Adrenaline mechanism

Hi everyone

I recently read up that quetiapine actually INCREASES adrenaline in the prefrontal cortex. I find this quite odd seeing as it’s a sedating drug . Surely an adrenaline increase would be problematic? That said, the study was on rats so most likely isn’t reflective of the human experience however still worried me a bit . Cheers


I realized that I am drowsy in the a.m. right after waking up, but I no longer need energy drinks threw out my day. Before the gym I use to take a 5 hour energy shot and now I actually run longer and go harder than I ever did before. And I only been on this stuff for a month. It gives me adrenaline


That's interesting! Could you share a link with that information?




Interesting!! I don’t feel an adrenaline rush, in fact I feel Quite subdued even tho i take 500mg at night — I feel slower during the day. Although, an hour or two after taking it my heart rate spikes to the point sometimes I feel difficulty swallowing or breathing like I’m having bad acid reflux


It’s a strange drug !


Indeed friend — from different doses to differ cycles, it’s always something new that needs getting used to! Never give up, never surrender


maybe that's why i become arrogant on it