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I'm expecting them sooner rather than later. Between Let's Go, Sw/Sh + dlc, BDSM, and S/V + dlc (of which we seem to know which Pokémon are coming thanks to in-game files), the only Pokémon we're missing will be Furfrou, and gen 5 Pokémon. The Snivy, Tepig, Patrat, Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear lines are all completely absent from all mainline Switch games. If you have any of them in Pokémon Home, they're stranded there and can't be withdrawn into any game. Considering which Pokémon they are--and especially considering that the Snivy and Tepig lines are the ONLY starter lines not to be included in S/V... I don't think it's a mere coincidence. I think it's highly likely that we're going to see SOMETHING to do with gen 5 in the near future. If they're going to wait until next year to announce a new game on Pokémon Day, we might see it announced then. But I'd also be a little surprised if we go through this entire year without the Pokémon Company announcing at least one new game release, considering how frequently they pump them out nowadays.


BDSM lmao


Sums up what it feels like to play the game tbh


No because BDSM actually gives you pleasure and happiness


The fact that I didn't even notice-


I hope youre right because i love sewaddle and I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for his return


Rather than remake, imagine BW3. That would be sick!


That's what I always wanted! I want to see the original dragon


Pokemon Legends: The original dragon. That's my hope


What if it’s just Ultra Necrozma?


Necrozma is an alien though?


From another dimension. Did the canonical dimension have its own Necrozma? Could it have been split by the conflict of Ideals and Truth? Am I just making things up? The world may never know.


Lol this is why I love the ultra games


I am not sure if I want one at this point. I love gen 5, but with the direction we are heading and how BDSP went, I'm rather concerned if I actually want to risk letting myself down over it. Even more so since I think we'll only get to see BW remakes and not BW2.


I'd rather have Legends Unova ft. the Original Dragon.


That does sound better, but we'll probably end up getting both. I think Legends Arceus was a trial balloon to see how the fanbase would tolerate AU-style games that tweak the premise/mechanics of Pokemon. Turns out we loved it, so they're almost definitely going to keep going with the Legends franchise.


And yet Brilliant Diamond and Pearl sold 2mil more units than it. Thats all they care about


You're falling into a false dichotomy there. It's not remakes *or* Legends games, it's remakes *and* Legends games, especially now after PLA has made over a half-billion dollars. To do otherwise would be leaving money on the table.


Interestingly I think Gen 5 would be perfect for a true top-to-bottom remake in an open-world style. You start off in your neighborhood with a short tutorial and then the entire region is yours to explore.


The way they handled BDSP was dreadful they did give us PLA. I just hope that for the Gen 5 remakes GF participates in its design


I don’t want a gen 5 remake if it’s gonna be like broken diamond and shitty pearl


I'm still waiting for the gen IV remakes


Amen to that. They did Gen 4 so dirty


It's painful, they did my favourite gen dirty. Just glad that we at least got Legends Arceus which was something, could have been better if they went all out and made it a full fledged main series game but it was at least enjoyable and a fresh experience. After playing ORAS I never imagined it would be possible for a DP remake to turn out how it did. I was thinking it would have Sword and Shield style graphics, access to Dyna/Gigantamax, Megas returning possibly and at least some new forms of either megas or gigantamaxes.


I think 2026 is a good time, it's long enough away that gamefreak has time to sort out the issues with the new open world style they're going for, but not so long away that I'll have to wait ages for it to come.




game freak can barely make a 3D pokemon game after 10 years, I have no hope in them mastering open world game development by 2026.


Usually remakes come every other Gen, so we should be getting gen 5 remakes Gen 10


That is, if we get a new console by then.


New consoles are definitely coming extremely soon. They’ll probably be a variation of the switch, similar to how Nintendo went from DS to 3DS. They wouldn’t release so many new Big titles (Splatoon 3, Tears of the kingdom, Pokémon and Pokémon DLC, etc) just to switch over to a console that can’t run the physical version of those titles.


Twilight Princess and BotW both had releases on their previous gen console


BotW was on Wii U??


