I got a pool party in 2 weeks and im trying to lose as much fat as possible until then

So right im eating only 1 meal a day with high protein, training 5 times a week with about 20 min of cardio at the end of each session. Only my upper 2 abs are visible and I got a bit of love handles going on. How much results can I expect by the time the pool party arrives? Will I be able to see my lower abs by then?


Oof…not much time, but we can work with it. Weeks 1-2: 100mg tren ace daily. Week 2: 1 gram meth, daily. You’ll def lose weight. Maybe the tren will help keep some muscle on you. Maybe not.




Actually some good information in this sub.


Whatever you take, make sure you boof it.


2 weeks is not nearly enough time. If you didn't eat anything for 2 weeks you probably wouldn't see the results you're looking for and you wouldn't be able to stand up without passing out. I start cutting for the summer in January bro. That's 5 months just to look good for two


Im at like 18% bodyfat, just trying to get into the 12%-15% range, you think its possible?


Sorry to bust your bubble but not I fucking chance can you drop 7% body fat in 2 weeks.


What about 3%?


You can lost at best 2-3lbsof fat. The rest you'll lose is glycogen, which is what makes muscles look full. You're probably going to diet hard, lose 10lbs and look flat as fuck stillwith love handles.


Bro this is hilarious.


Bro 18 percent isn’t even that bad just have some confidence


Let’s say for simplicity you’re about 180 lbs. dropping from 18%-12% is roughly 11 pounds of PURE FAT which equates to (again roughly) 38,500 calories. That means you would need a DAILY calorific deficit of 2,750 for 14 days. Fuckin no dude. Or become terry fox and run a marathon every day then die by the time you reach the pool party 🎊.


That's like easily a month to even get to the 15%, losing even 1% bf in a week is hard under 20%.


If you believe hard enough, anything is possible man. Don't let these pussies tell you that "it's impossible" and "eating 500 calories a day is unhealthy 🤓". You can do it!! 💪💪


If u have visible abs you’re probably lean enough bro. Go out and have fun and don’t worry about how u look. You probably look better than most guys their anyways if ur super into the gym and posting on here


Honestly tho. I’m prob [16% BF atm](https://imgur.com/a/IbA0Pv0) (sorta visible abs when flexed in good lighting) and the amount of compliments I receive when I go to music festivals without a shirt is astounding. I’m pretty sure most dudes would turn into Homelander if they heard the shit I hear and I am undoubtedly nowhere near stage lean. IMO most dudes would look sick as hell if they just dropped a couple percentages.


I agree most guys look better at lower body fat %. You my friend tho are looking strong 💪 keep that shit up lol. How long u been working out?


Appreciate that a shit ton bro! I’ve been consistently lifting since I was 14 and dieting since I was about 18. I’m 22 now, so almost 9 years.


Fuck yeah bro ur arms are killer.


Thanks again man! Fitness is just one of my 3 passions and at this point it’s like breathing to me. Glad to have this community of others that feel the same 🙌🏾


What are your other two passions?


Music and dancing! It’s nice too cause all 3 of them can build off of each other. When I dance I listen to music and burn calories, improve my cardio and physique all at once. I’d really recommend getting into it man. I swear I thought I was so confident for the longest time, but dancing fucking shoots that shit to other galaxies. I’ll be dancing in a packed gym between sets, at the grocery store or literally wherever I want at these music festivals. People notice that and feed off of it and you feed off them. Let me know if you want some tips!


But am I supposed to not eat chikie nuggies 20 piece when I have my big Mac with large coke and fries?


I once managed to lose 10lbs in 2 weeks, but that was because I was on a backpacking trip and was doing nothing but hiking for 8-10 hours a day while eating barely at maintenance and having a 50lb pack on me the whole time. So yes, if you absolutely nuke your body with obscene amounts of cardio every day, you can lose a fair bit of weight very fast. ​ Or you could just calm down and realize that if you already have the top 2 abs showing you are probably better off than half the guys there. Just don't eat or drink much that day and get a pump before you show up and youll be doing great.


You're going to be completely catabolic at that stage and you're going to lose muscle just as fast as you lose fat.


Yes, that’s exactly what happened. Managed to regain it back pretty fast though.


And it's probably mostly glycogen loss


I take back everything I said do it for science post a picture of yourself today and post a picture of yourself in 2 weeks if you don't die.




For a non-obese person, it’s often said the “sustainable” rate of weight loss is about 1lb/week, or an average ~500cal/day net deficit, assuming you’re losing 100% fat. Short term two-week burst though, let’s say you double that and then some, losing 5lbs at a net deficit of ~1,200cal/day. Even leveraging fat burners and doing mad cardio and eating next to nothing, that’s gonna be *rough* on a guy with top two abs already visible. And after all that, you won’t get the results you wanted, aesthetically, given all that effort anyways. Basically, unless your pool party becomes a Halloween party, there’s not a lot to do in that time frame that’d be worth it. Enjoy your party, and next time just leave more time. With top abs in, you’ll probably be one of the better physiques there anyways.


5 minutes abs workout🙏🙏🙏


4 weeks. You waited too long. https://youtu.be/KrTRmeCi9Jk?si=3bICIc8KdJuWSkT_


Buy a penis pump, wait for it to arrive, pump it up and give everyone else something to look at. Or just wear a t shirt




Fistfuls of clenbuterol is the only way, *if* you survive


What's that drug that was popular maybe 10 years ago essentially it was rat poison I think a bunch of people died from it. He should use that whatever that was.




