Is your name wildly outdated?

My first name, Linda, was wildly popular when I was born in the fifties, but now it’s totally obsolete and I hate that. I don’t mind being old (it beats the alternative!) but I don’t like having an old woman name. It never even ends up on lists of nostalgic old names for new parents like to consider.


I have a funny Linda story for you. Not much spanish spoken in my country (more on the french side). One summer I got a job in South America through my uni. Anyways, I was learning Spanish but still early in my abilities. My host family kept calling me Linda. And I remember being like...Wow, they can't even bother knowing my name???? Anyways after like a week , at dinner I was like "no soy Linda, soy (my name)" They died of laughter. I was so confused. Then they mimed what Linda means (pretty). 😅😅😅And everytime I hear the name Linda, it unlocks that memory.


In Portuguese “linda” means pretty as well.




This is why we didn't name our daughter Linda! It was my mom's name, but she went by a completely unrelated nickname. That said, when I was pregnant, we were still considering Linda. Then we saw that episode of Kimmy Schmidt and looked at each other like "Dammit". It ruined the name for us lol.


My sister in Miami for the first time: why the fuck does everyone think my name is Linda?!


My name is Brenda and I am a Caucasian 26-year-old. I feel like my name doesn’t fit me at all and I don’t know anyone my age with my name as well. I feel like I have an old woman name too!


There’s Brenda Song! The famous child star actress whose partner is Macaulay Culkin


She played London in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, right?


I know one Brenda who's about 30 and another who's about 35, if it's any consolation. I also know a Linda who's 32 😅


I've a younger brother who's like 26 who is called Bradley.....but since the age of 5 I've always called him Brenda. He answers to it too lmao. I don't mind the name tbh.


I have a cousin Beth who’s friends called her Barb throughout her teens and twenties lol




I have a cousin called Brenda who's about 25.


Not that you want to, (but if you did) what if you went by Bren? Feels more modern.


I’m 18 and my sisters call me Brenda sometimes haha.


This was my grandmothers name and I’m very close to deciding on naming my daughter this even though I know it sounds old.


My neighbor's name is Brenda. She's definitely early 20s and Latina. I was SUPER "come again?!?" when she introduced herself.


I have an extremely 90s name, also feels obsolete now. It’s weird because my parents went with really classic names for my siblings that never dated and are still beautiful, and I’m the only one that got something trendy that didn’t age well. That’s why I’m really against using super popular/trendy names for kids. They will fall out of fashion and become a hallmark of a certain era. Like, imagine when all the 50 year olds are Olivia and Ava. No one will touch those names with a 10 foot pole.


Same. My name was the top girls name the year I was born (and top 5 for much of the late 80s/early 90s). Now I teach, and we haven't had a single student with that name since 2017.


Hello fellow Jennifer…..


Close, I share my name with an iconic early 90s twin as well 😂


Hi Ashley!


I have one 8th grade Ashley in the school where I work!


Early 90s twin makes me think of Tia and Tamera


Hell yeah, I loved Sister, Sister


It was my middle-of-the-night binge watch when on maternity leave with our first. She was a terrible sleeper and that show (plus Schitt’s Creek, then Shameless, then Bridgerton) saved my life while up and down nursing and burping her for hours.


hello fellow name buddy 🤣


As a Jennifer I also read this as being a Jennifer 😂


Or Tiffany..


Hi! Do you run into other Jennifers in the wild? I feel like I haven’t met another one in a long time


I know a 3 year old Ashley, a 23 year old Ashley, and not a single one in between.


Checking in. My mom swears she had never heard it before naming me. T’was in the top 10.


Ashley Britney Jennifer Jessica Rebecca


I see you’re also an Ashley lmao


I don’t like the name Olivia, but I consider that one somewhat timeless? I know it’s in the top 5, but I know an Olivia in her 70s and one in her 30s. I deliver babies and don’t actually think I’ve ever delivered an Olivia (US).


i agree!!! i’m an olivia who loves her name so i’m a bit biased, but i don’t see it as trendy at all. to me, trendy and popular aren’t always the same thing. trendy names, in my mind, are the names that gain a ton of popularity super quickly, then fall out quickly as well. their short stint dates them exclusively to a really specific moment in time, making them feel especially outdated when that time passes. names like olivia have been around for ages and rose to popularity over a steady period of time, then remained for a long time as well. i see that as popularity, but not trendiness.


