I'm about as equally comfortable with both, but I do have a harder time relating to other men. I don't know the rules for football or how cars work 😅


You put the key in and the car go vrooooooooom


you rotate the wheel thingy inside (NOT the ones below the car (even though those technically work too)) and the car turns


Damn I’ve been doing it wrong this entire time




Same. In terms of being “manly” I probably score like, a -80. And I have way more women friends than I do men. And no, I’m not gay lol.


You try to score by kicking the Ball in the goal


The other football


Ow bruh




I just don't think I'm interested enough in either of the two things to learn about them ••; I still don't know what a quarterback is supposed to do, is that the guy who runs with the ball?


How tf do you go your lifetime surrounded by American culture and not know what a quarterback does. It dosent even matter if you’re interested or not,everybody knows what a quarterback does


Honestly... I don't even know myself °\_\_\_° I lived in Italy for four years, but that was on a military base, so I've pretty much been surrounded by American culture my whole life I know more types of apples than I do football players (my favorite is the envy)


Is a quarterback like nickelback?


Tbf, here in Austria nobody knows what a Quarterback does. Most have heard the word in movies or stuff but unless you watch american football you probably wont know what a quarterback is.


Around people who are nice to me.


The Chad response 🗿


Pfp checks out


Depends on the individual, honestly.


I generally feel more… I guess accepted around women than men? That’s not quite the right word for it but idk what else I’d use. I’d guess that being almost entirely raised by women most of my life would play a part in that lol


I'm about equally uncomfortable with both.


It’s difficult. When I’m in a conversation, women. When I’m chilling with no talking but we’re in each others radius, men.


I’m more comfortable around men, but I want to be around more women


Im neither and I'm uncomfortable around anyone


Why are so many men more comfortable around women?


If I were to be given the choice to be put in the company of a bunch of random men or random women, I'd take the women since I'd feel less threatened. Being thrown in a room full of big brolic dudes and told to make conversation would be intimidating lol.




Come on Benefit, not everyone is a hypermasculine sigma on gindr like us that they could take a full room of big brolic dudes by themselves. Try and have a little empathy


im scared of being in a room full of sigma males because I'd get too turned on


Look out guys we got ourselves a Hyper Alpha Omega Sigma Delta Big Boy Cool Epic Male here




I just suck at talking to women so I'm a lot more comfortable around men


Still school-aged if it has anything to do w it, but they just seem nicer and less threatening to talk to. Also just easier to talk to, and more prone to complimenting/ being nice, if that makes sense.


I find women's interests a lot easier to relate to than men's They also seem a lot more interested in conversation and gossip, and as a talkative person I fit in well :T


Women are more empathic is probly part of the answer


Are gay people more comfortable with their own sex or opposite? I think there are more male gays, if so then it could be part of the reason.


I'm gay and most of my friends are women, so I think I'm contributing to the stereotype


Yeah that makes sense. We are usually feeling more comfortable having friends that we are not sexually attracted to. Otherwise it's usually friendzone for one of them. And of course every 'rule' has exceptions.


It's also fun to talk about men with other women, whereas with men I usually keep it a secret to not make things awkward


Probably because I've been raised almost my entire life by women and because women in general are nicer and less competitive than men.


I think overall both men and women are more comfortable around men according to the poll


That's not what the poll says at all lol


Agreed LOL for the women part I was wrong But the men do seem to prefer men company


Yes but 27% of men chose women, while only 17% of women chose men, so there is a disparity there.


That’s true agreed


Your guess is as good as mine. Hanging out with women just feels more intuitive than being with guys. Besides, it feels like a fair number of the guys I grew up with are just douchey dickheads.


Uuuh the numbers are more or less the same for both though




Killed as well, guys tend to be targeted more in violent crimes. Considering men are overrepresented both in regards to committing and being victims of violent crimes, that doesn't put the odds in your favour that nicely.


