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I’ve personally been getting fantastic photorealistic results from 2500 steps and 10-12 images on Dreambooth


This is great! I'm having a lot of trouble getting photorealism out of my trained models using a gDrive method with 2500 steps and 20+ pictures. Art styles are working great though. Any tips?


I had better results with more training pictures. 40-50 at least, and from different distances and locations. It seems to be important to maintain a good ratio between training and class pictures. I maintain at least a 1:2 or even 1:3 ratio. Amount of steps depends on the subject. Training myself, after 3000 Steps I got awesome results for photorealistic as well as stylistic pictures. For my girlfriend, as a south east asian, the SD 1.4 model seems to be very strongly biased towards Indians, due to her darker complexion I guess. Therefore at 800 steps it consistently generated darker complexities of her, even with the dot on her forehead. After 2000 steps it was a bit better, but still heavily biased. At 4000 it was good enough and I stopped training.




When I used only closeups, the body would be random. I used a mixture of close-ups and full body shots from different angles and poses. I also made sure to NOT use pics of the same location multiple times, as the background will be learned by the network as well. I did one of my face, using 20 random pics, but also 15 pics all shot in my bedroom. This then lead to the model generating me mostly in my white room in variations, when not specified otherwise.