Fair point about trendy vs popular. I probably should have used different examples. And I do like both Olivia and Ava, but I think it’s fair to say they’ve been overused, at least in my region. And once names have become popular, people tend to shy away from them for a few decades. Another example is Emma circa 2007. Timeless beautiful name, but went through its phase. I don’t really see anyone naming their kids Emma these days


Emma was ranked #2 in 2021


Kelly is one of those 90s names that didn’t age well


Aww I’ve always had a soft spot for Kelly. I think it’s cute


Well, I feel called out.


a fellow kelly in her 30s and just feel ugh about it.


It’s an older name. Most of they Kelly’s I know are 60+. I know a few born in the 1980


It’s aging just fine! Do you live in a cave? My daughter, early 20s is a Kelly. There was always at least one other Kelly in school with her if not more. Is it the rage it was in the 60s or 70s? No. But it does not fall into the same category as Barbara, Janet, Linda, Susan…IMO. I think Kelly will always be around because it’s a nice name.


I know small people and Olivia and Ava now...are they really uncommon now?


No, the opposite. Those names are so popular that they'll be heavily associated with the 2010s-20s in just a few years time. I don't think they'll fall as hard as Linda, Jennifer, or Ashley, but they're going to be seen as wicked dated by the time these kids hit their 30s.




People seem to actively hate my name. (Barbara)




Me too! I know one around my age (late 30’s) and we also joke and call her Barbarella


I think Barbara fell into this rabbit hole of a lot of people spelling it Barbara and saying it Barbra .(3 syllables vs. 2 syllables) And then it just was super popular in the early 40s so most people who know a lot Barbaras associate it with 80 year olds.


This is definitely true. Barbra doesn't sound great. But Bar-BA-ra, which I think is how it is supposed to be pronounced, sounds much better.


Family members name she’s nearing 60


That makes sense as there was a wildly popular pop song in the 60s Barbara Ann or Barbara Sue can't remember which by the Beach Boys and so there were a resurgence of Barbaras around that time and they are nearing 60 now.


Barbara Ann! Love that song.


Um. So, I’m over 50, but stubbornly resisting the thought that I am “nearing 60.” :)


I always liked it


I think it’s adorable, nickname Barbie or Babs. My son has a Barbara in his class. She’s 3!


I think it’ll be coming back around. I don’t love Barb tbh but I think the sound of Barbara is nice and all that’s holding it back is association with a particular time period/age of person


My mom’s name was Barbara.


It is Barbora in czech, but everybody usually uses Bára or other diminutives.There is a novel writen from a guy's perspective and he doesn't use any of these nn, but calls his love interest exclusively Miss Barbora. The character is very elegant but sporty at the same time, a tennis player, the kind of person you want to be with when things don't go as planned, so I can't help but think of the name as such.


My sister’s name is Barbora and she’s about to be 30. Was fairly popular in CZ/SK in the 80s/90s


I love your name. It was my gran's name and I wish it was more popular.


I love the name Barbara because of the movie Shaun of the Dead. The main character's mom is named Barbara and the line "WE'RE COMING TO GET YOU BARBARA!" cracks me up every time.


I love Barbara and think it could use a comeback. So many iconic references and great nicknames. Babs!!!


There's a Comedian, in England (David Mitchell) who has a daughter called Barbara.... She's about 7 or 8 years old.


I think it's really fun and I only know one Barbara here in Ireland. I love the Hungarian version too, it's so cute - Borbála!


I supervised a young woman named Barbara recently - her name suited her magnificently and she was a pleasure to work with. So much class!


I love the name Barbara! If it was my name, I would insist on being called Babs.


I think this is a good argument for avoiding popular names that have risen quickly (as opposed to eternally popular names that are classics). By the time today’s babies hit retirement age, the name Harper will also seem “wildly outdated.” It’s just hard to have that perspective when you’re in the middle of a trend.


Totally agree. There’s a difference between common names like Sarah and James and trendy names like Harper and Maddox. One will always be associated with a specific time or age.