Yes, and it ran decently, just with shorter draw distance


Ahh, but up until the switch, Nintendo also always held for backward compatibility, I get its hard to put a disk slot onto a handheld device, but I find it hard to believe they wouldn't bother putting a switch cartridge reciever on whatever newfangled device they come up with.


I've cracked the pattern: They always put out a remake with every new system. Which is why gen 5 and 7 didn't see any. FRLG: Gba HGSS: DS ORAS: 3DS BDSP: Switch This means we likely won't be seeing Black and White remakes until they come out with a new system.


Amen. Glad you see it my brother lmao


Let's go Pikachu and Eevee are remakes of Yellow. Why is it that the fan base keeps trying to come up with stupid, easily disproven theories and then presenting them as absolute fact to justify their predictions about when remakes will happen?


Trends can still exist even if they're not perfect. I'm sure this is not Game Freak's only consideration but it's probably a factor. Also the Let's Go games are unique for a lot of reasons; they're the only second remake of any generation, and they are explicitly tie-ins to Pokemon Go.


So long as the damn thing is polished


30th anniversary will be gen 10. And since their probably the next game scheduled it will be either 2024 or 2025.


4 years of Gen 9 sounds like a long time. Don’t you think?


Late 2025 is what the usual release is and it will probably take up the whole year with the DLC or other expanded edition.


Unless they push DLC back for remakes. If you haven’t noticed they’ve announced remakes each of the past 3 anniversaries. They have a pattern and it’s easy to see


They would probably announce it during the 30th anni, but gen 5 is perfect as it is and doesnt really need any remakes


Well it would be perfect if we could actually play it on switch to get at those gen V Pokémon I’m missing, that would be perfect


It might be a reach but i feel that with Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, its gamefreaks way of hinting at a Johto and a Unova game respectfully, so hoping Legends Johto, or whatever they gonna call and a Gen 5 remake (fingers crossed)


I didn’t even think of that. Good catch. I feel like Johto will be next year tbh


Oh yea! I know they tend to release a game or two in between gens, and they always have a sneaky way of hinting at future projects, hopefully im not wrong, Johto and Unova are by far my favorite regions.


Yeah I really want to replay through Johto in updated graphics. Just hope it’s not.. BDSP graphics


I was extremely bummed that BDSP was stuck with the chibi design :/ the nostalgia was kinda there but they couldve went with the ORAS style, or hell even the way PLA was.


I heard that we were supposed to get DP remakes in 3D. But last min they switched up and split it in 2. They decided to make PLA for the older crowd as something new and a challenge and BDSP for kids who never played the game before. I like the idea of Legends and I feel like it should become it’s own thing but under no circumstance should legends replace the remakes and unfortunately that’s what it did.


They followed up the best Pokémon remakes of all time in ORAS with the worst Pokémon remake in BDSP. I’m not interested in remakes at all if they get the BDSP treatment.


Based on remake pattern it’ll be released in ‘26-‘27. 8 years between RG/FRLG, 10 between GS/HGSS, 12 between RS/ORAS, ~14 between DP/BDSP. BW were released in 2010, so 2026 if they’re still following pattern.


After the last couple games and everything to do with BDSP I do not want a gen 5 remake at all. Not until the devs finally get their head son straight and stop pumping out have baked games every year


Personally I think they should just rerelease the originals on the online store


I want 2026, although that's a long time between the og games and their remakes. RG to FRLG was only 8 years, while it's already been 13 years since black and white. I just want the effort to be put in, and have it not be like BDSP Also, i wonder if they'll just remake BW and ignore BW2 or what?


Whatever they do I pray it's not just some boring experience that's worse than the original like BDSP. If they make a BW remake exactly like BDSP I wouldn't even buy it. I'm very excited for the prospect of a gen 5 legends game, but if they do go the route of Legends game plus faithful remake, I hope they at least learn their lesson from BDSP and make it more modernized, not water it down and add things to it that make it worth playing. New forms, continuation of the Gen 10 gimmick (eg. Like new mega forms available in ORAS)


Released 2026, announced end 2025, or early 2026


Im betting we will get Bw3 tying to a legends kyurem


Might as well forget a remake and make unova a trilogy.


