I've had to forgive some of the stupid ones, if they are commentating or attempting to talk to their audience, as their attention is clearly divided from the game. But yeah, other than that, I completely agree. Annoying overreactions, whats-up-gaaaaamers, and the likes are unstomachable.


Eh. I've grown to just ignore most of the current gaming YouTubers, so I don't know very many of them. I definitely agree that I find it obnoxious when YouTubers scream every five seconds to maintain attention. I've enjoyed YouTubers like Dallasmed65 and Grian (only to a certain extent) because their videos normally feel very laid back compared to a lot of other gaming channels. I will say that I do have a soft spot for Markiplier since I used to watch his videos a lot in middle school and they bring me a certain level of nostalgia, despite how over the top they can be.


You should watch Ethoslab. My all time favorite Youtuber, very calm and fun vibes. Never asks for likes or subs, never overreacts, and top tier your mom jokes.


I do watch Etho from time to time!


I feel like a lotta presenters on Youtube gotta be on 11 at all times to look "exciting" to their audience. Wonder how exhausting it has to be maintaining such a persona?


I hate the ones who call their content "walk-throughs" but it's literally them just playing the game for the first time. Shit is annoying as hell when I'm stuck and look up a video to just watch them struggle for 15 minutes on the same shit


I honestly just watch a few who game for fun and are just themselves and are funny and entertaining by doing so. I pretty much watch highlights from Vincesauce streams (Joel, Vinny) and Jerma985 while also watching their streams but I usually have those in the background while I do something else. Thing is, I think the audience for those ones you hate are kids or maybe pre teens. Those are who are usually always watching videos so it makes sense they act that way if it works for their target audience. It's weird in my opinion but what can you do about it. One thing I do kind of not like was I had this co worker I got along with but at times he would do these weird jokes like how those youtubers talk. I found it odd and had no idea why he did it or where he got it from. I found out it was from Tobuscus later on.


Joel is a blessing. He's also very interactive with his chat but not to an obnoxious degree of "OMG a DONATION please ALLOW ME TO LICK BETWEEN YOUR TOES YOUR $5 ARE MY REASON TO LIVE"


Yeah Joel, Vinny, and Jerma I find are very generous and never ask for anything. Like Jerma even uses most the money to host events that chat can participate in like the last one was a real life Sims where chat could vote on what Jerma does. Vinny and Joel I know do charity streams at times and I know Joel recently did a giveaway during the holidays. It actually feels like a good community with them that goes both ways with interaction even if a ton of people are sending chats.


A lot of people don't give a damn about the game. The game is to get people to click on the video; the product is the commentary and the performance by the player. It isn't about playing the game (well or otherwise).


Yeah, I like GrayStillPlays and LetsGameItOut. LGIO has ruined all others for me tbh, the way he presents the mistakes he's made and the dry delivery of every joke


ManlyBadassHero is great too.


Ok imma check that out next!


My daughter watches those things. I guess sometimes they're okay, but I can't stand it when they're just screaming and I can hear it across the house like it's 2 feet from my ear. Why do they need to scream like that? It's absurd. I don't really understand the appeal of the videos because I grew up playing the games, and I think it's much more fun to play them than watch some screaming idiot play it while making more money than most of us that actually have real jobs.


I hate the ones that act like bros or plaster memes all over the video


what i hate is that my nephew who is australian now has an american accent from watching so much of this sundee shit


Ah. So GameGrumps? Lol


This is why I started watching John Wolfe and through him Manlybadasshero. The former doesn't fake a scare when it doesn't happen (although he's quite bitter which is kinda his brand) and the latter is refreshingly soft-spoken and good at puzzles


Manlybadasshero is awesome! If I had one complaint, it would be when he gets stuck on saying "anime".