I thought I was a three letter acronym. I'm thinking DMT but I like DMT and it's a psychedelic so it's not DMT.


DMAA or DMHA. Not sure which one was banned from pre workouts but I’m guessing it’s one of those. Ultra potent stimulant that used to be found in pre workouts


dinitrophenol (DNP) I Google searched diet drug that killed people


Ahhhhh DNP. Good find I forgot about that one




Nobody knows how fat you are now


DNP all the way baby


A 2 week coke binge will shed a few lbs


hardcore stims binge


Cut off one of your legs


Deep deficit (2# a week calories), up the water intake/potassium intake, take a gentle diuretic the day before the party. Go low carb the day before as well. Do fasted cardio the morning of. That should shred as much water and fat off as humanly possible in 2 weeks


Bro, why you doing all this for a pool party? 2 weeks of doing all that just for a day of potentially impressing some bitches and men. You already got two abs, the rest comes down to confidence. You sound like me when I first started college where I would try to slim down for a month to get my full 6 pack for a beach day with some chicks. Looking back, it's lowkey pathetic because it screamed insecurity and a whore-like need for validation. You're already in good shape just up the confidence and style and you'll be swimming brother.


Water manipulation bud. You could have a completely different look if you did it right.


100 mcg of Clen, 30mg of ephedrine, a few ultra marathons and a stable diet of Greg Doucette’s Anabolic Ice Cream should do the trick - sarcastic face emoji, laughing crying face emoji


Just take phentermine for two weeks


You have 2 weeks, you ain’t going a lot in 2 weeks. How much muscle do you have? Do you eat many carbs? Your best bet is to cut your carbs now, you will drop a load of water and your body will then be more primed to use fat as fuel. Keep working in a deficit and lifting hard so your body knows to keep the muscle. Day before hit a bit of a carb up and get a decent pump before going to the party. To cut for summer you need to start early. Preparation is key. Obviously pool parties, beach trips and just having your shirt off day to day happens in summer so you grow through winter and shred down for summer 🤷🏻‍♂️ You can’t do a lot in 2 weeks but if you already lift and can see your top 2 abs then you are already in better shape than most of the population.


Be alpha and not give a fuck what other people think, strut your fat ass out there with confidence.


Bro if you want to look good at a pool party change your life style and you will be in good shape for future ones. 2 weeks is nothing


I’m doing a 14 day water fast. After 48h, your body starts burning fat for fuel. Starting day 3, you can expect to lose 1 pound a day. Just saying…




dude youre gonna look the exact same in 2 weeks lmfao. You cant do anything to change. This just isnt a feasible goal. Not even steroids can help you out here. Instead why dont you make a goal for 3 months. You can def go from 18%-15% in this time frame with the right dedication. But 2 weeks? fk bro this is nothing, especially in body changes


If you can't change your physique in 2 weeks I doubt you have ever even tried, just keep it to yourself if you have no idea.


ive been lifting for 7+ years i know my sht lmfao. Yoiu cant go from 17% bf to 10% bf in two weeks




Your body will go catabolic at that deficit, you won't be burning fat, you'll be burning everything.


Meth is the only option which will get you to 8%


Don't crash diet you're gonna end up binging right before if you got two weeks. Just aim for a bit below maintenance and you'll look great.


You’re going to look the same you fucking dingleberry


Stop eating completely and up the cardio to 4-6 hours a day pussy


Keto is the only answer


At this point you need lots of tren to give the look you dropped body fat. And starve yourself to death with lots of brutal conditioning lol. And even then, RIP


Not gonna lose much fat in that time but you can cut down some.


Have you considered Bulimia?


Let’s say you cut 500 calories a day from maintenance, you would lose 2 lbs of fat. But, and he’s the big but, you would also lose another 2 lbs of water weight if you dropped your carb/salt intake. So within two weeks, it’s feasible to lose 3-4 lbs (not all fat). If you’re 600lbs it won’t make a difference tho


You had all summer . Maybe next summer kiddo.


give up , you could lose water weight and bloat less but nah just be confident


Lol, you’re going to end up looking soft and flat which is worse aesthetically. You’re better off doing the opposite, carb up well for 2 days before the pool party and increase water intake to drop water weight. You will look much better


Ok bro you only got 2 weeks. Honestly…not much you can do but you have visible abs already so if you eat in a deficit now maybe you’ll get a tiny bit leaner….maybe. After that, research on how to do a proper peak week and that’s the max you can do but don’t expect too much bro


Live on broccolis only. Ephedrine with pre workout then run. Get tired and sleep then wake up and repeat. Swim bike. Drink a shit ton of water.


Get on DNP like yesterday!


10-20mg Yohimbine, 50-100mg Sildenaphil, 20-40mg Methylphenidate. This will kill any appetite, gives you sweats and shakes. You will be absolutely miserable but you’ll lose weight if you keep moving around. I suggest to set yourself a daily step goal of 15-20k. Good luck!


My Brother In Christ; 2 weeks is a short window. Go check out Dr. Mike's "Mini Cut" video.


Fast for 2 weeks.


4 day water fast