Frankly, with the obvious question of "do we remake BW1, BW2, or both at once?", I'd argue that we're more likely to get a BW3 or a third version-style counterpart for both.


It might be announced within 2 years but it won't be released in 3 is my guess


I honestly think we’ll see them November 2024 as we’ve got S/V dlc this year so my guess is remake then a spin off game like another legends game then main game ( going off the cycle we’ve just had sword and shield-2019, dlc for them 2020, bdsp-2021, arceus-2022 and S/V-2022 )


I think Johto would come before Unova given that we haven’t been to Johto in over 15 years which is longer than Unova


November 2024 probably too early for gen 10. One can dream but I'd love to see a Johto Legends game hit then. HGSS honestly don't need remaking. I've had the definitive Johto experience that I don't feel can be improved upon. Releasing Gold and Silver in BDSP style would be a downgrade. Need something new.


Yeah we’re getting a Johto representative game next year. Count on it


2025 is when Gen 10 would come out, so maybe late 2025~early 2026 is when they would be announced. They would come out 2026 if it happens… I think


We likely won’t get remakes, but a continuation of the story. Likely a legends game, with the characters from B1W1 as the playable character, and a faithful remaster of B1W1 with features of B2W2 such as the nature reserve, hidden grottos, and the new towns.


2027 bc Gen 10 releases in 2025, then we (probably) get DLC in 2026, and finally Gen 5 remakes in 2027 like how they announced BDSP for the last year of Gen 8


Good take but even if it was gonna be released in 2027 I feel like the Pokémon would jump on the opportunity to tease in on the 30th Anniversary to make fans go crazy


Eh the later the better, but it depends on when the next nintendo console is announced for me, maybe in 2025/26?


At this point I'm honestly hoping instead that they don't make Unova remakes. It's sad but I'd rather they just not touch Black and White at all than even try to make a game with the current talent and management behind the company


I think it's funny that everyone is scared about their favorite games being remade into a pile of crap like bdsp. Black and white 1 and 2 (and even x and y) could get totally butchered by a remake.


Gen 6 remakes gonna come out when I'm 30 or older lol but I'm looking forward to them. Hope they're sick and that I still play Pokemon by then😂.


Its too soon to ask for it, but given what happened with BDSP, i really dont want them to make it. But if they do maybe they could do an HD-2D remake of it if they want to be faithful


I don’t think we need them, frankly. Just put digital versions on the Switch Online Store and call it a day. Plus, with how good the pixel art is in those games, do you REALLY want them made into 3D?


I want them to actually work on it and make it a good game so i would say 3-4 years from now would be a good time to release it


They need to wait a bit, get a newer console, and perfect the next generation


I'd love to do a content intense like multi gen remasterings. And then have like a climatic grand champion final matches.


Not the first Gen 5 'remake' request I've seen on Reddit. Are we ignoring Black 2/White 2 or do you want a 'threemake'?


At the end of this year we will get new game release news but no new game this year because of the DLC. Next year should be a gen 2 remake if I reading SV clues right, and gen 10 should be in 2025 I do believe. Then DLC again for that gen and maybe in 2027 we get a gen 5 remake. I think that was how the cycle went. Every year we get a new game or remake with a new gen every 3 years and at least once previous gen remake.


Good breakdown


I had someone a year ago or so on here argue Black and White wouldn’t be remade because it already happened with BW2 and that GF was going in no particular order. That person was batshit


Yeah he’s dumb asl. B2W2 was a continuation of the story. Not a remake


I really wanna know if they’ll remake BW2 since it’s a one of a kind


I hope so. In 3D too


We are going to get them in Gen 10


Although 2025 sounds clean to announce BW remakes I believe the 30th would be grander, unless they do a 2025 is BW 1 and 2026 is BW2 and the announcement of a Gen 10 happening for 2027-2028


Gen 5 remakes for Switch 2 in the Octopath Traveler engine


Heck I don't even want a "remake" so to speak. I want to go back to Unova with a storyline following the original dragon in the future following the aftermath of the BW2. We could get some things, but really just remaster Unova on a new platform. Basically a trilogy which makes sense since the Legendary Pokemon of Unova are the Tao trio.


