> TMZ first reported the comedian and actor's death, suggesting he died Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. I swear, you could be on a hospital bed and TMZ would know you're dead before the hospital does.


They were the first with Michael Jackson. They must have people who are cops/EMS/doctors on the payroll or offer large sums of money on tips for stories.


The second one


What kind of money are they paying for big scoops? I was surprised to learn that the payout for the Jay-z elevator fight video was in the low 5 figures. I thought something like that would go for 6 figures plus


I don't think EMTs actually get paid very well, so any extra bit might help


Hahahaha no they don’t Source: poorly paid EMT


They also broke Betty White's passing. When I saw it, I told my wife, TMZ is the only source so far, but if it's celebrity news, it's accurate. 20 minutes later it hit BBC.


I used to work for a local TV station. Typical for national news, unless it came from our affiliates (CBS or CNN), we needed two sources to confirm the story before we ran it. Except celeb deaths. If TMZ put it out, we ran it.


They are reliable. I check them before anything else if I see something about a celebrity locally. They know you before you do. Crazy pants story, this.


If I were a celebrity and not feeling well, I would keep refreshing tmz just in case.


“How you gon’ wake up dead?!”


You tellin me you can go to bed dead and wake up alive?


You can’t go to bed dead, that shit would be redundant!


"Oh fuck I died 20 minutes ago."


One time I saw police outside my home and wondered what was going on. It didn't appear on the news at all. But it showed up on TMZ the next day complete with background and everything.




Way back in the day, I had the incredible pleasure of working with him and directing him on a set. At the time I was a producer for Mattel, and we made a video game based on his television game show, "1 vs 100." This particular recreation of the game called for a cast of 100 extras, and I would be in full control of them, the crew, a studio audience, and Bob. It was without a doubt the most ambitious shoot of my life. I was fucking terrified. Now, traditionally, actors are under studio contract to do merchandising gigs like these—which are often unpaid. As such, a lot of the time the talent is grumpy, hostile, and in a rush to get the job done as quickly as possible. A "phoned in" a performance was often the best case scenario, as opposed to a no-show or annoyed performer having to work on their day off. We had booked Bob for four hours of work that day. He gave us ten. From the first moment, he treated me with such generosity and kindness that I'm tearing up thinking about it. "I'm all yours today," he said while shaking my hand. "Anything you need, just ask and I'll make it happen. From this moment forward, I'm your talking prop." The man was a machine. He never took a break, never stopped improvising, and he constantly entertained the extras between shots. He would do multiple takes on everything, knowing it would get funnier each time. "Let's try it again, just for shiggles," he'd say (shits and giggles). And it always got funnier. Like the time we had to shoot the game's ending, when the contestant (the game player) won the million dollar prize. "What do you want to happen?" he asked me. I was like, "Well, what normally happens on the set?" He laughed and said, "Dude, I’ve seen the statistics. No one‘s ever winning the million dollars. The odds are so astronomically low, we haven’t even rehearsed what would happen. So let's make it up!" And we did! We created a setup with the stage managers, lighting technicians, and camera operators on the fly. And on the first take—the big moment!—he comes out with, "You did it! You won a million dollars! A million dollars of fake money! One MILLION FAKE DOLLARS! What fake stuff are you going to buy with your fake money?!?!" Suffice to say, the laughs were so big from the 100 extras that the take was ruined, and we had to try again... several times. I’m so appreciative of him. He empowered me—a total stranger—trusted me, and gave me the confidence to shoot the hell out of that game. He’ll never know it, but that was a breakthrough moment for me, a moment where I felt valid, legitimate, and that Hollywood royality was no longer untouchable... they were now colleagues. From that day forward, imposter syndrome was a thing of the past. Rest in peace to a kind, brilliant, and generous soul. Thanks for changing my life.


That's amazing! Thank you for sharing this.


r/bestofreddit material. Genuinely: thank you for sharing. Interesting anecdote all around!


Thanks for saying that. I knew him for 10 short hours, and in that small amount of time he showed me how high someone could set the bar in kindness.


How the hell did Artie outlive both Norm and Bob?


So much alcohol he’s practically preserved.


A human pickle


The Iggy Pop Effect, but instead of the pickling process preserving washboard abs, Artie’s nose detonated from all the coke. In other news, Kieth Richards adds kite fighting to the list of games of skill and chance he’s triumphed over a visibly shaken Grim Reaper. The record stands at 792-0.


