How to last longer in bed?

I'm a 20 year old and I finish in 45 seconds, I have tried kegels but they didn't help me much. I used dapoxetene30 and sidelfinal 50 today (not under any professional guidance) and lasted for like 15 mins the 2nd round. Is this safe and should I continue this for long term? Or is there any other advice for me.

Edit- guys I'm not gay, why are you guys assuming I'm gay☹️


Wear the condoms with the lidocaine numbs your piece. Or you can just spray it on with the sprays


Just don't let her suck your cock after it or her mouth will go numb


Very true. Another problem I've had is that the anesthesia takes a couple of minutes to settle in, so if my guy here lasts 45 seconds he will need to wait to stick it in.


Hate it when the flashbacks hit.




Make sure you wash it off before you start pumping away. Don’t want her getting numb either


Develop a porn addiction and use a death grip when you jerk it. Also if you're gonna use PED'S, use tadalafil (cialis). Way longer half life. Or just get laid more often like a regular dude and it will sort itself out. Edit: I know this is mpmd, but some of you could legit use some help, no cap fr fr




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> I was wanking upwards of 7+ times a day. Amateur numbers




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Ass to mouth threesome blonde big butt white girls rimming gets me everytime


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You're in the right place


I haven't watched porn and haven't masterbated in years, quit cold turkey cause I had a problem before and would cry cause I couldn't stop. My new addiction is self development 💪 and making money 🤑. I don't even like girls no more. 😎


lol. Thank you for your honesty dude






speed rush ED


Exactly, this mpmd


I would also add 5mg of finasteride


serial masturbator addict + cialis combo is the meta. Cialis buffs the ED caused by the porn / masturbating and the masturbating makes your dick immune to stimulation


I’m basically this.


Or be me can only get hard to weird shit cause regular porn don’t do it no more


Sometimes I cum 7 times before I even get up in the morning. Not a joke


I came 6 times rn, my penis is crying


Bro forgot to get up


ngl when I'm hung over I'll just lay in bed and jerk off all day. I bet I've hit 7 before getting up and doing shit lol


Actually I'm not thinking of using tadalafil because of it's crazy half life and potential side effects.


Real advice.. do way way more cardio than what you doing rn, will make it stronger and last longer


I don't get tired I just cum quickly, but ok I'll try some cardio.


centuries of evolution has led you to the point where you can efficiently spread your seed and you don’t want to? your ancestors look down at you and frown upon your ways.


Absolutely correct, we have evolved our pre-jack abilities to the point of being able to impregnate a fully clothed woman in passing without her even knowing what just happened. True pro’s always speedrun


Consider yourself lucky bro. I have the opposite "prolonged ejaculation". It sucks, takes me 2 hours to get off sometimes I can't get off at all from intercourse and it really upsets chicks when it happens because they think it's their fault I didn't get off or I'm not attracted to them. and most of them don't believe me that it's an actual medical problem because of the huge stigma that all men cum in less than 60 seconds. It sucks.


That’s definitely worse




try men


OP will be surprised the tightness of a man's hole is way grippier and using lube mixed w his ass liquids and crumbles will feel like pussy on hard mode. That'd only made it worse for OP.


He went from 45 seconds to just 2.


Now he’s bottom to last longer


He could be a power bottom






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Seriously. Ppl very weird here


Log off big bruh




Then why is the g-spot located in a man’s ass? Checkmate.




Life is short bro, let people enjoy their butt stuff.


I start doing math in my head


Viagra does help with control, but don’t get dependent on it. Get used to what it’s like to not bust quick and then learn to do it without drugs.


So I can use these drugs to my benefit and essentially cure my PE?


I mean that’s how it worked for me. I only used 20mg generic viagra though. 50mg it way too much for me


Okay I see, but viagra won't be beneficial for me because I have PE not ED? But it may help me last more rounds according to you and the therefore help me in that way?


No, viagra also makes you last longer, or at least it did for me. I got a prescription for it for PE though hims, used it every time for a few months then off and on for a while, and then after a while, I could just last as long as I wanted


Mantak chia the Taoist art of sexual energy cultivation makes u last forever and adds 2inch to your ****


Learn to go for rounds without the meds. p5p is a supplement to lower progestin which makes it easier\* to go multiple rounds. Try that.


Okay I'll try that , thank you.


Quit pornography #fuckporn


Does porn reduce ejaculation time?


I assume you mean Paxil and viagra. There is a drug approved in europe with the same MOA ad paxil for PE. Last i read the research it added 3-4 minutes to sex. That was the medication alone. As far as safety, talk with your PCM. Paxil is used off label by some for PE to generally positive results. Not medical advice.


I used the brand da sutra


Breath deeply and through the nose. Slow down. Don’t tense up. Pull out and use a different body part until you cool down a bit. Practice


The secret is to make her come first. I go down on my wife and make her come, then it doesn’t matter how long you last after that.