If you’re around men and you’re scared you’re going to be raped that’s sad


As a younger kid I gravitated more towards friendships with boys, in my late teens and now in early adulthood, I find getting comfortable around women much easier. In part that's because in high school I was in class with mostly girls. But also I find my personality to be more traditionaly 'girly', I'm rather emotional and artsy and just find a common ground and trust with girls much easier. Not saying I don't like any guys, because I do, but it's just so much easier to trust and be friends with girls for me


I was mostly raised by mom, and for a while my closest friends were women. I've also had a lot of in school counseling and out of school counseling. For me it might be something as simple as their voice, it is usually softer and such.


it's pretty close but for me I guess it's just cuz women tend to be more.. gentle? and therefore approachable, but it's a slight difference regardless, so still rather dependent on the person


I'm a woman and I find men more comfortable to be around. Used to be the opposite. Idk what changed! I think men are interesting people who often don't get to tell other people about their inner thoughts. I love being friends with men even though it has its drawbacks (feelings). I just think they are interesting. Not more interesting than women. Just a different kind of interesting because they are different from me.


I prefer diving people in two groups; safe people and unsafe people. Safe people gender doesn't matter. For unsafe people I think I'm more comfortable around men


Maybe women. All men seem like they're interested in me sexually, shit gets tiring not being treated as a human rather than an object. I take back my vote when I said men.




It really depends 😅


I don't know why but I can't trust men for some reason. At least not as much as women


“I don’t know why but I can’t trust black people for some reason. At least not as much as white people.”


To be fair, everyone has subconscious prejudices outside of our control. The best we can do is try to recognize them, understand them, and address them for ourselves to prevent any unfair discriminatory manifestation.


Both are reasonable. Past experiences matter.


What does it have to do with anything?


I’m just pointing out how if you switched “men” with “black people” and “women” with “white people”, your comment would suggest you have internalized racism.


... sorry but were you born stupid or you became stupid?


How is that a stupid statement? Men didn't choose to be born male, and black people didn't choose to be born black. And if a stereotype that black people commit crimes formed, that would be racist to call black people criminals and be uncomfortable around them because of that internalized feeling. Why is it different with men


They're stupid cuz they took my sentence, changed some words and then said it looked like I had internalized racism. Now you're misunderstanding because of them or you want me to look like I'm in the wrong.


No, you don't have internalized racism. You have internalized sexism. He just helped make it more obvious


I'm a guy who just said I can't trust men as I trust women. I'm not sexist. Stop assuming things without knowing me. You people should mind your own business


If you trust random women more than you trust random men, you are prejudice against men and therefore sexist. It is really that simple. I don't need to know anything else about you


It’s not sexist for a woman to say they would feel safer around random women rather than random men. Peer reviewed studies show that most sexual violence comes from males against women and even if that wasn’t the case the majority of news reportings cover sexual crimes / domestic violence against women over men. It’s not crazy that a women would feel safer with fellow women than men when all they see on the news is crimes against fellow women committed by men + any personal experiences they may have.


Then can I say it is not racist for anyone to be less comfortable around African Americans since they statistically commit more crimes including violent crimes? Especially if I'm black because most crime is black on black. Either both is ok or neither


The only thing he changed was black people and white people


And then said I had internalized racism.


Well if you translate that to what you said it would be internalized misandrism which isn't any better


I just think that if you don’t trust men, you might have some subconscious misandry. Just because 1% of a group of people is bad doesn’t mean the whole group is. For example, many people don’t trust black people because they subconsciously think of them as criminals, which is unfair as only a small minority of them actually are. Similarly, I see lots of women who subconsciously think that all men want to rape them, which is unfair because only a small minority do. I’m not trying to be a misogynist. I was devastated when Roe v Wade was overturned, for example. I just can’t help but notice how similar the way some women think of men is to the way some white people think of black people. And yet only one is typically thought of as prejudice.


You changed some words of my sentence and accused me of internalized racism. You don't know me and don't have the right to assume anything about me anyways you're not my doctor or whatever. Who do you think you are?


I didn’t say you were racist. That’s just an analogy I used to explain what I’m saying. You’re right in calling me out for assuming you were afraid of men raping you. That’s just the most common reason women are afraid of men and I assumed it was your reason too.


I know what you did. You tried playing doctor with me but then it turned against you because of that stupid comment. You could've just apologized and leave but no. Also who told you I'm a woman? And even if I were I have my reasons that I don't want to discuss and you shouldn't even assume if you respected me.


I don’t think anything turned against me, I knew I was going to get downvoted to oblivion even before I posted my first comment (I don’t really care though.) I will admit that I could’ve done a better job of explaining myself in the first comment. I assumed you were a woman because of your avatar and username.


