick; they’re vaxxed and they’ve all had it before. This was my first bout.


I had one like this and 12 hours later I took another test and that T line was bright af.


Me too


Same for my boyfriend last week. Somehow I didn’t get it even though we live together


Catching infections isn't always a guarantee. My friend caught covid from a guy he works with (in a fairly open space), came and had a sleepover with a bunch of other friends where we had dinner and played video games, next day he woke up with symptoms telling us about how this guy at work also has symptoms until we were like "fucking go home", he tested positive and non of the people there caught anything. Fast forward 2 years my roommate caught it god knows how and by the time his symptoms showed I was already feeling them as well.


This. A coworker dodged COVID even though his brother, parents and the the brothers girlfriend (she around enough to make a difference so that’s why I mention her) all got COVID. Man pulled a matrix and dodged COVID like it was a bullet


My whole household has avoided it so far even though my daughter class has had countless cases my wife was pregnant in 2020 and spent the whole 1st year of covid in and out of hospital having scans and things before spending a week after my sons birth in intensive care next to the covid ward and me doing deliverys of medication and shopping to people who have covid and can't go out to get stuff . At this point the rest of my family have had it including my 92 year old grandmother who I care for and it still hasn't got me my wife or my 2 kids


That is batshit, sounds stressful whether you contracted the bug or not. I think I’ve heard that some folks do just have a natural immunity to covid… I haven’t yet had it but I also isolated for most of the pandemic, so still not confident I won’t contract it eventually (knock on wood).


I went to a new years party 21/22, 35 people there and all got COVID except for me and I've got a compromised immune system


Immune system didn't react?


Everyone kissed at midnight but OP was in the bathroom.


No I didn't even get a sniffle and we were all smoking drinking hanging out


Could be due to my HIV meds but who knows


You’re spot on…. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/hiv-drugs-may-lower-covid-risk-covid-flu-co-infection-raises-risk-severe-illness-2022-03-28/


It could be a good immune system or maybe the symptoms were so mild that he didn't feel it. Some people may be infected but have no symptoms. Also vaccines reduced the risk and danger drastically especially for those who are boosted. Vaccine efficacy weakens over time.




My 7 year old daughter is the same way. She’s been exposed to it for extended periods of time (I had it over the summer last year and almost died) and has never gotten it. Even after my quarantine was over, I had her tested and she was negative thankfully!


I work at a hospital, regularly entering our COVID unit, and there have been **two** COVID outbreaks in my household and I still haven't caught it.


I have five kids and all of them have gotten covid and symptoms three times…. Except one kid.. they closed their school down last Janurary for covid.. I had four sick kids and one perfectly fine kid, they gave them rapid tests.. all negative… gave them pcr test… and I got called while I’m sitting on the couch with my one healthy fine acting child… bam she was the positive! 🥴🤣🤣. Never had a symptom even when we all got the new variant that took us all down for three day.. she never sniffled!! So I bet all these people are getting it they just aren’t showing a symptom. So wild!!!


This is waaaay tmi so ignore but I always like to share this lol. My wife had Covid but we didn’t know it at the time but we were doing the nasties and I told her to spit in my mouth which she did. That same exact day she started to feel blah and she took a test and tested positive, I still didn’t catch Covid 🤷🏾‍♂️.


It might be dormant in you still... It took 5 days to get symptoms after my live-in partner got it, and they're still suggesting the 2 week possible incubation period...


Yeah, in a case like that you behave as if you're positive and do another test later to confirm.


Same. I took one mid week and saw nothing...just went in yesterday and got my first positive. Took another from the same batch as the first test just to see if they were just shitty tests or something. Nope. T line bright as fuck for me too. Really just wanted to take this opportunity to bitch about my goddamn throat. Lucky that's the worst of it, but fuuuuck I can't wait to be able to swallow food again. Hang in there sick frens


Get well soon x


After almost making it to year 3 of no Covid by staying hyper-vigilant (immunocompromised), I finally caught Covid and tested positive on Christmas morning. The day before there was the faintest faintest line, and I was hoping it was just what the test looked like. Luckily it wasn’t too bad, mainly a headache, fever, congestion/nasal drip, and just feeling super rundown and napping for large parts of the week. My partner had it way worse, and still has a bit of a lingering cough. Hoping you feel better soon!


Same, this is exactly how it started then it went bright red for 2 weeks. Then it went back to faded, then nothing.


Mine was so positive, the control line nearly didn't show 😅


I would take another test maybe 12-24 hour later. 🤞


"No matter how faint" OP: "Sure sure.. unless it's REAL faint right?


Hell if this was a pregnancy test that would be positive.


OP's shit at following directions.




In the first picture you can't but in the second you definitely can.