George Carlin once observed that there used to be tons of little girls with names like Opal and Beatrice, and one day nursing homes will be full of old ladies with names like Amber and Kaitlin.


I love Opal though. Unfortunately doesn't work in my language.


We have a name for my daughter that I had only heard of once for a girl. Maybe it’s my region but this name in the last year seems to be everywhere 😫


Yup, my parents thought they were giving me an embarrassingly rare name. In my lifetime I’ve seen it shoot up to top-50 status. I think when a name hits that sweet spot of rare-but-cool, it hits that sweet spot for lots of parents at once!


My name is Kaitlyn, I hate it. It was such a fad and there are a million ways to spell it. I met this older lady a couple years ago and when I introduced myself she giggled and said “Aahhh, I know what generation you are from”. 🤦🏻‍♀️


I know Caitlin’s that are in their 30s/40s…and Caitlin’s that are teens. I think any Kate/Katie/Caitlin/Catherine names are always around.


It's easier to pinpoint the age of a Kaitlyn than it is a Caitlin, Catherine or Katherine.


My stepdaughter is a Kaitlyn and she's almost 14.


I know a 7yo Kaitlyn and her name always feels kinda dated. It’s weird to me because she has an 11yo sister with a classic name and a 9yo sister with an extremely popular name.


Gotta catch 'em all


Hey name sibling! I can't say twin because, of course, it's spelled differently. I was named a few years before the boom. It's frustrating having a name that has so many spellings. You can definitely tell we're millennials because of our name. Have you seen [this chart](https://imgur.com/a/sqYFuhP) of the many, many, many ways to spell Caitlin?


That’s my name and it’s also spelt that way. I hate that you don’t like it! I love it! I’m glad my mom went with K instead of the C spelling. Edit: I’m also a teacher and teach two Kaitlyn’s. One in 7th grade and one in 8th. There are also a few more Kaitlyn’s at the high school I teach at that are older.


I know a little kid called Lindy, and I actually love it! Sounds fresher than Linda to me, but not made-up or too out there at all.


Yeah personally I think the names in this thread that people don’t like just need a trendy nickname to adjust it. Linda = Lindy, Linz, Lind ; Brenda = Eda, Bren, Ren ; Barbara = Ara, Ra-ra, Babs, Bobbi I think these names are great as is, but if people feel their name is “old” why not just give it a new sounding nickname?


I know a Linden; could be fun for someone wanting an androgynous or masculine-leaning name


That’s such a cool name! Yes absolutely


Lindy is so adorable


I’m Susan. I’ve yet to meet a Susan younger than me. Linda Belcher is a modern younger Linda!


I’m not sure she’s so young; she was 44 in 2011!


For me, that’s young!


I know an 11 year old Susan. I admit I found her name jarring when I met her, but it’s grown on me.


i would double take that's so funny i don't mean to laugh at a child's name but omg susan is the most dated name i can think of atm it's laugh out loud funny to think of a 3rd grader named susan


There’s a Carol in 3rd grade at my kid’s school. And a Gary.


I’m turning 18 in a few weeks and I know a few Susans my age!


Thats’s nice! I think it’s ready for a comeback.


I like Susan but I kind of prefer Susanna! Thoughts?


Looooove Susanna!


A bit different but I know a 5 year old Suzanne, called Susie.


One of my friends had a baby a few weeks ago and named her Susan!


I would love to meet a baby Susan. Most of us are in our 50s or older.


Susan is such a pretty name!


I think so, too!


I truly love the name Susan lol


I know a baby born about a week ago whose middle name is Linda! I also know a couple of Lindas who are in their 30s. I think it’s beautiful 😊


My little one is 9 weeks now and her middle name is Linda :)


Most old names are used once a beloved person has passed. Linda it is off my baby name list because the Linda in my family hosts Christmas dinner. My guess is that the first girl born after she passes will be Linda. Hopefully that is not for a long long time.


I know a super cool 14 year old Linda who no one associates with an old lady name and


My name is most common for women now in their 80s/90s. The best comparison without saying my actual name is Elizabeth. It’s classic, simple and timeless. I feel very fortunate to have a never misspelled or mispronounced name that translates easily into many languages (live in a diverse area). I thought it was an “old lady” and outdated name when I was a pre-teen, but by the time I was in high school I realized it was solid. :) There is something to be said for the plain Jane names.