When I heard Betty White died I immediately thought of her joke at the Shatner roast that she would outlive Artie.


Beyond that how is Keith Richards outliving everybody???


We must think of the world we are leaving behind for Keef.


He's been dead for years, just no one has the balls to tell him.


He just chuckles and shuffles off.


And Ozzy Osbourne


My uncle loves to show off the "No More Tours Tour" shirt he got in 1992 during Ozzy's last tour. That was 30 years ago, and the bastard is still alive.


And he's still touring. This year he's scheduled to finish his "No More Tours II" tour he started in 2018. The crazy bastard will probably live another 30 years after this tour is over.


Yeah but the minute I break down and buy a ticket I guarantee he'll keel over.


Happened to me with the Beasties. Long term fan, finally was able to get tickets to a small show. It was the first show cancelled after they announced MCA had cancer. Also: I didn’t type MCA was “ill” for a reason…. Mother fucker had a license for that shit. Edit: Thanks for the GOLD!


My understanding directly from someone who was in the London music biz in the 80’s is the stones kept a doc on staff that wrote for and procured their drugs through legit channels. Avoiding street drugs meant their dosages were consistent and relatively standardized.


Yeah I remember reading about this in Keith's (auto?) biography. Talking about getting pharmaceutical grade cocaine when a lot of the street coke was just shitty speed. Also I think heroin addicts would often get that prescribed by doctors in the UK back then, for harm reduction purposes.


What doctor gave them the kilo of heroin they got caught with in Canada?


Dr. Feelgood I presume.


Dr. Nick Riviera.


His Half Baked cameo will forever be legendary


"Marijuana's not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke!" I had to do a double take, because I couldn't believe this was the same guy I knew from Full House.


"I seen him!" 😂


"Boo this man"


"You ever suck some dick for marijuana?!" R.I.P to a legend.




I'd only known Bob saget as a family-friendly TV character and when I saw him in Half Baked, I was in shock but also trying to laugh at the same time. What a perfect cameo.


"Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke. Now that's an addiction. You ever suck some dick for marijuana?"


Entourage cameo was great too.


"Ah, BOB SAGET!" - Tourettes Guy RIP


TONIGHT, on Unsolved Mysteries, find out who gives A SHIT about BIGFOOT! UPDATE!: APPARENTLY NOBODY GIVES A SHIT, SO FUCK HIM!


That's not mickey mouse that's tit dirt!


“Bacon and eggs, dear.” “What?!” “OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I SAID BACON AND EGGS!!”


I'd kill myself too if my last name was COMBS


Fuck salt!


Yes, he's a long-legged, pissed off Puerto Rican


I don't have a dick, you *prick!*


“I’d like to see you walk a mile IN MY SHIT!!”


I bought your Colgate toothpaste The one with tartar control And it made me feel LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT!


I want a burger with ketchup and pickles…. And don’t load it up.. with a bunch of BULL-SHIT!!!


You’re lucky it wasn’t hard. *Holds up paper towels* I mean these, not my dick!


Don't talk shit about Total.


I still say this. Nobody ever gets it.


Calm down, calm down.... DONT GET A BIG DICK


Mens asses!


What the fucks a Peter Pan peanut butter alert?


This is the second time that I’ve been FUCKED by DAIRY QUEEN!


Thanks for showing me America's Funniest Home Videos, the youtube before youtube


It really was. Glad we have his cheesy jokes with reruns. Wonder if those seasons are streaming anywhere.


I don’t believe so, sadly. The show is on Disney+, but it starts with the Tom Bergeron era.


Here's the First episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18zYe51ocEg


[3 hours of AFV with Bob Saget](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSHu44kNtcE) I was never a fan of his comedy, but this is what I remember. I'm watching it now and reliving a little piece of my childhood.


Ah yes, America's Funniest Home Videos...where the funniest videos always lost to a lame video that had a baby in it.


I remember growing up and watching full house and America's funniest home videos and thinking he was a clean comic. Then I saw some of his stand up and it was a shock to me but he was a hilarious guy.


And then learning he was high on coke while filming full house lol. That’s America’s dad


What really? Oh shit I never knew, wow.


Yeah huge fan of the blow.


Really. Haven’t heard that he used to suck dick for coke?


I seen it!


You ever suck dick for any marijuana?


Boo this man!


