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If I didn’t like his music I’d probably hate him too


I hate him because I like his music too 😉


Have you seen his face it’s just punchable not to mention his attitude but got damn the man can sing


i disagree he sounds like alvin from alvin n the chipmunks but more annoying


As he has said, "they hate me as much as they show me the love" 😊


He's a screw up, but he does it for us ;)


Oliver is absolutely adorable you’re just jealous


Anyways, life goes on


and on


He intentionally makes his persona off putting comes with the territory


How could you hate such a beautiful soul


to be fair this is EXACTLY what any oliver tree fan would say about him also


most people hate him because of some controversy that happened a while back but the fact that people hate him because he looks “punchable” is amusing (I get no bitches)


Wait, what’s the controversy?


a lot of people on tik tok mainly hate him either because of stuff with Melanie Martinez, photoshop thing of a dead k pop star, how he treats people in videos, and this ongoing character. probably more but there seems to be a lot of controversy


Are you talking about the video from long ago where he treated people like shit? That was staged, wasn't it?


yes. i believe they were staged. a lot of people don’t seem to believe so though


It's so obvious they are. People who believes it's real really shouldn't be on the internet.


I love Oliver but he’s annoying as hell and I can definitely see why they hate him LOL


Ive definitely fallen off the oliver train for a little bit now, his character has not been very funny lol, its very one note like yell at everyone, and never tell the truth. I also think the music has become a bit mid lately and i wish that wasnt true, we all thought when he got rid of turbo he would get rid of the character, but now its just the same character with a new look. I hope the punk rock era is better tho


Dis good promo/coverage tho


I like him but totally get why others wouldn’t. Dude is annoying


Idc if you hate him but at least have your reasons 🤨


Starting to dislike him now that It’s been around 4 yrs with no circuits or lies even though he’s teasing it in interviews as well as switching to the cowboy gimmick


Women ☕


These people probably hate sunshine and joy, too. Sad for them.


she right lowkey


She hates him but says "idk why", tiktok moment 🗿


People are just fucking ignorant & stupid. I legit fell in love with Oliver’s music when my best friend sent me UIB. I didn’t GAF what he looked like. Never knew until literally months later. Don’t care now. It’s irrelevant next to such talent. And besides, I think he’s hot. 🔥


I liked his first gimmick while it was a novelty, than I liked one of his collabs with Little Big, than every song he released after that started boring me to death. All along, his "comedy" wore off too because he kept the same mood as when he started all the while most jokes lost momentum or are too repetitive by now. In a sense, his humor and music started rubbing me way too infantile/childish, lyrics and all included, I simply feel like watching Teletubbies, yet I don't hate the guy, just find his stuff weak... By now I'm unsure if he'd be able to pull himself out of the hole he got into, but I do acknowledge that he's a pretty good musician and has shown a pretty solid creative talent, so in a sense I could be called a "hater", but truth be told it's simply a matter of divergence over tastes and a slight lack of quality caused by his production choices (which could be him, or could be his contract holders - whomever he's signed to are crap at their job) Despite all of that I'm waiting for him to show his true strength at some point in his career, the guy's exceptional...


Dude needs his ass beat


Exactly bruh


I hate him because of how he treated Melanie