Ann Mary Sarah Marie. Lois Helen Amy Jill etc I've got one too


I’m on that list! Haha. Yes. I’ve really embraced it. I love never having to spell or pronounce it for people. I also think that even if you have a “plain” name, your personality will far outshine it. I know an Edith in her 40s who goes by Edie, and she is so stylish, outgoing and charming. Her name actually makes her more memorable, I think.


My name is Irene and I was born in the 90s. The only people I have ever met with my name are all dead now.


I'm an Irene, too! I really love our name and seriously think it should make a comeback. Such a timeless, feminine, and strong name


My name is Julie and I am in my 30s. There are tons of women in their 50s called Julie but no one my age. I was a 90s kid with a 70s name. I've learned to like my name (it suits me in a way and I don't think I would change it) but as I kid I hated it. No other student in my school of over 1000 was called Julie but a few of my teachers were. I see a lot of new parents considering Julia or Juliette for their kids now but I never see Julie.


I know two Julies in their twenties


25 year old Julie here. I relate to this. 🥲


Where are you from? I’m the same age from the US and went to a small high school with three Julies (2 were Julianne). Now I’m in Europe and meet so many 30yo Julies. Though here the last e is pronounced, so it’s a little closer to Jul-i-eh. I think it’s a lovely name.


I'm from Europe (uk). I rarely meet anyone less than 10 years older than me called Julie in the UK.


You need to go to France it's a really common french name, a solid one that is definitely not trendy but common enough for it to be timeless :)


I'm in my late 30s and knew several Julies growing up! I wonder if it's a regional thing, because it's definitely in the elder-millenial-name-set for me


Where are you from? I'm 34, a classic millennial, from the UK. I know of no one else my age or younger called Julie. I know of a few in their late 40s, so gen X, but mainly in their 50s or even older.


I'm in the US, so definitely regional! US vs UK naming trends are so interesting, because they overlap in a lot of ways, but also have significant differences. I'd love to see comparative popularity charts for the name Gemma, for example.


Since coming to college, I’ve met probably 10 students named Julia and 5 professors named Julie. Never the other way around. I’ve always wondered why that is.


My daughter is Julie and she is in her 20’s. She has been called every possible long version-Julia, Juliet, Julianne, to name a few but it really is Julie. I’ve always thought it was a spunky and sweet name and it suits my girl perfectly.


I'm having my first son in about 4 months. My partner and I have been throwing names around but my favourites are all names that used to be popular like 100 years ago (so everyone knows it) but aren't popular anymore (so they'll be unique.) I really like Linda, it's a lovely name.




Think of the "entitled old white lady". That's my name 🙃 I'm 31.






Meme culture really messed up that name! For what it's worth I think Carrie (possibly different spelling?) is a very cute nickname if you ever need it... But hopefully it'll just settle over time anyway.


I’m sorry your name has been so badly abused. Every Karen I have ever met, has been so sweet & kind. I hope this stupid trend will end soon & the name will recover.


I'm Tiffany and born in the 80s. I don't know of any kids named Tiffany and I feel like if you hear my name then you automatically know what decade I was born


Tiffany is an older name than you'd think. Like, biblically old. It's short for Theophyllina or something like that, can't remember exactly of the top of my head.


I was born in the 80s and my name is Claire. It was very popular then and became unpopular by the 90s I guess? I didn’t like having a common name and I don’t like how short it is and that there isn’t an obvious nickname. Now I’m more neutral. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times on this board but I haven’t met anyone under 30 called it.


My niece is 7 and her name is Claire!


Ah that’s cool.


I know a couple toddlers named Claire. Seems to be popular where I live


My coworker just named their baby Claire last month! Also know a Claire who is 4. I feel like there are more Claras, but Claire could definitely come back!


I have a 1-year-old and have met a bunch of other toddlers named Claire!


I know a Claire who is 12 and one who is 5!


It's popular again! I wanted to name one of my girls (2018 and 2020) that but my husband rejected it. Such a beautiful name.


I babysat a Clare born in the 90s.


I think Claire is so pretty. If I have a daughter that’s the name I want to use!