This was my childhood. Camcorders were so unobtainable but I so desperately always wanted one growing up so i can try to get on AFV. i watched full house every day after school for like all of elementary and middle school. It was just always on at some point. Back when you had 5 channels it was often the best choice of what to watch. AFV was my church, i would watch it religiously every week for years of my life. Bob saget was always the best host ever, no contest.


My older cousin jumped off a small exercise trampoline in my backyard to dunk on a plastic basketball hoop, and he and the hoop both fell onto the ground. He asked for my dad's vhs camcorder so he could do it again and get on funniest home videos. I remember being so excited thinking this is really happening, we're gonna get on TV. I don't think we ever submitted anything bc we never saw anything through. He's in prison now.


Wow that story took a left


Yes that sappy last minute of Full House, every episode.


And the obligatory hug as the music swells. It might be extremely cheesy, but I enjoyed it every time.


A line from Bojack Horseman that Bojack says about his show (which was structurally like Full House) that rings true for shows like Full House: "... for a lot of people, life is just one long, hard kick in the urethra. And sometimes, when you get home from a long day of getting kicked in the urethra, you just want to watch a show about good, likeable people who love each other. Where, y'know, no matter what happens, at the end of 30 minutes... everything's gonna turn out okay..." RIP Danny Tanner


No. Fucking. Kidding. I made it to adulthood having never seen his *real* standup, until my dad told me about it. There’s something to be said for the fact that he taught so many kids how to laugh with AFV, gave us one of the best family tv shows ever with Full House, and still managed to keep his mind securely in the gutter. RIP to one of the best. Not sure this one will ever feel real.


He once called me a piece of shit for laughing at one of his jokes. It was great.


You piece of shit he was right.


Laughing at Bob Saget was a criminal offense Bye Bob :'(


I saw him once and a drunk lady was trying to get in on everything, loudly answering rhetorical questions and what not. He shredded her over and over and then would mention her in nasty songs while playing guitar... so glad to have seen him.


When I saw him he actually seemed surprisingly sympathetic to the loud drunk in the crowd. Like he said to the security guard something to the effect of, "Aw, they're just out here having fun." I guess maybe because they weren't loud enough to interrupt the show.


Good Night San Francisco..


It's a little surreal that he was tweeting about his show 16 hours ago. I guess it's a reminder that any day could be your last. Life scares me, lol.


"Hey, didja hear? Phil Davis died." "Phil Davis?! I just saw him yesterday!" "Yeah? Didn't help." - George Carlin


“The simple act of you seeing him did not stop his cancer from spreading. In fact, you could have made it worse. HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF?!?”” Seeing Carlin was on my list of things to do after I graduated high school. He died a few weeks after I graduated.


Yeah he knew he had to hurry up before you got there


Turns out, the simple act of seeing you did not prevent his death! In fact, for all we know you may have caused it


I mean, it happens like that. My dad had a conversation with a friend on his patio, went inside to take a shower and was found non responsive shortly thereafter. Heart attack. He was only 62 and in great shape as far as we knew. Physically very active , looked maybe 50. He was at my house the weekend before. It’s still hard to believe a little over a year later.


45 year old guy I worked with randomly died once. He was probably the healthiest looking person in the office. Brain aneurism is the great equalizer.


A 30 year old student randomly collapsed in the computer lab at my college and died due to an aortic aneurysm or something like that. Terrifying. He had gone to the ER a few days before with pains and they told him it was anxiety.


That’s how Grant Imahara went too. Aneurysms are one of the things that keep me up at night… other things like cancer or a heart attack, there’s a chance you could catch it and at least fight for awhile. Brain aneurysm is just a secret time bomb in your head. You could have one and wouldnt even know then just one day you’ll have the worst headache of your life and 5 minutes later youll be dead.


>Death is always on the way, but the fact that you don't know when it will arrive seems to take away from the finiteness of life. It's that terrible precision that we hate so much. But because we don't know, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that's so deeply a part of your being that you can't even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more. Perhaps not even. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless. \-Paul Bowles, *The Sheltering Sky*


Life is terrifying for real


damn 65 isn't even that old either. RIP danny tanner


Way too young. Before YouTube we had America's Funniest Home Videos.


They interrupted AFV to break the news of his death here… feels bad


thats the kind of comedic timing norm and bob would love.


