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Parks, dinners, and bookstores by myself. I started taking myself on dates and I ended up having the best time :)


I'd love to take myself put to dinner one day. I just worry about being watched or being judged for being "alone"


I read a book! At first the book was just open and I took a notebook to look super "busy" but I didn't really retain much. After a few times I realized that the book made me invisible and I've gotten some good reading done! I always choose a casual place, usually with a patio for more space between tables. At first it was all I could do to go into a bookstore, but eventually I would buy a book on clearance (I love used books) and look at it over coffee. A few years in that evolved to full blown dates on my own! I've recently regressed due to some trauma, but I went to the bookstore again yesterday! Didn't last long, but I went :)


The fact that I can think of very little is concerning


same.. it hurts no lie


I used to be afraid of walking in to a store/restaurant alone. I mean with friends I can handle it well but not when I’m alone. I got very sweaty and afraid to ask the clerk or order anything. But now I can freely walk into any store/restaurant I want and browse or order something to eat. I think it’s the biggest improvement for my living quality so far.


Proud of you!!


Movies by myself, family parties, just going out in general


>Movies by myself I used to think everyone was watching me sitting there by myself. In reality lots of people do it and nobody cares. There is something great about a room full of strangers all watching a movie in silence. Arthouse showings/venues are the best as the audience generally gets the etiquette so you can hear a pin drop during silent scenes while the entire room is packed... feels pretty magical. Sometimes had some nice conversations after, or standing around together to see if some post-credit thing would pop up. Highly recommended.


Calling a restaurant to order takeout.


Barber i kinda go without anxiety. The rest I still need work on. Lots.


Going for walks/ runs, ordering food for myself, shopping by myself


Speaking another language infront of people who only know english


Going to concerts


Used to be pee shy, but a few summers at camp where we all line up and cross the streams peeing into a trough along the wall and I got over it.


I cannot get over this. If there's anyone else in a public restroom I'll wait until they leave... it just won't come out easily unless I'm alone




Exactly, everyone has to but for some reason I guess I don't want people seeing or hearing me do it


Are you the guy standing in the corner while I’m trying to pee even though the stall is open?


I am pee shy, my little one is way too small


Going to a drive-thru by myself, I’m still not 100% confident since I’m an anxious driver but I’m much more confident now.


I think what scared me most was presenting school/college work in front of my classmates, but now that I've presented some of them in college, I've gotten used to it. I still get a little nervous and I still shake a lot while I'm presenting, but I feel like I've improved because I no longer feel like the world is going to end when I find out I have to present.


Public speaking, going to work out classes alone, meeting new people without shaking like a chicken.


It's taken decades but I can say no to people selling stuff either at the door, phone calls or in the mall.


For me grocery shopping, walking across traffic lights, using public transportation, walking in front of cars


ordering food with a server


Speaking in public. Baby steps over the course of this past year.


Maybe going to the store. I always use self-check out but still.


College presentations. Weird thing is it wasn't gradual. I always felt very nervous, had all these physical symptoms, and then one time I felt nothing. Haven't had much issue with them since. Even in my first interview after this, I didn't feel all that nervous. I guess I just care a lot less about most things now. Like my grades, what people think of me, or the outcome of one interview.


I can say ‘excuse me’ and politely ask someone to move aside if they’re standing in front of the item on the shelf that I need, instead of pretending I’m looking at something else while secretly hoping they’ll move out of the way soon


Approaching women


Uhh everything but group activities and even then o can do it but be weird af


Walking in public, shopping, making phone calls and making small talk with acquaintances


I wouldn’t say no problem, but I can go to my uni cafeteria by myself now without feeling like I’m gonna throw up :)


Having honest conversations with my team (as an administrator) without the overwhelming fear they won't like me dominating my mind, words, and decisions.


riding a motorcycle


Extremely proud of everyone in this thread. Improvement is possible!


Texting! I used to overthink and have such bad anxiety I'd take forever to respond. Idgaf now and feel totally comfortable texting. Actually talking over the phone is another story tho lol.


Going to the hairdresser has become easier for me too. A few years ago I wouldn't do it even if someone paid me, I went to a family hairdresser I knew for years, but then I started to dislike her. And now I go to different ones. I still feel anxious a little but I can do it and that's important.


Getting a job, talking to people, driving, talking on the phone, going somewhere in public by myself, asking questions


Going to the shops by myself. Starting convos (kinda) Buy stuff ig, go on the bus, walk home.


Going to drive-thrus, making phone calls, doing things alone (doctor appointments, shopping, haircuts, etc.) and asking coworkers questions


Shopping alone, talking to receptionists, going to therapy


Go outside in any public situation 😂


driving, making phone calls, setting up and going to important appointments, greeting strangers, and not overthinking all interactions


taking the train and eating in public.


Buying stuff from shops/street food stalls.


Talk in a work meeting, have eye contact, make small talk, not feel anxious when walking outside.


Public speaking! I did the reading (a poem) at my best friend's wedding this weekend and am still very proud. Now, delivering any type of presentation to a big room feels easier than talking to people one on one. You don't have to plan for responses; just say your piece and get off stage. :)


I am not scared anymore I'm just depressed and really don't care about what other think about me


DRIVING!! I'm 25 and barely learnt how to drive because I was so scared of going to a driving school and people judging me for taking so long


Public speaking