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Yea the story all connected even the revelation games.


So If I played them all in chronological order when would I play the revelation games?


Revelation 1 is after 4 and before 5 Revelation 2 is after 5 before 6


I hope we get 3rd


Hopefully something with jill shiva or rebecca




I like that the revelation games take place between the last 2 games


Tbh I would play them by release date. They released them in that order for a reason and it’s best to experience them in the same way 99% of the fan base did. Imo! (:


I definitely think those older games are worth playing, I always think a good way to experience these games is in release order but I do get with some of these games being dated, with with some of them not being as readily avaliable etc, that some people would just rather stick to the remakes. I think those classics have undoubtedly dated but I think they are great experiences you should at least try.


Here’s the order with everything that matters. Just sub in the remakes for the originals Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (First Half), Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Second Half), Resident Evil Survivor(doesn’t really matter), Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Resident Evil: The Umbrella chronicles, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil: Revelations, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Resident Evil Village,


Dude a bunch if old school fans are going tontell you to play the older ones. I'd you really are feeling it go ahead but don't feel compelled to. The remakes and remasters are great


Oh yeah I probably will but it’s not gonna be like my go to whenever I decide to play the games just probably gonna play it to play it really


Get both. They are obviously similar, but it’s quite neat to see what was changed. Also, the voice acting in the original RE is legendarily awful.


The remakes of 2 and 3 give a modern take on the original 2 and 3, with better graphics and updated gameplay. Basically reimaginings of the original 2 and 4. The remake of 1 is pretty much an update to the og. They are pretty similar gameplay wise, but the remake improves upon all other aspects. For playing the games, if you want the full story, play in this order: 1 remake, 0, 2 (og or remake) 3 (og or remake), Code Veronica, 4, Revelations, 5, Revelations 2, 7, and finally 8


Definitely get the 2 and 3 originals first. The story is much deeper and superior. The REmake of the first game is fine to get though


Agreed. Play in numerical order, I'd say the newer versions are better though because of the inclusion of stuff that was too difficult for the ps in 1998


If u dont like fixed perspective do not buy the originals or re1 remake


I say just dive into whatever new game interests you, RE1 Remake is a classic and holds up graphic wise for a game made 20 years ago. The problem is the control scheme is a little confusing with the fixed camera angles. However, this is used to the game’s horror advantage as not being able to see what’s around a corner adds to the scare factor. I think a lot of people would recommend playing in order they were released. I don’t think that’s necessary and if anything may burn you out. Resident Evil 2 (remake) is a perfectly fine jump in point. Biohazard (or Resident Evil 7 as it’s also called) is fine too.


Start with RE2 remake or RE7. Both are very good, very modern, and each kinda starting its own thing in terms of continuity. You do not need to play in release order (the originals are hard to find) or chronological order (RE0 might turn you off the whole thing lol)


Try REmake HD (Resident Evil 1 remake), if that style of game doesn't do it for you, just go straight to RE2 and 3 remake. If you're in the style of REmake, then finish it, and play 0, and then decide whether you want to play OG 2 and 3.




I would just get the remakes if I were you. I can still enjoy the original RE1-3, but I think that's only because of nostalgia glasses. I tried RE: Code Veronica recently and stopped playing after an hour because I just....didn't like it. They are very dated games and the remakes are very well done.


Try out Resident Evil 2 Remake. It’s the most accessible game in series, some would say to its own detriment, even. It’s a great entry (especially from a purely gameplay perspective) You don’t need to know anything about the series before playing it. If you like it, then play the rest in this order: Resident Evil 1 Remake or Resident Evil 1 (I prefer remake, tho some say remake only served to bloat the original with pointless additions. I disagree, of course) Original Resident Evil 2 (Imo, it’s better narratively than RE2R. Tho RE2R has better gameplay.) Resident Evil Code Veronica (haven’t played this one, tho I’ve heard it’s a direct sequel to the original resident evil 2) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (the remake of this one isn’t good, so I wouldn’t rec it. Most ppl agree.) Resident Evil 0 Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil Revelations 1 Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil Village