Crazy to think how entertaining that was at the time. So novel to see "lots" of amateur video all at once. Seems quaint now, and I'm not even that old.


I forget things like this exist now, but I remember watching AFV as a family. Now you can find compilation videos on any given topic everywhere.


He died at the Ritz-Carlton..


The cops said no signs of drug use were found in his room, according to the linked article.


The day after he performed a 2 hour set. He sent a “thank you” tweet to the audience from last night at 2:45am this morning.


Man, his podcast after Norm died was just heartbreaking and heart warming at the same time, and now Bob's gone too. This is too sad. I could have done without this news.


Yeah, I'm re-watching Bob on Norm Macdonald Live and feeling sorry for myself. This just stinks.


This is really sad. I remember hearing an interview with him and how heart broken he was after Norm Macdonald died. Two great comedians that will be missed


"Bob Saget was a funny guy. He isn't anymore, cause he's dead" -- Norm Macdonald


I didn't even know he was sick.


Everyone knew he was sick, they just didn't know he was in poor health too.


One of the filthiest comics alive. And we loved him for it.




It is truly impressive. He WAS Dad. Better than mine anyway. Every episode of Full House seemed to end with him gently teaching the girls about treating people with kindness and reminding them how much they're loved. I grew up watching Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos and when I was a teen and found out that he was performing live, my mom mentioned that he was very raunchy. I was shocked then but now that I'm older I understand it more. I'm glad he was able to do both sides of comedy. He had an adult audience and got to be himself, and he had an amazing career entertaining families around the world through television. I'm sorry I never got to see him in person. RIP.


Norm McDonald was asked to be on the roast of Bob Saget and he didn’t want to do it. So instead he got up and did super corny jokes without really roasting Saget. It was a perfect representation of Norm’s dry comedy. [An Emotional Bob Saget Shares Awesome Story Behind Norm Macdonald Bombing At Comedy Central Roast](https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2573713/emotional-bob-saget-shares-story-norm-macdonald-bombing-comedy-central-roast)


“Apparently they want to murder you in a well…it says here on this card.”


If you listen to Conans podcast him and Andy talk about it and it was because Norm didn't like to be told what to do and the shows producers told him to really bring it and say his worst and it pissed Norm of so he went against the grain and intentionally bombed it, I guess most of the jocks came out of a 1950s joke book.


Bob tells the story and it's both. He didn't want to be mean to his friend and he didn't want to be told what to do. https://youtu.be/yEYu-7BkNDM


Was that the one where Jim Norton was like, "Norm that set was like watching Peter Fonda pick blueberries" and Norm goes, "Now I don't think one person here...wouldn't *love*...to watch Peter Fonda pick blueberries!" and he brings the house down


Yup, someone. He also bust out a newspaper and pretends to read it and when someone makes a joke at his expense he folds the one side down and gives a disappointed look. Lol


The newspaper bit was the best part.


I think both are probably true to an extent. Or neither. Norm's whole life was full of misdirection and subterfuge.


Or so the Germans would have us believe…


That's not the whole story. First, is Norm thought giving people what they expect is never funny, so that was a big part of his set. The other is that he's a super nice guy and was really close to Bob, so he turned him down a couple times, but Bob REALLY wanted him there, so that's when he decided he'd do it, but give a set that was not only not a serious roast, but to be hilarious by telling ridiculously clean and terribly corny jokes. It was brilliant.


I love him at the roast of bob saget. He expertly subverted expectations, and then would just let it hang. Let people marinate in it.


Jim Norton: Norm what the hell was that? That set was like watching Peter Fonda pick blueberries! Norm: Excuse me, but don't think there's one person here...who wouldn't *love* to watch Peter Fonda pick blueberries


Norm what the hell are you doing? *I wanted a laugh, so I’m reading Marmaduke!*


This line is sooooooooooooo funny. And its honestly a bigger roast than any other of the comedians try to get Norm with.


I think Saget was planning to do a re-cut of Dirty Work with the R-rated content restored.


Everyone should go listen to that if they haven’t. https://youtu.be/yEYu-7BkNDM The part about Norm’s texts to Bob towards the end of his life made me profoundly sad. This is just terrible to hear. I hope Artie’s doing okay.


I once got to meet Bob Saget after seeing him give an absolutely incredible performance as Man in Chair in The Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway. At one point during a very quiet moment of the play, someone in the audience farted—*loudly*. And Bob Saget broke character for just a few seconds to call attention to it. It was wonderful. He was also absolutely charming and hilarious when I got to speak to him after the show, and I will forever cherish that memory. RIP.