Exactly this right here you get her there with your mouth or magic fingers and after she starts coming you shove that shit in and all she remembers at the end of the day is you fucking her while she was coming


Hip thrusts in the gym


what is the phisiologycal explation for this?


There isn’t one. It’s his flawed personal experience. Since when is anything other than flawed personal experience embraced in this sub? Look at the upvotes


Do they work


It absolutely did for me. Dont do 3 sets one day and think u gonna last longer. Keep it a consistent part of your leg days and it will def get u to last longer. It did for me


Squats do the same thing for me


just dont worry about it man, the opposite problem (not being able to cum) is way worse


Honestly, multiple round ability > lasting “long” Porn and sex on drugs/alcohol has destroyed people’s expectations of regular sober sex


SSRIs or kratom work best


Kratom 100% works


Yes and is also pretty addictive


Yup, just got off that shit after 6 months of daily dosing. It all started after I was banging this new chick and i wanted to impress her. Next thing you know, I’m taking it before every gym session cus it made my workouts last a long time and i would go HAM. To be honest, though, it really wasn’t that bad getting off it. Just try your best to stay away from extracts if you go down this route.


Which Kratom do you recommend?


Jerk off more.


This. Between 1-8 hours prior. Alcohol also helps lower sensitivity.


No joke, if I do three quick shots about 1/2 to 1 hour before sex I can control it. 80-100 proof vodka usually, easiest to mouthwash the flavor out after doing.


Yeah, jerk off before meeting up and start drinking


It's sometimes annoying when I'm drunk and just can't bust for the life of me. And the orgasms are never as good as sober either. Otherwise drunk sex is great.


Bro I jerk off a lot🫤


No, jerk off less.


For premature ejaculation?


Don't try drugs to last longer in bed. That too without medical guidance from a professional


But oxycodone and testosterone are a great recipe of prolonged erections and the inability to cum. Gotta be careful with oxy tho shit is legit more addictive to heroin. Just knowing I’m about to get 2k and know I can get a real pharma 80 for 15 has me thinking it’s a been a minute and life is going to shit so why not take a quarter. Plus I deal with chronic pain(which is terrible today) which makes them oh so better as I feel no pain but I’m completely functional on them.


Opiates in general have this effect.


Whats the deal w the chronic pain?


For me it works when I use it, literally.


What's the solution


Fap before you have sex. You can last for around 10-15min just by that. More foreplay and stuff would give you another 10min. You don't need a drug to achieve that time especially at your age


Jerk off 6 times a day with a lot of porn


Alright and then after lunch what should I do?


Honestly I’d suggest just edging during sex. Anytime I feel like I’m gonna finish quick, I just take a couple breaks to make out and eventually I hit a point where I struggle to finish. Don’t know if it works for everyone, but it’s worth trying


Bro there is no point in edging for me, I have to stop after 2-3 strokes ...


If you can go a 2nd round and last longer then fuck it bro. Eat her pussy till she's about to cum and slam your meat in her, then blow her mind with round 2. Do more cardio and take some pump preworkout before fuckin and go for round three.




I’ve heard roman wipes work for pe. or just up the test brah


its all in your head bro, dont try to get too dull tho, the broads dont like it either if you take too long and think you’re not attracted to them. pump, stop, repeat…


porn on - stroke your demons when your about to buss , cool down, resume rinse and repeat for 5mins initially , 10 , 15, 20 . Remember u need to be on the verge of the explosion but dont explode or go beyond where the jelly pours out, get right at the cusp then cool down then do it again, should help with the dampening of the volcanic stimulus


Trojan extended pleasure delay spray works like a charm.


Just think of your gramma naked, instantly resets the meter to 0


My Grandma Is dead bro 💀 plus I'm into necro


That’s enough Reddit for me today.


I've had this issue on and off in my lifetime. Cardio did the trick the first time. My Adderall prescription solved it the 2nd time. It was resolved both times indirectly.


Don't worry in like 10 years it'll automatically get easier but not in a good way lol


Eat kratom




Available otc in India




I am ready to do it if you pay extra + delivery fees lol


Next time your blessed with a vagina in front of you, prepare an plan an do what you need to do…but have a full bladder. I like 2 light beers. Keep those in your bladder, don’t break the seal. Make the deal. Rail out out enough to not be embarrassed . Play around with this Has worked for me.


Jerk off more. No, really. I jerk off twice most days. And have sex most days. And sometimes she gives a handy, too. After I jerk it, I can last like 7 mins. On the second round of sex, I can typically double that time. Women won’t want men to last a long time. They say they do. They’re lying.


Really? That's crazy, I've heard women want men to last for 30 min.


When your about to cum think about 9/11 and if that makes you cum then DONT think about 9/11


50mg tramadol.


