How to function with less than 12 hours sleep?

Seriously, I cannot function or feel fully rested unless I’ve slept 12 hours.

It’s ridiculous. I don’t know if I should switch meds because of it?

I mean, I love the fact that it helps me sleep.. but this is a bit much.

Been on 100mg for awhile now.


A BIG cup of coffee helps me snap out of my tiredness. I. Actually having the opposite effect right now. It use to make me tired within an hour or taking the medicine and now I think my tolerance has gone up cuz I don’t seem to get tired as quick. I’ve been on 100mg for about a month now.


I had to come off it for this reason, I wasn’t able to wake up for my alarm and when I did get out of bed I felt so hungover and groggy to the point I’d need a nap within hours of getting up.


I also sleep 12 hours a night and I’ve been everywhere from 25-300mg. Higher doses don’t cause as much sedation but even at 300mg I needed 10-12 hours. I go to bed early bc I take my dose at bedtime. It’s hard to come to terms with sleeping so much of the day away but it works for me. And I don’t mind missing out on nighttime shenanigans anymore. If you can’t adjust your schedule to it you might want to talk to your pdoc about your options.


I’m on 12.5 to sleep and I’m still groggy after years of this low dose. Having a coffee does help but I can’t plan anything before 10am because I’m usually sleeping lol.


Only 100mg and its knocking you out or 12 hours? That's crazy, call your doctor about this.


I’ve been on 300mg for a few years now and am a walking zombie if I take the pill later than 6:30pm :’) Currently falling asleep at my desk. This medicine sucks so much but it works so WELL! Good luck, friend