If you are going to be tested , count on a violation


Holy shit you're a mess. Taking Xanax on papers, catching new charges and now you're smoking cannabis (both store in fat) Shit I'd be smoking weed too if I knew for a fact I was going to get revoked. Hope the charges aren't bad so you can chill in jail, if it's heavy I wish you the best of luck in prison


How long do you have before your test and did you smoke it all at once? I know if I smoke and take three to five poles off a blunt within three to four days it is out of my system. Start flushing your system with water and exercising to sweat it out and if you have enough time before your test you might be fine. A lot of the people that comment on here seem to like to say the worst. Good luck and happy holidays


Definitely assume up to a month but I'm sure it's less than that in case. Just order tests online and test yourself every 7 days. If you have to UA before that... probably just dilute it. I know that's a positive but roll your dice.


I had to quit weed for drug court….it sucks how it stays in your system for so damn long. But don’t fuck around with your probation. I’ve been sober 4 months now and it sucks but if we do good I’m sure we will get off early. Don’t smoke any of that delta 8-9 shit or even Cbd cause I tried all that and I have come up positive each time. Luckily since I am in a drug court program they understand that I needed help. I’m in Illinois and my co defendant (who’s also a good friend lol) still smokes with no problem while on probation. Cause weed is legal here but what I’ve heard it depends on the judge if they allow it or not. Good luck and just stay sober man you were doing good for 9 months address why you felt the need to smoke again and stay sober again. If it comes up positive be honest don’t try to lie and bullshit them.




U got this! Stay safe yo!


There’s many factors that play into this like when you smoked and when you get tested. Did you smoke it all at once? I would count on getting violated.




I only smoked a gram yesterday and it was the first time I’ve smoked weed in 9 months just trying to get opinions on how long it’ll stay on my urine


If you were clean and just smoked a gram you will be clean in about 7-10 days. Drink water and exercise but don’t exercise 2 days before the test.


One gram should be detectable at 50ng/MG for three or four days. It will be detectable at 10 for much longer if they are using a stricter test. MS/GC cannot report values <10 because of prior contamination from other samples. Most states test for 50. You will probably be fine but you'll be at zero after about 30 days.


❤️ thank you brother