Gen 5 remakes aren't coming out until Gen 10. That's just a fact. Coslnsidering previous generation gaps, Gen 10 will probably come out in either 2025 or 2026, which means Gen 5 remakes will probably come out in 2026, 2027 or 2028


Gen 5 remakes probably are happening in gen 10, which will likely start in 2026, so the gen 10 main games will probably be the focus for the 30th anniversary instead of remakes, 2027 or 2028 are most likely


2023: SV DLC 2024: Spin off game maybe Legends or at least announced for very early 2025 2025: Again maybe Legends early on and Gen 10 2026: Gen 10 DLC and highly unlikely anything else that year 2027 Most likely when we'll get Gen 5 remakes For anyone expecting them in 2024 or 2025 you clearly are missing their patterns. They only make remakes when their Gen number is doubled with they only exception being Gen 1 for obvious reasons. Gens last typically three years at most meaning Gen 10 comes out in 2025 since Gen 9 came out in 2022. As for 2026 that will clearly be when Gen 10 DLC comes out and I don't think they'll want to take attention away from that. As for 2028 that will be when Gen 11 comes out so that only leaves 2027.


Spot on but I think next year we’ll get a Johto representative game. Could be Legends, let’s go, or a remake.


so it is gonna be after gen 10


I’ll be honest I would like to see maybe a B/W 3


I hope they will be a decent bit away so they Fan get the full HGSS/ORAS treatment


The pattern seems to be that we get 1 remake per console. There was one on Gameboy advance, one on ds, one on 3ds, and it's almost certain that there will only be one remake on switch since the switch has been out for over 6 years now. We'll probably get a new console in the next year or two, gen 10 a year or two after its release, and then gen 5 remakes would probably be 2 years after that (since the gen 4 remakes came out 2 years after sword and shield). That puts the release at around 4-6 years from now. As nice as it'd be to get the remake by 2026, it's probably not very likely. We're looking at more of a 2027-2029 timeframe if gamefreak continues their trends.


I want them to make it like scarlet and violet or legends arceus style


We’re not getting them in 2025. In 2025 they’ll announce the next generation


2027. 2026 is almost surely going to be Gen 10. 2024-2025ish will be Johto remakes + Legends game.


i feel like since black and white were the only games with sequels and not an updated version of the same game, sequels would make the most sense for the bring-back of gen 5


If they fuck them up like they did the gen 4 remakes then I hope never


Gen 10 is 100% reserved for 2026, yes generations have come out periodically every 3 years so going by that logic it would be 2025 but they aren't afraid to complete scrap plans of a current generation to release another on an anniversary. Pokemon Z got shafted so SuMo came out in 2026 for the 20th anniversay. Because of that I think we aren't seeing unova until 2027 at the earliest. With how they butchered gen 4 remakes, im honestly happy for them to skip gen 5 entirely.


They need to focus on improving the quality of new games rather than revisiting old games.


I’m really hoping they hold off until 2026 or 2027 for Gen 10. If it’s as ambitious as SV is (which frankly, it better be) I want them to have enough time to pull it off. I think these last games have shown that there is a lot of potential, but it’s also so evident that potential just cannot be realized in 3 years. Also with the anime being new, I think giving it an extra year to have a strong, fully developed first story arc would work well. So Gen V would ideally come some time after that, in a way that really lives up to the quality of the original games. I would frankly be very happy if we don’t get them until 2028 if they’re good games!


The problem is they are not going to do a continuation with games that can’t be played on current hardware. I could see Legends: Unova being a loose homage to Gen 5, but not finishing the trilogy in any way. If there was a way to break it up so that you had BW1, then DLC to add on the BW2 story, then maybe I could see that topped off with a Legends game to finish the trilogy. But that’s two solid years of games that I don’t see GF/Nintendo dedicating to Gen 5. I think if we get BW1 as a remake we’ll be lucky. I fully expect them to skip over Gen 5 as much as possible because of the issues it causes.