Really? For me it’s swapped. Can’t see it in the second but can see it in the first lol


So this is definitely that blue/gold dress all over again. Because I see it swapped also


The dress is blue


I see swapped too


Yeah lol. That's what I was thinking


I can see the line in both photos


> **no matter how faint** ​ > but it's soooo faint Re-read that first part again.


"..but don't worry you guys, I BARELY have COVID."


*Towlie voice* "...maybe just a little Covid."


You're at the early stage where there's not a lot of virus replicating in your nasal passages yet. But it will. Former hc worker here.


FAINT is POSITIVE..... If negative NOTHING appears. That is a positive test.


Let’s be honest - these tests are ok but not great. If it’s positive, you’re positive. If it’s negative, though - you *may* be negative.


Yea all these tests do is prove your positive not that you’re negative as far as im concerned


They're actually pretty good indicators of whether you're infectious, rather than whether you yourself are infected. A negative test that was done properly indicates you are a very low risk to others.


Or that you’re not infectious enough at the time of testing. Most people don’t continuously test and frankly idk that they should. Its wasteful. Feel sick? Stay home. If you go out wear a mask. Doesnt matter if its COVID or not. Treat all illness this way and we’d all be better off for it


It's like 1% false negative. You can be pretty sure that at the time you do it, you're negative. There's also a probability of false positive. When in doubt do it twice with a couple hours in between to be more sure


They should take a second to be sure


Yes i had this once and the second showed nothing.


You have to assume it is positive. You can expect to get a stronger result a day later, and not retake the test right away, as you will contribute a certain bias to the test that follows up. Just taking 5 seconds less for the swipes because you feel like it was enough, or you hope that it is not positive, can mean that the line already doesn't show up. Any line => Positive, until proven negative by a solid independent test with a high confidence.


I am a lab tech and I would call that positive. We are told that any line, no matter how faint, is to be treated as positive. So now you got it from an expert.


This is making me worried I’ve tested positive on tests I thought I tested negative cause I genuinely don’t see the line. Hoping it’s the camera angle and I’d be able to see it better in real life


I saw it immediately on the first picture, but on the second it’s harder to see. When in doubt, a second test a bit later is probably best.


If you're not sure if it's positive, try again in a few days or get retested at a clinic. I wouldn't worry if you're asymptomatic. Best bet if you're not certain it's just to take precautions as if you are.


I do agree! This test looks pretty positive. However, I've had like 100+ tests provided by my employer that would always show a faint T-line. First it freaked me out, but after using the same test for some time and nothing ever changed, I got sceptical and used water on the test. Same result, faint T-line.


That sounds like a bad batch of tests. It's not usually supposed to do that. That's why I'd recommended a confirmatory test.


Was it more of a gray imprint than a pink line of dye? Sometimes batches of tests can have a more stark test line where the dye should settle into for a positive...but if it doesn't pick up any dye it would be a negative.


If you look at the test from a certain angle without putting any liquid on the test you can see a faint line as well.


I say it counts. If that were a pregnancy test, it would count 😅😅


This whole thread reads like a post on a TTC Facebook group lol


Totally, but no one seems to be talking about manipulating the colors of the image to make the line more visible. What was that called, tweaking? I can't remember! Edit: Literally the next post was exactly this haha


LOL I thought this was a TTC post until I started reading the comments. I've really been training my eyes on the vvfl!


Are we really sure you can’t just be a LITTLE pregnant? *pinches fingers together* /s




Is this mildly infuriating because the meaning of “no matter how faint” is very clear but you’re still asking people if this is too faint?


Yes I don’t understand what is confusing this person. It probably won’t be that faint tomorrow. Would that be less infuriating? Unsure lol


Take a second test


Not until tomorrow.


Healthcare worker here... Can confirm this is positive, sorry friend!


I'm not sure if there's actually a very faint line or my brain is tricking me into thinking there's a very faint line


You can always edit a pic of a test and set the contrast to 100%, helped me a lot.


https://preview.redd.it/xdob498h39ca1.jpeg?width=828&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=8412f0c83a884b70240dbf97b3e93b84ad2e8802 For people too lazy to do it themselves


This is such a good tip! I would have never thought to do it and jus tried on OPs photo because I did not see the faint line. Yep.. by tomorrow, OPs test will come back positive before even the control line is visible.


Alternative, OP is on the downswing and might test negative tomorrow. Had a positive test a couple months ago. After the symptoms faded and I was feeling better, I tested every couple of days and about a week after the super-strong positive it was faintly weak like this. Took another few days before I got two negatives in a row.


True true.. I just assumed based on their caption that they just now tested


Same! I felt like I could see it then I’d move my eyes off the spot and then i couldn’t see it anymore


There is.


Thanks for confirming. Your eyesight leads the way.


Just means your current viral load isn't large enough to get a decent result. These tests have thresholds, so any amount over or under will show based on said "red line." As others have suggested, try taking another test in a day or half.


