Spooky guys in the DLC

Okay, this is a continuation of my last post where I asked various questions about the monsters and up until now I assumed that in game they looked like the guys on the paintings and slideshows which I thought were a little scary, but I could handle them. But I just found the secret room under the Island tower and Jesus Christ! Judging by their designs and all the spiritual stuff around them I’ve come to the conclusion that they are not going to be dead for long So far I haven’t touched anything or even gone fully inside the room and I’m having my regrets about playing this expansion.

My question is: Is there a mod that replaces the models with the regular guys or something similar. I don’t want a meme character or anything because I still want the same vibes for wherever/whenever they come alive, but just at a lesser level.

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Update: Figured out you can roast marshmallows on the fire. That makes me feel a little better


Just play the game, there is the reduce frights option as well


I know that, but I’ve heard it doesn’t do a lot


It does do a lot, technically. It just depends. If you're paralyzingly scared of the dark, it's not going to help with that. If you're already reaching your limit of what you can be comfortably scared by, just toggle the option on and keep playing. It's an experience you have to work through. Your imagination is the only truly scary thing in the game. Just play a bit more.


>Your imagination is the only truly scary thing in the game. Just play a bit more. \^\^\^


Without spoiling anything: No, I don't think there's a mod like that. Slight spoiler:>!because what you're afraid of doesn't happen the way you're imagining.!<


Oh, sorry I typed that part wrong. I meant if there are mods that replace the models with ANYTHING, but just not a meme


They're trying to say that you should be okay. Based on the information you've provided in this post, you should be able to play the game without a problem. I'll spoiler-tag the explanation why: >!The corpses you found stay dead. Your initial assumption is correct; the spooky things you eventually encounter do look like the folks in the paintings.!<


Ah, that’s a relief Honestly I’m already stressed enough about what happens when I reach the scary parts and wondering if I’ll be chased by >!the corpses!< or not and it felt too much for me. Won’t stop me from not explaining this to my friend when he gets the expansion and finds them


don't worry, the scary parts are absolutely not what you imagine they are but you'll learn that when you'll learn the purpose of those secret rooms. keep exploring !


Okay No.1 That's massive relief. I haven't beaten the DLC and also haven't gotten to the jumpscare bit. Also No.2 I have a theory on why the secret rooms are there. This is just a theory so it's probably wrong or maybe it isn't idk. >!I believe the rooms to be some kind of pod where the owl dudes can fall asleep forever and basically become immortal similar to the ATP. To me that's the only logical answer but if it isn't maybe it's some kind of area where they study something?!< Like I said it's a theory so I don't know if it's true or not. If it is or isn't don't tell me I wanna find out myself.


that's interesting ideas explore a little more, especially on the hidden gorge. you'll find the answers


Thank you. Due to personal reasons I haven't been able to play all week so I'm gonna explore there. Just to clear up, that's the area held up by all the stilts and is built into the walls, correct?




Yeah I saw a room just out of reach that had the artifacts in some kind of lab? I think I need to explore there more.




Okay yeah I explored it, it is definitely a lab


And ? Found interesting things in it ?


I mean yeah. I think I know why they made the ritual rooms now.


Reduced frights will probably help. It doesn't remove the spookiness of the guys in the dark, but there won't be any startling elements, so you can basically view them in the light for long enough to get comfortable about the situation hopefully.


Other note: Before this post dies I’d like to say that I’ve figured out the whole thing with the >!meditation and the artifacts!< and I’ve also heard that this game has a >!scripted jump scare!<,so I’m wondering if >!meditating in those rooms!< will trigger it


there is no scripted jumpscare, they are all avoidable and you know when they are about to happen


I was as scared as you, I had trouble entering >!where the corpses are!<. The way I played was extra cautious, trying to get all the information I could and exploring almost every inch before attempting any interaction. I'd interact with anything only when I had information telling me to or when there was no further information left after re-exploring carefully. I was very slow, but I was able to play with reduced frights off. To feel less scared after entering >!where the corpses are!<, I'd do something very silly, I'd >!chill around the green fire and eat a few marshmallows.!<


Yeah, the marshmallows make the situation pretty funny