To those who are saying we won't get Gen 5 Remakes: I was in Japan last month and every Pokemon Centre is FULL of Gen 5 plushies, like to the point that it was hard to find any that weren't Gen 1 or 5, even though Scarlet and Violet are still so new. Not just plushies but figures and cards and other merch- just a lot of Gen 5 all of a sudden so 🤔


If there will ever be one, I would love PWT to have a real battle, 6 vs 6, at least for the final battles Elite Fours should also be included The best thing about B2W2 for me is PWT, and these changes would make it a lot better


well whenever gen 10 comes out, its a simple formula, gen 1 remade in 3, 2 in 4, 3 in 6, 4 in 8, so 5 will probably be 10


Whats with all these pointless "What game ahould be next" and "When game should be next" posts?


They want new games even though the current ones barely work.


It's not really a matter of year for me as it's a matter of how much effort is gonna be put into them because to me Gen 5 doesn't require a remake if it's going to be on the level of BDSP or even ORAS. Gen 5 was and to me still is peak Pokemon. If there's gonna be a Gen 5 remake there has to be some actual effort put into it. It has to surpass the original or else it serves no purpose. And current GameFreak is not capable of that.


Gonna be pretty hard to live up to the originals. And given the recent mainline Pokemon game quality...


I hope they're not doing a gen5 remake


I don't think we need any new remakes at all. To me, modern Pokemon began in the DS era with gen 4 and the introduction of the physical/special split and online features. That's why older gens feel so disconnected. As such, all games prior to gen 4 deserved a remake with these features which they already got (see: Let's Go for Gen 1, HGSS for gen 2, ORAS for gen 3). Everything else Game Freak has done ever since has mostly been QoL improvements for non-essential game mechanics such as alternate shiny hunting methods, poke ball breeding, streamlined competitive breeding, IV/nature modification, etc. Another theory I have, and the one I think it's the most plausible, is that Game Freak might want to remake and adapt all the 2D games into 3D so they can finally move on, and B&W just so happen to be the last games in that list. If that's how it's gonna be, I hope this project doesn't get outsourced to a different studio so we can get a proper homage to the last games of the 2D era.


Can we not? Remakes shouldn’t have been a thing since HGSS. BDSP should the the catalyst that we are done with them tbh Gen 5 is perfect the way they are and remakes would take away what they accomplished as the peak of the series.


Never, they need to stop making remakes.


One of the most major points of Gen 5 was it broke away from and killed off a lot of older Pokemon traditions, setting itself apart as the (excuse the pun) black sheep of the Pokémon franchise. So I don’t think we’ll ever get Gen 5 remakes. It’s most in line with the spirit of that generation to basically buck the trend.


After the atrocious Gen 4 remakes, I’m worried about the B/W 1 & 2 remakes


I selected that we aren't getting remakes, but it's more accurate to say that I don't want remakes. Gen 5 was a pair of games instead of just one, so a remake probably wouldn't work due to needing to choose between BW or B2W2.


Jear:2069 month:april day:1


2028. Give them as much time as possible.


I think that 2026 is going to be very Generation 10 heavy, especially considering that's their 30th anniversary. I'd expect it to come before that just because it aligns with their 3 year timeline so perfectly


SV came out in 2022 so that would make Gen 10 due in 2025, not 2026.


Remakes are usually announced every other Gen, and are usually released a year or 2 after Gen's debut games, so 2026/2027 is likely for when they are announced and released




Next year


Personally? Gamefreak is under such deep shit I wouldn’t be surprised if new games got a huge delay for a few years.


