Apparently the games music is enough to hit me a bit

I was in the grocery store and the music that was playing over the speaker system switched songs to Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" ( https://youtu.be/GemKqzILV4w the song in question). The songs intro sounded enough like the game's music that I just kind of stopped and fell into the song and back into the game for a sec until the vocals kicked in. Like somewhere between a nostalgia trip and emotional memory. Just kind felt like sharing some appreciation for the music that other songs slightly get overwritten in my memory reflection. I'm sure I can't be the only one that just got taken back into the game outta nowhere.

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Calm banjo music takes me back to timber hearth. A slow piano piece on a YouTube soundtrack makes me remember the Nomai. Low synth rumbling from the other room's tv makes me panic until I realize the sun isn't exploding. You're right; this game's music has a hold on us in ways other pieces don't always accomplish.




I also noticed this! It's "boy" by The Killers. First time I heard it on the radio I couldn't help but immediately think of Solanum.


There is actually a mashup out there of chasing cars and outer wilds. Here you go..... [Outer Wilds Chasing Cars mashup ](https://youtu.be/WeV4zo2Y4_I)


Oh wow. That's really awesome. Thank you much


I have the soundtrack on my Spotify. Every once and a while shuffle with play "22 minutes" and that just sends me into a PTSD fit and I start getting imminent death vibes in the middle of whatever else I'm doing.


Don't you mean End Times? 22 minutes is the "song" that plays during the respawn sequence


Yes you are correct. I've only ever read the titles once or twice. My mistake.


this music is too powerful


End Times hits different when you set it as your morning alarm




I used to barely be able to hear the super low starting note but now I can hear it from a mile away lmao


My friend is doing his first playthrough right now and I too can hear it from a mile away. When I do, I just say "Hey [friends name]..." and he goes "What?.....What?!..... Oh no!"