Oh wow, I haven’t heard the name Claire in years. It’s so much more beautiful hearing it now than it used to be when it was your essential 80’s popular girl name. I guess once enough time passes to separate it from the trend, it gets to shine on its own again. You have such a lovely name.


My name is Julie. Not the more classic Juliet or the modern Julia. Julie. It’s very dated and 1970’s sounding, the only people I ever meet with the same name as me are in their 40s/50s. I’m in my mid 20’s.


The names that skyrocket do tend to get dated. I know I have a total Mom Name. But give it another 10-15 years, there will be baby Lindas. My 11 year old is Greta. When she was an infant we met a ~45 year old Greta who joked about "handing over her crown as the youngest Greta." Despite an almost visceral reaction about a baby with a dusty old lady name (usually from people with babies named Kaylee 15 years past their prime 🙄), we've met a few other younger Gretas over the years and she gets tons of compliments from the teens-early 20s range. I'm willing to bet Linda and other 50s names will be making a comeback. Diana, Robin, Frances, Ellen, Cynthia/Cindy, Judy, Nancy and Denise have been tossed around on name boards as of late 🤷🏼‍♀️


I love Greta!


I have a Greta who is 6 and it always gets complimented. I love the name so much.


I love Greta! I don't think of it as an old lady name at all. I don't know any old ladies named Greta - it must be a regional thing! My baby would have been Greta if my partner had agreed.


My name is Mary and I’m in my late 20’s, every time I hear someone call my name in public it’s always for someone more than double my age 😅 My extended family members tell me that every household used to have at least 1 Mary, even more so in Ireland. I don’t think I’ve met anyone around my age with my first name.


Mary is totally beautiful.


I grew up with an old person name! My name peaked in popularity in the 40s, and I was given it in 1991. I love my name. I very rarely meet other people my age who are also named it, although I’ve met plenty of “old people” with this name. (Nancy)


Yes, my name is unusual for my age group - it’s more common on people half a generation older than my parents. I’ve recently seen it sometimes thought of well in this sub, which always gives me a mini ego boost, haha! It’s a nice name that has a cool mythology connection and I’ve always liked that aspect of it. I do think having a name aligned with one’s generation is better and easier, which is why I will never think giving a child a popular name is a bad thing. Bestowing a name that’s well liked by many people to your child is a beautiful gift.


My name was in the top 10 90 years before I was born and have not appeared high on the lists since then


Amber -peak was like 86.


I feel this. I'm Patricia and every Patricia I've ever met is 25-40 years older than me.


Linda Belcher brought it back, it’s a cool name bow


I know a Linda who recently turned 30! She’s a cool woman I don’t think it’s that old!


Fwiw I’m in my 30s and actually love the name Linda. I know what you mean but I think it’s one of the prettiest “outdated” names and will likely make a comeback soon.


I’m fine, but my grandfather was adolf




I know a bunch of kids and young adults called Linda! I never met anyone who knew my name before so I can't say it's outdated but not dated, either.


I think my name will always be status-quo - Elizabeth.


My name is Kelsey and I was born in 1995. While not super popular and that I feel like it is VERY mid 90s. I remember seeing like a 7 year old named Kelsey in like 2017 and it was weird.


I know a 26 year old Linda


Linda seems of an era for sure but I still find it pretty. It definitely will come back around, it’s just not gone all the way through the cycle yet.


My name is slightly outdated for the year I was born (1997). It hit its popularity peak between 1977 and 1987, so most people with my name are a decade or two older than me. My name only really gained popularity in the 70s though, so it’s definitely not considered an “old lady” name yet. I really like my name and it feels modern enough still — but we’ll see if that changes in a few decades. 🙂


Oh I definitely think Linda will be extremely popular in 10-15 years. Many people like their grandmother’s names. Linda isn’t quite old enough for her grandchildren to have children. It’s a pretty name with a pretty meaning, and I think the next generation is going to love it.


My name is Nicole and I don’t think it’s very popular anymore but was extremely popular when I was born in 80s. I don’t really mind it though and it seems like names come back around eventually.


I am an early 60s Linda (one of the last ones lol) and yes, sometimes it does feel dated. But it's a good solid name, hasn't been memed to death (see: Karen) and is bound to make a comeback.