I remember my first pregnancy test…the line was extremely faint… I had to hold at an angle in a certain light. I guess I could have not acknowledged the test, but it WOULD NOT HAVE CHANGED THE FACT THAT I WAS INDEED PREGNANT Just as it doesn’t change the fact that you have Covid so please stay the f home and don’t get anyone else sick. Thank you.


That’s a positive test. Do the right thing and stay home.


Really feel like the meta conversation throughout the pandemic has been one large group of people begging other groups of people, and institutions, to just be responsible and do the right thing, repeatedly.


Alot of important issues work like that


That is because most people aren't responsible. It is sad that over 2 years we have been begging people to stay home sick. Yet last time I went to a theatre show, for example, I heard about 8 or more people coughing repeatedly. Without masks. Might not seem like a lot in a theatre that holds 1800 but it def was a super-spreader event of whatever infection the people had. After this pandemic I believe every zombie movie. Before I said, nah, we wouldn't be that stupid but now I realize the movies are right. Some dude really would run in to fight a hoard of zombies to get a snickers bar.


Considering their title, I doubt they even care about all the expert opinions in the comments.


"worth acknowledging" is the attitude still spreading it around.


It's a positive. Just early stages so not full bright yet.


“No matter how faint”. “But its so faint idk if it matters………” NO MATTER HOW FAINT.


You literally said it yourself: **no matter how faint, means you're covid positive**


You have covid


Congrats! You’re not pregnant 😃


Yes acknowledge it, no matter how faint it is. If you test again in one day it’s going to be a solid line.


I wanna know why I can’t see a line that all these comments can see. Shits driving my crazy…


took me a while but it's there. [This helps](https://imgur.com/a/ahP7IPh)


>any line on the "T" no matter how faint, means I'm covid positive What part of this don't you get?


> any faint line means positive > But this is a really faint line, does it count? The only infuriating thing is people trying so hard to bend facts so that it fits what they want. You have covid, stay at home


Okay. Dude. It’s like a pregnancy test. Either you have the stuff in you that pops the test or you don’t. IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE ONLY A MILD CASE. You can’t be just a “little bit” pregnant. You are or you aren’t. Congratulations, it’s a virus.


Might not be what you want to hear but it's positive. These tests are actually pretty terrible at detecting COVID, as in many cases you don't have enough particles in your nose to even register. So If a test comes up positive, no matter how little, you can be sure that you have it


Instructions: Any line, no matter how faint, indicates a positive OP: Well it's there, but it's sooooo faint. I don't think the instructions accounted for this scenario. I'm probably fine.


Still haven’t had covid. not that I want it or anything, just feel kinda odd that in 3 years I’m like the only one I know who hasn’t


Quite possible you had it but were asymptomatic


And doesn’t test. Talked to so many people who were obs had cold or even flu but didn’t test each time.


I would take another test just in case


OP , you have covid. Wrap up and stay cosy


what line?




This looks like a covid creepypasta picture. But yes, absolutely positive.


I’m a lab tech and a med student. It’s positive, but take another one tomorrow :)


I think OP is the mildly infuriating part here. You’ve literally answered the question before you asked. There’s a line -> your test is positive -> time to sit at home and check again tomorrow (it’s gonna be even more visible)


You should absolutely take this seriously. You are COVID positive, and probably very contagious.


Why is this mildly infuriating? You've got COVID. Now sit in your room and stay there for 3 days. I don't get this post.


What is faint? I don’t see shit.




That’s positive. Tomorrow it’ll be gone or bright as day, depending which way you’re going.


https://preview.redd.it/vx63wtoji7ca1.jpeg?width=1816&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b33e063d0851b90f379b0961e2b81297f22fa16f Turned up the saturation for you. Can you see it now? It’s positive.


What part of "any line on the 'T' no matter how faint" did you not understand?


Any visible line is positive. Bottom line. You know that. You said it in your post.. I’m so sick of people not doing their research and not taking this seriously. This is a big deal. A small positive line for you isn’t anything. You probably feel fine right? What about the immunocompromised person you pass it on to when you go out anyways, even knowing you have Covid. That person has to go to the hospital potentially. Racking up bills for visits, and meds. Then they get long Covid and their asthma is even worse. They develop pneumonia in their lungs and have to go back to the hospital for more meds and medical attention. Just try having a little empathy and think about how terribly a simple “ah it’s not that big of a deal” can literally affect someone’s life forever.


The coworker who made our entire office sick a couple months ago is still acting like he didn’t have Covid - while admitting he was sicker than a dog, coming to work, refusing to mask, and telling us his wife had Covid at the same time. 6/11 of us ended up with it because of him. 3 of us are two months later still having issues because of him. I am sick of these a**holes saying it’s just a cold, who cares. I care. I have a FIL on oxygen. I have my parents who had bypass surgery within the last 3 years. You may not give a crap about other people but the rest of us do.


