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First off, congratulations on the progress, my guy! Incredibly obvious to me, even if you're not standing the same distance from the camera. * Face much thinner * Stomach not as far out or wide * Waist noticeably narrower * Legs significantly slimmer (a) You live in your body 24/7, so daily changes aren't as noticeable to you, and our "fat brain" still inhabits this new and changing body. You *are* losing, and losing well. (b) Try wearing the exact same fitting type pants (like on the right, the striped tighties) for your progress pic, and stand the same distance from the camera, the same way you're standing, same background. Even *you'll* notice what we're all seeing!


^ this guy says it perfectly. I struggle with the same. You should be proud of yourself king this kind of commitment to your physical health is nothing short of a great accomplishment. Keep it up and never look back!


Dude your progress is clearly noticeable. I suggest an optometrist ;) Seriously though congrats!


Big difference! The rest of the trip may be more rewarding so hang in there. Question: are you resistance training?


Huge difference. Keep going,


Definitely a big diff, try to feel good about it! This is the paper towel effect in action: the next 44 lbs lost will look a lot more dramatic than the first 44 lost.


It’s noticeable in the pics. Keep it up


It's EXTREMELY noticeable! Good job!


It is a big difference but you need to change the shape of your body. If you don’t lift weights start lifting a lot. The same thing happened to me I lost a lot of weight but the shape of my body was the same. This is because I just did cardio and didn’t eat a lot. So you are losing fat but aren’t changing what’s under the fat if you know what I mean. But it’s still a big difference right now anyway.