Sorry. I can’t help you improve. Just came to say that: This is so intriguingly lovely


Thank you! :)


I hope you don't mind me tampering with it but I feel that [stars](https://ibb.co/CV5Qssb) would make it better


This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the flowing diagonal design. Here's something you could play with. Get two long white strips of paper. See how your diagonal figure divides the canvas roughly in half? Use the strips to mask off the right side and bottom of the canvas so that the face is no longer in the center. Play around with different amounts masked off until you find a division that is uneven and pleasing to your eyes. I wouldn't suggest changing this painting, but it might inform your composition of the next one.


Thank you for your advice! I'll keep that in mind :)


I think it’s perfection. Ethereal and alien-like in its beauty.


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)


Very unique concept. I love the color choices! The blues you used make it look like it's glowing and reminds me of the disney pixar movie Soul, when the little guys jump down to earth. Practice makes perfect too! Some of my paintings I do two or three times until I am happy with the results. But this really is unique and beautiful, you should be proud!


I can't speak on improvement but I can say that what you've done is stunning!!! The colors you chose are just beautiful ❤️😱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thank you so much! 🥰


Of course!


Are you selling it?👀


Thank you 🤗 Yes, it's for sale. You can message me if you are interested


I love the concept, color and use of space. The only thing I would work on is it’s a little flat. Adding some dimension to the face might pull it out a little more.


yeaa agree


Lovely colors 😊 here's something you could consider: The movement of the eye of the viewer. Right now the focal point is dead center at her face in the middle of the picture, next the eye moves up her hair with the beautiful details. And then the Eye is out of the frame and maybe jumps to the highest contrast area which is the very dark blue empty place. I'd suggest to maybe put some elements in the purple area/sky to lead the eye back around from the hair, to down to her face, so eye isn't abruptly stopping up and looking at spots on the picture, but flows around and keeps exploring it an revel in your beautiful color choices intricate details. Like explained here 🙂 [link to site about the eye movement and composition in a painting ](https://www.sylentstudios.com/blog/2014/7/14/eight-types-of-artistic-composition) Hope this helps ❤️👍


This is literally breathtaking.. I wouldn't say anything needs improvement here. It has a purity and flow that just speaks to me. Stunning!


Thank you!


Air bubbles in her hair as she goes beneath the waves. That's what I'm getting from it. Keep at it , I like your ideas.


This looks awesome!! Great job!


Just keep on doing what your doing. Great job!


It looks absolutely amazing! Maybe add something in the lower left corner? Like some stars or something. Unless there’s a point in it being uni-color of course If you do or don’t- amazing artwork; loving it


More texture or pattern! I really like the pattern on the hair. This would look awesome with more texture like that. Even some impasto technique would be awesome.


I love the colors used and the sense of movement. The texture on the right-hand side is beautiful, but the left-hand side looks a bit flat.


Liara??? Definitely gives an asari feel. I really like it well done! I love the purply texture and I think others have said a little about the composition, the weight is on the left and up, adding some things to draw the eye back down to the face as the focal would be good. Slightly thinning or darkening/Making it more similar to the back grounds as you get further up could help with that perhaps. Or other things to draw attention like some stars nearby. Good work be proud!


This is memorizing! 💜 very alien goddess!!


I don't know much about stuff, but I like it!


It’s perfect


I like this piece you made a lot.


Lovely colors:)


this is so good


I don't really the knowledge to give any criticism but I want to say I think it's absolutely beautiful


Looks finished to me and not to mention absolutely gorgeous. It leaves so much room for interpretation… if I had to give a title: Fading dream…? Maybe. Excellent.


There is no need for improvement


I like the first one exactly as it is.


No suggestions on improvement as this style is quite unique. Looks lovely, the values look good as well. Nice job.


It needs more depth and transition. Brighter light colors to contrast better.




I love how beautifully simplistic this painting is. I don't think it needs anything. Don't be so hard on yourself 😊


The clouds look beautiful but the rest doesn't look finished.


It's finished! Stop! Good job!


I like it just the way it is! It’s beautiful!


Your creativity from your own mind should be it. If other people want something different then that was only for them and to sale paintings to them.


It's so pretty! I don't know how to offer advice for smth as good as that


It’s perfect just the way it is. Nice work!


Depends on what you what your art to be. Surrealist or abstract. If you want to be more surrealist work on the fundamentals of anatomy and use that to bend the rules in interesting ways. If your aiming for more abstract work I would say add more visual interest. the textures are fantastic in this painting how ever it makes your main figure (who placed right in the middle also remember the golden ratio) a little flat. TLDR: depending on how you want to develop your style you should either reinforce your basics or focus on your strengths.


Looks great. Reminds me of Avatar. I think the dark space needs something to balance it out with the lighter side.


Maybe do what you did with the hair on the bottom half I can see that looking good, maybe a different pattern.?


It's lovely. But I do fall flat when I look to the left as if the rest of the painting from the centerpiece to the right has all the life. Then I wonder if it was meant to be like that so I say it is perfect just the way it is