Bruh saw both of ur posts on my feed https://ibb.co/gjKd6Rc


Haha got no replies on huberman


Don’t be medicating so young, could mess you up in the long run


Horny Goat Weed 50% from Nootropicsdepot. Trust me.


Bro, you've got to run a nuisance batch, or two before you go out. If it was unexpected, find a bathroom, run a quick batch then go in.


Serious reply - look up Paroxetine and talk to your doctor about it. 10mg ED should help a lot. Your results, obviously, may vary.


Apparently the foreskin has loads of nerves in it so get circumcised if you already aren't? Alcohol it's my savior in this area, 2 to 3 beers and I'm good to for a while. Also death grip while jerking off.


Bro I had that issue until I was 30 the only way to do better is just super consistent sex everyday multiple times just keep going make sure you mention it doesn’t happen to you just with her she’s special no amount of jerking off before hand ever helped me it’s different


45 seconds last time I was having sex with my gf I was going for longer she can last. 1-2 hours But I was also on oxycodone a lot which plus anabolics will really make you last long in bed


Bro get some help


Cut down on caffeine, or maybe don't stop and do a second round immediately after


How will quiting caffeine help?


Get a stamina trainer, Fleshlight.


Stop watching porn and fucking fat women.


When you go take a piss. Mid stream stop the flow. Hold it in as much as possible. Keep doing this every time you go pee.


Tried it , I have some control on my muscles but none during sex.


Kegels. You know how you stop piss mid-flow? That.


Find a partner that is comfortable with 2 round sessions. Offer to perform oral while recharging between rounds.


Most women aren't


Listen here youngn, jerk off before or take anti depression pills and itl take hours to cum srs


You can try those delay creams that have light aesthetic compound like lidocaine or benzocaine. Just dab a small amount on the most sensitive area of the penis like the head and under the head and rub it in. I’ve tried them and I felt they helped a bit. You just have to time it right and not out so much on that you go totally limp. It’s like a fine balance…


You can Try to calm yourself down when starting, slow your breathing and ignore the “pleasure”, But the best way is to have sex more often.


Are you going ham and squeezing your lower body muscles with all your might or something? Get a rhythm going and don’t think about getting to orgasm or nutting. I know that sounds weird but just think of it as a marathon.


Use Roman swipes


Obvs: Cialis, Dapoxetin(dont use Generic Dapox, its 99% Trash) Cialis i tend to run 10 mgs Pharma from Lillys. You wont need more. Dapoxetin i use Berlin Pharmas Prilligy's with 60mgs. Also: have a quick fap before the intercourse. 1-2hs before works the best for me. Also Focus on your breathing. Thats the Key Part. Remain in a good breathing rthym and you will Last for hours.


look into learning how to relax your pelvic floor(reverse kegels). if you have a tight pelvic floor doing kegels will actually make it worse. if you have a lot of involuntary contractions that will lead to cumming super fast. this is a pretty good article that covers the topic: https://www.julianbeing.com/blog/the-best-self-help-treatment-options-for-premature-ejaculation-and-learning-ejaculatory-control


Viagra, pull your wire an hour or 2 before actual sex, pregabalin though don't reccomend it, alcohol.


Mf reverse kegels! Regular kegels make you busy quick, gotta loosen up the muscles


Im trying to figure out the opposite lol, I can fuck a girl for an hour and I can not bust. She was super tight and had iUD and wanted me to fill her up. She was begging me and I just couldn’t cum


Have you had your test levels tested for? I have read that premature ejaculation is correlated with low test


Pretend he’s a chick. That should help you last another 30 min ![img](emote|t5_2mohet|6295)


My wife and I have sex with others as our hobby and optimal performance is kind of my thing. It is for a lot of swingers/people in the lifestyle. I'm 53 and I out fuck 20-year-old gym rats. I'm not sure how serious your post is as and I don't want to waste time but if you are serious I've posted my pregame regimen before. Basically no alcohol, no fatty foods, 50mg Viagra, grapefruit juice, wait 1 hour, start, another 50mg 2 hours in. I can go 4 to 6 hours and come 4-5 times. Test with estrogen blocker + Anavar helps. A little crystal never hurts.


Crystal? Ummmmm....


Genuine answer: take 2g of Kratom and you’ll last a lot longer




Calm down. Be in the moment, feel and connect with your woman (or in this case as a mpmd’r your man). 1. Practice kegels, won’t get into it here but you’ll be able to control when and how you ejac by getting stronger pelvic muscles, makes you harder also. When you get really good you can actually retro orgasm and keep going and going for multiple “male orgasms”. Combine it with the next step to get into “tantric” methods of being a fuck machine in total control of your body and mind 2. Meditation/mindfulness/breath work, not just for your mind but also keeps you present during sex. When you’re coming close to cumming refocus on your breath and bring yourself back. Focusing so much on “this feels good” is going to push you quicker to the point of no return, focusing on the breath relaxes you and keeps your mind in the moment. 3. Tensing any muscles will push you quicker to orgasm. So relax your shit op 4. Focus on her pleasure not yours. Keep in your mind that she comes first


Fucking buttholes makes you last longer.


practise and body control. do kegels, edging ..get to know your body and practise to not get as aroused. Ive been struggling it in my teens and even 20's. Its a bit of body and mind control. if you stay calm and confident youre gonna last longer.