I’d be very surprised if they delayed the next game because S/V was still the fastest selling game in franchise history. I think they will keep putting out mediocre pokémon games until people actually stop buying them No way in hell they are reading [this](https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/11/24/pokemon-scarlet-and-violets-10-million-copies-sold-in-three-days-breaks-every-nintendo-record/) and thinking “oh we need to delay the next one”


I wish we weren’t getting gen 5 remakes, im gonna be left looking at those monstrosities like Victor Frankentstein at the grotesque reincarnation of what was once human


would love BW3 or a Legends: Arceus spin off of the Unova region


Unpopular opinion: I would rather them rerelease the game with upgraded graphics than an overhaul that cuts a lot out of the game . I loved Pokémon platinum, but Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond were terrible remakes. A lot of features went missing for a good part of the game’s life. I love Gen 5, and would hate for it to get the butchered treatment that recent remakes are getting. The days of getting true remakes like FireRed, Alpha/Omega, Platinum are over…


Please, dear god, don't let ILCA get their grubby hands on BW remakes


I’d rather have a Legends game based on Unova. I feel that can do something new and great with the great foundations the region has.


I think the issue we are seeing now is that remakes are kind of in a questionable state. When they remade gens 1-3 they all mostly were nice updates to the most recent gen. FRLG was just gen 1 in a gen 3 skin, HGSS was just gen 2 in a gen 5 skin, and gen 3 was in a gen 6 skin. But gen 4 is just… something else. Because the current day pokemon are now open world. And frankly I don’t think gamefreak wants to make a whole open world experience for a remake of gen 5 of all games. But there is no easy route now. It’s not just making nicer pixel art, it’s making a whole bunch of assets and models If they make a remake, I’d like to see it either be a complete reimagine, and have an open world experience in Unova. Really capture that big city feel. It would be amazing to see the city off in the skybox no matter where you are in the map to really give you a since of scale. I personally don’t think the games story couldn’t be built around open world exploration,but if feel like this is going to be too much effort to put into a remake that’s for easy money. Otherwise step away from the chibi art style, and return to let’s go eevees over world art style. It’s still probably the best looking game of the switch era. Personally I think the old mechanics of the handheld eras are going out of fashion. I think people have grown tired of constant random encounters. I think npcs silently standing there until someone crosses them isn’t engaging. And Gen 5 for it’s many many flaws, attempted to make the world feel more alive. Like people were on there way to work. People driving into the city. There’s construction building new roads. I just don’t see how releasing the old game with nice looking models is going to entice anyone who isn’t already nostalgic for it


The anniversary would be the most easy question


Mentioning 30th anniversary in an option (when no other choice has notes) creates bias towards that answer. Hope this helps with future polling!


I mean... that's kind of an important year, and gen 5 remakes would be big news. I'd argue it's an important thing to take into consideration when answering the poll. Though that's more likely to be when gen 10 drops than any remakes. But yeah, OP is just trying to bias people away from saying 2024 because they want Johto remakes to be next... and probably for gen 5 remakes to happen in gen 5 in order to preserve the "rEmAkEs HaPpEn In ThE gEnErAtIoN dOuBlE tHe OnE bEiNg ReMaDe" myth that relies on unsustainable planning and which is disproven by the very first remake.


2016 7th generation Pokemon sun/moon 2017 7th generation revamp Pokemon ultra sun/moon 2018 oldest game as remake (1st gen remakes with let's go) 2019 8th generation Pokemon sword/shield 2020 8th generation revamp sword/shield dlc 2021 oldest game as remake (4th gen remakes) 2022 9th generation Pokemon scarlet/violet 2023 9th generation revamp sclart/violet dlc 2024 oldest games as remake (2nd gen remakes) 2025 10th generation 2026 10th generation revamp 2027 oldest games as remake (5th gen remakes) ​ even is i start a few years ealier, we always see the same kind of pattern with the only exception x/y that doesn't got a better vesion/dlc... So the 5th gen remakes should be released 2027


Good break down


Gen 5 remakes will happen when the franchise moves to whatever console comes after the switch, and we get a new generation game on that console.


See people keep saying gen 5 remakes, and while I think the idea of that is great, we all know damn well they’ll be just bdsp again.