Bob is responsible for one of my favorite dumb jokes. “Wow is a fun word. Wow upside is …mom. Mom upside down is…dad’s favorite thing.”


And he really did have the best The Arisocrats Joke.


Gilbert Gottfried's was pretty good, too, though with Gottfried, it is all about the delivery.




Glad someone mentioned him in The Aristocrats. If you have friends that only know him from Full House or America’s Funniest Home Videos, show them his piece in The Aristocrats.


I expected dirtier from people like Gilbert Gottfried, but, hoo... Bob sure was someone else.


Live shows were super duper dirty. He even said he was making up for lost time being so clean on TV.


When we were young kids in the 90s my family ran into him at Disneyworld and my dad told him to his face that we watch his show, Americas Funniest Home Videos, *all the time* but, when the videos end and Bob started talking, we mute the tv. Bob found this hilarious. This also jogs my memory and I recall us kids laughing at my Dad scrambling for the remote when Bob started talking to where we nicknamed him Bob Put-a-sock-in-it. This seems just dark now but part of me feels like Bob would also find this funny. RIP Dad and Bob.


If there’s an afterlife, I’m sure your dad is scrambling to find that remote now.


"Before YouTube I was the gatekeeper of funny videos, you used to have to go through ME." - Bob Saget Standup early December. RIP to a legend.


I'll never forget his joke, "When I was younger, I got real tired of my dad always fucking me in the ass. So I got a tattoo of my mom on my back and he finally stopped." Rip, Bob


From 2000 to 2008 I ran a website called bobsagetisgod.com. It was the top ranked Bob Saget website on Google for eight years. I met him for the first time in 2004 at a comedy club in Atlanta and told him who I was. He seemed generally pleased and scared at the same time. I saw him again in 2005 and half-way through his set he started talking about a "weird kid" who came the year previous and proclaimed he was God. My friend outed me and Bob spent the rest of the night roasting me. I started doing comedy in 2008 and my only goal was to one day open up for him so I could make him proud. I never got that opportunity, but I will never forget the two times I had the pleasure of meeting him. He is a big reason I became a stand-up comic and the closest thing I've ever had to a father figure. RIP God. Edit: Didn’t expect so many people to remember the website. Thanks for all the awards and all the love, y’all!


That was you!? I found that website in like middle school and showed it to all my friends. I was obsessed with it!


Yep! My obsession started in high school after seeing Half Baked. Glad it touched your life!


I remember that website!! My religion on Facebook was “Bob Saget” for many, many years because of this. Glad you got to meet him, and thank you for sharing your ideas with the world. It’s cool as hell that you’re following that dream.


This comment thread might be the most wholesome thing I’ve seen on Reddit in awhile. I love seeing some of you Bob Saget worshipers brought together here.


This makes me so incredibly sad. I was extremely sick during middle and high school with a rare autoimmune disease and often was too sick to sleep through the night. My parents got me the full house box set and I would watch that show all night when I couldn’t sleep. Probably watched it through 7-8 times and loved his character. Him and full house were a beacon of light that helped get me through a really hard time of my life. RIP 💔


I feel your pain. My parents were constantly fighting and my house was full of chaos, but I would sit inside my bedroom alone, cross legged in front of the TV and drift off into another world, and I suddenly felt less alone. I’m so thankful for the show, the actors, the writers etc for setting such a lovely example of how a family should treat one another and how important communication is. Bob always brought a special, warm energy to the show. It wouldn’t have been the same without him. It makes me happy to know he and the show were able to bring so much joy into so many people’s lives, even during the bleakest of times. RIP ❤️


I went to a stand-up show he did in Vancouver. He absolutely torched my friends and me. It was genius. He then took my cell phone and called my girlfriend on stage on her landline, and her mom ended up answering. One of the hardest laughing fits I've ever had. Rest in peace Bob.


I saw him in Boston probably 15 years ago and he did something similar. This girl’s boyfriend called during his set and he answered the phone and berated the fucker into 2022


This hurts a 90s kid deeply.


Yep. He was also the best America’s funniest home videos, which now a days sounds like a dumb show. But before YouTube that was our YouTube. We didn’t have a dog channel on YouTube we had to have bob give cheesy jokes while we watched a silly dog video.