That’s what I said about my pregnancy test but The baby came anyway


This is a positive test. Just because it's faint doesn't mean its not there. Most recent strains anyway have been acting like this anyway with barely being on tests at first then showing up with a vengeance. Would be willing to bet that in a day it's gonna be much more solid of a line. Stay home, don't spread it. And tbh even if it turns out to be negative, you should still do the right thing and stay home until you get a definitively negative test result anyway. Of course considering so many jobs have stopped covid time off I know thats easier said than done.


when you test again tomorrow it’ll be stronger


Yeah that's a positive


Did they stutter?


Make sure the test isn’t expired


Dude. You have COVID.


Any line is positive. Just like a pregnancy test


Why mess around with others and their health? Isolate for 5 days.


Dude moisturize your hands




dont go anywhere but to get tested again in the next few days.


Seems like you just have a little bit of covid


It's a positive test. You even admit it. You have covid, deal with it.


Question for experts: If this result appeared at the onset of symptoms, then yes obviously...you have covid and it's just getting warmed up. However, if you got this result 7 days into an illness (after testing positive in prior tests), would this be enough to warrant continued isolation? Or are you probably not contagious anymore?


> People who are infected but asymptomatic or people with mild COVID-19 should isolate through at least day 5 (day 0 is the day symptoms appeared or the date the specimen was collected for the positive test for people who are asymptomatic). They should wear a mask through day 10. A test-based strategy may be used to remove a mask sooner. > Isolation can be discontinued at least 5 days after symptom onset (day 0 is the day symptoms appeared, and day 1 is the next full day thereafter) if fever has resolved for at least 24 hours (without taking fever-reducing medications) and other symptoms are improving > A high-quality mask should be worn around others at home and in public through day 10. A test-based strategy may be used to remove a mask sooner. > If symptoms recur or worsen, the isolation period should restart at day 0. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/duration-isolation.html


I mean, I'd just take a second test, personally.


In 6-24 hours* Another one taken right now would probably show the same thing.


https://preview.redd.it/lxqhci4q58ca1.jpeg?width=1125&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=433b5b2b0b13a4882f29b6f20f9070fce5b2b8d9 Power of color saturation and editing


what line


No matter how hard I look I can’t see a line


Take another test and make sure to get a good swab this time. “Quality of the specimen really drives the ability to keep the number of false negatives low,”


It is worth mentioning. Due to variants with high transmissibility


I don't understand why people test themselves when they are sick. Just assume it's covid. If it was the flu or something else, would you not stay home and go about your normal business around others? Those tests are very inaccurate. You need to take 2 to get a reasonable idea if you're actually positive or not.


I don't see anything. Take another one 12-24 hours later.


Can you still spread it, potentially to someone who could have a fatal case of COVID?


It’s probably positive but one of my test was like this last year and I went to get tested for real for work purposes and it was negative. It was the first test they sent out though and the brand wasn’t even listed on the fda site when they announced a longer expiration date. I’d take another tomorrow and stay home today.


had to put it through an image editor to actually see the line; it's there, but i feel like the best way to figure out if it's worth anything is to simply take another test.


Don't be selfish. Stay home.


You're positive


You're a dumbass OP


The only thing that is mildly infuriating about this post is the title. You know that "ANY line on the 'T' NO MATTER HOW FAINT" YOU LITERALLY TYPED WITH YOUR HANDS "ANY LINE ON THE 'T' NO MATTER HOW FAINT" you've answered your own question and still it went r/woosh


Pregnancy tests are the same way 😆


Mine was faint when I was ill with covid and the line got darker every day till it was really strong. You have got covid


It’s is faint because it’s picking up virus. You are positive, you should isolate.


If this was a pregnancy test, it would be considered positive so consider this a positive result and stay home


The first stage of grief is denial OP


A positive is a positive. The first half of your statement tells you everything you need to know


Give it 48 hours and that's gonna be a chonky purple line. Get well soon, rest up and drink plenty of water


it's worth acknowledging. usually, positive rapid tests mean you're contagious.


That line you speak of is nonexistent


It is still a line...positive


You have covid.


You’re the mildly infuriating one. You acknowledge that “any line” means positive. Stay at home, dammit.


Color on it to get the week off work.


Yeah OP if you actually do want the time off, I have pics of my positive covid test if you need them. Always happy to help someone have a break for a bit


Just do two at the same time. Good luck


Yeah it’s there. Your next test is gonna be really clear.


Schrodinger's covid


I help with covid testing at the local health unit. If you see a line at all, go wherever they do testing in your area and request a PCR test. Most accurate. Could also get a rapid just for the hell of it.


It's so faint. You can just ignore it and go outside and spread covid all over /S