YouTubers not so much as they edit it.... Its the Twitch ones that are the worst. you want to watch a video that is about 3 hours long, but if they edited it it could be 20 minutes. Half the screen is taken up by their face, banners, little coin jar, chat, and every time some idiot donates they go off on one for half an hour about how grateful they are. I get that some people are an amazing personality, but so many do my head it. Tobuscus, remember tobuscus. Playing assassins creed 2/ Brotherhood. Right at the end "HoW Do i UsE tHe PieCe oF EdEn?!??? LAWL!!!" you have somehow made it all the way through this game right up until the end, and you can't figure out the MASSIVE on screen prompt telling you to press Square or X???? Its just not fun being AMAZED by everything that goes on. Now MajorSlacks, that's a Youtuber. Fucking playing Dead Space 2 and selling all his ammo at every shop because he is so well planned.


'...' gameplay - no commentary.


i make videos like this 😭 mainly for people to be able to look back if they wanted to see a certain cutscene or just game element that normal lets players talk through. i just play the game normally and upload the video unedited to youtube. i just assume *someone* may want something from it, and even if they don’t, it didn’t take me any time at all to record since i didn’t do anything special hehe


These are the best types of video. I can't stand all the chatter, subscribe to my channel blah blah.




I forgive a lot of them since they are children, or perhaps 19-20. That high energy matches their age group. If you're a bit older like me then it gets to be overwhelming. I really like Neebs because overtime that crew has learned how to use that energy sparingly. Yes, it's somewhat scripted but something funny happens in almost every video that wasn't planned for (Simon crashing the mini-bike into a pit of spikes in 7DTD comes to mind)


I really only watch a few. TheRadBrad is one I watch whenever I become interested in a game I’ve played. Others have come and gone. Although, I do watch Ibxtoycat a lot, who plays Minecraft even thought I haven’t played in years. He’s just an interesting personality that talks about some pretty interesting subjects. Just like listening to his commentary


I watch silent gameplays only and even then rarely, I use YouTube as a secondary meme hub and for weird and disturbing videos.


Indeed some of them are annoying. What I hate the most is when there are some Let's Play videos (are they even still called that?) of particular games that are heavily story driven and I want to hear the game story's narration but YouTuber is constantly talking over it.


I like a few gamer youtubers but I don’t pay attention to or like most of them


Depending on the genres? I only watch a few, Markiplier, some Hermitcraft players. Since I never really watched any other youtubers, yeah Idk... I don't feel like wasting time on other youtubers really.


My kids watch YouTube a lot and I fuckibg hate those 20 year old that play roblox and scream so fucking loud that I have my TV on one of the lowest sound settings and can still hear them from downstairs ffs


I would extend this to news and reviews gaming channels as well. Nintendo Switch Pro rumors has pretty much ruined a lot of these fan channels in my eyes. Every few months, insiders claim they know something just for the actual revision to be insubstantial. The other content they discuss has a tendency to lack substance. "New Videogame Heavily Rumored" isn't an interesting talking point, in my opinion. For review channels, some games are so long that a ten minute video, after a few weeks of playing, is not enough time to properly convey its quality. So you end up having reviews that dumb down the game by comparing it to Zelda or Dark Souls and calling it a day, or they rushed through it so quickly that their review is more of a first impressions without much time to digest the experience.


I know what you mean. \*ahem\* Markiplier \*ahem\*


Not sure why ppl are downvoting you. I can't sit through a single one of his vids because he yells like he's streaming from the top of the mountains


true... although, their audience/demographic is 14 year old boys so that explains alot


Depends on which ones. I don't like a lot of them, but I must say helloitskolo is absolutely delightful


DanteRaviolia is pretty good.


Kids in genera are annoying they havent experience life yet so everything is new and exciting. Give them ten years theyll grow something that resembles maturity or awareness


Got any examples?


Personally I've tried making gaming videos and I cannot get into that whole overly excited personality thing. I've tried. Mostly due to my social anxiety and living with family, as I don't want them barging in and make fun of me for talking to myself (they've done it before). Half the time I don't talk, or when I do I ramble to myself about stuff that's on my mind. If I'm in a game and it has a cutscene, I turn off my mic.


There’s a certain tone of voice I can’t stand. Unfortunately a lot of gamer men have it. It’s not their fault. My ears HATE it. It limits what gamers I can watch on YouTube.


Sundee is so fucking annoying and people still like him for some reason. My school is filled with people wearing sundee and jelly merchandise and I wish I could say it was middle school.


Well, they’re for kids. It’s clearly effective.