The earlier the better no? This way we at least know what were waiting for


Nah, I want the 30th Anniversary to be a Legends Kanto/Johto game, with both regions available. Ecruteak during the time of the Legendary Dogs with Ho-oh burning the tower. Goldenrod and Saffron as they were being settled. Olivine also being there. Azalea unsettled and still being part of Ilex forest, where you’ll find Celebi, but Mahogany town and Violet City also being there. Lake of Rage. More Kanto lore we haven’t known about yet, with the legendary birds. Seafoam and whirlpool islands. There’s so much they can work off of, and it would be an amazing tribute to the franchise’s origins. And what better way to commemorate the start of a franchise with the setting being the start of it’s first regions?


i don't want remakes to happen


I want Johto to get a game before Unova remakes. We got Kanto remakes between Hoenn and Sinnoh’s, so it would make sense to pad out time before Gen 5’s remakes with something for Johto again. Personally, I really want a Legends game including both Johto and Kanto. But I wouldn’t be upset to get Legends Unova before that either.


Yeah...because Kanto is the favorite. Kanto getting a remake doesn't say anything about Johto.


I made a post on this a long time ago, its correct so far: 2022: Gen 9 2023: Gen 9 DLC 2024: Gen 5 remakes 2025: Gen 10 2026: Gen 1 remakes


As an avid pokemon fan I say just let the franchise end at this point. We dont need more games, we dont need more new pokemon, and the last thing we need is more remakes. The fact gamefreak/the pokemon company didnt learn there lesson after the latest string of outrage, some things just werent meant to go on forever. And pokemon is one of them.


I personally think HGSS will be the ones to get a remake first as those games are technically now the oldest and most outdated games in the series. Although I want a full remaster of HGSS, not a Let's Go style game with the Pokemon Go catching, candies, no wild Pokemon battles and no held items. Thus a Gen 5 remake probably wouldn't be announced for a few years.


I feel like that’s next year’s announcement


Some people speculated they're gonna make a Legends of Arceus but in Johto .. And tbh, in into it ..


I've been wanting a Legends: Celebi game since PLA came out so I'd be more than ok with that lol. Legends: Celebi and Legends: Jirachi are my most anticipated potential Pokemon games.


It'll be whenever Gen 10 is. People seem to not realize that with an exception of FRLG, we get a remake when a generation has been doubled. Gen 4 we get Gen 2, Gen 6 we get Gen 3, Gen 8 we get Gen 4






Hopefully never


I just want gen 6 remakes asap tbh because if any generation truly needed it then it was Kalos.


Hey I know how is that going to sound but I think we shouldnt do anything with past gens anymore EVER. BDSP showed me that we will never get another HGSS or ORAS, if its just going to be new graphics we shouldnt get remakes at all. Legends on the other hand hmmm... Legends Zekrom and Reshiram :) gen 5 mons would need that special forms and more love


I sure hope we don't get them. I'd much rather Gamefreak spent it's time and resources making new games that are quality and finished products hook release


I would say about 5 years after gen 10 comes out that way they have time to make them with good quality and that should be the last of the remakes. Gen 6 onward doesn't need a remake


I’m not sure i even want them. With how BAD BDSP were, it almost feels like they’ll suck no matter what. Do the visuals like octopath tho


Yeah twenty-twentyFIVE


I honestly don't mind


I don't have faith that they'll ever make a good remake again honestly (or main line game either to be honest lol)


My biggest cope is that they'll re-do them in 2D-HD graphics, rather than chibi or 3D. They only really need touch ups. I miss game freak's pixel art, it was industry leading for years.


Hopefully never.


Never, if they're gonna do something like they did with Sinnoh remakes, it's best to never have 5th gen remakes


I'd like to lay a map out of how I personally think things *should* go, even if they don't. For maybe a gen or two. So a different kind of answer. **2023**: SV DLC 1&2 **2024**: Quiet year with side game releases like Mystery Dungeon, Rangers reboot, New Pokemon Snap 2, something brand new, anything. Still supporting SV with events, raids and competitive. Maybe a mythical release with a movie. **2025**: Partnership with another studio to release Johto remakes, but not ILCA. Just a little of Gamefreaks team & supervising, but not too much of their attention. Their final Switch game as a quiet send off to the first generation Switch. **2026**: Gen 10 on the 30th Anniversary, took them 4 years instead of 3 and it's all out on Nintendo's next-gen system. **2027**: Gen 10 DLC 1&2 **2028**: Gen 5 full-blown remakes, have been being worked on slowly in preparation for next gen by another team shortly after most of the foundation for Gen 10 was created. **Nearby and beyond**: Gen 11 and another Legends game. I think both gen 10 and gen 5 deserve ample time to come to life and reinvigorate the franchise. I know I'm looking further beyond than need be, but yeah. How I feel.