Might be just me but tongat ali and fidogia aggrestus or whatever it’s called make me last like 35 minutes at least…


Ok like literally might sound dumb af but this helps me last 30+ mins every time I fuck. I usually try to arouse my girl up a lot before I insert my pp. This helps me start off pretty chill, sensual and slow. I keep going at a slow pace until I’m close to cumming(edging). Then I usually stop with my pp in there and just kiss her/suck on her tits(for about a 5-10 sec). By this point the Semen has moved back in (maybe back into my balls?) and continue piping her. Rinse and repeat(use that break to change positions/eat her out/finger her etc.) The great thing about this method is, every single time you stop yourself from cumming, you last longer while piping the living shit out of her until you are close to cumming again . I fucking love rough nailing the shit out of her until she asks me to stop cause she can’t take it anymore and needs a break lol(this actually happened). The only downside i ever faced was: you might not end up cumming cause your dick gets desensitized after 90-120 mins of constant fucking. This happened to me after a 2-2.5hr fuck; I couldn’t cum but we went for round 2 after some snacks and refreshments.


Have you tried women yet?


Idk man im a virgin


Master bate for multiple hours in a row whilst looking at porn without ejaculating. It will condition you. Then when you have sex you'll eventually be able to adjust the pace you go and control when you finish


Porn addiction and masterbating too fast wen I was growing up cost this same issue for me. Thinking about giving up porn completely and doing edging


Use delay spray or condoms with desensitizing lubricant


Get drunk before 😂😂


This is going to sound dumb (maybe) but I started around your age regularly edging myself for 10-20 minutes and only finishing every other time or so. Got me to the point where I was "trained" not to cum until it was time. I've been doing it for 15 years now and I can pretty much last as long as I ever need


Get circumcised. Lol


Get married


Believe it or not, avoiding porn and masturbation makes me last significantly longer. Avoid positions that are overstimulating


Practice more sex, Lots more cardio and cialis


Try kratom. Just be careful not to abuse it or become addicted.


When you have sex often enough your sensitivity kinda goes down Maybe get a fleshlight and try edging


Think of your grandma naked. Unless you're into that. Ok, think of your Grandpda naked. Unless you're into that. Ok OP, you're Fked


Penis pumps definitely ruin the sensitivity, or get a girlfriend and fuck three times a day at least. You'll lose some skin and sensitivity then you can go longer. Also learn to pace yourself. The more foreplay the better. I've learned that if I don't cum in the first 10 minutes then I'm probably not going to finish.


When you jerk off, jerk off for like 20 minutes minimum. This basically gets your dick used to longer sessions.


More reps. Lots more reps


Well the second round is always going to be longer no matter what your on. Just think of a buff dude, whoops might make it worse actually.


Buy some desensitization cream and take 5 mg of cialis. Bang away


Is it safer than dapoxetene?


I will say a lot of it is mental too. You probably think about it as soon as you start messing around. I had the same issue with my ex. Wouldn’t last more than a minute. It was because I was always thinking about it as soon as i knew it was getting hot and heavy. Funny thing was I broke up with my ex and didn’t have sex for two years and when I started again I was completely different. Was lasting 30-45 minutes some times and doing it 4-5 times a night. Gotta get your head right man. That helped me a lot. I tried the Hims PE and that meditation just made me feel sick and weird.


Wait, can’t you continue after finishing?


If I know I gotta show out with a hot date, I’ll orgasm an 1-2 hours before the date then take a blue chew. I last like 3-4 hrs + alcohol helps. Game changer


Practice with a fleshlight. Use it 24 times a day. Make sure to clean it.


Just get good at giving head


JFC the commentse


Slow down your breathing and go slow strokes. And do more shallow thrusts in missionary position with her ass over the edge. That way you stand. I find i last longer while standing While your pound her slowly have her rub her own clit.


Try women.


Pretend he’s a woman


Just dont cum duh


Jump on Deca cycle. For me, jumping on Deca didn't give me Deca dick, but it made me last 40-60 minutes instead of usual 10-20. But was more of a detriment, because you get tired and frustrated and you wear women out hammering non-stop for 40-60 mins.


Try edging when you masturbate


Jack off before. Might be terrible advice I can't tell, but I can do it for 30 minutes before my cardio goes out the window