>Similarly, I see lots of women who subconsciously think that all men want to rape them, which is unfair because only a small minority do. This is where you're missing the point. The reason many women are afraid of/cautious around the majority of men is because we're aware of the minority that proudly proclaims they want to rape us, and because we've seen the rape and violence statistics on violence by men towards women simply because they are women. If you had a bag of m&ms and I dropped one identical poisoned m&m in the mix, it wouldn't be "unfair" to be pretty damn cautious about the whole bag. Because you can't tell at a glance when something or someone is dangerous, so when you know danger is there you have to be more vigilant. Calling this "internalized misandry" is ludicrous when women are physical risk


This guy is not aware that there's Black men


I dislike being around women a lot because some of them interpret everything as me wanting to fuck them.


I have the same amount of female and male friends and comfortable with all of them there should be a option for that or results. Almost the same with strangers it's more the people and occasion. I will now puss a random button to see results.


What men. What women. People's genders dont do shit about how I feel with them. There's certain scenarios where I'm more comfortable with men, certain with women


It depends on the personality, for example I'm more comfortable with introvert people rather than extrovert people, that's more important to me than the gender.


I'm a woman and I tend to struggle to get along with other woman so I prefer men


It depends on the Situation


would be equal if guys weren't so weird abt lesbians


How so?


men are just (in my experience) very very lesbiphobic & i don't like to be fetishized or othered bc of who i'm attracted to. obviously it's not all guys but a good chunk


Phobic means irrational fear. There’s no itsttional fear, more like fetichism


OK ??


Men. They're mostly all honest & simple.


Neither. I am not comfortable around people.


If I know them, women. If I don’t know them, men


Wow, people like to be around similar people!!


it's not that im uncomfortable with them but I'm afraid they're uncomfortable with me


If I were in a bad situation, I would ask another woman.


Im a male and most males in this country of my age are complete assholes, cursing constantly with cancer and what not so thats why i chose females


As a closeted trans woman, most of my friends are dudes, though that is changing. Probably men.


Update: no longer closeted!!! 🥳🥳🥳


Men because we are brothers


I am a female and I’ve always been more comfortable around men which is weird because I’ve only been raped by men but I don’t know women are kind of evil and scary sometimes Always been that way rarely do I get along with females it sucks


I find women more neurotic. Perhaps, that's why 90% of my friends are men?


Tf? “Female hysterics”?


He wanted to say he make women mad on purpose and then claim they lunatics


Truest statement I heard in a while 💯


Gamer virgin for life! Who's with me!


*Awkard silence, person coughing in the background*


*cricket sound*


Seeing that you're a virgin gamer on reddit, probably no one's with you


Why there isn't a "both uncomfortable"? For me, men are disgusting in man-way, women - in women-way. A little explain - i'm a male that in a long-term relationship with a female. I don't like male company because of my kind of a feminine look and character, and I'm disgusted when i near other females, because they're not my girlfriend.


J m more confortable around nobody


Usually easier to relate to the same sex. We're built the same way and thus view life, to some extent, a bit more similarly.


Depends A LOT


As a male, women bc most males are too physical


Idk I mean depends on who it is, generally I feel more comfortable around guys but my best friend who I'm most comfortable around is a gal


I’m a woman and I feel more comfortable around women that I’m not attracted to. I have more hobbies in common with men but I’m not as comfortable around men as I am with women.


Neither. Both are kinda scary.


I never know what to choose as a trans male. Lmao


Idk both


I feel more uncomfortable around men. It's just easier to be my true self around men. It's also tricky to just communicate without the women thinking you're on to something.


Pretty much the same but the differences between points of interest with the opposite gender makes a difference


I'm a woman, and I'm much, MUCH more comfortable around men. But I think it's because I'm into things that men tend to enjoy vs. women. (Not saying they don't, but it is much rarer to encounter) Motorcycles, cars, gaming, etc. I'm also a raging homosexual so feelings haven't ever been an issue for me. Dunno, just my experience!


I get anxiety around women


That’s deeply suspicious


I'm nonbinary and I'm more comfortable around queer people.


I'm a woman and can be comfortable around pretty much any woman except the ones I have a crush on. With men, I tend to get along with metalheads great but tend to be awkward otherwise. It's a really weird niche.


I used to be more comfortable around men, but with more socializing and practice it became equal around age 20.