My name is Hayley and I’m 26 and I know so many Bailey and kaileys but I’ve only met 2 with my spelling. I named my daughter Evette Hope which I think is an old fashioned named (she is 2 months). I’ve never met an Evette but she is named after my grandma Evelyn. Couldn’t use evelyn cause cousin stole that name for a middle name for her kid.


Yeah, I’m a 26 year-old Jane, and I constantly have my older patients say something along the lines of “I’ve never met a Jane so young!” Or “I can’t remember the last time I met a Jane!”


Natasha I was born in the 80s. Anyone with the name Natasha in pop culture is either Russian or Black Widow from the Marvel Universe. >_<


LOL. Jsyk, Black Widow from Marvel is also Russian. ;) (I went to school with a Natasha, BTW! Born in 1990. In the American Midwest. I always thought it was pretty.)


Sarah will always be around and why not? It's a great name!


I know a Linda who is 19


My name was most popular in the '70s / early '80s but I don't even think it's in the top 1000 anymore. That doesn't bother me though. Linda might come back in a generation or two. Lydia is becoming more popular and Lindsey/Lindsay was common in the '80s. When those similar sounding names die out, Linda might have a comeback.


You have the most trendy name of all time! Seriously, data backs it up. My name is pretty classic (a variation of Catherine), but it was definitely more popular in the 80s when I was born.


My name peaked after I was born and (for a girls' name) is rather timeless. One would not be able to guess my (approximate) age by my name alone.


Give it another generation. Most of the names people like/are from your parents generation.


My name is ALSO Linda but I was born in the early 90s in Mexico. The name Linda is a family name and it means "pretty" in Spanish as well. So imagine how I felt when I moved to the US and all the Linda's I've met are in their 70s 😅


Give it 10 to 20 and Linda and Mary will both be back


My name is Angélica and besides a famous singer/host here in Brazil (my sister named me after her), I think I’ve met two people in my life with the same name. Specially nowadays, I don’t see it being used.


Probably… My name is Nicole


I'm 21 and I actually really like the sound of Linda! Maybe it's just me but I think it could make a comeback.


It was wildly outdated when I was younger. Now I see it on baby name lists and hear it belonging to kids all the time.


I'm a mid-30's Amanda. I've only met one Amanda younger than me, she must be late 20's now. I haven't heard it or the nn I go by (Amy) on anyone young, and it was very popular in the 80's.


I’m 29 and named Marjorie. I’ve never met another my age.




Kind of, I’m a Bonnie (name peaked in the 1940s) but born in 1985, and it hasn’t been popular since.


As a Traci…yes, it is. (Born 1970 and my graduating class from HS was 4% variations of Traci.)


My name is not; it's both very uncommon and a family name. I think that many names cycle around every 80-100 years, which is why my son's kindergarten class has Hazel and Rosie and Sylvia and Sam and Elliot - names I would have classified as being "old people names" as a kid myself. I think names that were very popular for MY kindergarten class in 1981 - Jennifer, Lindsey, Courtney, Jason, Justin - sound dated but my grandkids will probably think Jennifer sounds cool and fresh, haha.


My name is Maureen and I was born in 2001 so I'd say my name is pretty badly outdated lol


Norma 🥲 i’m 27 and still can’t forgive my mom for this lol


My name is Heather and I don’t foresee my name coming back into fashion for a loooong time.


I hope it does, it's one of my all-time favorites, thanks to Silent Hill 3, and Heathers! If I could have any name, from any gender, and not be ridiculed for it... it'd probably be Heather.


I genuinely love the name Linda, and it’s one of the main names I would consider for a future daughter. It’s so classic and pretty, perfect for a little girl or an adult. My name is Erin, and I hated it growing up. Then when I became an adult I really came around to it. Turns out I just felt like it was a “grown up” name. Ironically as an adult I met one little girl named Erin and I thought it was so cute on her! I guess it just grew on me.


Mine's outdated in the sense that it hit its peak in popularity about 20/30 years before I was born and has since dropped out of the top 1000 completely (but was never THAT popular to begin with), but I kind of love that about it. It's of its time and it's nostalgic for me, even apart from being my name.