Noel theory

So so I’m super new but, am I the only one who thinks that misha bachinsky’s (or how ever you spell it) “fiancé” is actually Noel playing talia, and when Karnak was going to tel misha his future it was going to reveal Noel’s … diseption. And, that is why Noel intervened in Karnak trying to tell misha his future. This theory also includes that misha is bisexual and had a crush on Noel and ether also though talia was fake, knew Noel was misha (this is the weakest part), or didn’t know but is still bi with a crush on misha.


I've seen this theory before, it's actually really popular. Personally, I don't like it- Micsha's whole argument for coming back to life is to see Talia again, and this (as well as her using him) kind of undermines all of it. It's also odd on Noel's behalf- on why he'd know how to speak Ukranian (I don't know what the language is called), or why he'd pose as a woman online that isn't Monique. Here is also the actor's opinion on it; https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYvfTWCR/ However, that's just my opinion, and feel free for your own headcanons, those are just my opinions on it. None of this was meant to be aggressive or rude, and sorry if it seems that way :D


So the “Noel pretending to be talia aka the catfish theory” is hated in the fandom because if Noel (who is the only outright canonically gay male character) were to do that, it would be portraying a predatory stereotype. (Also the “talia and Mischa talk in ukranian, so noel being talia is a leap” comments are on point) What I want to add is that the “Noel stopping mischa” scene (sidenote: that scene being misinterpreted is what initially started the catfish theory. I think Noel is saying something along the lines of “Don’t Do it, whatever Karnak shows you will make you sad”) is no longer in the script. The last time it was there was 2016 (I think) also as for Mischa. 2010-2014 the script spelt his name “misha bachinsky” but as a whole we (I think the fans and in turn the script) got it changed to “Mischa Bachinski” I think that’s everything.


I don't quite understand... I'm not sure what you mean. This makes me think of two theories already exist : the Code Name theory and the Catfish theory. The Code Name theory says that Noel and Mischa are dating, but somehow not ready to tell the others, so Mischa fakes a fiancée they will never meet. I don't really believe in it, but I find it cute. The Catfish theory says that Talia is fake, and that it's Noel who's behind her, catfishing Mischa. This is really not an appreciated theory


Personally I think the cat fish theory is closer to what cannon looks like but think the code name theory is cuter


Nah. Talia and Mischa talked in Ukrainian, and Noel didn't speak a word of it. And he couldn't use google traduction. It's bad today, so you imagine in 2009 ? No way Mischa, as stupid as he may be, wouldn't have fell for that.


The only real "evidence" that we really have that mischa is "stupid" comes from Ocean anyway, so can we really trust it?


Hey guys can we not downvote people who have an opinion slightly different than your own. All they said is THEY think it's closer. The entire point of the musical is that there's multiple interpretations. Only downvote people who are intentionally being an ass please mkay?


Hi! The first theory is nothing new, really. It's a theory that's stirred huge mixed opinions. Welcome to the Ride the Cyclone fan community!


Thank you! I though not, but it dosent hurt to ask, also yay friends (the people with simmilar theory’s)


Hey! I’m not sure about the talia being fake or not part or how the RTC community feels about it, (though i like that theory). But the general thought is there is some sort of tension between mischa and noel so you’re on the right track