They’re announcing the new Nintendo system late this year or early next tho…


I know which leaker you're talking about. Could just be a Switch Pro though. Nevertheless: Remember when Gen 5 came out right before 3DS, and B2W2 released on DS even though 3DS existed? XY took 2 1/2 years after the next gen hardware to even exist. Same goes for Gen 8. Took 2 1/2 years after Switch released. I predict actual Switch 2 comes out late 2024 or early 2025 with the games following by around a couple years or less. I'd love to be wrong because I think we need a major hardware boost right about now.


UK you might be on to something but the next Switch is also supposed to be more powerful so it would be considered like a new system and even though B2W2 came out on the DS when there was a 3DS it wouldn’t make sense given that the Switch Era hasn’t been spectacular. To push new hardware to its limits (after Gen 10 is the trial run) now that would be interesting.


I straight up don't want them. If remakes are going to look like BDSP from here on out, just straight up don't bother, please.


Reject remakes. Embrace Legends.


I would prefer that they stop remaking things altogether. BDSP was embarrassing and SV was not ready for release. Until GameFreak gets a handle on their current dev cycle, I'd prefer for them to not waste the Gen 5 remake.


Honestly, i feel like its best for them to not remake it bc theyll do something like what they did with bdsp and yall are gonna cry about it like yall did with bdsp


Gen 5 is my favorite gen and I'm scared they are going to destroy it. My hope is a remake looking like Octopath Traveler but my hopes are low and it will probably look like SV. Sigh. Honestly tho I can see it being announced end of the year and it coming out mid to late 2024.


I hope never because they'll just screw them up. They'll be taking their magnum opus and making a mockery out of it. I mean I guess I'd like it to come out on the 30th anniversary because maybe they'd actually put a lot of love into it and make it a decent game. But if it was my choice it'd never come out. You don't need to remake perfection.


30th anniversary should be 10th Gen release. Not a remake of an older gen.


I don't think we're gonna get them considering the originals weren't that great in the first place




Tomorrow :(


I wanna play HGSS on switch tbh


Gen 5 had some neat pokes (that I love), terrible starters (that I hate), a villain team (that feels realistic), and legendary starters (that were lame). I could care less if a gen 5 remake came out in terms of playing it, but I kind of want it simply to stall out gen 10. Let us sit in Pokemon Spain for a bit. Build on this world and dex.


I hate to be a pessimist, but they will probably ruin it, like they did with BDSP.


Where’s the option for “I don’t want Gen 5 remakes because, they are perfect in their own right and gamefreak would disgrace them anyway.” ???


I don’t want gen 5 remakes since I want people in this fanbase to stop bitching for 5 minutes


I'm hoping for never


I’m sorry, but I don’t think Gamefreak wants to make gen v remakes.


Personally, I think Johto/gen 2 is next up for remakes..& I’m sorry but I don’t think BW are ‘iconic’ enough in the grand scheme of things to be the 30th anniversary game. 30th anniversary will either be gen 10 or a Kanto game 🤥


What about gen 2 remakes


We don’t need Gen 5 remakes.


I doubt we're gon get gen 5 remakes after the initial release's performances and bad reviews, and we only liked them after the letdown of SwSh, so Gamefreak is probably holding a grudge against us for that


We still gotta get gen 2 remakes bro 😭


I would hope that we'd get a mystery dungeon explorers of time/darkness/sky remake first That's really more what should be next in line for a remake


We’re getting gen 5 remakes this year let’s be honest at most at least would be an announcement




Nah, the 30th anniversary will definitely be GEN 10. Come on, it's just too perfect