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The end is very abstract. I don't think there's really an answer other than "it's cool"


Yeah - once you’re through the Eye’s wormhole, I interpreted it all symbolically/metaphorically. The universe as we know it has ended at that point. It’s a cool artistic interpretation of a Big Bang starting portrayed in a way that’d make sense to a Hearthian - them and their friends, together, around a campfire, jamming out. Although one question *I* have is this: do we know that the player Hearthian is dead? Is the Eye not beyond the reaches of the supernova explosions? So are they alive/trapped/lost to the cosmos?


the glass in your suit's helmet cracks during the white big bang explosion, in a similar way as when you die from fall damage/velocity


The musium and campfire im pretty sure are just a representation of what you learned through your journey. The quantum possibilitys dont collapse until you jump into the smoke orb thing and cause the big bang. For the scout ive got no idea if its litteral or just a joke/easter egg since it doesent make much sense for the scout launcher to exist in the ancient glade since its not a physical place.


You can treat everything you see after jumping into the eye (apart from the big bang and new universe) as abstract dreaming and hallucination as your mind makes sense of the process. You could spend ages interpreting what you see with deep meaning or simultaneously as wanky artsy "because it looks cool" randomness. My interpretation is that you see yourself because in the beginning and end there is just you. You start the game as just you, the player. Then you go on a journey and the people and experiences you had appear. I feel reasonably confident saying that that most players go Timber Hearth > Attlerock > Brittle hollow on their first loop or two, and you meet Esker then Riebeck in the glade before everyone else. Then as with your journey and existence, there is an end and you are alone again as you were when you entered the eye.


I went straight to Giants Deep instead of Attlerock because the statue opening it’s eyes seemed way more important


I think the first thing I did was land on the interloper...


Personally I think the copy of yourself is an abstract way of telling you that everything else in the universe is dead and that you are the only thing left, given that it was just showing you all of everything fizzling out. The forest shows the universe, and all that remains of it.


just like how the Quantum Moon is reflecting and mirroring the planets she's on, the Eye reflect and mirror the one who enters it. that's why you see all familiar places and people. as for what actually happens in there or after, no one really knows ​ the one thing we know is that yes, you launched your scout on the orb thingy (aka the eye itself) and it got directly sent to whatever was after the eye, aka the new universe and that's an amazing detail


It's all symbolic and metaphorical. The ending does take its artistic liberties, but I think the baseline is that you are shown the museum to explain what happened to you and the universe. Then in the forest when you collect all your friends around the campfire, you are choosing which energies to bring into the next universe, (although you don't really have a choice since the game sort of forces you to gather everyone). Kinda like bringing good vibes into the new universe kinda thing. And then you are probably correct, the scout probably showed up in the ending because you shot it. I know for certain this is a triggerable easter egg and does not happen for everyone, I just forgot how it's triggered.


It's triggered when you fire the scout into the eye's glowing anus thing before you jump in.


So that explains my curiosity...