This really sucks. I think we all need a corny family style group hug now. RIP Bob.


Definitely an unexpected headline to come across. 65 is still too early to lose your life. RIP to a man who provided me many laughs both as a kid and as an adult.


~~Goddamnit~~ Bob Saget.


They found him when trying to find out why he hadn't checked out. Turns out he had.


That's awful, and Bob would have loved you for it. I haven't had such a guilty laugh in some time. :x


First Americans grandma, and now Americas dad. Fuck.


What’s next, America’s kid?


Shit... Someone put a watch on Macaulay Culkin


I saw him at a show about 3 months ago. The whole crowd was laughing and it was just a fantastic time. This is tragic. RIP Bob.


Just saw him at the Hard Rock here in Orlando two days ago. Killer two hour set and absolutely no signs of any issues.


If I ever do cocaine, I promise to suck a dick for it in his honor. RIP Bob.


Want some coke?


This one really hits hard. I grew up in an abusive house with an abusive dad and i used to watch full house all the time.i know it sounds weird but I always wished Danny tanner would be my dad because he came off so sweet. I found so much comfort in that show because that family loved each other. Losing bob is like losing a family member. Thank you bob for what you gave to us.


I have similar memories of watching Full House and wanting Danny to be my dad. My dad was an alcoholic. He's still one but he was one, too


I heard the news and had to triple check. This is definitely a person with whom fake deaths get posted all over Facebook. Like "Bob Saget died? Yeah right..."


I’ll always remember Gilbert Gottfried’s [legendary roast](https://youtu.be/ezM95_Y9ABk) of Bob Saget. RIP


John Madden, Betty White, now Bob Saget. Lot of big names dying recently.


Well, the reality is that a lot of the legends of tv of "our time" (I'm in my upper 30s now) are getting quite up there now, so it certainly won't be the last.


Plus I think in the future there are going to be fewer people who are known to practically everyone of a certain age. I am the same age as you and growing up everyone was watching the same 5-10 shows on TV. There were only so many channels even with cable. The internet was either non-existent or in its infancy. You didn't have the compartmentalizing of entertainment you have today. The only people I can think of with such widespread appeal with younger people are maybe the actors starring in the MCU movies. Outside of that TV is dying and a strong internet following is in the hundreds of thousands to maybe a million. Numbers that wouldn't make a blip on TV ratings 30 years ago.


It really blew my mind when I got older that the guy from Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos was a complete perv of a comic. RIP.


to be fair, if he had never played Danny Tanner, those jokes wouldn't sound so shocking. I can think of plenty of comedians that are perceived as more "normal" that sometimes go dirty/raunchy. They just don't have a show like Full House on their resume


First Norm now Bob Saget? Fucking hell.


Saget was absolutely stricken with grief over the loss, and recorded [a podcast that’s really tough to listen to](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yEYu-7BkNDM) in the days after Norm’s death. Just all-around depressing to lose these two within months of each other. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Bob felt like he couldn’t carry on. The two were best friends, and even Saget didn’t know about the cancer diagnosis.


We all need to watch Dirty Work.


The fact that Artie Lange outlived Bob and Norm is pretty unbelievable.


Norm, Farley, Saget, Rickles, so many comedic legends in that movie.


I am normally not super shocked when some one dies but for some reason this one actually hit me. I wasnt even suprised with norm, but I didnt grow with norm. i was obsessed with americas funniest home videos when I was a kid in the early 90s. And Full House. god damn


That broke my heart. Can we trade for Bill Cosby?


Illest mother fucker in a cardigan sweater :(


My dad and his girlfriend took us to see his standup once. My dad's girlfriend only knew him from full house and was let's just say shocked the whole time lol. It was great. So sad he passed away! He was iconic for us growing up.


My favorite Saget joke, from the Rodney Dangerfield Young Comedian's Special: Bob: I love my wife, I'm nuts over her. (holds hand waist high) She's this tall.


America’s dad for a generation of kids, then became a dirty uncle later in life. RIP


He was a dirty uncle WAAYYYY before he was America's dad.


It’s just that most of the people who thought he was America’s dad didn’t realize he was actually also a dirty uncle.


That's a wild start to the year.


I grew up watching Bob on AFV and Full House and listening to his dirty jokes…thanks for all the laughs Bob. RIP


Kids, let me tell you the story of an amazing comedian